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J. Murray (1863)
"Alcasar, a Spanish Jesuit, taking a hint from Victorinus, seems to have been the first (AD 1614) to have suggested that the Apocalyptic prophecies did not extend further than to the overthrow of Paganism by Constantine. This view, with variations by Grotius, is taken up and expounded by Bossuet, Calmet, De Sacy, Eichhorn, Hug, Herder, Ewald, Moses Stuart, Davidson. The general view of the school is that the Apocalypse described the triumph of Christianity over Judaism in the first, and over Heathenism in the third century."  (A Dictionary of the Bible)


  • Free Online Books: MP: F.W. Farrar: The History of Interpretation "He (Irenaeus) makes the highly questionable statement that the Apocalypse was not written till the reign of Domitian." (History, p. 176)

  • Free Online Books: UP: Thomas Whittemore: Notes and Illustrations of the Parables of the New Testament "Some recent authors have expressed much surprise, that Universalists of the present day should apply so many passages of the New Testament to the destruction of Jerusalem. To name no other, Rev. Parsons Cooke speaks 'of the credulity of those who embrace the system of Universalism,' in believing 'that so large a part of the Bible should relate to the destruction of Jerusalem.'  'If ever I succeeded,' says he,' in digesting the monstrous absurdity, I would be honest enough to call things by right names, and label the New Testament, "JERUSALEM'S DESTRUCTION FORETOLD."


  • Former Full Preterists: Rod Edwards (9 year Full Pret) - Interview with Gene Cook on Unchained Radio / Archives "A lot of times, Full Preterists become Universalists."  "When you add all these things up  together, with the Universalism,  the covenant creation, with the poor character, with the idea that the law has been destroyed, it just got too much" "Between all of the theological problems, and the textual problems, and the character problems, I just cannot support that anymore."// Gene Cook: "a lot of the Full Preterists I've come in contact with .. they are strange, they are just weird"

  • Doomsday dEmEnTiA: Matthew Parris : Apocalypse? Mmm, bring it on (UK Times Online) "In the air is an unmistakable hint of apocalypse. As 2007 closes there is almost an appetite for the prospect that dreadful and definitive events will occur and show us the error of our ways. How awful. How delicious."




  • Free Online Books: MP: William Newcombe - Observations on our Lord's Conduct as Divine Instructor (1853 Edition) "The destruction of Jerusalem by Titus is emphatically called the coming of Christ"

  • Pastors focus on Second Coming on day of Jesus' birth "As most of Grand Junction settles in to celebrate Christmas, area Christians should be ever aware of Jesus’ death and his second coming, local pastors said they plan to say during their Christmas sermons. “We’re honoring the first season, but looking forward in faith to the second coming,”


  • MP: Henry Cowles - The Revelation of John : With Notes (Cowles Reclassified) On Revelation 13-19 "At this stage of the discussion I need only say that, guided by these limitations of time, by these points of character, and by these special explanations, it is simply impossible to make any thing else of the first beast save the Roman Empire--the civil power of the Roman Emperors; while the second beast (v. II), judging from the description given of him here, from his influence as sketched here, and also from the further description of him which appears in chap. 16: 13, 14, and in 19: 20--" the false prophet that wrought miracles before him" [the first beast] "with which he deceived them that had the mark of the beast, etc., we must interpret to be the Pagan Priesthood--every-where ministering to the idolatrous homage paid to the Roman Emperors; every-where inspiring the animus of Paganism, and by virtue of their character, naturally active in the persecution of Christians. Beyond all question this second beast is co-ordinate and co-operative with the first and therefore contemporaneous, doing its work at the same time; receiving its final doom in the same fearful hour of judgment"

  • PI: FP: Preterist Spirituality : Is Preterist Idealism the Answer? "I intend to spend considerable time in the examination of those principles of interpretation related to this new “ism” among us–so-called “Preterist-Idealism.” In my judgment it is neither preterist nor idealist but rather the unholy wedlock of two opposing points of view."


  • Free Online Books: MP: Ovid Need - Matthew 24, Facts and Fiction (2000)

  • Early Christian History/Books from "Silent Period" : The Gospel of Peter (70-160) - Chapter 7:25 Then, the Jews and the elders and priests, knowing what evil they had done to themselves, began to mourn and say, "Curse our sins. The judgment and the end of Jerusalem are near."

  • MP: Gary DeMar - Eschatology Articles Added




  • Free Online Books: The Urantia Book (1925-55) "Jesus paused while he looked down upon the city. The Master realized that the rejection of the spiritual concept of the Messiah, the determination to cling persistently and blindly to the material mission of the expected deliverer, would presently bring the Jews in direct conflict with the powerful Roman armies, and that such a contest could only result in the final and complete overthrow of the Jewish nation. When his people rejected his spiritual bestowal and refused to receive the light of heaven as it so mercifully shone upon them, they thereby sealed their doom as an independent people with a special spiritual mission on earth. Even the Jewish leaders subsequently recognized that it was this secular idea of the Messiah which directly led to the turbulence which eventually brought about their destruction. "


  • Revelations/Epigraphy : The Bat Creek Stone - The inscription of a Judean fleeing the AD70 desolation found in Tennessee?





  • StudyArchive: MP: Obadiah Tillotson "Having made these general remarks on the book of Revelation, I am now prepared to state, that it is evident that Rev. 20 : 11-15 was fulfilled at the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman army."



  • StudyArchive: Heinrich Tholuck - Added commentary John 21:21-23 "It only remains, then, to assume that the Redeemer came to that firm belief of the immediate overthrow of Jerusalem, Matt. 24: 34, by a sagacious inference, a conclusion of divination"

  • 2,000 Years of Josephus - Reformatted with new form:

The Wars of the Jews Library ﻩ Exhaustive Bibliography ﻩ Visual Timeline | Works of Flavius Josephus ﻩ Josephus in Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia ﻩ Ancient Histories of Flavius Josephus ﻩ Flavius Josephus Home ﻩ PACE ﻩ Josephus, the Primary Source ﻩ Scientific Dating ﻩ Governmental Administrations ﻩ First Century Jerusalem ﻩ Historical Maps ﻩ Maps of Jerusalem

Flavius Josephus : Credibility and Importance : Steve Mason Stebbing's Essay | The Credibility Of Josephus ﻩ The Jewish millionaire who surrendered to the Romans ﻩ David Chilton's Synopsis

Preterist Perspectives ﻩ Effects of the Fall of Jerusalem on Christianity ﻩ Did Jerusalem Christians Flee to Pella? | Josephus and Jesus ﻩ Revelation and Josephus



  • MP: Charles Guiteau - The Case of Guiteau, The Assassin of President Garfield "He had written some very weak and trashy lectures ahout the Apostle Paul and the second coming of Christ, largely plagiarized from a book by the leader of the Oneiila Community. He maintained that he was a great evangelist and went about from town to town, without money to pay his railroad fares or board bills, exhorting people to come to Christ and adopt his views of the Second Advent, now selling tracts, now preaching to empty houses, ridiculed, despised, turned out of hotels, driven off from trains, hardly knowing one day what he was to eat or where he should sleep the next, never seeking the haunts of criminals, always assuming great piety and seeming to fancy that in his wanderings he was really like Christ and the Apostle Paul, but yet without real moral principle." (The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, p. 147)


  • Cautioning Preterism - "I believe that this value for chronological fidelity is one that should be taken seriously and would do much to dispel much extravagant thinking within eschatology, as well as to enrich our understanding of history. However, I think many who support it have adopted an unfortunate and unnatural prophetic reductionism that makes the prophetic portraits of Scripture feel like wearing one’s high school pants – too tight and too restrictive. I contend that genre of language found in places like the Olivet Discourse and the book of Revelation allows for a more flexible reading of chronological markers (e.g., “this generation” “the time is near”), and in fact requires a qualified exception of the interpretive rule which says that the right interpretation is the one the audience would have understood."


