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Scholars Weigh My Research

By Dave MacPherson

Dave MacPherson Study Archive | The Real Manuel Lacunza | Deceiving and Being Deceived | Thomas Ice - Hired Gun | Scholars Weigh My Research | Margaret MacDonald's Originial Pretribulational Vision | Pre-Trib Rapture Die-hards | Revisers of Pre-Trib Rapture History

Just sent you my latest which I hope you will be led to air inasmuch as it's also a defense of your great site since you have already been airing my findings. Lord bless. - Dave MacPherson


For more than 30 years my pretrib critics have falsely claimed that leading scholars condemn my research. Since those critics are in effect slamming poor, helpless, long-departed Margaret Macdonald, I hereby come to her defense with a few of the many reactions from scholars who generally haven't had a huge axe to grind either for or against the pretrib rapture view. My usual practice, by the way, has been to obtain permission when quoting personal letters.

     Loraine Boettner (theologian, author): "I think that you have done a magnificent job in showing the real origin of the Pre-trib rapture theory."

F. F. Bruce (theologian, encyclopedia contributor): "It is strange that Darby should acknowledge his indebtedness to a young lady in Limerick and say nothing about the young lady in Port Glasgow [that is, not acknowledge her pre-Antichrist rapture of part of the church]....If this work of yours can do anything to counter the influence of Hal Lindsey..., you will have rendered a signal service."

      Superficial----and even devious----scholarship loves to repeat Bruce's 1975 surmise that pretrib was "in the air in the 1820s and 1830s." Hired critic
Thomas Ice knows that this wasn't a scientific conclusion (does reliable data rest literally "in the air"?), and Ice moreover has ignored Bruce's later statements complimenting my evidence!

Gary DeMar (theologian, author): "THE RAPTURE PLOT is the never-before-told, true story of the plot----how plagiarism and subtle document changes created the 'mother of all revisionisms.' A fascinating piece of detective work."

     Robert H. Gundry (theologian, author): "As usual, Dave MacPherson overwhelms his critics with a superior knowledge of the primary sources. His is a rare combination of historical research and investigative reporting. Those who would refute him have failed to outhustle him, especially in the tracking down of information uncatalogued in academic libraries."

Superficial scholarship is aware that the first----1973----printing of Gundry's THE CHURCH AND THE TRIBULATION stated on pp. 185, 187: "The likelihood is that Edward Irving was the first to suggest the pretribulational rapture....the outpouring on Margaret Macdonald did not include revelation of a pretribulational rapture...." But careful scholarship has long known that after Gundry saw my Macdonald findings, he deleted his Irving statement and substituted favorable comments about the Scottish lassie----changes appearing in his classic work since the 1980's!

     John H. Kromminga (Calvin Sem. president emeritus): "The material appears to be well researched, and this impression is confirmed by the excellent comments you cite from well-established evangelical commentators."

     Harold Lindsell (church historian, author): "...must reading for anyone who is interested in the [pretrib] origins...."

     C. S. Lovett (pastor, author): "You have to be, in my opinion, the world's authority on Margaret."

     Peter Marshall (pastor, author): "I am in emphatic agreement with you on your thesis."

     Walter Martin (researcher, author): "[MacPherson has produced] a fascinating historical detective story...with surprising and not easily refutable conclusions."

     J. Gordon Melton (editor): "According to the best scholarship available, the pretribulation, premillennial eschatology originated among members of the Catholic Apostolic Church as a result of a vision and revelation to Margaret MacDonald. See Dave MacPherson, THE UNBELIEVABLE PRE-TRIB ORIGIN." (ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN RELIGIONS, 1978)

Gary North (author, church historian): "...Dave MacPherson has inflicted a deep wound on the pre-trib camp by showing that a teenage Scottish girl named Margaret Macdonald...came up with this doctrine...."  (Dispensationalism in Transition, Nov., 1988)

     Harold J. Ockenga (theologian, author): "You have done your research well."

