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1999 Additions

December 29:
Y2K: Apocalypse Not! -  Charles Henderson
December 20:
G.A. Henty - From His 1880 Work, For the Temple
December 14:
Apocalypse of the Gospels - Milton S. Terry
December 13: The Prophecy of the Destruction of Jerusalem - N. Nisbett (1787)
December 13:
K.F. Keil - Preterist Statements from Various Authors
December 13:
Matthew 24:36/Mark 13:32 - "But of that day and hour knoweth no man.." (Mark: "neither the Son")
December 13:
The Double Fulfillment Theory - "Primary" and "Secondary" Fulfillment of the Olivet Discourse
December 13:
Matthew 13:39 -"the harvest is the end of the world (aion)"
December 11:
To This End Was I Born (The Reason for the Season) - Ward Fenley

November 30: Christian Millennium Group Awaits Doomsday -
November 26:
No Fear of the Text - Gary DeMar ; Tim LaHaye has written another book on prophecy. No Fear of the Storm[1] was written because LaHaye recognizes that dispensational premillennialism is in trouble. Tim LaHaye has written another book on prophecy. No Fear of the Storm[1] was written because LaHaye recognizes that dispensational premillennialism is in trouble.


November 23: Is Revelation Prophecy or History? - Christianity Today 
November 23:
Millennial Book Awards - Christianity Today
November 23:
Apocalypse Now  - Christianity Today
November 23: Yahoo News : Israeli Politics

November 22: Israel to install cameras to keep guard on Jerusalem Holy Sites - Yahoo News
November 21:
Defending the Indefensible - Gary DeMar "MacArthur scrupulously avoids the heart of the debate over the time texts."
November 21:
Zechariah 14 and the Coming of Christ - Gary DeMar  - "describes events leading up to and including the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70."
November 18:
Some Thoughts on HyperPreterism - Richard Barcellos, Pastor
- "I view it as neo-Hymenaenism (2 Tm. 2:16-18), a damning heresy, idle babbling, a cancer which must be cut out immediately!"
November 15: Egypt wary of prophets of doom at millennium celebrations -  AFP
November 8: I, Antichrist? - Jeffrey Goldberg  "I'm Jewish. I'm male. I'm alive. By
Jerry Falwell's standards, that puts me on the short-list of candidates."
November 8:
Where is the Temple? - Good News, Bad News for Third Temple people
November 8:
VI, II, 9 - Cutting Off of Infected Limbs - Jewish Wars
November 8:
VII, 8, 7 - All of Jerusalem Demolished to Very Foundations - Jewish Wars
November 6:
Was All Prophecy in the Bible Fulfilled in A.D.70? - Duncan McKenzie, Ph.D.
November 6: Preterism: Realized Eschatology By Rick Capezza - A partial Pret. look at the many benefits of the Preterist view.
November 2: Project Megiddo - The FBI released a report today entitled "Project Megiddo." It is intended to analyze the potential for extremist criminal activity in the U.S. by individuals or domestic extremist groups who profess an apocalyptic view of the millennium or attach special significance to the year 2000. Project Megiddo - The FBI released a report today entitled "Project Megiddo." It is intended to analyze the potential for extremist criminal activity in the U.S. by individuals or domestic extremist groups who profess an apocalyptic view of the millennium or attach special significance to the year 2000.
November 1: Odyssey - January/February 2000 - Volume III, Number 1:
November 1:
Book Review: Beyond the End Times: The Rest of the Greatest Story Ever Told - John J. Reilly
November 1:
Religion and the Racist Right  - John J. Reilly

October 31:
Preterism, Another Prophetic Deception - Alan Yusko

October 30:
"All That Are in the Graves Shall Hear the Sound of His Voice, and Shall Come Forth" - Bill Grimes
October 30:
A Scriptural Critique of Full Preterism in Light of Matthew 24 and Related Passages - Rusty Entrekin
October 30:
Their Flesh Rests In Hope  - Rusty Entrekin
October 30: Things to Come - "
Full preterism teaches that all of scripture was fulfilled in 70 AD, including the Second Coming and the resurrection of the dead.  It is therefore in opposition to futurism. Full Preterism denies the historic, orthodox Christian doctrine of the resurrection of the body from the grave. The full preterist argument has become well developed, and represents a serious challenge to biblical orthodoxy. This web site is being developed to respond to that challenge."

