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Pre-tribulational Rapture

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Dr. Stafford North (1991)
"This passage, likewise, never mentions 'the rapture,' says nothing about seven years, does not suggest two comings of the Lord, never mentions an earthly reign of Christ." (Armageddon Again? A Reply to Hal Lindsey, Oklahoma City, OK: Author, 1991, p. 91)



Gary DeMar (1994)
"The idea of a pre-tribulational rapture must be assumed by the reader and imposed on the text.  Sound biblical interpretation, however, requires textual proof before a doctrine can be formulated.. No mention is made of the church being raptured either before or after a tribulation period.  Nothing in the text even points to a tribulation period."   (Last Days Madness, p. 221).

"Like the dispensational hermeneutical methodology in general, the pretribulational rapture is a gigantic hoax.

Because the pretribulational rapture is a pillar of the dispensational system, we should expect to find proof of its existence in clear texts.  Even one text would suffice. There is not a single passage that clearly and dogmatically supports a pretribulational rapture." (ibid, p. 221)

"Readers of Left Behind should be aware that the pretrib Rapture is the keystone to the entire multi-volume series.  If there is no pretrib Rapture, then no one is left behind." (End Times Fiction, p. 19)


George Edon Ladd (1956)
"Pretribulationalism is an unnecessary inference.  It is an assumption in light of which the Scriptures are interpreted." (The Blessed Hope, Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Erdmans, 1956, p.552)

Hugo McCord (1999)
"Rapere, which means 'to carry away,' is not in the Bible." ("Caught up in the Rapture," Gospel Advocate 141, Feb. 1999: 12)



17 Feb 2004




Rev 7:15 mentions a great tribulation. Is this referring to the tribulation which happens after the church is raptured out and the antichrist revealed? If so... Some say that the tribulation will last a maximum of 7 years or a minimum of 3 and a half years. If this is so, where did the people without number in Rev 7:14 came from? ( World population at the moment is 6 billion plus) Name: Mariappan Eddiah a.k.a theostein "None can serve two lords." If you wish to be the Lord's disciple, it is necessary you "take your cross, and follow the Lord:" your cross; that is, your own straits and tortures, or your body only, which is after the manner of a cross. [source: On Idolatry ("De Idolatria") - by Tertullian -


03 Oct 2004




ha ha ha u made my day i always said it and now I/ve read it in print it is a gigantic hoax. I listened to this and fellowship with those who live for this day all my life, and I became so confused as I read the scriptures and searched for this fact, and could not find it.I said in my confusion " God either this bible is a joke or I must be crazy" PRE TRIB RAPT- I always said it is one of the biggest hoax played on christians. There is another but I wont mention it.Thank U very much .I am not crazy-Oh praise God sincerely yvonne hussain


02 Jan 2005




The reason people get confused on the pre tribulation rapture is because they confuse Gods plan for the Church with Gods plan for Israel. They are two different issues and treated as such by God. The 69th week of Daniels prophesy stopped abruptly when the Church age started and the 70th will begin whern the Church is taken away. We wont go through the tribulation....Steve


02 Jan 2005




The reason people get confused on the pre tribulation rapture is because they confuse Gods plan for the Church with Gods plan for Israel. They are two different issues and treated as such by God. The 69th week of Daniels prophesy stopped abruptly when the Church age started and the 70th will begin whern the Church is taken away. We wont go through the tribulation....Steve

Date: 11 Apr 2005
Time: 20:05:57


steve You really need to investagate where the rapture theory came from. 1832 a mentally deranged woman, Margret McDonald from  Ireland utter the word if front of two catholic priest while she was dying, and she even told the priest that it seemed evil to her. The word Air in 2nd thess,you will find means to circumvent, or breath it has nothing to do with atmosphere. also check out how the apostole paul used the word cloud. YOU WILL BE HERE DURING THE TRIBULATION MY FRIEND. yours in Christ. Shalam     Bob.

Date: 19 Aug 2006
Time: 14:55:11


The Tribulation was the Destruction of the temple in 70 AD. The war between Jews and Romans was fierce and bloody. The Romans built a wall around the city to contain the Jews. This technique forced the Jews to eventually die of pleagues, sickness, and starvation. Josephus gives an account of a woman who killed and roasted her young due to hunger. This gave testimony to Christ on the cross when He said, "Do not weep for me, but for yourselves, for a time is coming when they will say 'blessed is the woman who bore no children". Another fact is the war last 7 years. Nero Caesar sent thousands of troops to Jerusalem because the Jews were offended at Nero wanting to be worshipped. This refusal led to a revolt. But 3 1/2 years into this war, Nero committed suicide that was actually an accident. Vespesian became Emperor one year later after short attempt to claim the thrown by Otho, Galba, and Vitella. Vespesian's son Titus led and completed the Roman campain to finally win.

Date: 15 Feb 2009
Time: 06:08:07

Your Comments:

The reason people get confused on the pre tribulation rapture is because they confuse Gods plan for the Church with Gods plan for Israel. They are two different issues and treated as such by God. The 69th week of Daniels prophesy stopped abruptly when the Church age started and the 70th will begin whern the Church is taken away. We wont go through the tribulation....Steve

I am sorry Steve but you are talking about theology and theories not the scriptures. Show me one place where it says God has two plans and two separate people.

You can't show me because it doesn't exit. If you read Ephesians Chapter 2 it God took two people and made one people. God has one people and one plan. The plan of salvation is to believe In Jesus Christ. Everyone who believes becomes a child of God and it doesn't matter Whether you are a Jew or a Gentile. In Christ we are all Jews.

Where in scripture does it say the seventy weeks was delayed? And how can the seventy weeks be delayed if Christ actualy in the beginning of the seventy weeks?

Dan 9:26 And after the sixty-two weeks, an anointed one shall be cut off and shall have nothing. And the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. Its end shall come with a flood, and to the end there shall be war. Desolations are decreed.

It says and after the 62 weeks. Which is 69 because the first seven weeks was when the Temple was being rebuilt. So Christ was part of the seventy weeks. So what are you waiting my friend?


Date: 17 Mar 2009
Time: 23:19:58

Your Comments:

You better listen to the teachings of Arnold Murray at Shepherd's Chapel.This man has studied the Bible for over 50 years and has read the orignal scribs.



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