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An Introduction to The Parousia: A Careful Look at the New Testament Doctrine of the Lord's Second Coming
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The Problem with Preterism

By Chad Rudolph


Preterists (akin to Antimillennialism, Church of Christ, Covenant Theology, Reformed Theology, Catholicism, Cults, 1/2 of Protestants) believe that all or most of the prophecies in the Olivet Discourse/Matthew 24-25 and Revelation were fulfilled when Rome destroyed Jerusalem and her temple in A.D. 70. Partial preterists believe that the 2nd coming, judgement and destruction of the earth are yet future (Rev. 20). Some of the problems with this view are:

Preterist Problems

  • Rev. 20 events are rearranged into an antiscriptural order (non-chronological).
  • Rev. was written about 90 A.D.. Therefore it could not have been fulfilled in 70 A.D..
  • Preterists have an inconsistent method of Bible interpretation. The parts that fit the destruction of Jerusalem are taken literally. All other interspersed parts are spiritualized producing spiritual lies.
  • Much like the antibiblical local flood theory, preterists localize the world wide cataclysmic events of eschatology.
  • Preterism claims that God is finished with Israel even though 6 of the 7 (Mosaic) covenants with Israel were unconditional, Israel has not received all of her promised blessings (Deut. 28-32) and Rom. 9-11 directly opposes this.
  • Preterism denies the fact that Christ will reign on the throne of David in Jerusalem for 1,000 years.
  • The earth will be rejuvenated not eliminated.
  • Preterism promotes antisemitic views that were foundational to the holocaust, crusades and Ku Klux Klan.
  • Preterism negates that the restoration of Israel is a fulfillment of prophecy and a sign of the end times (Deut. 4:25-31, Deut. 30:3-9, Ez. 36-37).
  • Preterism is based on the unbiblical lie that the church (body of Christ) replaces Israel. Israel is only temporarily set aside until the Gentile dispensation is fulfilled (Rom. 11).
  • Preterists do not recognize the unique ministry of Paul (Eph. 3) or that we are under the grace program (Pauline dispensationalism) not the Mosaic law (theonomy) with it's baptisms, holidays, and regulations (Rom. 3, Gal. 3, Col. 2).
  • Preterists promote Christian reconstructionism and dominion theology: the high flesh appeal doctrine that the church reforms the world instead of the Biblical view that the world will degrade in the last days until Christ comes to judge and reform it.



Preterism clearly dishonors the scriptures. If we approach the crucifixion of Christ the same way preterists approach prophecy, then we would have to conclude that Christ's sacrifice was just an allegory. This would negate the whole purpose of the Bible. However nothing could be farther from the truth. The Lord Jesus Christ literally and physically died and rose again 3 days later for our sins (1 Cor. 15:3-4).

In the same way, only premillennial pretribulational dispensational <> futurism is the result of a consistent whole Bible interpretation. That method of interpretation is the inductive hermeneutic (a literal, grammatical, contextual, idiomatic, comparative and historical approach). Come, let us take God at his Word!

"Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good." - 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21

"About the Time of the End, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the Prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation, in the midst of much clamor and opposition" - Sir Isaac Newton (McClain, Alva. Daniel's Prophecy of the 70 Weeks. Pg. 2)

Recommended Books:

A Dispensational Theology - Charles F. Baker
Dictionary of Premillennial Theology - Mal Couch
Fast Facts on Bible Prophecy - Thomas Ice
Planet Earth : The Final Chapter - Hal Lindsey
Things That Differ - Cornelius R. Stam
Things to Come - J. Dwight Pentecost

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11 Nov 2001


Hal Lindsey is alive and well on planet is his theology. This guy's article is proof!