  • StudyArchive: HP: Charles Homer Giblin "In effect, Luke's lesson apropos of his account of Jerusalem's destruction is to be construed as a question prompted in the typed reader's mind: If this is what happened to Jerusalem because of the way Jesus and those who represent him, his disciples, were treated, what will happen to my city/nation/society if he (and his followers, who stand for him) are treated similarly? What am I, as a respected man with some influence, expected to do?"




  • Progressive Preterism - Newest Archive!  The materials contained on this page are collected in hopes that those who cannot see any better alternative than Full Preterism might recognize that there is a whole horizon of studies in a progressive -- and not regressive -- direction.

  • StudyArchive: Thomas Pyle


  • StudyArchive: HP: Augustin Calmet

  • Temple Institute announces that High Priests crown is ready for rebuilt temple - "First of all, we make it very clear to the donors and to the craftsmen that the ultimate purpose of these vessels is not to be used for exhibitions or the like, but rather for the fulfillment of Torah commandments in the Holy Temple.  They must know this in advance.  However, to gain the actual status of hekdesh, we similarly make it clear that this does not happen until the vessel is actually brought in to the Temple Mount for use in the Temple.  This means that someone can try on and measure the headplate, for example, without worrying that he is benefiting in any way from something that has been consecrated to the Temple."



  • StudyArchive:  HP: Richard Wynne Study Archive Rector of Alphage, London, and Chaplain to the Right Honorable, the Earl of Dunmore. - Double Application of Matthew 24 to DoJ and General Judgment at the End of the World



  • StudyArchive: Heneage Elsley

  • Outside Links: Preterist Heresy "Preston believes that the resurrection occurred in 70ad which is EXACTLY the same problem Paul addresses of Hymenaeus and Philetus. The critical mistake was the claim that a spiritual resurrection was a mere past event which is a common declaration that (Full) Preterists make. It is very ironic that the justification for their system, which believes a spiritual resurrection is past, is no different than that which Paul condemns."


  • StudyArchive: Gilbert Wakefield "Our Saviour, I apprehend, had Jerusalem principally in view in this declaration"

  • CORRECTION! ON ANDERSON'S NEW APPROACH - The Binding of Satan (man's rebellious spirit of antichrist) in AD70, and the Loosing of "Satan" in the Atheistical Plunge of the Mid-20th Century

    • "Voice of Reason" Radio Show is seeking financial support to cover for the losses brought about by host John Anderson's conversion from Full Preterism



  • StudyArchive: MP: Timothy Kenrick

  • Joseph Farah: The 1,800 Year Israeli Drought - "Rabbi Kohen points out the land suffered an unprecedented, severe and inexplicable (by anything other than supernatural explanations) drought that lasted from the first century until the 20th – a period of 1,800 years coinciding with the forced dispersion of the Jews. Kohen sees this as a miraculous fulfillment of prophecy found in the book of Deuteronomy – especially chapter 28:23-24. "And thy heaven that is over thy head shall be brass, and the earth that is under thee shall be iron. "The LORD shall make the rain of thy land powder and dust: from heaven shall it come down upon thee, until thou be destroyed."

  • Ed Haas: Obama scores lowest of any Democrat on "Friend of Israel" scale


  • StudyArchive: MP: Beausobre and L'Enfant - Division between DoJ and General Judgment - Matthew 25:1

  • Free Online Books / UP: Lucius Paige: Selections from Eminent Commentators (1858) "Of course, it is not pretended that any one orthodox commentator explains every disputed text in accordance with the views entertained by Universalists. But among them ah, some have furnished us authority on every text of this description, with a very few exceptions; some furnishing authority on one text, some on another. The quotations are introduced, on each text, with reference to a single point; to wit, does this text teach or imply a state of misery in the future life, or does it not ? When any commentator allows that it does not, I consider him to be proper authority to quote in confirmation of the exposition given by Universalists, even though they do not agree with him in regard to what the text does mean. I will illustrate my meaning by a single example. By referring to the notes on Rev. vi. 12—17, it will be seen that Hammond and Lightfoot interpret the passage as descriptive of the ' destruction of Jerusalem and the whole Jewish state"


  • StudyArchive: MP:  Charles Wellbeloved (1732-1800) Unitarian Minister in York, England

  • Free Online Books: A Biographical memoir of the Rev. Charles Wellbeloved (1860) "Modern criticism would probably pronounce that Hammond, and Nisbett, and Cappe were right, in maintaining that the whole passage in Matthew was spoken with reference to the destruction of Jerusalem, whatever difficulty there may be in discovering in the historical event a complete correspondence with all the descriptive circumstances of the prediction. Criticism, however, cannot admit the principle that there must be such a correspondence, and that the interpretation which establishes it must be true."





  • Free Online Books: Dr. John Brown ("of Edinburgh") - Discourses and Saying of our Lord (1850) "Heaven and earth passing,' understood literally, is the dissolution of the present system of the universe, and the period when that is to take place, is called the 'end of the world.' But a person at all familiar with the phraseology of the Old Testament Scriptures, knows that the dissolution of the Mosaic economy, and the establishment of the Christian, is often spoken of as the removing of the old earth and heavens, and the creation of a new earth and new heavens" (vol. 1, p. 170)


  • Former Full Preterists:  John Anderson - "Voice of Reason" Radio Show Host -- Longtime Full Preterist radio show -- Explained shift away from full preterism on 11/11/7 Broadcast (Now sees AD70 as the binding of Satan and 1948 as the loosing of Satan)



  • dEmEnTiA: Andy Borowitz (Satirist): Pat Robertson Says Giuliani Presidency Appears in Book of Revelation "In praising Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Robertson had critical words for the current resident of the White House, President George W. Bush: "President Bush got us on the road to Armageddon, but it's taking too darn long -- Rudy Giuliani will put us in the express lane."



  • HP: Bring the Books - Preterism for Dummies Like Me (Part 1): "First things first, on this blog, when either Josh or myself refer to Preterism, we are referring to the orthodox form of Preterism which says that though almost every Bible prophecy has been fulfilled, the second coming of Christ has not happened yet, and the resurrection has not happened yet. If we want to talk about the heretical form of Preterism, we will call it "Unorthodox Preterism" or "Hymenaean Preterism." There is no need for the term "Partial Preterist" here, because we won't let them hijack the name. We are orthodox Preterists, or just simply "Preterists."

