John Anderson: Global Elite Promoting ‘End Times’ Myth (2001 Transcript)

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Every Jew knew that the “Heaven and the Earth” was the temple. That’s what Jesus meant when He said that “Heaven and Earth” would pass but that His word would not pass. That is the prophecy of Isaiah 65.

Global Elite Promoting ‘End Times’ Myth

Interview featuring John Anderson

On “Radio Free America”
Host: Tom Valentine
December 16, 2001
Transcript Only

Television gurus preaching a fraudulent “end times” and “last days” theory popularized in the 19th century are helping lay the groundwork for world government by corralling good Christians into supporting a doctrine that has no Biblical basis.

True Christian fundamentalism, based on the teachings of the Bible takes the Bible at its word and accepts that Christ accomplished all that he intended to do while on Earth and that His kingdom is here and is within you. That’s the powerful thesis put forth by John Anderson, producer of the video The Last Days. On Dec. 16, Anderson made a return appearance on Radio Free America (RFA), the weekly call-in talk forum sponsored by American Free Press with host Tom Valentine. (A transcript of Anderson’s first appearance on RFA was published in AFP’s issue No. 19.)

What follows is an edited transcript of the interview. Comments by Valentine are in boldface. Anderson’s responses are in regular text.

The person responsible for popularizing this clap-trap that the “end times” and “last days” are coming was a shady character named Cyrus I. Scofield.

That’s true, but Scofield was not the originator. Scofield got these false teachings from John Darby, who got it from Edward Irving and Margaret McDonald, a 14-year-old girl who had a dream and began writing letters to Irving describing what she thought was going to happen.

Darby was one of the Plymouth Brethren and when Scofield got hold of what Darby and others were teaching, he produced the Scofield Bible in 1909 and there have been many revisions of it since then. Although they never say “who” revised Scofield’s work.

Researchers have said that it was a powerful New York attorney, Samuel Untermyer, who was instrumental in arranging for the Oxford Press, which was controlled by the Rothschild banking family, patrons of the Zionist movement, to publish the Scofield “bible.”

Students of history recall that Untermyer, who was a major player in the Zionist movement, was the one who blackmailed President Woodrow Wilson with the love letters that Wilson sent to his mistress, a certain Mrs. Peck. The history of this sordid affair was described in The Barnes Review* in its March/April 2000 issue. In its January/ February 2001 issue, The Barnes Review described Untermyer’s famous “holy war” speech that helped launch World War II.

So many people today believe that the words of Scofield are the words of the scripture. I tell people that if you’ve got a Scofield “bible,” then throw it away.

Most people who call themselves Christians do not study and read God’s word for themselves or they allow their thinking to be influenced what they have been told based on the teachings of Scofield.

If you look at the Tim LaHaye series, Left Behind, he and his associate have each made some $10 million on this, playing on the fear and unknowing faith of the Christian public. Doom and gloom sells, but truth does not.

Thanks to the influence of Scofield and his sponsors, Untermyer and the Rothschild family, many Christians today believe that God promised a certain tract of land in the Middle East to the people we know today as Israelis.

You are referring to the promise that God made to Abraham. God keeps his word and he certainly did. In Joshua 21, verses 43-45, it says that the Lord God gave unto Israel all the land. So God did fulfill the promise that he made to Abraham.

But was the promise of this land to those known as the Hebrews a promise that this would be their land forever?

No, it was not. First of all, the old covenant between God and the Hebrews was conditional. Although God kept his word, there was nothing in that promise that it would be that way forever. The old covenant was conditional.

The key word is “if.” That is, if the Hebrews kept their part in their covenant with God. But all throughout scripture the prophets continue to predict that the Hebrews will break that covenant by disobeying God and that, eventually, they will lose it all.

And eventually, they did lose it all. This is what is important: it was never solely an ethnic issue as to who “Israel” was. The issue always had to do with those who had faith and believed in God.

For example, the United States is often referred to as a “Christian nation.” That does not mean that everyone in the United States is a Christian. But those who follow Christ by faith and by faith alone are of that spiritual seed.

In Numbers 9:14, if strangers came in and kept the ordinances and the males were circumcised, they were accepted as a part of Israel. So it was not that this exclusive, nationalistic issue that many people try to hang onto. Spiritual Israel was always the issue.

God said that Israel as a racial entity was going to be the one that the prophecies were made to and the messiah was going to come through. God divorced Israel but he did not divorce Judah, because the messiah had to come through Judah, as the prophecy was made in Genesis 49:10.

Remember the parable that Jesus used about wineskin? He said you did not put new wine into an old wineskin. The issue was that the new covenant was not going to be accepted by old covenant Israel.

