Twentieth Anniversary Upgrade to

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NEW WEBSITE. NEW MISSION. After 20 years and 100 million views, has launched a new crusade. Twentieth Anniversary Mission

April 16, 2017

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of, I’ve upgraded the website, seamlessly integrating a modern presentation into the original content.  The new website already has over 1,000 posts, and that is just the beginning of a new era of publishing.

The Preterist Archive website was launched in 1996 with a deep desire to reach the world with information regarding the preterist view of eschatology.   Though the original site was very humble in presentation, the power of the biblical content fueled the website’s meteoric rise to prominence.  Within three years, was being noted and quoted in literary works by the most popular theologians of the day.  When the likes of Tim LaHaye and John MacArthur were forced to deal with the preterist content in their books it was clear that we had arrived.  Over twenty years later and 100 million pages viewed, the opportunity to reach a new generation has arrived.

With the new presentation comes a new dedication to spreading the word of fulfilled eschatology.   The need appears even greater than before, with millions of Christians casually supporting another world war in order to fulfill the dispensationalist model of unfulfilled eschatology.   By assuming that the Jewish temple must be rebuilt to fulfill Bible prophecy, Christians are unwittingly promoting governmental agendas which seek to dethrone Jesus Christ and blanket the world in fire.

Therefore, instead of simply treating the website as a hobby the new direction involves another big push.  The new campaign is dedicated to reaching as many Christians as possible, in order to force them to look at what they are doing in the name of biblical error.  Accordingly, I am opening up the archive to allow publishing by as many preterist (and anti-preterist) sources as possible.

It was vigorous dialogue which led to massive early gains, and I’m convinced that the promotion of another round of aggressive (yet charitable) debate will lead to the taking of another battlefield and perhaps an entire generation.

The new campaign presents as a theological round table, encouraging debate among key opponents in the realm of eschatology.  A critical aspect of the new website is the re-elevation of full preterism to an equal seat at the theological round table.  Though the doctrines of that view are deemed by most to be out of bounds, no longer will full preterism be termed hyper preterism at as a matter of policy.    All opponents to the view must recognize that the strength of the productive output of that branch of Christian theology far exceeds its strength of demographic numbers, engaging opponents with a ceaseless determination.  The dedication of full preterists was the catalyst to reach LaHaye and others in the last generation, and I intend to offer them a chance to be a catalyst for paradigm change again.  It will be interesting to see if the other views (including my own, Preterist Idealism) will be able to keep up.  I suspect they won’t, as they often appear to lack conviction by comparison.

With the new website comes a new model.  I’m offering a number of ways for people of all relative points of view to participate:


Every comment from the last 20 years at has been migrated to the new website.  As you will see, it was the large volume of reader participation that encouraged great theological growth.  Every current reader is likewise encouraged to keep up the pressure by posting to articles old and new.  By aggressively challenging the statements and interpretations of authors, a winnowing fire separates the wheat from the chaff.  And you never know who is reading your comments, so be sure to give them your very best effort.  With the proper pressure, comments can force the author to defend his views from your challenges.  As always, comments can be made anonymously, or using a pseudonym.  Feel free to introduce yourself at the guestbook or discussion board.


Another way to participate at the round table is by archiving any writings that you have created in the past.  Each person is given a one-time offer to add old blog or website articles to the archive.  If you would like to see interaction on what you have written in the past, just submit them and they will be added over time.


For those who would like to continue promoting a particular view of preterist (or anti-preterist) echatology, annual $100 subscriptions are now being offered.  This will allow a full seat at the website’s round table, allowing people to write and post articles under their own name, and with their own brand of theology.   Without exaggeration, I believe that this new ability to participate at the round table is just the shot of adrenaline the preterist movement needs in our attempt to avert another world war.

We can expect a number of full preterists to take up this banner and run with it, so all others who believe that view to be heretical are hereby challenged to vigorously defend their position by participating likewise.  As another example, preterist universalists will want to take advantage of the large traffic at the website to promote their brand, so Reformed preterists must also scoot up to the table and exercise their voice.  The hope is that the noise generated at will reverberate through the Christian world in the 21st century, as it did in the 20th century.


Also available now is advertising space for subscribers.  These rotating ads, modestly priced as $25 per month or $250 per year, offer prime exposure to authors seeking to promote a new work, to pastors promoting a church or conference, and to webmasters promoting their own website.  Further details on the new subscription programs will be given in the coming days.

And so, with the reboot of The Preterist Archive, our sights are set on elevating Jesus Christ in the eyes of the world.   A key part of this is elevating Jesus in the biblical understanding of Christians.  No longer can believers be allowed to sing that Jesus reigns with all power and authority, only to be told in the following sermon that He must actually come to Earth to sit in a chair to exercise His kingly power and authority.

Please consider joining the new crusade in your prayer life.  Consider posting comments or sharing article links to your social media accounts.  And consider getting your own seat at the round table through posting or advertising.   All  proceeds will go into keeping the project rolling forward, including the expansion of the real-world Preterist Archive library of books, artwork, and cultural artifacts promoting fulfilled eschatology in King Jesus.

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    1. I hate this new site! Hate it a 1000 times over!!!! The old site was so easy to navigate. Everything at a glance . All the authors in alphabetical order. Now they are gone. I can’t explore through the list of color coded authors and skip the ones I don’t want.

  1. Hi Todd,
    I’m interested in participating and will be praying about it since my time is very limited these days. For now, please enjoy this video I found today (even though you have probably already seen it long ago 🙂 Please indulge me today to just be identified by my website rather than by my name since I prefer to keep to focus on my message rather than my person.

  2. What if all the prophecies have been fulfilled and we’re actually in the period of time where satan is loosed again to deceive the nations, AFTER the millennial reign…. What if there is no other advent and after the big Gog/Magog war, the heavens open up and we are judged right here, where we are, at God’s footstool. “Heaven is His throne and the earth His footstool.” I wonder….

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