11/1/7: New approach to Full Preterism:

Warning: This "full preterist" material is archived due to the balanced representation of all pret views, but its premise is deemed by the curator to be "toxic theology" which subtly draws people away from the things of the spirit due to the fleshly "letter-based" appeal (core components being extra-biblical history and logic -- there being not one single verse which looks back to fulfillment in ad70, the system is based entirely upon deductive reasoning).   Please note that the earliest known adherents of full preterism later abandoned it, as have many contemporary former full peterists, including the curator of this archive (after a decade of agreement). The "past spiritual resurrection" view is the theology that Paul condemned in II Timothy 2:17-18, and the cessationism of this view - by design - likewise overthrows faith and hope, so please proceed with extreme caution. - TD




"Mr. Desprez afterwards found reason to abandon the views enunciated in his "Apocalyse Fulfilled"
The Apocalypse Fulfilled - Second Oldest Known Full Preterist Book

"He considered the question long and carefully, and at last - though not without severe mental trial - he came to the conclusion that the theory he had held so long, and on the elaboration of which he had spent the best years of his life, was groundless, and must be abandoned."

  • Richard Acland Armstrong - P.S. Desprez Biography and Explanation of Conversion away from Full Preterism (1880) "This work forms a turning-point in Mr. Desprez's life.  Its novelty, which he was not afraid to avow, was less in the general theory than its detailed application. Here the neology became distinct and embarrassing, for the result of his (full preterist) Apocalyptic studies was to change, at least in their speculative and authoritative aspects, all his conceptions of Christian doctrine. Inasmuch as the teaching of Christ and his apostles was entirely directed, according to his opinion, to the " end of the age"—i.e.," The Fall of Jerusalem,"—this event must be accepted as the consummation and conclusion of the original Christianity of the Gospels. The doctrines of the Christian faith had their destined range limited by the same events, and could only possess for after ages a partial and unauthorised significance. This was the standpoint from which Mr. Desprez's confidence in the distinctive dogmas of Evangelicalism first became undermined. His estimate of them related not so much to their inherent truth, or their practical value, as to their validity from the point of view of Christ and his apostles." (Added to Daniel; or, The apocalypse of the Old Testament, The Apocalypse Fulfilled in the Consummation of the Mosaic Economy)

Armstrong, reacting against Desprez's full preterist proposition that the first century church was in a different dispensation than today's:  "Inasmuch as the teaching of Christ and his apostles was entirely directed, according to his opinion, to the "end of the age"—i.e.,"The Fall of Jerusalem,"—this event must be accepted as the consummation and conclusion of the original Christianity of the Gospels."

Armstrong, explaining that with broader study Desprez saw errors in his narrow fp focus: "He commenced systematically to read foreign authorities on the subject of his studies. For the first time in his life he read the works of Renan, Colani, Strauss, Hilgenfeld, Langen, and other writers of various schools of thought who had treated the Messianic question. On this occasion, therefore, he approached the subject from a different and broader point of view."

Armstrong, Explaining His Rejection of Full Preterism: "As Mr. Desprez afterwards found reason to abandon the views enunciated in his " Apocalyse Fulfilled," no criticism of them need be here attempted. The defects of his hypothesis as a full and reasoned conception of Christianity are striking and palpable.

  • It makes no distinction between the standpoint of Christ and that of his apostles on the subject of the Messianic kingdom.

  • It offers no reason why the predictive powers of Christ, recognised so fully up to A.D. 40, should be limited by that date.

  • It makes the subsequent history of the Christian Church a riddle baffling solution.

  • It takes no account of the more permanent bases, ethical and spiritual, on which the religion of Christ was really founded, and which alone are adequate to account for its growth.

  • It overlooks the fact that Second Advent expectations have in reality exercised an inappreciable influence on the growth of Christianity as a whole, their action being generally spasmodic and temporary.

Armstrong, Displaying the irresponsible rush Desprez had made into full preterism, without taking the time to determine its consequences: "If any reader is inclined to ask the question—in what light did Mr. Desprez regard the doctrines of the Christian Church which he professed to teach ? —the answer may be given in his own words. Speaking of the alarm which might be created by his theory that the Second Advent was already past, he says, " It remains to be tried whether the ideas of a finished salvation, a perfected Christianity, an open kingdom of heaven, a life-state in Christ, an eternal reign in an eternal kingdom already set up, might not have a more constraining influence upon mankind than the questionable theory of an uncertain coming."

Armstrong, showing some of the immediate consequences: "the book caused some disquiet among the timid members of his own flock, and this was probably not allayed by the modified tone of Mr. Desprez's pulpit teaching and his gradual adoption of a different standpoint in dealing with Christian dogma. He therefore deemed it expedient to quit Wolverhampton."


  • Jordan won't control temple mount - "Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office on Monday morning denied the report in Al-Quds al-Arabi that he and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had agreed to transfer the Temple Mount's holy sites to Jordanian custody.  According to the report in the London-based newspaper, Olmert and Abbas had agreed that the Temple Mount sites would be under Jordanian jurisdiction in a final peace deal, and Jordanian citizenship would be granted to 90,000 east Jerusalem residents.


Turns out that second-oldest known full preterist Philip S. Desprez didn't stay with that system too long after having written The Apocalypse FulfilledLike contemporary former full preterist David Crews - who converted from full preterism to Rationalism he converted to "higher criticism" of the Bible :

"On the supposition that our Lord's predictions, as delivered to us, can be adequately explained of the phenomena with which that event was accompanied, a harmony may be maintained between them and the facts themselves. On the contrary hypothesis, that the historical events of that time do not answer to the scope and magnificence of the terms employed, the expectations of our Lord and his disciples must be considered to have been tinged by the Messianic ideas of their contemporaries."

  • Former Full Preterists: Philip S. Desprez: Wrote second-oldest known Full Preterist book, but left that view for a more critically mature approach, built a wide reputation as a higher critic of the books of Daniel and Revelation.  His take on full preterism after his conversion away: "something more was intended by the coming itself and the unearthly scenes with which it is said to be accompanied, than the destruction of Jerusalem and the subsequent establishment of Christianity.  However momentous the ruin of their city might have been to the Jews, it could not have materially affected the Gentile converts to whom the warnings relating to the advent were principally addressed."

  • Free Online Books: Philip S. Desprez: Daniel; or, The apocalypse of the Old Testament (1865) Written after his conversion away from full preterism // Added a PDF File   "We are not ashamed to confess our inability to reconcile the proximity under which these phenomena are announced with the actual course of events. We seem to be painfully conscious of the existence of a serious discrepancy between the latter-day anticipations of the New Testament and what might be considered their due and legitimate fulfilment: a conviction arising not from a superficial or deceitful handling of the sacred text, but from a reverent and careful examination, extended over many years, of this particular question ; and we think it the part of exegetical consistency to endeavour to grapple with it, before we stereotype with too great confidence traditional opinions which appear unable to stand the test of searching and out-spoken criticism. "

Imagine one who was thoroughly familiar with full preterism writing this : "The non-fulfillment, however, of these Messianic expectations within the time appointed for their accomplishment need not detract from the perfection of that inimitable teaching whose "remedial, and reconciling, and sanctifying, and self-sacrificing, and sorrow-assuaging, and heaven-aspiring words were addressed to the universal human heart;" neither should it be suffered to weaken the obligation, or impair the authority, of a single moral precept which commends itself by its intrinsic worth as the perfect law of love and liberty to mankind." (p. 295)

..or this on the Seventy Weeks of Daniel: "It has been usual to interpret this celebrated passage of the death of Christ, and the subsequent destruction of Jerusalem by Titus. The prophecy, however, refuses to be coerced into the desired shape."  (Don Preston flashback: "Every mathematical calculation that I have ever seen cannot arrive at the A.D. 70 destruction of Jerusalem."  Q&A on the Daniel 9 Prophecy) 


Newly Discovered after a 10 year search!   Produced into a PDF file exclusive to

Biographer: "Like every genuine truth-seeker, Mr. Desprez had no objection to retrospective analysis of long-cherished convictions.. he readily admitted that every conviction of a reasoning man should be founded upon as much demonstration as the subject-matter admitted of.   He was not like those spurious truth-seekers who, having once erected their thought-system, afterwards evince the most insuperable dislike to having any portion of it criticized or tested - a position, it may be added, which of right pertains not to truth-search, but to dogmatic infallibility."

