Johann Peter Lange Study Archive

The errors of this new critical bent were the issue, in part, of the delight which was occasioned by the novel historical stand-point— historical, it was believed, for the first time in a true sense. For the rest, these errors proceeded from doubt as to the Spirit of Prophecy, as to the authenticity of the Apocalypse, and as to the reality of Biblical Eschatology. Continue reading “Johann Peter Lange Study Archive”

Ken Talbot: The Heterodoxical Confessions of Hyperpreterists (2009)

“Do we not often hear them say, “convince me that I am wrong so I can get out of this condemned doctrine”? The psychological stress must be great with the diversity of ideas, contradictory theories within the system itself! It seems as if they cry out “Help me historic Christian Orthodoxy, I have fallen into Hyperpreterism and I can’t get out!”

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