31 Dec 2002


THE CREATOR MEMBERSHIP MANUAL BY REVEREND MATT HALE THE WORLD CHURCH OF THE CREATOR World Headquarters: E. Peoria, Illinois 61611 Contact Point / Referred by Member: Richard A. Marraccini 552 Delmar Ct, Elk Grove Vlg. P. O. Box 59482 Schaumburg, IL 60159-0482 Hotline: (847) 895-9535 RAHOWA! Racial Holy War; the battle cry and greeting of Creators; the struggle for the survival, expansion, and advancement of our White Race Greetings and welcome into the ranks of the World Church of the Creator. My name is Reverend Matt Hale and I am the Supreme Leader of our Church. Our organization which you have been referred to / joined, is the fastest growing and most dynamic and inspiring organization in existence for the survival, expansion, and advancement of our beloved White Race. Our Church is the only organization of its kind, being a racial religion for the White Race. 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Do whatever it takes to get on the air and then tell the host and the listeners that you are a supporter of The World Church of the Creator which defends and promotes the White Race. If the host gives you a chance, give out the Church address and hotline phone number. It doesnt matter what the subject of the conversation originally was; once youre on the air, it will be our forum! IV. Every time you get postage paid envelopes in the mail, send them back with Church literature inside. V. Call up people in the phone book and urge them to support the White Race and the World Church of the Creator. Be nice to everyone you talk to. If they are rude, simply say, "thank you for your time" and go to the next number. If you can tell that they are non-white, tell them that you must have the wrong number and go to the next number. You may wish to create a script for this, which you can use each time. VI. Call up businesses and ask them to support the White Race and the World Church of the Creator. Now, if these people are rude or hostile, tell them the Church will be calling for an economic boycott of their business and that the Church may very well picket in front of their business due to their anti-white attitude. Our enemies used picketing and "sit-ins" quite effectively in the past, and the Church will use such techniques as necessary on behalf of our Cause. Just the threat itself will probably make them adjust their attitude. VII. Put up "White Power" signs on telephone polls. This is particularly applicable to those of you who might have access to good supplies of cardboard, at your place of work or at a recycling facility. Create a "White Power" stencil board, place it on a rectangular piece of cardboard, and spray paint it. Choose white stencils on a black background or black stencils on a white background. Once youve carved your stencil board, its all very easy. 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DEALING WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT It is almost odd to have a section of this manual cover dealing with law enforcement, but since the media has promoted such lies about the racial loyalist movement and many police officers and other law enforcement officers have unwittingly been duped by these lies, it is necessary that we address this issue. As stated in the previous section, our Church is a completely legal religious organization. This means that we will obey all constitutional laws. Naturally then, we should not expect problems with law enforcement to occur in the promotion of our religion. However, should they occur due the misinformation campaign on the part of our enemies, we should be ready to deal with it by using our heads and sound strategy. Keep in mind that many police officers are naturally sympathetic to our cause. They have to deal with the niggers and mud races on an every day basis. They see how they commit many more crimes than do our people and realize full well that there are serious differences between the races. However, what is difficult is to ascertain is which officers are friendly and which are simply acting that they are. These latter officers may make false promises to obtain damaging information from you. Some officers may realize that there are differences between the races, but still believe that these differences are environmental and hence that racism is bad. Then there are officers who may agree with what we are doing but may receive orders from above to harass or intimidate. The best advice then is to form a course of conduct that can be applied whatever side the police are on. A distinction should be made between casual contacts with law enforcement or willing contacts (such as during public demonstrations) and contacts which you believe may be meant to elicit criminally damaging information from you. The points below, then, should be implemented if you are questioned by law enforcement and you believe the questions are meant to form a charge against you: I. Never trust police, FBI, or other agents of the JOG. However, retain a friendly, positive, respectful, and professional attitude at all times. Do not assume a belligerent attitude for this will inspire belligerence on the part of the officer. II. Never allow them inside your home or your car without a search warrant. Always demand to see the warrant. III. If unwillingly detained, demand to know if you are under arrest and under what charge. IV. If under arrest, answer all questions with only these five words: "I have nothing to say." Demand to see a lawyer. However, never trust your lawyer if he advises you to break any of these basic legal self-defense principles. V. When questioned by law enforcement in an attempt which you believe is calculated to form evidence against you, silence is your best defense. VI. Be silent, suppress the urge to tell your "side of the story." VII. Never plead guilty and never waive any of your legal rights. VIII. Never make any deals. IX. Never betray your comrades or the World Church of the Creator. DEFINITIONS § Creator - Members of the World Church of the Creator; adherents of the Creativity religion § White Race - Natures Finest Creatures; those whose genetic make-up is wholly or predominantly that of the people indigenous to the European continent, the collection of traits of which are readily distinguishable from the other races § Mud races - those not of the White Race; races typified by yellow, brown, or black skin and little social, cultural, and intellectual progression § Jew - a follower of the Talmud; a co-conspirator in the vicious program to destroy the White Race, generally of Semitic (mongrel) ancestry; the human parasite § Instincts - vital, innate mechanisms which enable all creatures to reach the limit of their potential and provide for self-defense, such as allegiance to ones own kind, hatred for enemies, the drive to procreate, etc. § Superstition - having a belief in a supernatural "world," a world outside of Nature and its laws § Democracy - a system of government whereby our White people are fragmented into various factions for the benefit of the Jews; a system of government which facilitates rule by the most conniving § Socialism - organized society § Racial socialism - society organized for the best interests of our White Race § Race traitor - one who either associates sexually with a Member(s) of a different race, specifically one who is the father or mother of mongrel offspring; one who consciously aids and abets interests detrimental to the interests of the White Race § RAHOWA! Racial Holy War; the battle cry and greeting of Creators; the struggle for the survival, expansion, and advancement of our White Race

Date: 15 Dec 2005
Time: 23:04:03


preterist is a lie. Jesus will reign on the thrown of David for a 1000 yrs. Rev was wrote in 90 AD so how in th e world could the vision have already happend? HELLO !!!!

Date: 26 Nov 2007
Time: 00:14:02


Is the response by MATT HALE THE WORLD CHURCH OF THE CREATOR a joke? Certainly no such "church" could exist...? Could it? This world gets scarier by the millisecond. Come Lord Jesus, come. Maranatha!


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