October 27: The Return of Christ Fulfilled - Ben Anderson
October 25:
Noe's Example of Radical Symbolism in Prophecy - Robert L. Garringer
October 25: How to Read a Prophetic Time Clock - Robert L. Garringer
October 24:
Forty Percent of Americans Believe in a Jesus/Satan Showdown at Armageddon
October 24:
Jesus the Preterist: A Review of Sproul's Last Days By Randall Otto, PhD
October 18:
N.T. Wright - Preterist Commentaries
October 14:
George B. Caird - Preterist Commentaries
October 14:
Download Donald Hochner's "Preterist View" Diagram - 30Kb, Requires Acrobat
October 14:
THE SEVEN MYSTIC FIGURES 1. The Woman clothed with the Sun 2. The Great Red Dragon 3. The Man Child 4. The First Wild Beast The Number of the Beast 5. The Second Wild Beast 6. The Lamb on Mount Sion 7. The Son of Man on the Cloud
October 12: Opening of the Seventh Seal ; The First Four Trumpets ; The Fifth Trumpet ; The Sixth Trumpet ; Episode of the Angel and the Book ; Measurement of the Temple ; Episode of the Two Witnesses ; The Seventh Trumpet

October 11: Was All Prophecy in the Bible Fulfilled in A.D.70? - Duncan McKenzie, Ph.D.
October 11: The Living Presence Discussion Lists
October 9:
The New Heavens and Earth - Preterist Commentaries (New Quotes)
October 9:
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry - Mistaken Identity
October 7:
Epiphanes (A.D. 315-403) - Preterist Commentaries
October 7:
Dispensationalists - Incriminating Commentaries
October 7:
Justin Martyr - Preterist Commentaries (New Quotes)
October 7:
Irenaeus - Preterist Commentaries (New Quotes)
October 7:
Early Date of Revelation - Preterist Commentaries (New Quotes)
October 7:
John Gill - Preterist Commentaries (New Quotes)
October 7:
Athanasius - Preterist Commentaries (New Quotes)
October 7:
"Millennial Reign of Christ" - Preterist Commentaries (New Quotes)
October 7:
Clement of Alexandria - Preterist Commentaries (New Quotes)
October 6:
The Abomination of Desolation (Three Parts) - James B. Jordan
October 6:
John Calvin - Preterist Commentaries (New Quotes)
October 5:
A Counter-Response to Noe's Measured Response - Robert L. Garringer
October 5:
The Future of Israel Re-examined (Three Parts) - James B. Jordan
October 4:
The Spiritual Nature of the Kingdom - Ken Gentry
October 4:
New Web Sites Listed - Other Study Links
October 4:
John Lightfoot - Preterist Commentaries (New Quotes)
October 4:
Early Church Fathers - Incriminating Commentaries (New Quotes)
October 4:
Athanasius - Preterist Commentaries (New Quotes)
October 4:
Tertullian - Preterist Commentaries (New Quotes)
October 4:
Clement - Preterist Commentaries (New Quotes)

September 30:
Response to Noe's Seven Demanding Evidences
September 18:
Full Apology - Jason Hommel - "I was one of the loudest voices on the newsgroups speaking about a "Rapture on Feast of Trumpets" this year. I'm sorry. I was wrong."
September 17:
Response to John Noe's Seven Demanding Evidences - Robert L. Garringer
September 14:
A Commentary - Romans 7:13-25 - Daniel Thompson

