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Church-State Relations and the Book of Revelation
By Todd Dennis, Curator (Futurist: 1979-1996; Full Preterist: 1996-2006; Idealist: 2006-Forevermore)



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Preterism Continues to Make Gains

Armageddon Books Newsletter, 11/01

 Preterism has been making strides over the last two years. Preterists believe that biblical prophecies were fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and a spiritual coming of Christ at that time. 

As we approached the year 2000, the preterism was taking a back seat to premillennialism. In the driver's seat were premillennial views that the end times could be near. However, after the hype of Y2K died down, preterism began to make gains. Enough so that Grant Jeffrey devoted a significant portion of his book, "Triumphant Return," to defending premillennialim; Dr. Larry Spargimino wrote "The Anti-Prophets: The Challenge of Preterism"; and popular author Thomas Ice produced a series of articles for "The Midnight Call" magazine on the preterist/premillennilist debate.

 One of the strongest promoters of preterism is Gary DeMar and his ministry, American Vision. DeMar's book, "Last Days Madness," has been a popular preterist choice. His newest book is "End Times Fiction," where he takes exception with the popular "left behind theology." 

Another organization supporting preterism is the International Preterist Association headed by Ed Stevens. Stevens is responsible for making available a host of preterist materials, including several works by John Noe. Other significant authors and speakers in the preterist camp include John Bray, Don Preston, and Ken Gentry. 

When the news is good, preterism makes gains. When the news is bad, premillennialism surges ahead. The recent attacks on America and the war on terrorism may throw another roadblock in front of preterists, but they forge on. 

Three new preterist books have recently been released. "Prophecy Paradox" by Lynn Schuldt takes us back to the first century of Christianity, and presents the preterist view from the perspective of the first Christians. "Dead in Their Tracks" by John Noe defends preterism from liberal scholars who would claim that the Bible (or Jesus) is simply wrong in predictions that the end would occur in the first century A.D. "Results of Fulfilled Prophecy" by Jessie Mills is a compilation of facts and insights from over 50 years of study. You may see these, and other preterist books, at:

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