  • Happy 11th anniversary today to!  Thank you all for your charitable and positive input.. and for spreading the word.  Monthly raw hits are averaging 2.5 million thanks to Google (lol) and to your word of mouth.

  • Happy birthday!  Can't wait to see what you look like in 11 years. (this is the new repository for distinguishing between the various classifications of Preterist-Idealism, and all other forms.  Such a project was deemed far too ambitious to be limited to just a single corner of


  • HP: P-I: Johannes Oecolampadius - On Isaiah 6 (1525) "And the lintels were shaken.) Under this figure the Lord sets forth his judgment, which afterwards he expounds clearly, warning that Isaiah should announce disturbance and blindness to the Jews..  See here again the power of the word of God, by which, where it is faithfully announced by preachers, there is an occurrence of great agitation.  For when Jerusalem first heard that Christ was born, it was agitated, with Herod the king.  And Christ came not to bring peace, but a sword.  And when the sons (of Israel) were about to go out in Ramses (which means agitation), they first hear the voice of Moses and are gathered together.  Psalm 45, "The nations were agitated, the kingdoms tottered, the Most High uttered his voice, the earth was moved."  Because indeed the preaching of the word of God damns all men, and are frightened and begin to struggle.  And yet even firmer things, among what is kingly, are agitated, such as the lintels and doorposts, and things that ought to offer entrance to others.  Surely judgment begins from the house of God.  So the Pharisees and leaders of the Jews feared the most."


  • HP: James Austin Bastow : A (Preterist) Bible Dictionary ! (1842) "Third, the Preterist, which regards the book as having to do with events long since fulfilled. To the Preterist scheme of interpretation we incline, regarding the predictions of the book as having been fully accomplished before the close of the year 135, within less than seventy years from the time when the book was written. The Apocalypse was evidently written to the Asiatic churches during a period of furious persecution, when the Christians greatly needed encouragement, consolation, and admonition. The writer has made a full disclosure of the persecuting powers of the Jews and Romans, and declared that their respective fall and ruin "must shortly come to pass.'" The fearful destruction of these persecuting powers, is, to the faithful, in all times and places, a type of the destruction of anti-christianism, and a pledge of the final and universal triumph of Christianity. "

"the doctrinal and theological articles are written with so much unction that the volume is calculated to bless the heart, as well as to enlighten the head." // "Mr. Bastow's work is superior to all the other Bible Dictionaries which we have on our shelves"


  • HP: Jay Rogers' Forerunner: Redating the New Testament "I was searching for a copy of the out-of-print, Redating the New Testament by J.A.T. Robinson, and found a PDF copy at the Preterist Archive site. (Although I am a partial preterist and not a full preterist, I find a lot of what is at this site useful.) The preterist position not only refutes the "goofy" false doctrine of dispensationalism, but also the damnable heresy of modernism. Yet few Christians have ever studied the preterist position, which contends that most so-called "end-times" prophecy actually refers to events in Judea and Jerusalem just prior to 70 A.D. " [Just for the record, though this is not a full preterist website, all "hyper" materials will remain - for now - in order to assist students in a fair study of all preterist views]


  • FP,PI: Full Preterist - Idealism Discussion (2004) "How much we mix the idealist view and the preterist view just might be the battleground for preterists in the years to come. Just how much do we have in common with that first fruits generation? Our overcoming cannot be the same as theirs, but it cannot be entirely different either. "

  • Israel launches most sophisticated spy satellite "It will be the first Israeli satellite with Synthetic Aperture Radar capabilities, allowing the camera to take pictures of targets under cloudy and foggy conditions, a capability not available in Israel's Ofek satellite series.  Peres said that he would like every Israeli to know "that we have the best and most talented people in the world and we should be proud of their wonderful abilities." While hailing the quality of Israel's defense capabilities, Peres made it clear that the Jewish state was interested in peace, not war. "


  • Preterist-Idealism: G.K. Beale Study Archive "He’s an idealist and he’s an evangelical. Almost all idealists used to be liberal, but now you want to be a scholar and all this kind of stuff." (Tommy Ice)  | "Idealist G. K. Beale characterizes Revelation as “a symbolic portrayal of the conflict between good and evil, between the forces of God and of Satan. . . . a timeless depiction of this struggle.”  (John Noe)

  • G.K. Beale Audio Sermons (MP3): Why is the New Heaven and the New Earth Equated with the Temple | The Two Witnesses in Revelation |


  • Revelations: God's Gold Reviewed "An expert in the archaeology of the Holy Land, Kingsley has the credentials that make his quest more than quixotic. He also has a writing style that successfully mixes arcane archaeological details with set-piece depictions of historical events. His account of the Triumph of Vespasian and Titus, as the Jewish treasures are marched through the various pagan and political sites of bustling Rome, is itself a triumph of re-creation."

  • Orthodox Rabbis disgusted by Madonna visit "It is a known fact in Kabbala that impurity and evil are inherently attracted to sanctity," said a director of one of the most respected Kabbala yeshivot in Jerusalem who preferred that he and his institution remain anonymous. "That's why people of Hollywood, a place of iniquity and lasciviousness, are naturally attracted to the holiness of Kabbala."


  • Madonna: I am an ambassador for Judaism "Madonna met Peres at his official Jerusalem residence on Saturday evening and the two exchanged gifts, with Madonna receiving a lavishly bound copy of the Old Testament. She gave Peres a volume of "The Book of Splendor," the guiding text of Kabbalah, inscribed "To Shimon Peres, the man I admire and love, Madonna," the Yediot Ahronot daily reported."


  • NY Times: Irreconcilable Differences in Bible’s Interpretations  "Are the first chapters of Genesis the powerful story of God’s creation and of humankind’s tragic fall? Or are they, as much modern scholarship suggests, a tissue of inconsistencies, some serving to promote the priestly class’s case for keeping the Sabbath on the seventh day, others reflecting the transition from a society of hunters and gatherers to one based on agriculture?  ..Charles Augustine Briggs, a 19th-century pioneer of modern biblical scholarship, declared that by sweeping away the “rubbish” of centuries of biblical interpretation, modern scholars would finally “recover the real Bible.”

