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Preterist Timeline of the Great Tribulation

By Doug Beaumont

There are striking parallels between the writings of Daniel, John and Matthew with regard to the Great Tribulation and the events surrounding it. When laid out in a chart, it seems clear that they are speaking of the same things. When coupled with the many time related statements in each, it becomes apparent that these events were about to take place in the time of the disciples and not 2,000 years later.  Consider the following:

The Sealed Scroll - Coincidence???

Starting from Jesus' words in the Olivett Discourse (Mt. 24, Lk. 21, Mk.13) we can see that the events spoken of refer to the same events in Daniel (Mt. 24:15). Once we have carefully laid out the order of these events in the Olivett Discourse, we can also see that they very closely parallel Jesus' words in Revelation 6. What is interesting is that at the end of Daniel where he asks about the Great Tribulation (Dan. 12:1,6), he is told to seal up his book (12:4,9) because it relates to events at the time of the end. 

Note how Revelation 6 opens up - the unsealing of a scroll! Could this be the very scroll Daniel was told to seal? Now, if Daniel is writing about the Great Tribulation (during the time of the end), and Jesus identifies this time with the events of the Olivett Discourse (at the end of the age), and these parallel Revelation 6 - should they not tell the same story? As we see, they do.

Coming Soon

If these things are so, what does it mean when John is told these things are about to take place (Rev. 1:1 and 22:10, 22)? Note that John  is told in verse 22 that he is NOT to seal up his book (for the time was near). This is the exact opposite of Daniel's admonition TO seal his book (for the time was apparently still far in the future). Consider this: John wrote Revelation in the 1st Century A.D. If Daniel wrote around 550 B.C. (when "the end" was still far off), and John wrote about the same events less than than 600 years after Daniel (when "the time" was near), how could we still be looking for fulfillment 2,000 years later?

The End - of what?

Daniel was specifically told that "the end" would come when the "power of the holy people [the Jews]" was shattered. The power of the Jews was shattered in 70 A.D. at the destruction of the temple and the city of Jerusalem . . . and it was this very destruction that Jesus was speaking of in the Olivett Discourse (Mt.23:38-24:4).

Matthew records that Jesus said the end would come after the Gospel had been preached in the whole world. It would seem that this could not have happened by 70 A.D. But as Paul shows in Colossians 1:5-6, 23 and  Romans 10:18 it had in fact gone into the whole world ("the world" was synonymous with the Roman Empire - see Acts 11:28; 17:6).

"The End" was the end of the Old Covenant. The "end times" (or "last days") were the transition period that lasted about 40 years starting from the time of Christ and extending one generation (Mt. 24:34) to 70 A.D. Just as the Old Covenant was established after a 40 year transition time (from Egypt to the Promised Land), so was the New established in a 40 year transition out of spiritual Egypt (1 Cor. 10:1-6; Gal 4:21-31; Heb. 4:9; Rev. 11:8 & 19).


If these things are so then Daniel, John, and Jesus are referring to the 70 A.D. destruction of Jerusalem with regard to the Great Tribulation and the Day of The Lord judgment that the Jews incurred when they rejected Messiah (Mt. 23:36-39). If this is true then, of course, the Great Tribulation is over.

What do YOU think ?

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19 Sep 2003




Short, sweet, and to the point. If I weren't already a preterist, this would probably get me pointed in that direction. I've seen very little in response to the sealed scroll arguments in the futurist camp, and I would like to see a futurist respond to this sometime. KP

19 Sep 2003


It's no coincidence that in our Bible Daniel is the 27th book of the OT and Revelation is the 27th book of the NT. However, preterists are wrong when they assert that OC, natural Israel passed away and NC, spiritual Israel appeared in the autumn of AD 70. God selected the month of Tishri (in autumn) for the birth of the old, typifying and temporary natural WORLD (see Gen. 8:13) and subsequently selected the month of Abib or Nisan (in spring) for the birth of the old, typifying and temporary natural nation of ISRAEL. Then, in the first-century fulfillment, the new and spiritual and eternal Israel also was born IN THE SPRING - in AD 30 - and NOT in autumn of any year. Any claim to the contrary involves a gross distortion of Bible typology.

03 Mar 2004


You have provided a compelling argument supporting your view of a past Great Tribulation. However, what are we all to make of a further 2000 years of human history to this very day . With an exploding population, heavy industrialized world and many still feeling that there is something yet to come, is there anything to be said what awaits us in this age?

24 Nov 2004


What is the explaination of the two witnesses that are taken out of the way?

23 Jan 2005


Yes, the Great Tribulation is over -- but it did not end in 70 A.D. The Jews still suffered tribulation when deported and scattered worldwide, and this tribulation climaxed in the Holocaust. After the tribulation was over, there followed the signs in sun, moon and stars -- as space exploration began. See:

02 Mar 2005


You are the apostate church. I will pray for you, that you might see the error of your ways. God is patient, He is still waiting for you to come to Him, so that you can be saved. May God have mercy on your souls.

Date: 29 Sep 2005
Time: 20:05:02


If the Great Tribulation has passed, then what does the Bible say about the time we are living in NOW? It has been some 1935 years since the "end of the Great Tribulation", so are we in the Millennial Reign? Or does that term not refer to 1000 years? Because if it does, then we are beyond that time by at least 935 years. And as the book of Revelation clearly states, Satan will be cast into the Lake of Fire - thus no longer a threat or influence on the World.

So what is the explanation for the overwhelming evil in the World TODAY?