That’s the key thing: people with power in this world refused to accept God’s prophecy and what He had brought about. You have people who call themselves “Christians” who believe that this “Israel” of today is still the Promised Land and that God’s promise is going on in perpetuity and that God has a hand in this modern-day political mess in the Middle East and that we have an “end times” coming. They suggest that Christ effectively failed and did not fulfill God’s plan.

That is exactly what dispensational theology teaches: The Jews rejected the kingdom and, as a result, it was put on hold. That’s utter nonsense. When they came to Christ and tried to make him king after He had fed the 5,000, he slipped away from them. He had not come to set up a physical kingdom. That was never His intent. It was always a spiritual kingdom with a spiritual people.

To expect Christ to return and rule over a literal kingdom is to believe that everything Christ did when he was here on Earth was a failure. How could the Son of God be a failure?

Correct. The people who are saying that Christ failed and has to return are suggesting that God was caught off guard and He had to come up with a “Plan B.” That’s absurd. Yet we still have many evangelical Christians believing this nonsense, thanks to Scofield.

The historical and Biblical truths about the destruction of Jerusalem are not something that is widely taught to Christians in America today. Christians are not taught that this was the fulfillment of God’s promise and was literally the hand of God Himself destroying the old order completely and totally.

Every Jew knew that the “Heaven and the Earth” was the temple. That’s what Jesus meant when He said that “Heaven and Earth” would pass but that His word would not pass. That is the prophecy of Isaiah 65: the New Jerusalem that came out of Heaven, the new “Heaven and Earth” that John spoke about in Revelation 21 when he said he saw a new Heaven and Earth and no more sea. What John was saying was that there was no more separation, no more exclusivity. Now God’s kingdom was open to all.

The destruction of Jerusalem and the physical destruction of the old temple by the Roman armies was a signal that God’s kingdom was now in place. Christ predicted in Matthew 24 what would happen, and the truth is that what happened in Jerusalem in the times of Titus—the Roman who destroyed Jerusalem—you cannot find anything else in history to match it for horrible events.

Christ said that the whole system that the Pharisees stood for was going to be destroyed. His disciples came to him on the Mount of Olives and asked, “When shall these things be?” Every one of them knew that there was going to be a new Heaven and Earth, a new age, a new covenant. Christ described to them all that would happen before it would transpire.

Today people say that we are living in “the last days” and the world is coming to an end, but in Luke 21 (which is parallel to Matthew 24 and Mark 13), Christ said, “Take heed that you be not deceived for many shall come in my name, saying, ‘I am Christ. The end draweth near.” He said you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars and then said that there would be wrath upon “this people.” That’s the key: he’s referring to the flesh-and-blood individuals he was talking to at that time. The issue in Luke 21 is that he said that only the apostles themselves would be able to say when the end had come. That means that anyone after them would be a false prophet if they were predicting the end times had come to Earth.

The prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem was made to those people in that land, not to the whole world and that is another key to understanding all of this.

The people of Jerusalem practically ate each other. It was a horrendous end time in the most classic sense.

Josephus, the historian, even said that if Titus, the Roman, had not lifted his finger, the Jews of the time would have probably destroyed themselves from within. More than a million were killed and, at the end, only 100,000 were left. They went into captivity.

There is a well-known Christian columnist, Cal Thomas, who seems to believe that everything Israeli leader Ariel Sharon does is directed by God Himself.

That is the sentiment today: that everything Israel does is because it is ordained by God.

The original “Israel” was dissolved by God, and if you look at the world today from a correct Biblical sense, based upon what we have in the Bible, there is no such thing as a “Jew.”

The Jewish Encyclopedia itself says there is no such thing as a Jewish race. There is only a Jewish religion now and that is what came out of Babylon and had nothing to do with the Bible and its times.

Is today’s Judaism the religion of the tribe of Judah?

Predominantly today, yes. Under the years of Babylonian captivity they came up with the synagogue-type of Judaism that is being practiced today. When you start looking at the Jewish Talmud, you find things to tally contrary to God’s word, yet there are some today who say that “Christianity came out of Judaism,” and that is absurd. We are not a Judeo-Christian country. The United States started out as a Godly, Christian country. Not all of those who founded this country were Christian but at least the ideas of the Bible were incorporated into our nation by many of the Founding Fathers.

God had his prophets on the Earth and when Christ fulfilled the promise, the temple was gone and the old way of doing things was wiped out.

It was fulfilled. It’s amazing to me that there are those who don’t believe it. We say “trust in Jesus” and “take him at His word,” but many don’t.

Every single person has Jesus right there if he so chooses. It has nothing to do with race or sex or height or anything. God’s kingdom is within us.

It is open to any and all who believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ. H

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