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1996 Additions

It is the desire of the Manager to fill every last byte of room available with Information, Articles, Links, etc. from every sound doctrinal perspective of the Word of God. One person (especially a pastor) can easily get swamped... so please be patient with our rate of growth. Our sincere goal is to be a leading site on the Web relative to the presentation and discussion of sound doctrine- allowing the Spirit of God to work on all of our thick heads through clear presentations of His Word, so as to sincerely give Jesus Christ all honor and glory due...

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November 11:

November 4:

  • Preterist Perspectives - Added Josephus Archive Chapters

    BOOK III, CH. X, SECTION 9 - A Description of the Country of Gennesareth.
    BOOK IV, CH. IX, SEC. 10 - The Pollutions of the Transvestite Leaders.
    BOOK IV, CH. VI, SEC. 3 - The Wickedness and Perversion of the Seditious Jews.
    BOOK V, CH. I, SEC. 3 - What Terrible Miseries Affected the City.
    BOOK V, CH. VI, SEC. 3 - Hailstones of One Hundred Pounds Thrown Upon City.
    BOOK V, CH. IX, SEC. 4 - Josephus Sent By Titus To Discourse With Countrymen.
    BOOK V, CH. X, SEC. 2 - Intolerable Things Those That Stayed Behind Suffered By Famine.
    BOOK V, CH. X, SEC. 5 - The Sad Consequences [of The Famine].
    BOOK V, CH. XIII, SEC. 4 - The Great Slaughters and Sacrilege That Were in Jerusalem.
    BOOK V, CH. XIII, SEC. 7 - The Great Slaughters And Sacrilege In Jerusalem.
    BOOK VII, CH. I, SEC. 1 - The Entire City of Jerusalem Destroyed.

October 30:

October 22:

  • Hope Of Israel, Chapter I - Ecclesiology

  • Hope of Israel, Chapter II - Ecclesiology

  • Co-founder of New American Standard Version Repents of 'Satanic Deception' - Bibliology

  • Church Investigated By IRS over Letter By Pastor - Church Incorporation

  • Jonas Clark, Pastor Of Lexington Baptist Church (1730 - 1805) - Church History and Biography

October 15:

October 9:

October 4:

  • A Safe Experiment For Doubters - Bibliology

  • Child Sues Nation In World Court - Current Events

October 2:

  • President Madison Declares Church Incorporation Unlawful - Church History

  • What is Necessary to Success in the Ministry? - Christian Living

October 1:

  • Initial Launch


WHATSNEW 1996-97-98-99-00-01-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-13-14-15 || GUESTBOOK | ARTCHIVE

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