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  • 2018: Alan Bradley, Anthropic View of Eschatology (Chart) – I see the out-working of the divine plan through the lenses of its OBJECTIVE aspects and SUBJECTIVE aspects.




  • Hosea Ballou Study Archive (Preterist Universalism)
  • OSLChristian Zionism Article Archive
  • 1804 PDF: Hosea Ballou, Notes on the Parables (1822 Ed.) – Will the reader now say that all this may be, and that both Daniel and the Saviour were speaking of the resurrection of mankind to a state of immortal happiness and misery in a future world? To this we reply, when Jesus spoke to his disciples of the destruction of Jerusalem and of the calamities which should shortly come on the Jews, he uses the words of Daniel nearly verbatim, when he speaks of the time of trouble. By this circumstance we are instructed that both Daniel and the Saviour spake of the same time and of the same events, and that time was, when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans.
  • 1805 PDF: Hosea Ballou, Treatise on the Atonement  – And having satisfied our minds respecting the time of the coming of the Son of man to judge and reward men according to their works, and being assured that that event took place when Jerusalem was destroyed, and the Jews dispersed; it remains an easy task to settle the question respecting the meaning and fulfillment of all the passages in the New Testament which speak of that judgment, and the awful calamities which fell on the people. But we must always keep in mind the fact that all those scriptures were fulfilled in that generation in which Jesus and his disciples lived.
  • 1832 PDF: Albert Barnes, Notes on the Gospels of Matthew and Mark
  • 1842 PDF: Philemon Russell, A Series of Letters to a Universalist – Well, now, did the Jewish nation experience such a resurrection at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem ? Look at it.  Think it over. Did the Jewish nation, or any considerable portion of them, experience a happy change in their moral characters ? Were they then raised by the Roman army that destroyed their city and temple? or by the gospel, or by any other means, from a life of sin to a life of holiness ? With the history of that bloody siege before you, you dare not answer in the affirmative. So far were the Jews from experiencing any moral resurrection, properly so called, at the destruction of Jerusalem, that, according to Josephus, their moral blindness and infatuation were amazing in the highest degree.— They seemed to have been lost to all moral sensibility, and madly plunged into their graves, instead of coming forth from them to a moral resurrection.
  • 1977: Robert L. Pierce, The Rapture Cult: Religious Zeal and Political Conspiracy – If we are to conclude that the book of Revelation was indeed written as an urgent coded warning to the Christians of the first century, what then was the message? It warned of two things. One was the impending destruction of the City of Jerusalem and the Jewish theocratic state; the other was the impending persecution of Christians by the Roman Empire.
  • 2007: Kurt Simmons, The Attack on Full Preterism, Death was Destroyed in AD70? – there is, indeed, an historical connection between full Preterism and Universalism.  (But then this is true of every other sect as well.)  The historical connection between Preterism and Universalism has now been documented by Todd Dennis
  • Barnabas Study Archive (Early Christian Preterism)
  • Albert Barnes Study Archive (Modern Preterism)






