Ovid Need: King Agrippa’s Speech To the Nationalists (1998)

Had I perceived that you were all zealously disposed to go to war with the Romans, and that the purer and more sincere part of the people did not propose to live in peace, I had not come out to you, nor been so bold as to give you counsel; for all discourses that tend to persuade men to do what they ought to do is superfluous, when the hearers are agreed to do the contrary. Continue reading “Ovid Need: King Agrippa’s Speech To the Nationalists (1998)”

Tisha B’Av Study Archive

On the “ninth of Ab” it was decreed concerning our fathers, that they should not enter into the land (of Canaan), the first and second temple were destroyed,  Tisha B’av may have been our 9/11, but out of this painful crucible, we will eventually emerge stronger and more robust than ever before. Continue reading “Tisha B’Av Study Archive”