September 10:
A New Preterist Perspective - Revelation 12 - Duncan McKenzie
September 6:
Opening of the First Seal ; Opening of the Second Seal ; Opening of the Third Seal ; Opening of the Fourth Seal ; Opening of the Fifth Seal ; Opening of the Sixth Seal ; Episode of the Sealing of the Servants of God
August 19: A closer look at
Romans 11:24 ; Romans 11:25,26a ; Romans 11:26,27
August 13: John MacArthur - Critical Commentary from
August 13: Biblical Studies By Chris Passarello - New Preterist Site Listing!
August 11:
What Others Are Saying About Preterism 1. Preterism New Wave in Reformed World - September 1997 2. Preterism Spreading Like Weeds - September 1997 3. Preterist View Spreading Like Wildfire - July 1999 4. Preterist View Gaining Popularity - June 1999 5. Philadelphia Inquirer - Rejecting Doomsday Scenario - May 1999
August 10:
THE PAROUSIA Interpretation of the Apocalypse - Limitation of Time in the Apocalypse - Date of the Apocalypse - True significance of the Apocalypse - Structure and plan of the Apocalypse - The number Seven in the Apocalypse - The Theme of the Apocalypse - The Prologue
August 10:
August 10:
A New Preterist Perspective By Duncan McKenzie, Ph.D. "Like full preterists I see the Second Coming of Jesus as happening in AD 70. Unlike full preterists I see us as currently being in the millennium (the millennial reign of Jesus beginning at His Second Coming in AD 70, Revelation chapters 19 and 20)"
August 8:
An Important Letter to Chalcedon and R. J. Rushdoony - Timothy M. Barrett, Esq. - Preterism Is Spreading Like Weeds in Reformed Churches - "The reason for my motivation is that God the Spirit is busy working in my local body. Last week, two elders resigned after realizing that their embracing of the heresy of hyper-preterism was inconsistent with our church's doctrinal statement. This week, one of our remaining two elders spoke with eloquence and humility in showing why this heretical view was indeed heretical. Praise God! It is my understanding that this heresy is spreading like weeks in Reformed churches"
August 8:
Chicken Little Goes to Church - Preterism New Wave in Reformed World - "Reformed Christians rabidly devour "consistent preterism" (read: consistent heresy) repudiating the physical second Advent of Christ and the physical resurrection of the Christian--it's the new wave in the Reformed world, somewhat akin to Rap music and body-piercing among modern pagans."

July 27: Reformation Revisited By Jack Gillespie "What Consistent Preterism sees in the New Testament, specifically the Epistles, is the exodus from sin-death to life in Christ. Revelation is the consummation of that exodus. Revelation tells us of the end of the temporal Old Covenant Age and the beginning of the eternal New Covenant Age."
July 5: New Preterist Book from Preterist Resources - Beyond the End Times By John Noe - #1 Bestseller at Armageddon Books in July!
July 3:
Preterist View Spreading Like Wildfire - July 1999
July 3: Added Added Discussion Lists to Other Study Links
July 3: Added to Other Study Links

June 29: An Open Letter to Moderate Preterists - John Divito
June 29:
No Fear of the Text By Gary DeMar
June 26:
A Response to the Preterist Interpretation of Matthew 24 - Jonathan Barlow
June 20: NOTE: I am FINALLY setup in Alaska! My address is : 1747 Crosson Ave Fairbanks, AK 99701 Phone: (907) 455-7850