     J. I. Packer (author, church historian): "From my own explorations of the origins of Darbyism.  I judge that you are presenting facts fairly, and I am glad you are, for I also regard dispensationalism as an unhappy aberration."

     J. Barton Payne (theologian, author): "MacPherson has once and for all overthrown Ernest Sandeen's assertions that the Irvingites never 'advocated any doctrine resembling the secret rapture' and that to connect J. N. Darby and early dispensationalism with Irving's church is 'a groundless and pernicious charge'....For serious students of the history of dispensationalism the study of MacPherson's discoveries has become a must."  (Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Winter, 1974)

     The Prairie Overcomer (Canada): "...MacPherson's case seems to be watertight." (July, 1974)

     Reformed Review: "MacPherson has done excellent historical research." (Spring, 1985)

     Ian S. Rennie (author, church historian): " is likely that [Margaret's revelation] was grist for Darby's mill." (DREAMS, VISIONS AND ORACLES, 1977)

     R. J. Rushdoony (theologian, author): "Dave MacPherson has been responsible for major change in the eschatology of evangelical churches by  his devastating studies of some of the central aspects thereof. In THE  RAPTURE PLOT MacPherson tells us of the strange tale of 'rapture' writings,  revisions, cover-ups, altercations, and confusions. No one has equalled  MacPherson in his research on the 'pre-trib rapture.' Attempts to discredit  his research have failed...."

     The Seminary Review: "[MacPherson] shows conclusively that Margaret Macdonald was the originator of the concept." (June, 1984)

     Oswald J. Smith (pastor, author): "You have some excellent thoughts here that will be difficult to answer."

     Merrill C. Tenney (theologian, author): "...the connection between Margaret Macdonald and Irvingites and Brethren is reasonably well established. You have done a valuable piece of research."

     The Witness (oldest & largest Darbyist Brethren magazine in England): "What [MacPherson] succeeds in establishing is that the [pretrib] view outlined was first stated by a certain Margaret Macdonald...early in 1830." (April, 1974)

     The critics who have tried to cover up the above scholarship are basically the ones who've tried to muddy the waters by "discovering" hints of pretrib before 1830. For more on this, see my internet article entitled  "Deceiving, And Being Deceived."

What do YOU think ?

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09 Jan 2003


Dear Brethren: Just as we waded through the maze to arrive at Realized Eschatology after being brainwashed in dispensational seminaries, so too we must ever labor to validate our position. There is much misinformation among PP, HP, et. al. Bob If Jesus fulfilled the First Covenant that he may establish the New with it!

15 Jan 2003


Perhaps I am confused, for in my own personal library I have a copy of a book written by Lacunza, that taught a pre-trib rapture before Margaret Macdonald expressed the idea. Moreover, this book was translated by Darby. Please do not misunderstand me, I do not support the rapture, nor do I support the idea that Macdonald was the first one to teach it. Blessings! RW Deese

08 Mar 2003


I was Pre-Trib but I have left that view. Have many problems with those who take up for that view. Great Web Site. Keep up the good work. Dan

08 Apr 2003


What difference does it make as to who received what from who? The Word of God by itself is clear enough. I appreciate Mr. MacPherson's books. They have helped me realize that the post trib theory is indeed full of holes, and these folks do have an agenda. Thanks! Steve Klassen

31 Oct 2003


Be sure of one thing....JUDGEMENT is coming!!!

26 Aug 2004


How might I e-mail Dave MacPherson? I am a post-trib researcher, and would like to send him a historic document related to Darby.

12 Sep 2004


To whom it may concern: I'm intrigued by your research on the matter. I would love to know your resources for your facts placed in your book, for I've not had the opportunity to read it yet. Phillip

Date: 19 Apr 2005
Time: 20:10:33


Congratulations on research well done. You prove that a 15 year old Scottish kid started it all.

Date: 22 Jan 2006
Time: 14:21:50


Who are you? What are your credentials? degrees? And why do you hate pre-tribers so much?

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