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Preterist Commentaries By Former Full Preterists

Church-State Relations and the Book of Revelation
An Introduction to The Parousia: A Careful Look at the New Testament Doctrine of the Lord's Second Coming
by James Stuart Russell (1878) // Written by
Todd Dennis, Curator

It is a common myth within the Hyper Pret circle that "once a full preterist, always a full preterist".   In fact, there is a great deal of turnover in the view.  Most of those who once strongly defended the view fade away and are never heard from again.   As is the case with all other theologies, some are heard from, but outside of the confines of Christianity.   Regardless of the actual number, however, is the fact that the earliest known adherents of a fully Preterist theology eventually left the view for more mature approaches.   By mature, I mean views that took AD70 into account, but no longer as the focal point of Bible prophecy - that honor returning to Calvary.  Similarly, there are a number of high profile writers today who have left the view.   Many of their writings are being archived below.

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At what point does AD70 hinder the message/messenger?

More on this phenomenon at bottom & Regressive Preterism

"if you speak with Kenneth Gentry or Gary DeMar or any of those guys they will tell you the minute you take a stand, it is like dying the death of a thousand emails because it's like they never stop."
Dee Dee Warren on Hanegraaff

These days, it has become common for people to leave full preterism and write about why.   There is no particular doctrinal system to which ex full preterists go.   Some choose futurism, some partial preterism, and others - such as myself - to a progressive Idealism which takes all of the good that Preterism has to offer, while keeping it in the proper context -- so as to not declare the types and shadows to be the primary substance of prophecy (which is sometimes called 'idolatry').  more info..

Hyper: Larry Siegle - New Wine, Old Wineskins (2009) "I do believe that some statement must be made to provide a sense of balance to the recent departure from (full) Preterism of some, back from whence they came. These actions are neither new, nor are they surprising as often is the case when the strongholds of “tradition” are neither broken, nor forsaken. .   The greatest error of Preterism is in our reluctance to “kill the beast” of allegiance in the hearts and minds of the people to their vain “traditions” and obsessions with conformity to the doctrines and practices of those who created the corpses of denominations that are dying all around us today... When I heard of the recent departure of some within the community my honest reaction was a deep sense of sadness in the very depth of my being." (Don't forget that a good percentage of former full preterists did not "go back" at all, but went forward by applying a preterist approach to an updated hermeneutic, making a more mature theology.)

Idealistic Preterism by Former Full Preterist Patrick Stone





Taylor Adams

John Anderson
(2007) Host of "Voice of Reason" - Explained shift to partial preterist view on 11/11/7 Broadcast - The Binding of Satan (man's rebellious spirit of antichrist) in AD70, and the Loosing of "Satan" in the Atheistical Plunge of the Mid-20th Century

Erick Blore

Marcus Booker

Jason Bradfield


Jared Coleman: Non-Theist

David P. Crews: Rationalism

Jonathan M. Companik: Orthodox Church

Todd Dennis: Idealism (2006)
- Founder and Curator of - Started online full preterist movement in 1996, but after a considerable amount of studies determined that full - not partial - preterism represent the "half-way point" in eschatological studies... resolving that Jesus Christ and His work is the true focal point of all Bible prophecy.  AD30-70 is not the substance of fulfillment, but is the type and shadow of Christ's work in transitioning His people from "old" to "new"


  • "I do not believe that Todd Dennis is dangerous, but he seems to be motivated by an irrational zeal which is clouding his mind and controls him and all he does. Good people and ideas are judged by their fruits, and so far, the fruits of “preterist idealism” seem to be hate, injustice and elitism. The very fact that a guy uses his divorce and personal life to rationalize attacking other people should tell you enough about his theology and his relationship with the Creator so that we can only pray for him to recover and do what’s right in relation to those around him, his family and people he is using to further whatever agenda he has created in his mind. Please either reach out to Todd if you know him, or pray for him so that he is redeemed and healed of his hate and evil plans. "

Philip S. Desprez (1865)
Wrote second-oldest known Full Preterist book, but left that view for a more critically mature approach, built a wide reputation as a higher critic of the books of Daniel and Revelation.  His take on full preterism after his conversion away: "something more was intended by the coming itself and the unearthly scenes with which it is said to be accompanied, than the destruction of Jerusalem and the subsequent establishment of Christianity.  However momentous the ruin of their city might have been to the Jews, it could not have materially affected the Gentile converts to whom the warnings relating to the advent were principally addressed."

Nathan DuBois (2007)

Roderick Edwards (2008) Article Archives at PreteristBlog

Sam Frost: Modern Preterism

  • Towards a Fuller Preterism (10/31/2010) "This.. is the real deal of what FP teaches: the earth will never, ever, never, ever never never know peace.......WAR IS THE NORM on earth for INFINITY. Folks....this is now unmasked..... " (HyP Response: "What the true proverb says has happened … "The dog returns to its own vomit, and the sow, after washing herself, returns to wallow in the mire.")