  • Books: 2 Baruch: Added PDF File of R.H. Charles Publication of Text and Commentary //  "The book, somewhat like 4 Ezra, is the author’s attempt both to make theological sense of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE, and to exhort Israel to remain faithful to her God in hope of restoration. It is widely agreed that 2 Bar. was originally composed in non-Christian Jewish circles, and the contention that it is instead a Christian composition (Nir, Destruction of Jerusalem, passim) has not found much support. Nonetheless, 2 Bar. is a "Christian text" in the sense that it was adopted and preserved within Christian circles for much of its transmission history." (OCP Edition 2.0)

  • Revelations: BBC - More on "super scope" to read old texts The hidden content in ancient works could be illuminated by a light source 10 billion times brighter than the Sun.


  • Scot McKnight : Missional Jesus "And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” It is not impossible to historicize this text. Jesus’ vision of a Gentile mission is at best rarely in view in the Gospels. It is possible then to understand “end of the age” as 70 AD’s destruction of Jerusalem as the ending of national privilege; it is possible to read “disciple all nations” as “to the Jew first” throughout the diaspora. Possible. Against the grain, to be sure. Why think of it? Because “age” is an epoch not the end of history; because Jesus’ missional vision focused on Israel."

  • Revelations: Powerful X-Ray to Reveal Fragile Dead Sea Scrolls "Ancient writings from the Dead Sea scrolls are to be read for the first time by British scientists using powerful x-rays. The team will examine rare and unread fragments of the scrolls, which are believed to shed light on how the texts came to be written in caves along the north-west coast of the sea nearly 2,000 years ago."

CT scan of Dead Sea scroll


  • Watchdog/FP: Don Preston: "There are, currently, several differing and disparate views of the resurrection circulating in the (full) preterist community. And, while all (full) preterists agree that the resurrection prophecies came into a reality at the end of the Old Covenant age in A.D. 70, there seems to be a lot of confusion concerning the nature of the resurrection. A few of the different concepts of the resurrection currently circulating (in the full preterist community):

  1. The Death of the Garden, the death to be overcome in Christ, was physical death. Man only began to die when he ate the fruit, but did not die for 900+ years.

  2. The Believer is "resurrected" when/after they die physically. The Believer currently does not have truly eternal life, but receives that at death

  3. There was a physical rapture in A.D. 70.

  4. There remains a resurrection in the future, because the millennium began in A. D. 70. This is not, in the truest sense of the word, a preterist position, but is a futurist view. However, some who call themselves preterists nonetheless espouse this.

  5. The resurrection of the dead is not directly related theologically to the end of the Mosaic Covenant.

  6. If the resurrection has become a reality, then all men are automatically saved, i.e. the doctrine of universalism.

  7. The resurrection and the parousia of Christ were not historical events, but, are fulfilled solely in the individual lives of believers when they are converted to Christ.

  8. Is the resurrection of 1 Corinthians 15 corporate or individual?" (Preterist Pilgrim Announcement)


  • HP: Chalcedon Blog: Implantable Microchips: NOT a Conspiracy Theory Anymore "It's getting more difficult these days to sustain the preterist view of eschatology (preterism contends that the virtually all of the "last days" events took place no later than A.D. 70) when companies are pushing to place implantable microchips within the actual bodies of people. End-time prophecy teachers have long stated that microchipping may be the fulfillment of Revelation 13:16-17"

  • BBC: Jews' Roman "Escape Route" Found Pottery shards and coins from the end of the Second Temple period were also discovered inside the tunnel.


  • Revelations: Story and pictures of "Escape Hatch" discovered in Jerusalem "The archaeological team thinks it leads to the Kidron River, which empties into the Dead Sea."




  • Free Online Books: Anna Mary Lee : A Scholar of a Past Generation - A Brief Memoir of Samuel Lee (1896) ADDED PDF FILE! (2.7 Mb)  "EVER since his translation of Eusebius's 'Theophania,' my father's mind had been more or less occupied on the subject of Prophecy, and he became convinced that the views which he entertained, known as the Preterist, were those held by the early Church. The subject was one of absorbing interest to him during the few last years of his life, and as a child I can remember the animated conversations between him and my mother on Prophecy in their walks about our beautiful garden, or in the leisure of meal times, she holding the more general and popular opinions of the restoration of the Jews to their own land, etc."


  • Dave McPherson: The Rapture Plot - Second Edition!  - Available at Gary DeMar's "American Vision" - "Now back in print as of 2007, this is MacPherson's most complete and most documented book on the Scottish beginnings of the famous "any-moment, pretribulation rapture" -- the 1830 imaginative addition to what had previously been known as only the "Second Coming" doctrine. See how plagiarism and subtle document changes created the "mother of all revisionisms"! (Paperback, 300 pages)

  • Critical: The Khazar Kingdom: A Place Where Christian Preterist and Islamic Fundamentalist Bond  "The very fact that both of these Islamic and Christian forces attack Israel in such a way is a sure sign that there is something very spiritual happening with Israel. Christian preterist and Islamic fundamentalist see each other as damnable infidels as their holy books dictate, but each finds great friendship and respect with the other in the Khazar doctrine as they seek together the separation of the Jews from their holy book. It is easy to find preterist articles on Islamic web-sites, and preterist books will always (and I do mean always) be in favor of Arab victory over the State of Israel, whether by war or by any other means such as terrorism. "

  • Jews beg Christians to help save the Temple "Footage taken on a cellphone camera and broadcast on Israel's Channel 2 News last week showed a trench that had been dug into the floor of the complex as part of the work. Deep within the trench an ancient decorated wall was visible, a wall experts say was part of the outer courts of the ancient Jewish temple. "



  • F.W. Farrar : The Early Days of Christianity (1882) Added PDF File of Entire Book (1884 Popular Edition)"A credulous spirit of innovation is welcome to believe and to proclaim that any or all of St. John's writings were by "John the Presbyter."  They were : but "John the Presbyter" is none other than John the Apostle"

  • David Roberts Lithograph up for auction | Luyken prints too



  • Kurt Simmons: A Call to Conservatism (2007) "We want to encourage Preterists everywhere to exercise the utmost caution and restraint in embracing anything new or that smacks of what is novel or sensational. Truth is very old and for the most part very obvious. An occasional pearl, like Preterism, has been lost along the way where it patiently waited to be rediscovered. But this is the exception, not the rule. For the most part, plain old vanilla is the order of the day when it comes to the important stuff of truth and Christianity. Do not let an unhealthy penchant for collateral issues be what defines your faith."

    An inventory of dubious Preterist beliefs includes:

    • “Heaven now” – the notion that Christians are already in heaven now.

    • “Immortal bodies now” - the idea that we already possess our immortal bodies.

    • “Covenantal Adam” – the idle notion Adam and Eve were not the first created living-beings, but were only the first humans with whom God was in covenant.

    • “Covenantal creation” – the theory that the Genesis account isn’t about the material creation of the planet earth but is only symbolic of God’s creation of covenant Israel.

    • Regional flood - the idea that the historical narratives of Genesis must be reinterpreted through a “covenantal” paradigm, assuming the use of apocalyptic language, making the flood merely local and covenantal, not universal.

    • Old Earth Creationism – the idea that the creation account of Genesis is but an allegory or metaphoric account, and must be interpreted “covenantally” in reference to Old Testament Israel. This view also urges that the six days of creation are merely symbolic or that a gap must be read into the text, and that the earth is billions of years old.