April 22:
The Date of Matthew's Gospel - Before the Fall of Jerusalem, or After?
April 22:
The Parousia: Note A.-The Kingdom of Heaven, or of God
April 22:
The Parousia: Note B.-On the ' Babylon' of 1 Peter v. 13
April 22:
The Parousia: Note C.-On the Symbolism of Prophecy, with reference to Predictions of the Parousia
April 22:
The Parousia: Note D.-Dr. Owen on 'the Heavens and the Earth' (2 Pet. iii. 7)
April 22:
The Parousia: Note E.-Rev. F. D. Maurice on 'the Last Time' (I John ii. 18)
April 20:
April 16:
The Parousia: IN THE FIRST EPISTLE OF ST. JOHN:- The World passing away: the last hour come ; The Antichrist come, a proof of its being the last hour ; Antichrist not a person, but a principle ; Marks of the Antichrist ; Anticipation of the Parousia
April 13: The Parousia: In The Epistle of St. Peter: Salvation ready to be revealed in the last time ; The approaching Revelation of Jesus Christ ; Relation of the Redemption of Christ to the Antediluvian World ; Nearness of Judgment and of the End of all things ; The good tidings announced to the Dead ; The Fiery Trial and the coming Glory ; The Time of Judgment arrived ; The Glory about to be revealed
April 13: Throwing Down the Gauntlet: An Open Letter to Rev. Sandlin By Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks
"Your RCUS Anathama against Full Preterism is nothing more than a contrived scare tactic meant to push others in the reformed camp away from the conclusions that many  are coming to. If you had good scriptural exegesis to defend your views against Full Preterism, then you would have used them long before now"
April 12:
Sandlin Responds to Hibbard - Latest Piece to the Sandlin/Hibbard "Debate" :
April 12:
Sandlin's Review of Sproul's "Last Days According to Jesus" - Andrew Sandlin
- "Though Sproul does not at this point deny creedal Christianity, or come close to it, he leaves the reader with the distinct impression that he may be willing to do so if he were convinced that the Bible taught this...the old covenant and the new covenant refer not to historical epochs at all, but to the experiences of individuals-equivalent to the "old man" and the "new man."
April 12:
Hibbard Reviews Sandlin's Review of Sproul's Book - Walt Hibbard "By means of clever rhetoric and nuances of interpretation, he may be able to confuse and baffle a few of the “partial preterists.” Whom shall they follow now, Sandlin or Gentry? But an even more intriguing question is: How many of these Reconstructionists will continue to enjoy the increasingly fragrant aroma of the preterist sauna bath..... and become full preterists (like David Chilton did)?"
April 12:
Sandlin Responds to Hibbard "Rather, how many former (Reconstructionists) will continue to wallow in the fetid refuse of the Hymenaen heresy?"
April 9:
Sandlin's Review of Sproul, Hibbard's Review of Sandlin - Victory Review
April 6:
All Jewish Festivals Are Fulfilled - Daniel T. Silvestri
April 1:
The Preterist Archive Made Phil Johnson's Bad Theology Page "Here's a rule of thumb: when you encounter someone whose whole view of theology is shaped and driven by any eschatalogical theory (be it pre- post- or a-millennial), so that eschatology becomes their primary concern, you've found a candidate for the "really bad theology" category."

March 30: Questions for Dispensationalists, Premillennialists, and other Futurists - Daniel T. Silvestri
March 30:
Andrew Sandlin's Response to Walt Hibbard - Andrew Sandlin
March 30:
The Domino Effect of Matthew 16:27 - Joseph E. Gautier Jr. (Updated)
March 27: Dear Dispensationalist Friend... - Todd Dennis "If Dispensationalism has all the answers, then it is the most helpful tool in Biblical interpretation.  If not, it ought to be discarded as worthless" Charles Ryrie (DT, 1965,21).
March 23:
Incriminating Commentaries - Early Church Fathers - Updated
March 20:
The Domino Effect of Matthew 16:27 - Joseph E. Gautier Jr.
March 19:
Neither City Nor Land Are Holy - Joseph M. Canfield
March 15: 
Preterism and the Ecumenical Creeds - David Green "A time is coming when preterism must be answered with the Scriptures in an ecumenical council in order to authoritatively find whether it is damnable, erroneous or true. History has never seen such a council on prophecy, much less on preterism. We preterists look forward to that council. Until that time, our creedalist brothers who refuse to prove or disprove us from the Scriptures should wisely withhold their fiery indignation until and unless such a time comes as it may be appropriate. "
March 13:
Incriminating Commentaries By Reconstructionists "Christians have an obligation, a mandate, a commission, a holy responsibility to reclaim the land for Jesus Christ - to have dominion in the civil structures, just as in every other aspect of life and godliness.. But it is dominion that we are after. Not just a voice. It is dominion we are afier. Not just influence. It is dominion we are after. Not just equal time. It is dominion we are after. World conquest. That's what Christ has commissioned us to accomplish. We must win the world with the power of the Gospel. And we must never settle for anything less." (George Grant, Dominion Press)
March 12: 
Gary North's RpP "Eulogy" to David Chilton, Former RpP Leader - "I would suggest that we not encourage his heresy by interacting with him on this matter (His acceptance of the Preterist view) on this or any other forum. It is now a matter of Church discipline, assuming that he is under any."
March 11:
Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots (PP) - Elder Bob Algood, Old Line Primitive Baptist   (Our first Preteristic Primitive Baptist material - the spread over denominational lines continues)
March 7: Victory Review II - The New Battleground - February 1999
March 3: Mossad Blackmailed Bill Clinton With Monica Tapes
March 2: Odyssey - February 1999 - Volume II, Number 6

