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AD70 Dispensationalism: According to that view, AD70 was the end of 'this age' and the start of the 'age to come'.    Those who lived before AD70 could only 'see in part' and such, lacking the resurrection and redemptive blessings which supposedly came only when Herod's Temple in Jerusalem fell.    Accordingly, AD70 was not only the end of Old Testament Judaism, but it was also the end of the revelation of Christianity as seen in the New Testament.


"Full preterist" material is being archived for balanced representation of all preterist views, but is classified under the theological term hyper (as in beyond the acceptable range of tolerable doctrines) at this website.  The classification of all full preterism as Hyper Preterism (HyP) is built upon well over a decade of intense research at, and the convictions of the website curator (a former full preterist pastor).  The HyP theology of final resurrection and consummation in the fall of Jerusalem, with its dispensational line in AD70 (end of old age, start of new age), has never been known among authors through nearly 20 centuries of Christianity leading up to 1845, when the earliest known full preterist book was written.  Even though there may be many secondary points of agreement between Historical/Modern Preterism and Hyper Preterism, their premises are undeniably and fundamentally different.


Systematic Hyper Preterism
(aka "Full Preterism")

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Jesus: "It is finished" (AD30)
cf. Hebrews 10:19-22

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It is important to keep in mind that many ideas and doctrines full preterism appeals to - such as the complete end of the Old Covenant world in AD70 - are by no means distinctive to that view.   Many non HyPs believe this as well, so one need not embrace the Hyper Preterist system in order to endorse this view.   Following are exceptional doctrines which, so far as I've seen, are only taught by adherents of Hyper Preterism.:


  • All Bible Prophecy was Fulfilled By AD70

  • Atonement Incomplete at Cross ; Complete at AD70

  • The Supernatural Power of Evil Ended in AD70

  • The Spirit of Antichrist was Destroyed in AD70

  • "The Consummation of the Ages" Came in AD70

  • "The Millennium" is in the Past, From AD30 to AD70

  • Nothing to be Resurrected From in Post AD70 World ; Hades Destroyed

  • The Christian Age Began in AD70 ; Earth Will Never End

  • "The Day of the Lord" was Israel's Destruction ending in AD70

  • The "Second Coming" of Jesus Christ Took Place in AD70-ish

  • The Great Judgment took place in AD70 ; No Future Judgment

  • The Law, Death, Sin, Devil, Hades, etc. Utterly Defeated in AD70

  • "The Resurrection" of the Dead and Living is Past, Having Taken Place in AD70

  • The Context of the Entire Bible is Pre-AD70 ; Not Written To Post AD70 World

(under construction)

  • Baptism was for Pre-AD70 Era (Cessationism)

  • The Lord's Prayer was for Pre-AD70 Era (Cessationism)

  • The Lord's Supper was for Pre-AD70 Era (Cessationism)

  • The Holy Spirit's Paraclete Work Ceased in AD70 (Cessationism)

  • The Consummation in AD70 Caused Church Offices to Cease (Cessationism)

  • The Resurrection in AD70 Changed the "Constitutional Principle" of Marriage (Noyesism)

  • Israel and Humanity Delivered into Ultimate Liberty in AD70 (TransmillennialismTM)

  • The Judgment in AD70 Reconciled All of Mankind to God ; All Saved (Preterist Universalism)

  • Adam's Sin No Longer Imputed in Post AD70 World ; No Need to be Born Again (Preterist Universalism)

  • When Jesus Delivered the Kingdom to the Father in AD70, He Ceased Being The Intermediary (Pantelism/Comprehensive Grace?)

  • The Book of Genesis is an Apocalypse; is About Creation of First Covenant Man, not First Historical Man (Covenantal Preterism)


  What Happened To The 'Rapture'

By Gene Fadeley

1st quarter, year 2000, newsletter

What Happened To The Rapture???

The year 2000 is here, what happened to the rapture???

During our lifetimes, many theologians have been proclaiming that the end of the world would occur by the year 2000.  "All the signs are right" they repeatedly proclaimed. Were they correctly handling the word of God? Did prophecy really say or indicate that the physical world would be destroyed at the year 2000?

In recent years, we have been seeing theologians deserting their year 2000 prophecies like rats deserting a sinking ship.  They hurriedly denied that they ever taught that the world would end by the year 2000, and are now scurrying about to pick new dates such as 2002 and 2018. Thus, they are continuing their misapplication of scriptures and are continuing to mislead the public.

What is the basis for this misunderstanding? How could mankind be so mislead? What is the root of this problem? Can Christianity survive the embarrassment now that all the year 2000 prophecies of these men have failed?

The root of the problem can be seen back as far as the first century. Why did the Jews reject Jesus? It was simply that Jesus did not meet their expectations. Was the problem with Jesus or with the Jewish expectations? We proclaim that the problem was not with Jesus but with the Jewish expectations? What was wrong with what they were expecting? Simply, they were expecting a physical king and a physical kingdom. Jesus did not provide them with either so they rejected Jesus as their Messiah. In spite of Jesus saying that "my kingdom is not of this world" and that "the kingdom of God is within you," they still held to their physical expectations.

How little has the expectations of 21st century people changed from the expectations of those first century Jews. People are still determined to have the physical king and kingdom that the first century Jews did not receive. However, the words of Jesus still ring true, "my kingdom is not of this world" and "the kingdom is within you."