  • WashPost: What's Good for the Jews - "The central theme of Wisse's narrative, which dips back into the Babylonian captivity of the 6th century BCE but really begins with the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in 70 CE, is the way in which diaspora Jews' "harmful pattern" of accommodation to majority power led them to look inward for culpability rather than than outward toward their enemies."

  • Free Online Books: Thomas Aird - Othuriel (1839) "The Fall of Jerusalem as a subject for an Epic Poem, it is proudly remarked by Coleridge:—"This subject, with all its great liabilities, has this one grand defect, that, whereas a Poem to be epic must have a personal interest, in the Destruction of Jerusalem a genius or skill could possibly preserve the interest for the hero from being merged in the interest for the event. The fact is, the vent itself is too sublime and overwhelming." Impressed with the justness of this opinion, and no less conscious of his own want of fitness to take up the subject-matter in its wide extent, even were it free from the fundamental difficulty thus expounded by the critic, the Author of this little poem, Othuriel, has attempted nothing beyond cutting out a story, in a great measure domestic, from the Siege and Fall of the Holy City. He has kept his principal character central in every Canto; and, though he has given a few of the leading circumstances of that Siege and Fall, he has been studious that the fortunes and fate of his hero should be illustrated merely, and not overlaid, by the general calamity. In this way, and this alone, perhaps, such vast quarries of terror and pity as the Destruction of Jerusalem, the French Revolution, &c., may be turned to good account by the poet."


  • Chrysostom: The Meaning of Language "It is fairly commonplace in Orthodoxy to note that Chrysostom’s Liturgy speaks of the Second Coming in the past tense. Not because we believe that Christ came for a second time at sometime in the past, but that because of what is happening in the Liturgy, we may speak of the Second Coming in the past tense. We are standing at the Messianic Banquet. If it is Christ who dwells in us and we in Him, then how is it possible that we are not with Him at the beginning and the end (since He Himself is the Beginning and the End) The coming of Christ into our world, or rather the manifestation of God to us in this world, has radically changed this world."
  • Preterist Watchdog: David Curtis: "The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved" is Lazarus - Author of the Gospel and Epistles of "John" "Does the Bible say any where that John was the "disciple whom Jesus loved"? NO, it does not! Does the Bible explicitly name anyone who was "loved" by Jesus? Yes. There is only one man named in the Bible that is said to be loved by Jesus. Lazarus' sisters refer to him as a man whom Jesus loved. That tells us something very important about Lazarus.. My position at the present time is that Lazarus also wrote the Epistles, which explains their similarities with the Gospel. They also were edited by John the elder. Hopefully this study will be a wake-up call for all of us to be Bereans. It is our responsibility to search the Scriptures and not to rely on what others have said. We have to stop relying on the "scholars" and do our own homework."


  • HP: RiddleBlog: Kim Riddlebarger Reviews The Apocalypse Code "Hanegraaff capably demonstrates that Jesus Christ is the true hermeneutical center of all of Scripture..  yet.. It is highly problematic to argue that Christ returned (in a some form of parousia) with the events of 70 A. D. No doubt, the destruction of the temple marks the end of the Jewish era (not the end of "this age,") and it clearly led to the diaspora and the curse upon apostate Israel being tragically realized as foretold by Jesus in Matthew 23:37-39. But such does not constitute a "coming of Jesus." How many second comings are there? One or two? And isn't one of the criticisms of dispensationalists that they teach a "real coming" at the Rapture which no one sees?


  • MacArthur’s Millennial Manifesto: Chapter 9: Together for the Gospel?–Of Panmillennialism and Hyper-Preterism! "But let me tell you something, folks, as wacky as that world of Dispensational eschatology is, it is no more wacky than the interpretation of many Amillennialists whose fictional eisegesis reads everything into 70 A.D., and I’ve read that kind of stuff and it’s just as crazy."

  • HP: Babu Ranganathan: Jerusalem: "Babylon" of Revelation 14:8?  "Many evangelical Christians today are looking forward to the seven year tribulation period of Israel which would require for the Jews to be in the land. But this period had already occurred in history during 63 A.D. to 70 A.D. (seven years) when the Roman army besieged and destroyed Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple. It was this destruction of Jerusalem that Jesus said would mark the end of the age (the Jewish Age, that is). During these seven years, there was a brief respite from the attacking Roman army and this respite gave an opportunity for believing Jews (Christians) of this time to escape the final destruction of Jerusalem and have their lives spared. "


  • ARTchive: - Now Available for Purchase - "The Prophetic Vision of Luke 17" 20x16 Masonite Reproduction; $300.00 Postpaid. "This is my first formal offering to the public. Here is your chance to buy inspiring art at the dawn of preterist culture."


  • Universalist Preterism: Richard Metcalf - Letter and Spirit (1869) "This was the second coming of Christ, which he foretold so vividly that its literal fulfilment must have given his disciples a still clearer proof of his Messiahship. The judgment with which he threatened the cities wherein most of his mighty works were done, came, as he said it would, in the lifetime of that generation. The judgment which Paul said was impending came within five years of the time when Felix trembled in view of it. The disciple whom Jesus loved did tarry till the coming of his Master; and all the Gospel predictions upon the subject were realized in that spiritual coming at the end of the Jewish age, between A.D. 65 and A.D. 70. Not the slightest hint is given of still another coming to be looked for in or after our day; for all that was meant by the second coming of Christ, the great day of judgment and the end of the world, took place eighteen centuries ago."


  • Tupper Saussy: My Top 10 Beliefs "5.  The world has been ruled by Jesus Christ since A.D. 70, when the fall of Jerusalem destroyed the disobedient Israelite "heaven and earth," and unbelievers have been ever since governed by humanist systems authorized by Him to terrorize evildoers.   The Kingdom of God is within us and around us.  It’s here already." (Written shortly before his death)

  • Preterist Databases retired after a decade of service


  • J.H. Noyes: The Utopia of Sharing in Oneida "THEY wanted to create a heaven on earth. For 33 years they believed they’d succeeded, at a utopian commune infamous for “free love..”Believing that the Kingdom of God on Earth had arrived with the second coming of Jesus during the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D., they embraced the communalism of the early Christian Church in their effort to create a more equal, just and rational society in their new Eden."


  • Universalist Preterism : The Connection "It seemed that every preterist group I came across was fully dedicated to the subject of Preterism but refused to even give a seconds attention to the idea that God would be interested in saving all of humanity. What’s even more puzzling to me is that most of the UR groups I am a member of couldn’t grasp the idea of all scripture being fulfilled. For me the more and more I study the more I find the two subjects to be completely inseparable! In fact I see that the fulfilled prophecies of scripture were the means to the the ultimate reconciliation of all things."

  • Revelations: Rick Bennett on 1st Century finds at Oxyrynchus" - "The importance for NT studies is that many of these letters reflect very similar language to that of the NT, and in some cases may even reflect early Christian letter writing (more to come on this as I’m writing a paper on one particular letter which is thought by some, not all, to be the earliest Christian letter outside of the NT)."


