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Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks
Reformed Preterist

"The author takes the position that the bible teaches that Christ's victory is progressive in it's linear and historical effects relative to the goal of the future consummation of all things in accordance with the divine plan of overthrowing sin in all of it's expressions within the experience of mankind, and that we have been slowly heading towards this biblical goal. This has been happening essentially from creation, but most certainly from the advent of Christ as the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.  He will, "....gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and on earth...." (The End of Sin, p. 8)

The End of Sin: An Eschatological Odyssey Into Teloarmatia

"The End of Sin" (Teloarmatia), is a biblical study concerning God's plan to bring an end to the fact and existence of sin within the human race. Beginning with the Genesis account of the fall of Adam and all his progeny therein, the book escalates towards the propitiatory cross-work of Christ and demonstrates how those whom he has "substituted" (propitiated) for, will themselves one day be in a sinless existence in an individual one-to-one ratio of non-carbon based spiritual bodies that clothe the believer's spirit that are given to them out of heaven. The power of the gospel will bring about ultimate Teloarmatia as all nations come into the church of Christ over historical time via regeneration and the "New Heavens and Earth" continues to overthrow the existence of sin in mankind along with it's physical earthly effects. The book is heavily end-noted and includes extensive bibliography and appendix information concerning the Preterist point of view of eschatology.


"No one before Max had ever written or talked about this corporate body view of the resurrection. This “new information” was begun and had it’s genesis in the mind of a single, uninspired human being. It is neither legitimate nor glorifying to God to take as one’s teacher on so important a subject as this without critical analysis. We have not done this."

“equation of Max King with Martin Luther is a troubling one. Luther was bringing forth what has always been in the biblical text. King was and is doing no such thing. Max King (as I said before and what you re-quouted above) is unlike Luther, in that Max was the FIRST to advance such a contrived view and baptizing it as scripture. We need to not continue to repeat his mistakes.”

I’m saying that in order for King’s view to have any weight at all, it should at least be able to provide us with others who wrote over the last say, 2000 years, who saw and affirmed the same things that Max is affirming regarding CBV. The overall historical picture of Preterism for example, does in fact possess such historical adherents who took the view to lesser or greater lengths"

"It is hermeneutical error to take an OT quote as a means by which one attempts to bring light to a fresh NT truth. This is made overtly clear when some of us take a passage like Isa. 25:19 or Hosea 6:1-3 which said contexts are using the analogy of resurrection as a means to communicate the nation of Israel's restoration back to the land of promise from Babylonian, Assyrian, and Persian bondage.

I have never been able to understand how any Pret could read these OT texts and ignore the context of those passages that teach the above. But the reverse methodology that I have described is being used I believe to support a preterist prejudice.

The prejudiced was given birth by Max King. No one before Max had ever written or talked about this corporate body view of the resurrection. This "new information" was begun and had it's genesis in the mind of a single, uninspired human being. It is neither legitimate nor glorifying to God to take as one's teacher on so important a subject as this without critical analysis. We have not done this.

The title of my blog "A Star Trek Blog-ology" is a means to illicit an emotional attraction to what I have concluded to be nothing less than a Sci Fi fantasy of the resurrection. The threat that the Borg made to all those that they encountered was "Resistance is futile. We will absorb your individual personalities into our collective"."

"The corporate body view of the resurrection is wrong."

On the doctrines of Hyper Preterism:
"It’s the modern day version of the Sibylline Oracle."

  • "As one who made it clear back in '04 in print in one of my books, that I am not a FP, I have nothing to "come out from", as I have never since then espoused any type of a FP view, as it must of necessity contradict many scriptures that state an on-going nature to the things stated past AD 70, as well as the "resurrection issue" with CBV."

  • "Hyper-Preterism, which I also see as “full” preterism"

  • "For many years I have tried to work from “within” in order to safeguard against where some factions within this movement are now headed. Some here on this site who have been engaging them, I believe, are right to do so. I believe i have unmasked some of the problems along with those within who have formally come out and admitted that FP or HP cannot co-exist within reformed theology. This has been so direct and prevelent as of late, that there should be no squirming away from it by them.

  • "I have come to the conclusion that it is correct at this juncture, to continue to draw the line as to what is and is not tolerable within the FP camp. I see no working definable difference between hyper and full preteism. The things I have stated here as to “problems” within the movement, are just the beginning. Cult-like tendencies of theological manipulation have begun to evidence themselves more and more from within. Consequently, I am more and more delimited as to the actual affiliations i can maintain in the formal sense." 

  • "And so we all have/will (in our futures), experience the event of the parousia together. I hold to the experience of this event as a future event."

    • Full Preterist Response: "Kelly Birks is a doctor. Barack Obama is a Nobel peace laureate. It is difficult to determine who is more undeserving." Dave Green (PretCoz)

A California native, Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks was born in Downey, California in 1957 and grew up in the quiet suburb of Montebello, located in Los Angeles County. Growing up in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), he was regenerated at about 10 years of age and water baptized at about the same time. After graduation from high school, a fact that still amazes him, Dr. Birks spent some time studying at East Los Angeles Junior College. A suggestion from his pastor was what sent him off to Bible College. He graduated with a bachelor�s degree in pastoral theology from L.I.F.E. Bible College in Los Angeles. Several years as a Pastor in both the assistant and senior levels followed.

After moving to Denver, Colorado, Dr. Birks received a call from the Evangelical Friends Church in Omaha, NE to come and pastor. Over the years that followed, Dr. Birks earned a Th.M (Master of Theology) in Biblical studies, a D.Min. and a Ph.D in Biblical studies.

 Over the years, Dr. Birks has had much interdenominational experience in Charismatic, Pentecostal and conservative circles. He was originally ordained into the ministry under the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. He subsequently served in Pentecostal, Charismatic, Quaker and independent churches.

As a result of his coming into the truths of the reformed faith and later the preterist understanding of Biblical eschatology, he now serves as Pastor of Messiah Reformed Church in Omaha, NE, where he and his wife, Kari make their home. Dr. and Mrs. Birks' CD and book ministry extends across the country and abroad.

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