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Ancient Revelations:


Officially Minted Coins of the First Jewish Revolt

Netenyahu Gave Bush a coin from First Revolt "At the beginning of the meeting, which ran 45 minutes over the time allocated to it, Netanyahu gave Bush an ancient coin discovered in Jerusalem that dates from the third year of the great Judean revolt against the Romans in the first century CE. The coin bears Hebrew writing, signaling that the Jewish people's connection to Jerusalem has lasted thousands of years."

'The Freedom of Zion'
Struck 66-70



Year 2/3 of the Jewish War 66-67 A.D.

Shekel of Israel, 1st revolt, 67-68 CE (year 2), AR, 13.6g 13/16" dia. O: Chalice/Omer cup with pearled rim (shekel of Israel) around (year 2)above chalice R: stem with pearled bottom and three pomegranates (Jerusalem the Holy)


"Masada" coin, 1st revolt, prutah 67-68 CE (year 2),prutah, AE, 2.7g, 11/16" dia. O: Amphora with broad rim and two handles (year two) R: Grape vine leaf with small branch (the freedom of Zion)

Year II of the Jewish War 67-68 A.D. 
(click on image to enlarge)

Bronze Prutah 18mm (3.47 grams)

Amphora with broad rim and two handles; around Hebrew inscription for Year 2.

Vine leaf on a branch and the Hebrew inscription: 'The Freedom of Zion'.

Year III of the Jewish War 69-70 A.D.

(click on image to enlarge)

Bronze Prutah 18mm

Amphora with lid and two handles; around Hebrew inscription for Year 3.

Vine leaf on a branch and the Hebrew inscription: 'The Freedom of Zion'.






Nero. 54-68 AD. Sestertius (26.63 gm). Struck 65 AD. NERO. CLAVD. CAESAR. AVG. GER. P. M. TR. P. IMP. P. P, laureate head left / ROMA in exergue, S-C across field, Roma seated left on cuirass, holding Victory in right hand, parazonium in left, resting right foot on helmet, shields behind. Good VF, Nice natural green patina. $2,400.
Stuck circa 65 CE. Laureate head right / SC across field, Temple of Janus with latticed windows and garland hung across doors.

AE 24. Mint of Caesarea Panias. Struck under Nero, Nero right, Rv. Greek inscription, "by King Agrippa, Neronias. Mesh. 2. Hendin 582


AE prutah, 2.71g, NEP/WNO/C in wreath, / palm branch and date 58/59 CE (year5)



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Date: 06 Feb 2010
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The Shekel you have listed is not YEAR 1. It is year 3.

Date: 28 Sep 2010
Time: 20:34:09

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How much are the coins worth from the jewish revolt to a coin collector?

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