Todd Dennis: The (New) History of Full Preterism (2007 Video)

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Conference video from Carlsbad, New Mexico eschatology conference

Simon Skinner

One person missing from this talk that is Jesus. Full Preterism is defined as all prophecy fulfilled in the lifetime of the First Christians. Jesus taught that all prophecy would be fulfilled in their lifetime. That makes Jesus Christ the first Full Preterist.

There seems to me to be an emotional attachment to the second coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh which resists ratiional thought. Well what I get from reading the parables rationalises our thoughts.

Tru Dat

I’m a baby in Full Preterism but in a short time it has given me more answers than my 35 years in Futurist churches. Jesus was so right when he said the truth shall set you free.

Simon Skinner

+Tru Dat When you hear from fellow Praeterist Christians it is always a sparkling view of scripture. Breaking free from doctrine that are not the agenda of Jesus, because we follow Jesus, especially his specific statements which now we know were twisted either to suit a either a misunderstanding of the spiritual world to come, or strategically in the last two hundred years to weaken Christianity.

That is why I feel so free but not from the instructions of Jesus, as I find there is more individual responsibility assumed by a Praeterist Christian, but from religious control and bondage to man-made dispensations.

Download the free pdf of The Parousia by James Stuart Russell and be blown away.

Tru Dat

Believing in preterist eschatology has set me free from false teachings and it has strengthen my faith. My responsibility now is to try and help my brothers and sisters who have been deceived knowingly or unknowingly. Thank you Simon. God Bless.

Simon Skinner

+Tru Dat Good luck. i will look for your posted comments.

Tru Dat

No luck involved. God’s in control. Peace

Simon Skinner

+Tru Dat Sorry when I typed luck I wasn’t comfortable.

Tru Dat

No worries. God’s speed my brother.



Proof? The earth goes right on as it did then.


Isaiah 19:1, it says God rides on a cloud to come a judge Egypt, so are we to take that literally, if so then where is your proof that YAH came down on a cloud to judge Egypt

So in Matthew 24:34, it says the generation in front of Jesus, it seems Christ was using Isaiah’s imagery to describe his coming in 70ad, not physically but just as YAH came to Judah through Babylon.

for 150 years America has said the same OVER and OVER again that Christ is coming and GUESS WHAT, every generation has, is, and will be WRONG


Those who demand a future resurrection are, without knowing it, attacking the sufficiency of Christ. They believe that those who have died and are with Christ now have not had their hope fulfilled, and are thus lacking. Yet, if you ask them, they would no doubt say that those in heaven are lacking nothing. This argument should cause any futurist to question their inconsistency.

Tom Bladecki9 months ago

Spiritualism is your forte, eh!


Preterism is EASILY refuted. Easily. These Jehovah’s Witness, SDA, and Catholic type people and all their “he said she said”.

You are wrong about Daniel’s 70 weeks.

You are wrong about “this generation” and who Jesus was talking about.

You are a Catholic puppet using CATHOLIC and JESUIT sources – the very enemies of Israel and the Church!

Your cultic unbelief puts them outside of the Body of Christ – yes, it DOES matter what one believes!

You even conflict with the RESTORATION OF ISRAEL (because their “unbelief” allows for Replacement Theology.

You conflict with soooo much … which I will not go into now as I have an upcoming debate: Futurism vs Preterism … and I do not wish to reveal my hand … yet.


It is truly a shame that universalism and unitarianism is associated with preterism. Preterism is easily defended by scripture, while the other two isn’t.


i agree with your conclusion. though universalism and unitarian perspectives are not exclusive to preterisim.

Brad Will

Non-Reformed people that I know seem to gravitate towards certain doctrines. However, they are not specific or required for Preterism. I myself am moving towards unitarianism, as well as very much an Open Theist. They harmonise well. The idea of “Hell” is something that needs work as well, as the traditional understanding, I believe, is completely wrong. The King James doesn’t help either, when it incorrectly interprets Gehenna and Hades as Hell when they are entirely different.


Preterism is NOT “easily defended”. Its not defended AT ALL, actually.

Mark Robbins

Tony.  Are you a uni

James Kowalkowski

So, 10 years in – are you still in support? I am.

One Mishyon Music Productions

This was very good and rich information! Thank you for sharing!

Larry Sims

Excellent dissertation.

Simon Skinner

I don’t accept this complacency, it does matter that manmade doctrines are used to retain religious churchianity, because the end is where we should begin. What belief do you have if you are not guided by Jesus in the Holy Spirit in his spiritual kingdom?

People seem to be disappointed if they are told Jesus is not to come again in the flesh, else how can justice be done, well teach that he set up his kingdom with his Holy Spirit on earth and continuing judgement in heaven of the souls of the dead, and as I read it you have Jesus in full charge and eternal life in paradise if you obey his commandments, or a second death for unbelievers. An eternal kingdom.

Tony Denton

Is this the talk you gave at the 2008 Carlsbad, NM, seminar? I was there and probably heard this then, but don’t remember it now, of course. Just noticed the 2007 date above.

heavenly skys

from what I understand universalism says that eventually everyone will be saved . well bible says we have free will. so universalism is not biblical . but preterism is . for those who don’t understand . in the apostles time futurism was true but short . soon . at hand . the last day or Time. ie that generation . but here almost 2000 yrs later biblical is preterism it was fulfilled past .

Todd Oman

Great Video, very inspiring to myself as a full preterist and a Universalist. I would suggest you look at Edwin Lakes writings in The Key to Truth,for a better understanding of some of the topics you brought up such as Universalisim and judgement.

Dark Day Ministries

Todd, as someone new to examining this subject, could you recommend the most systematic or thorough book on this subject? I would prefer something defensive with some historical discussion too.


That was one very informative video! Thanks for posting it! Only thought…”more!”

“k65bugg” is Kari’s site name. Dr. Birks.

Fabulous, Todd. Thanks for this. I somehow missed this lecture.