  • Samuel Dawson's Last Things and Covenant Eschatology FAQ - "Covenant Eschatology: This term refers to the idea that the Bible story of eschatology has to do with the last days of the Old Covenant World of Israel that came to an end in AD 70 with the fall of Jerusalem. Most views of eschatology (those listed in the following glossary), believe that Biblical eschatology is the end of human history as we know it. In other words, Historical Eschatology, the end of history. Covenant Eschatology, on the other hand, believes that Biblical eschatology deals with the end of the Covenant History of Israel, i.e., Covenant Eschatology, and not the end of the physical world. "


  • HP: Hank Hanegraaff: Q&A: Getting the real message of Revelation (this is why Hank's view is called "a preterist-idealist scheme" by some)

    • Preterism: So you're saying Revelation was describing something that happened in the first century?  Yes. Revelation is written to first-century believers about an incredible apocalypse, which was going to take place in the first century. Jesus Christ is making the most apocalyptic of predictions: that Jerusalem and its temple would be destroyed. Jerusalem was the very place, as well as the temple, that gave the Jews their sociological and theological identity. Jesus is now saying that the temple and Jerusalem are going to be utterly destroyed, and that will take place within a generation."

    • Idealism: If the book speaks to a first-century audience about predictions that have already occurred, what does it say to us today? "Well, in every epoch of time we are going to suffer tribulation. Jesus Christ said, "In this world you will have tribulation, but take heart, I have overcome the world." In every epoch of time we will face Antichrists and persecution. So just as Romans is relevant to redeemed readers in the 21st century -- though it was written to first-century Christians -- so Revelation is relevant to redeemed readers. Even though you have the quintessential persecution in the first century, Christians are told that they will suffer persecution for the cause of Christ in every epoch of church history."

  • Ynet: Time to shut down Dimona

  • Jewish history returns to tiny historical village "The foundation that runs the tiny historical Dutch village of Bourtange announced it received an extraordinary 17th-century Dutch translation of Antiquities of the Jews by 1st century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus (37-100 AD)."


  • Melvin Jones presents: The Preterists' Best Shot ( - "we see the words “shortly” and “delay”. If you said to someone, “I’ll be back shortly” or “I will be there without delay” would you say this knowing that you really mean an unspecified time? Would you say these words and not expect people to believe what you were saying? So I’ll ask again, when does shortly, or with out delay really mean an unspecified time?  What about the words “all” and “this”; if you were to tell someone all of this is mine, would you mean some of it belongs to you but some belongs to someone else? When does all, mean some and this mean that? ..Logic would dictate.."


  • Haaretz: U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa, via Jordan "The Prime Minister's Office, which views the pipeline to Haifa as a "bonus" the U.S. could give to Israel in return for its unequivocal support for the American-led campaign in Iraq, had asked the Americans for the official telegram" (from a senior Pentagon official to a top Foreign Ministry official in Jerusalem)


  • Watchdog/Max King/UP: Kurt Simmons: The Sword and the Plow - August 2007 (PDF File) "This We Believe..."  A Preterist Statement of Faith; and The Great Debate: Does King's Covenant Eschatology Lead to Universalism?  Simmons-Frost Debate - "This debate represents a turning point for Preterism as 30 years of King's influence on Preterism is shown to lead to Universalism!  Equally important,  King's Covenant Eschatology impugns the cross by holding it powerless to save until the Mosaic law was taken away.  Don't miss this watershed event.   Preterism will never be the same again.  (For the full text of the debate, see our web site.)"

  • Revelations: Discovering ancient Galilee's hidden shelters "In 66 A.D., on the eve of the Great Revolt against the Romans, Tiberias was deeply split over the question of whether to join the revolt. Most of the city's elite, under Julius Capellus, decided to remain loyal to Rome. The laborers wanted to fight the Romans, while the group led by Justus of Tiberias, in an effort to keep the peace, was buffeted back and forth among the groups but eventually sided with the revolt. "


  • NY Times: Coalition of Evangelicals Voices Support for Palestinian State "The letter is signed by 34 evangelical leaders, many of whom lead denominations, Christian charities, ministry organizations, seminaries and universities.  They include Gary M. Benedict, president of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, a denomination of 2,000 churches; Richard J. Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary; Gordon MacDonald, chairman of World Relief; Richard E. Stearns, president of World Vision; David Neff, editor of Christianity Today; and Berten A. Waggoner, national director and president of The Vineyard USA, an association of 630 churches in the United States."

  • Over 10,000 Scholars from Across Political Spectrum From Around The World Add Names to Statement Expressing Outrage at British University and College Vote to Promote Academic Boycott of Israel "The global backlash against the recent vote by the British University and Colleges Union (“UCU”) to promote a boycott of Israeli academics and institutions grew in scope and strength today as Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (“SPME”) announced that over 10,000 academics from nearly every level of academia, 32 Nobel Laureates, 53 university and foundation presidents have signed a public declaration demanding that the boycott effort be immediately overturned. SPME said it will deliver to the UCU the Statement as an expression of outrage against the boycott, and as an act of solidarity with their Israeli academic colleagues."

  • Tisha B'Av: Tisha Be'Av: The Third Temple that wasn't "Julian, who wanted to form a common cause with the Jews against Christianity, asked: "Why do you not sacrifice to God, as required by the laws of Moses?"  The Jews replied: "We are not allowed by our laws to sacrifice outside our Holy City. How can we do it now? Restore to us the City, rebuild the Temple and the altar, and we shall offer sacrifices, as in days of old."  He promised: "I shall endeavor with the utmost zeal to set up the Temple of the Most High God."  The people quoted a verse from Daniel (11:34): "Now when they shall stumble, they shall be helped with a little help; but many shall join themselves unto them with blandishments." The Jews were doubtless divided between those who believed that Julian was a savior and those who remembered Rabbi Simon Ben Eliezer's warning against the youthful enthusiasm of the second generation after the Bar Kochba disaster: "If children tell you: 'Go, build the Temple - do not listen to them.'"


  • Outside Links - Purely Biblical (Bob Stokes) "My spiritual journey began by getting involved with Mysticism and Oriental religions. After a number of years with much involvement and study in these teachings I was ready to become an initiate. Before I went to India, however, God put a book about Christianity in my hand and, wanting to be fair, I read it. I had given up on Christianity years before, mainly because I was ignorant of what it had to say and what is was all about. My view of Christians was not a high one and I thought that, if most of the people I had met were Christians, we're all in trouble!" "The return of Jesus was fulfilled in the 1st century, according to the prophecies of Jesus and His Apostles, and we are now living in the Kingdom of God, that Jesus established in the 1st century, with Him ruling as the King of Kings.. We must go to the Holy Spirit first for His guidance through the Scriptures rather than the thoughts, teachings and traditions of men or women, no matter how much we revere them! Too often the natural laziness of us, as humans, wants to let others do our thinking and studying for us. Let us shun this practice!"

  • Isaac Newton: Papers reveal Newton's Religious Side In one manuscript from the early 1700s, Newton used the cryptic Book of Daniel to calculate the date for the Apocalypse, reaching the conclusion that the world would end no earlier than 2060. "It may end later, but I see no reason for its ending sooner," Newton wrote. However, he added, "This I mention not to assert when the time of the end shall be, but to put a stop to the rash conjectures of fanciful men who are frequently predicting the time of the end, and by doing so bring the sacred prophesies into discredit as often as their predictions fail."