    • Response to Green on Towards a Fuller Preterism (11/3/10) - "Green here asserts that “in accordance with BIBLE PROPHECY” we are still “growing”.  So, let’s think logically here.  If BIBLE PROPHECY is still BEING fulfilled (still growing as the PROPHETS said) beyond A.D. 70, then…..well, you can do the math. But, in case you missed that, Green says it again: the Bible “describes” the age to come.  Now, this was the whole point of my paper, was it not.  But, if this is true, then the Bible speaks “beyond” A.D. 70.  And, if it so speaks (prophesies), then what exactly is the problem, Dave?  You have made my point: Bible Prophecy was not “all” fulfilled in A.D. 70!  Q.E.D.  If it “describes” (read, prophesies), then, clearly, all prophecy is not yet fulfilled.  This underscores my point: ongoing FULFILLMENT.  Ask a Covenant Creationist if prophecy is, in any way, shape, or form, “being fulfilled” today.  It is THIS TYPE of FP that I am attacking.  It’s not a straw man."  Green: "Sam believes that the Second Coming and Resurrection of the Dead will be consummated in our future.  Does he not?  If so, then it follows that he is not a full preterist. "

  • Mike Sullivan, David Green, Ed Hassertt: SAM FROST'S DEPARTURE FROM FULL PRETERISM INTO THE PARTIAL PRETERIST / PRETERIST IDEALIST WORLD OF TALBOT (9/10/2010) "In Sam’s end of the world article he claimed that Full Preterist’s understand the long ages of Isaiah 65 as teaching “spiritual abundance.” I followed this up with asking Sam if this meant that he changed his interpretation of the passage (to the FP one), or if he was being misleading in that he was still holding onto a PP Postmillennial (PPP) hermeneutic (it is spiritual [“spiritual abundance”] AND literal – the long ages will be seen as the passage is “fully manifested/fulfilled” over time).  Again, Sam dodged the question. How scholarly, respectful, and loving."

    • Sam Frost: "no Preterist has been able to say to me that 'nothing changes' when we physically die. In other words, it is correct to say 'I am glorified' today in the Body of Christ, as He is Glorified. However, is this glorification FULLY MANIFEST or APPARENT today? Now, ask yourself: will it be in heaven when I physically die? Will anything change? Will I still be the same, old bumbling Sam Frost that I am here on earth? Will I still be subject to occasional sin? Error? If not, why not? Do I get 'something else' in Heaven? It is not so much that we 'get' something else, but that that which WE HAVE (II Cor. 5.1-2) will be ENTIRELY in FULL OPERATION - FULL ON POWER. If this, then, is so, then one must concede the argument of 'fullfillment already - manifestation not yet' (my argument in a nutshell)."


"Gatekeeper" Tom

G.R. Gaudreau (2000)

Ed Hassertt (Back with Full Pret 11/11/11)

Cho Sun Hoon

Vince Krivda

Tom L.

Brian Lewis

Bryan E. Lewis, former pastor of Full Preterist Church; Second Don Preston Webmaster to leave the fold. "Absolutely, full-preterism is not orthodox. 1] no basic orthodox belief within Christianity has ever allowed for a second Advent in A. D. 70. 2] No basic orthodox belief within Christianity has ever allowed for any other type of resurrection than a bodily one. 3] all historical basic orthodox beliefs within Christianity speak of the universal, personal judgment of all men, not of a representative judgment in A. D. 70."


Sharon Nichols

Ken Palmer



William Price

Brian Simmons

Mark Strange

Robert Townley (1852) First Known Full Preterist, First Ex-Full Preterist

Russell Warren


The transition from the HyP pond to the Christian sea takes time and is often very difficult (it took me about eight years).    The absolute difficulty of leaving sight-based theology can be truly appreciated only once one is fully free of its pull.   All former full preterists know how strong is the pull of that system -- think Death Star.    Though full preterists want formers to keep a respectful quiet, this is hardly possible for those who have earned their independence to remain quiet about the wonders taking place in them. 

Those who publicly write during this transition period are to be commended (not attacked!).   The sincerity of so many of these writings cannot be denied -- even (especially) if the doctrine will be denied.   As a new hermeneutic is constructed according to greater revelation, there will be false starts and such ( formers are peppered with as many questions by HyPs, as HyPs are by Dispensationalists), but the tenacity of approach is to be admired. 

 Those writings are very special, and will be archived here so that they may serve to blaze trails for those who follow that path.

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