The root of the problem has been the failure of seeing the difference between the physical and the spiritual. The world's materialism has blinded the eyes of mankind from understanding the much greater spiritual fulfillment of prophecy. The physical is a mere shadow or the much more glorious spiritual realm. Yet people demand the physical.    The object of end time prophecies has been totally missed. The end time prophecies are not talking about the end of the physical world. They are addressing the end of a first covenant age and the beginning of a more glorious new covenant age. All end time prophecies involve God's covenant changing actions. One age was to end, another new age was to emerge. Thus, the end of the old age was the end of the Jewish old covenant age. God was about to bring judgment on the prostitute nation of Israel. She had been unfaithful to her covenant husband, God. These judgments can be seen in Revelation chapters 1 to 19.

The new covenant age is seen in Revelation chapters 20-22. In these chapters we read about the much more glorious new covenant Christian age. This is also the theme of the book of Hebrews. Christ is the king in his new covenant kingdom. Christ is its light.

Is Bible prophecy Y3K (year 3000) compliant? Absolutely. It was Y1K (year 1000) and Y2K (year 2000) compliant. It will also be Y3K and Y4K compliant. Bible prophecy never concerned the events of the year 1000, 2000, or beyond. It had reference to the age changing events of the first century. It is these events in which Christ completed his work of salvation for all mankind. The significance of these prophecies is missed when the prophecies are torn out of their first century historic setting and misapplied to events of the year 2000, for which they were never intended.

Certainly, there were some inconveniences due to mankind's mistakes in the computer world concerning the year 2000. Let us not make more mistakes by misapplying God's prophecies to a year of which they never spoke.

We are the recipients of God glorious salvation today because Christ kept his promises in the first century when he and the apostles said he would. He did not fail. What a great gift!!! He also gave us a magnificent universe in which to live and explore. This millennium may well be the best ever. However, we have to put away our "why polish brass on a sinking ship" attitude and understand God's great plans for us and his kingdom, the church

Ref.: John 18:36 and Luke 17:21

Yours in Christ,
Gene Fadeley

Amazing Prophecy - Bible Prophecy Revealed

Great new book - Prophecy: The Year 2000 And Beyond?

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Date: 27 Oct 2006
Time: 17:57:43


Hello, My name is Lynda Howard, and I truly believe that we are living in the last days. My reason for believing this is because of what the scriptures reveal of the last days. By no means am I a scholar of Bible prophecy, but I am wise enough to belief in the Holy Bible, because everything that our precious creater said would happen, has happened. I am a christian, and I am looking foward to the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I am praying for every soul on this earth. God has also given me many gifts in my thirty-eight years of life, he has blessed me with good health, intelligence, love, a merciful heart, and the ability to know evil through looking at someone's eyes. God has been good to me. I also have dreams of events happening before they happen, and later I see these events happen in reality. I believe that God gave me these gifts for a reason. I don't know why, but I believe that he has a reason for it.

My e-mail address is: I would appreciate your feedback on my comments,that were sent to you, as well as, your opinion on the last days. Thank You. Lynda Howard, and God Bless you for witnessing to people in this time of trouble and so many chaotic events. My father, God, will truly bless you with many crowns for all of the souls that you save.

Date: 18 Jan 2007
Time: 10:02:44


Hello,I am Dr Edward Perdue a end time bible prophecy teacher WWW.Watchmen for Christ ministries
.com The rapture is truley the next event to take place in the word of God. Order my DVD on the rapture of the Church,or The best way to understand the rapture DVD it will change your life and open your eyes to the soon coming event.

Date: 22 Mar 2007
Time: 10:44:50


What do I think?

I believe, firmly, Christ first advent and work is finished, in that it accomplished everything for union of His Bride to Himself. However, I don't believe He came again as scripture claims He unmistakably shall. I merely believe it is defining a false christ to say He did and I believe He came once and His second coming will end time and remove things from the truly temporal to the eternal where there is no death. Let's not lower our standards of heaven by saying it and "The Kingdom" are here and now and walk falsely attaining to such nonsense. I think the speculation of many of these cooooks is firmly rooted in the 'New Order' that is no new order but one that is very old but it is postured well to become the new world order. Don't insult Christ by acting like this is as good as it gets and all this "Kingdom Living" from enlightenment stuff needs to go too. "The Jews wanted a sign and the Greeks knowledge."

Date: 25 Jul 2007
Time: 08:55:35


I don't care so much now about these kind of predictions. I just want to live ready, and that means not in frenzy. I have some problems with disorganisation, but I think this was made worse because in the 80s as a teenager when I should have been preparing for adulthood, I was overwhelmed by thoughts about the world ending in the year 2000. I shut out all thoughts of preparing for the future. In further pushed my thinking into a frenzy. I just hoped I would be able to get married and enjoy being with a great wife. I did move towards a career, but in an impulsive way, hoping that my career would position me better to warn people of the impending doom. I later relaxed my year 2000 thinking, but the neural pathways never quite readjusted from this thinking. I am writing this to you now because it is one factor in me being disorganised, which means wasting a lot of my time. I think the best preparation for a life that God can make use of is to be an organised person. Not just organised, but certainly it is a factor. This year 2000 end of the world thinking did quite a bit of damage on different levels.
thank you. paul

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