February 25: Resurrection, the Hope of Israel, and the Song of Moses - Ward Fenley
February 21:
The Reformed Church Anathema Against (Hyper) Preterism
February 20: The Jerusalem Historical Society
February 19:
Luke 17: A.D.70 or the Second Coming? - Bruce Terry
February 19:
An Open Letter to Ligonier Minsitries - Andrew Sandlin
February 19: Kevin Craig: Can Individual Believers Question the Creeds?  
February 18:
The Rapture - Prophecy or Heresy? - H. Speed Wilson
February 18:
Moses Stuart - Critical Commentaries
February 18:
Albert Barnes - Critical Commentaries
February 18:
James Stuart Russell : Essays from The Parousia - The Coming of Christ to Take Place in the Lifetime of the Apostles ; The Eschatology of Paul ; The Promise of the 'Rest' of God ; Nero as "The Man of Sin"
February 17: Conybeare and Howson - Critical Commentaries
February 17:
Bibliography of Relevant Resources - Updated
February 16:
On the Bible's Figurative Language - Commentary Excerpts
February 16:
Henry Alford - Critical Commentaries
February 16:
Isaak Dorner - Critical Commentaries
February 16:
Rudolph Ewald Stier - Critical Commentaries
February 16:
Johann Lange - Critical Commentaries
February 16:
Dr. E. Robinson - Critical Commentaries
February 16:
"The End of the Age" (Matt. xxiv. 3.) - Milton Terry
February 16: What About The "Blessed Hope" ? - Frequently Answered Questions
February 16:
Book Review: The Three R’s Rapture, Revisions, Robbery - Pastor J. S. Brown
February 13:
Six Points Refuting the Early Writing of Revelation - Critical Articles

January 30: A Rejection of the Non-Occurrance Theory - Timothy A. James
January 30:
John Walvoord - Critical Commentaries
January 30:
Dr. W.B. Godbey - Critical Commentaries (Critical Archive)
January 30:
Dr. W.B. Godbey - Preterist Statements (Study Archive)
January 29:
Arthur Pink - Preterist Statements (Study Archive)
January 29:
Dr. T.P. Stafford - Preterist Statements (Study Archive)
January 27:
Dispensationalist Prophecy - Ridiculous Commentary (See Ronald Reagan)
January 27:
The Law an Unspeakable Blessing to Israel - Philip Mauro
January 26: Updated -
Bishop Lightfoot - Preterist Statements
January 25: Added
What's New From 1998
January 25: Added
What's New From 1997
January 25: Added
What's New From 1996
January 24:
Jerry Falwell - Commentaries Critical of Preterist Doctrine
January 23: Odyssey - January 1998
January 23: Odyssey - December 1998
January 23: In Christ: A Response to Feast Day Prophetic Interpretation - Bryan Forgy- "Rejoice the feast is fulfilled, that is why we have these blessings, and it is perpetual for the Spirit and the bridegroom say come and drink of this living water (Rev. 22:17). Christ went away to prepare a place and returned so that the tabernacle of God is among men (Rev. 21:3)."
January 21: Odyssey- October 1998
January 20:
Jerry Falwell and the Antichrist
January 20:
Why'd You Go and Do That? - How to Ruin a Good Preterist Book - J. E. Gautier
January 17:
World News: Falwell, "The Antichrist May Be Alive"
January 15:
Preterist Apologicetic - Joseph Gautier "All over the world, on a daily basis, traditional-thinking Christians are being converted to partial preterism. Likewise, all over the world, partial preterists are studying themselves right into full Preterism, shedding futurism along the way. The direction is towards the truth."
January 12:
The Gospel of the Kingdom - Philip Mauro : Added Chapters 15 and 16
January 11:
Jerusalem Ready to Deal with Millennum Mania - World News
January 11:
Reexamining Christian Doctrine - Jim Hartline - New Preterist URL!
January 9:
Abomination of Desolation - Commentary Excerpts
January 9:
Early Date of Revelation - Commentary Excerpts
January 8:
The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation - Philip Mauro : Added Chapters 14 and 15
January 3:
Israel Arrests Denver-Based Armageddon Cult of Dispensationalists - World News
January 2:
Baptism Now Saves You - David A. Green
January 1:
Philip Mauro - Preterist Statements
January 1:
The Significance of A.D. 70 - Preterist Commentaries
January 1:
Matthew 24:34 - Preterist Commentaries

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