  • Jay E. Adams Study Archive (Modern Preterism)
  • Luis Alcasar Study Archive  (Modern Preterism)
  • OSL: American Vision Eschatology Resource Guide 
  • OSL: ChristianForums on Preterism.
  • 1840 PDF: Henry Milman, The History of Christianity, V1 | V2 | V3
  • 1853 PDF: William Scott, The Interpretation of the Apocalypse “The sixth Seal represents the fall of Jerusalem; the sixth Trumpet and Vial the fall of Rome properly so called (though the proof of this being so must be reserved for another place); again, the sixth of the ” seven kings ” is Nero, the great tyrant and persecutor of the Christian Church”
  • 1998: Timothy Weber: How Evangelicals Became Israel’s Best Friend, with Responses “The close tie between evangelicals and Israel is important: It has shaped popular opinion in America and, to some extent, U.S. foreign policy. To understand how it developed, one must know something about how many evangelicals interpret Bible prophecy and what difference their beliefs have made in the world of politics.”
  • BIB: 2004: Daniel E Almonz, The Apocalyptic Rapture ExodusAnother example of a combinational approach to preterism is that of conservative preterism. Of the two widely accepted forms of preterism today, the more conservative form admits some Biblical prophecies concerning the literal and physical return of Jesus to this earth are still future. Conservative preterists will perhaps interpret most prophecies about the coming of Jesus symbolicly of Jerusalem’s A.D. 70 desolation. Conservative preterism could be considered a combination of preterism and futurism. The interpretations of the prophecies about the future return of Jesus which are interpreted as being fulfilled in A.D. 70 are preterist, but the other prophecies which are construed to be about a literal future return of the Messiah to earth could be considered futurist.”
  • 2004 PDF: Mike Stallard, Weber’s On the Road to Armageddon Reviewed
  • BIB2007: Victoria Clarke, Allies for Armageddon: The Rise of Christian Zionism “Guided by a literal reading of the prophetic sections of the Bible, Christian Zionists are convinced that the world is hurtling toward a final Battle of Armageddon. They believe that war in the Middle East is God’s will for the region. In this timely book, Victoria Clark first explores the 400-year history of this powerful political ideology, laying to rest the idea that Christian Zionism is a passing craze or the province of a lunatic fringe. Then Clark surveys the contemporary Christian Zionist scene in Israel and in the United States, where the influence of the religious fundamentalists has never been greater.”
  • 2014: Billy Hallowell, Is the Rapture Biblical — and Will Non-Christians Really Be ‘Left Behind’? Theologians Battle Over End Times Prophecy  “Hanegraaff argued that John wasn’t speaking about the 21st century. “When Jesus says that the apocalypse will soon take place and that the time is near … his words are meant to convey the events in the future,” he said. “If he wanted to say that 2,000 years later he could easily do that, but instead, he said the time is soon and the time is near so it has to do what is happening to the Seven Churches that God is circulating the letters to”
  • 2014: Joseph Mattera: 3 Last-Days Views That Lead to Massive Deception “Although I agree with some form of preterism (for example, many of the prophecies of Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation were fulfilled with the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70), the problems I have with this view regarding eschatology are the following”
  • 2014 Video: Christian Author Shatters The “Left Behind” Theory




  • OSLRevelationRevolution.org
  • 1935 PDF: David L. Cooper, Future Events Revealed According to Matthew 24 and 25 “Luke 21:20-24 gives a definite answer to the first question, when these things will be. When Jerusalem is encompassed by armies–not simply when a foreign foe invades the land–you can know, Jesus declared, that the prediction concerning the destruction of the Temple and of the city will be fulfilled. As we have seen, this prophecy came to pass in the year 70 A.D.”
  • 2015: Steve Gray: The End of the Age: Are We Simply Misunderstanding Matthew 24? “I personally believe that most of the chapter is about the temple’s destruction. The destruction of the temple was the end of an age for them.”
  • 2015: Peter Leithart: Quadrigizing Revelation “These varied readings can seem so divergent that it’s difficult to see that they are reading the same book. But I think most of the different views can be harmonized by a typological preterist reading; or, to use a more traditional designation, by an application of the quadriga.”
  • 2015: Zachary Maxcey: Preterism: Undermining the Protestant Reformation “one of the most prominent teachings of all forms of preterism is that the Antichrist was the Roman emperor Nero who persecuted the first-century Church and committed suicide in A.D. 68. Hypothetically speaking, had the Reformers been preterists, the Protestant Reformation would have never happened.”
  • 2015 PDF: David Pack, Is a Secret Rapture in the Bible?
  • 2015: Archaeologists Uncover Possible Royal Escape Tunnel at Biblical Site “Excavations of the remains of the later city, that of Bethsaida, have yielded numerous finds confirming the site’s occupation during the time of Jesus and his disciples and after their deaths, such as a Roman temple and associated artifacts dated to the early 1st century CE, other structures, fishing and cooking implements, and coins. Most recently, in 2014, a rare Judaea capta coin was discovered, a coin minted by Emperor Domitian between 81 and 96 CE to commemorate the conquest of Judaea and destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE by emperors Vespasian and Titus.”
  • 2015: Stephen Rutenberg: A Different Perspective on the New Israel Fund Controversy “On Tisha Ba’v in the year 70 CE, the temple was burned and the population massacred or taken as slaves. On this story the Talmud states that as a consequence of senseless hatred, the temple was destroyed.”



  • 1465: Eustache Marcadé, Mystère de la Vengeance de Nostre Seigneur Ihesu Crist “And the folk of Jerusalem must make many varied and strange gestures, as people who are terrified by these marvels that they see above them. Then Ysacar says to Ysmael, in a very frightened manner.”
  • 1870 PDF: Madame La Grange, The Last Days of Jerusalem
  • 2018 PDF: Yolande Erasmus, An Urgent Call to the Army of the Lord Jesus Christ “Interpreting the coming of Jesus in judgment of the Jewish nation as prophesied Matthew 24 is to be an historic event that happened in 70 AD, but then seeing the New Jerusalem and the rule of Christ on earth unfolding, is therefore a precise and consistent interpretation of Scripture.”