Date: 31 Jan 2006
Time: 03:37:08


Your document makes sense and has scripture to back it up. Some folks can not get over the fact that that is a done deal. The Great Tribulation has past and Jesus Has come and we are in the the world to come,the new Heavens and earth,The Kingdom of God. People must be able to hear by the Spirit and not By the teachings of men

Date: 19 Mar 2006
Time: 00:00:57


i have a question. In Revelation, John states that God will send his seven Spirits in the end times. i have searched the Bible and am unable to find a prophet who wrote about God sending his seven Spirits. Could you please advise me, as to which prophet wrote about God sending his seven Spirts, on what date God sent his seven Spirits, and how the prophet describes God's seven Spirits. Thank you for your assistance.

Date: 20 Aug 2006
Time: 18:52:47


Answer to "What and when did God send His seven Spirits". I don't know where John writes about a promise to send His seven Spirits, if I understand your question. The Seven Spirits of God, from the way John placed it, are the seven churches. The seven churches of Asia, which were considered to be candles, were the seven churches used to be as a guide for all generations to come. There events give testimony to Jesus giving them instruction for their conduct, whether good or bad. But once thing is certain. Either we're rewarded or punished, and there's no doubt that this will happen. As for providing seven Spirits, this was not scriptural as far as I can tell. But to answer your question, the seven Spirits of God were the eyes of God on the once inhabited earth of Asia Minor, that considered to be the "whole world" of the time. Who knows, but I hope I'm not in error with this.

Date: 06 Mar 2009
Time: 07:01:58

Your Comments:

I believe the Word of God and that John was in the tribulation as he write in Revelation 1:9 "I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation..."
The Book of Revelation is the unveiling of Jesus Christ and not the anti-Christ (Revelation 1) and I believe the keys to unlock the whole Boof of Revelation is in the first chapter of this book

Date: 21 Apr 2009
Time: 22:38:57

Your Comments:

What do I think? This page has been a blessing to my life. After so many years of hearing about the gran tribulation. I do believe that it has come to past.

May the Lord bless each and every one of you.

Date: 19 Jul 2009
Time: 16:27:09

Your Comments:

I have been taught through the Calvary Chapel church system since 1990 and have never heard of Preterism utnil recently. Alon with the compelling writings of Hank Hanegraaff, you make a strong arguement and my logical, rational mind agrees. I do have several questions regarding timelines and certain prophecies not yet fulfilled...

Date: 18 Dec 2009
Time: 21:51:35

Your Comments:

Interesting, but many questions remain.
As in every belief on 'the end times' or 'the time of the end' there are always unanswered questions.
Each Christian has to read the bible and try for ourselves to discern what it may mean.
The overall book of Relevation is saying "Jesus is Lord over all, the tribulation was/or/is great and terrible, Christians end up living with Jesus, non Christians are tossed along with Death and Hades into the lake of fire.

Date: 17 May 2010
Time: 15:59:58

Your Comments:

These are very good points. I'm looking for a timeline that shows me which year Daniel's 70 weeks started and to which year Messiah the Prince 'appears', and especially verses 26 and 27 and how they correspond to years and people etc. Hope you can help.


Date: 21 May 2010
Time: 15:48:21

Your Comments:

Preterists are to be noted for overlooking the basic issue in the book of the Revelation--Revelation 1:19. It is a CHRONOLOGY of the sequence of events in which the opening chapters of the churches in Revelation 2-3 take place BEFORE the Tribulation period which is marked out by days, weeks and 3-1/2 years. Not even the history of the churches could be placed in that time slot, let alone the clear statement in 4:1 that chapters 4-19 take place AFTER THESE THINGS (of the history and events of chapters 2-3).

Date: 15 Aug 2010
Time: 04:22:01

Your Comments:

Convncing, but if as some scholars suggest, that Revelation was written circa AD 98, even though the Greek word, takos is correctly translated as 'soon' in revelation 1:1, then how could AD70 be the terminal date. Even if 'soon' meant within twenty years of Revelation's being penned it would still be later than AD70

Date: 13 Feb 2011
Time: 18:36:53

Your Comments:

This makes total sense. Mark 13 is obviously & unambiguously referring to AD 70 ..
BUT I am having difficulty with Mark 13:26,27
which do NOT , on the surface, appear to be connected to the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70 .. but seem to be more a reference to
the end of history
And yet, here they are, in the middle of what is clearly a systematic description of the end of the Jewish era

Date: 12 Jan 2011
Time: 12:09:02

Your Comments:

I'm throwing my Bible away. It means nothing if all this is true. All that I have been taught is a lie, I guess. Who knows anymore.
Not really......anyone who would believe this hogwash is a baby Christian and needs to grow up. Find something important to do with your life.

Date: 28 Jan 2013
Time: 05:48:45

Your Comments:

Preterists seem to make local events into world wide ones and to depend on a writing time of 65 AD, while the evidence points to 95 AD. Preterists also ignore the role Israel plays in the end of the age.

Date: 27 Jan 2013
Time: 18:26:20

Your Comments:

The time line of the authorship of the Book of Revelation? After AD? and Proof?

Date: 12 Jan 2011
Time: 12:09:02

Your Comments:

I'm throwing my Bible away. It means nothing if all this is true. All that I have been taught is a lie, I guess. Who knows anymore.
Not really......anyone who would believe this hogwash is a baby Christian and needs to grow up. Find something important to do with your life.

Date: 18 Aug 2013
Time: 00:54:37

Your Comments:


Zech. 14:4 says that Jesus' feet stood on the Mt. of Olives when He came. But the same verse also explains that the Mt. of Olives split in two opening an escape route. After that, the Lord came with all His saints (vs. 5). I was wondering if the typography at the Mt. of Olives today shows any evidence of the Mt. of Olives being split in half, presumably by a great earthquake.

It's interesting to note that geologists have discovered that there was an earthquake around the time Jesus was crucified.



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