  • 1785 PDF: Richard Watson, An Essay Concerning the Unity of Sense; to show that no text of Scripture has more than one single sense “Upon the whole: our Saviour’s discourse [Matth. xxiv. 1-35] relates to what was to come to pass during that generation. And, therefore, must relate to the destruction of Jerusalem only, and cannot relate to the day of judgement, and to the end of the world.  In the former sense, it was fully accomplished, and does not now remain to be accomplished.”
  • 1994 PDF: Henk Jan de Jonge, Grotius’ View of the Gospels and the Evangelists “Grotius tned to understand the Gospels as documents of the first Century CE, not as ammunition for defending a seventeenth-century theological position”
  • 2004 PDF: Francis X. Gumerlock, Millennialism and the Early Church Councils: Was Chiliasm Condemned at Constantinople?  “Regardless of whether Apollinaris was a chiliast or not, from the records of the Council of Constantinople there is no evidence that Apollinaris’ eschatology was even discussed at the council, much less his alleged chiliasm the subject of condemnation.”
  • 2016: Chuck Cisco, Yes there were gifts of the Spirit after AD70 “Many full preterists started as cessationists from the Church of Christ or other similar groups, and to be honest that lens caused them to find what they were looking for. But as you can see, the Bible teaches an increasing kingdom with the miracle power of God working throughout this age.



  • 1821 PDF: Cottager’s Monthly, A Father’s Letters to His Son, An Apprentice of Mr. Wilkins
  • 1850 PDF: Scottish Baptist Journal, Macrobius and Stephanus on the Fulfillment of Prophecy
  • 1867 PDF: W.H. Van Doren, A Suggestive Commentary on the Gospel of Luke, V1 | V2
  • 2011 PDF: Francis X. Gumerlock, The Overwhelming Presence of Nero in Early Apocalypse Commentaries
  • 2012: Jack Kelley, Idealists, Preterists, and Futurists “Preterists believe the day of the Lord took place in 68-70 AD with the Roman conquest of Israel. The Millennium was actually only 40 years long and took place from 30-70 AD. The Earth will last forever and there will be no coming judgment and no rapture of the Church.”
  • BIB: 2015: David Dean: Christian Zionism and the Scofield Reference Bible: A Critical Evaluation of Dispensational Theology “The author has purposed in the writing of Christian Zionism and the Scofield Reference Bible to provide an objective analysis of the multiple doctrinal as well as prophetic issues raised in the extensive notes and commentaries included with the scripture text of the various and changing printings of the Scofield Reference Bible. Through an objective examination of this work of Cyrus Scofield and his editorial committee, many obvious conflicts and contradictions are revealed when compared with what the scriptures actually say.”
  • 2016: Michael Brown, Christians Must Reject This Dangerous End Times Mentality “the idea that we are fighting against the inevitable collapse of society in our day — even fighting against God — is an idea to be resisted and rejected.”
  • 2016: Gary DeMar, Should We be Concerned About the World if it’s All about to End? “Reading modern-day weaponry into the passage is not a biblical approach to Bible interpretation.”
  • 2016: Joel McDurmon, “All Israel will be Saved”: What it really means “The emphasis of this verse is properly on God’s mode of salvation being mercy, and thus that whether one is a Jew or a Gentile, they all may be saved. God does not play favorites, and God does not go back on his promises.”
  • 2016: Joel McDurmon Why Jesus cleansed the temple twice (a long-standing mystery solved) “Jesus’ second cleansing of the temple was His final judgment-inspection of the house of Jerusalem. It was indeed “the time of your visitation” for the city. Jesus had, from the day of His baptism, focused His mission on that city, and the message of destruction He would one day bring to it. Here in Luke 19:41–46, we see that judgment made and that message delivered. From here on out, it was merely a matter of fulfilling that which was determined.”
  • 2016: Corey Shultz, ‘Hyper’ and ‘Full’ Preterism “Those who attempt to follow classical Christianity do not realize that their own Preterism beliefs immediately kick them outside classical historic Christianity.”
  • 2016: John Tancock: It’s time to leave Tim LaHaye’s Rapture theology behind “As we say goodbye to Tim LaHaye, we must be honest in admitting that we don’t know for sure whether his Left Behind series bears any relation to what the future holds. I personally think that good biblical scholarship shows he was wrong. But until his ideas are either ultimately confirmed or denounced, let us ‘look forward to the day of God and speed its coming’ (2 Peter 3:12).”














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