  • Former Full Preterists:  David P. Crews - My Journey From Religion to Rationalism "In my Christian life, I was often a teacher, but never a preacher in the traditional sense. I did write and publish (in 1994) a book about the New Testament that helped start an ongoing movement in Christianity called Preterism.  I formed my own publishing company, New Light Publishing, in 1994. “Prophecy Fulfilled - God’s Perfect Church” was published in that year.  All during this time, I assumed that I and a few family members were the only ones who knew and held to the preterist view. Interestingly, however, just prior to publication, I found out I was not alone! There were many others who had come to essentially the same conclusions independently of one another, and had formed an ongoing community with journals, seminars, and other connections."

  • Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians United for Israel Tour "Are you looking forward to Armageddon?  I am!"

  • Can a Catholic be a Preterist? - "Can a Catholic be a preterist? (Yes, partially.) Partial preterists believe in the future Resurrection of the Dead and Judgment. Completed or "full" preterists deny these things."

  • Tommy Ice: Why Sacrifices in the Millennium (2007) - "Hank Hanegraaff says that I have "exacerbated the problem by stating that without animal sacrifices in the Millennium, Yahweh's holiness would be defiled. That, for obvious reasons, is blasphemous." He further says that such a view constitutes a return "to Old Covenant sacrifices.. rather, it is almost a heresy to not believe this, especially because it is a part of God's infallible word. "


  • ARTchive: The Arch of Titus (81)  "Years ago, when I first visited the Arch of Titus, I remember seeing graffiti scribbled in chalk under the relief- Am Yisroel Chai (The People of Israel Live). That is how I still understand what this ancient monument means. "

  • Theo-Politics: Tom DeLay Says He Supports Israel So Jesus Can "Cleanse It" "Blumenthal opens the video by interviewing Tom Delay, who when asked how much the "Second Coming" plays into his support for Israel, says, "obviously, it's what I live for, I hope it comes tomorrow." Delay closed by saying, "we have to be connected to Israel to enjoy the second coming."



  • CA: Cracking the "Code" of Preterism (2007) "Partial preterists are caught between the proverbial “rock and a hard place” with the Thessalonian epistles. While the source of Paul’s teaching is well established as the Olivet Discourse, they are hesitant to interpret 1 Thess. 4:13-18 (as well as other portions of these epistles) as being fulfilled in the first century because it is a central text that establishes the future resurrection of believers (see Hanegraaff, 57-58). The doctrinal point of the second coming and the future resurrection of believers is the primary point that distinguishes them from their heretical counterparts. For full preterists have no problem stating that this text is both referencing the Olivet Discourse and is prophesying a “spiritual resurrection” which was fulfilled in A.D. 70. "


  • Theo-Politics: Theocrats Deny 'End Times' Theology Is Cause of Their Push for War With Iran "Hagee admits he has "written extensively about why I believe that the generation that is alive today will see the mass ingathering of believers commonly called the Rapture." He has claimed that "when you see what's happening in America and the world it doesn't take long to realize that God is proclaiming through the voice of nature that we are approaching the coming of Jesus Christ in the clouds of heaven." In September Hagee preached that "World War III has begun" and released a sermon series that purported to "show the historical and Biblical foundations that explain the war we are in now and point us to Armageddon." In January he wrote about the Book of Revelation and its prediction that "Jesus Christ rules the world with a rod of iron from the city of Jerusalem." And in March, he sermonized about "the edge of time ... the final countdown has begun."

  • Theo-Politics: Christian Zionist Group Criticized for Unconditional Support of Israel (Christian Post Reporter) "Among the points of contention is CUFI’s “uncritical” support for the State of Israel based on a literal reading of biblical apocalyptic texts, argues NCC.  “John Hagee’s message differs greatly with what theologians have taught for centuries,” said Dr. Antonios Kireopoulos, NCC’s associated general secretary for International Affairs and Peace, in a statement.

  • Theo-Politics: Christians United for Israel Website | Response by Pike: "While Hagee praised the names of Jews and Israel for three days last week, the name of Jesus was discouraged by CUFI policy. This restriction is on all CUFI’s “Nights to Honor Israel” which are held in 50 states. When invited to address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) last year, Hagee assured his hosts that his appearance would be “non-conversionary” (non-evangelical).   Speaking for Hagee as well as himself, David Brog says: “All activities of CUFI are strictly non-conversionary. Christians who work with Jews in supporting Israel realize how sensitive we are in talking about conversion and talking about Jesus. So those who work with us tend not to talk about Jesus more, but talk about Jesus less. They realize it will interfere with what they are trying to do -- building a bridge to the Jewish community to ensure the survival of Judeo-Christian Civilization." (cite: Christian Group to Advocate More Support for Israel, Washington Times)    Hagee benefits from a burgeoning evangelical heresy: Jews have their own covenant with God; they are so divinely favored, even good, that they do not need Jesus for salvation."

  • Scores of Israeli right wing extremists storm the Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem (caution: be aware of anti-Israeli bias) "The attack comes as part of the commemoration of the destruction of a Jewish temple, the Temple of Suleiman, by Romans 3,000 years ago. Israeli right wing groups are organizing the commemoration, which will culminate with a massive invasion of the Mosque on Tuesday." | breaking news


  • Tisha B'Av: When God Moved Out "Then, in the middle of the night one night, I woke up from a drunken stupor. I looked around and discovered that Jeff and the kids were gone. They had moved out and taken all their stuff with them. I couldn't believe it. Jeff was always crazy about me. I was sure he'd come back. I was sure until the day the divorce papers arrived by mail. Then I knew that I had ruined my life. On Tisha B'Av God walked out on us and took His house with Him. "

  • Tisha B'Av: Group seeks to make AD70 more relevant for secular Jews - "Kalmanovitz decided to use the words of the Jewish historian Josephus, who witnessed and survived the bloody ordeal of the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 C.E. by the Romans. In his writings, Josephus describes not only the Second Temple's destruction, but also the Roman massacre of the Jewish population in the Holy City. "We deal with so many symbols that we tend to forget that these events happened to real people" (Jewish Wars, Book VI, chapter 8, paragraph 5)"

  • The Jew may not be in Jerusalem -- but Jerusalem is always in him "When will the Messiah come? As the Torah says, "Today, if you hearken to My voice."


  • Universalist Preterism : Added Yahoo Group: Preterist Universalism "Welcome, Dear Friends to the Preterist Universalism discussion group! This group is unmoderated, the only rules being: 1) Respect each person's difference in religious beliefs, including the differences in doctrine, style and personality. 2) Only speak in edifying ways in regards to others. "Truly I say to you that this generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur." Matthew 24:34 "because God saw good for all fullness to dwell in him, and through him to reconcile all things by making peace through the blood he shed on the cross, no matter whether they are things upon the earth or the things in the heavens." Colossians 1:19,20"

"As far as Satan and evil and God's wrath is concerned, are you sure you're a Full Preterist?

Full Preterists holds these truths as I understand them;

1. God's wrath on man has been pacified through Christ sacrifice on the cross. The finality or icing on the cake being in 70 A.D.. Complete removal of the law that held us in bondage.

2. Satan with all his influence, was thrown into the abyss, being chained forever. This is part of all of the book of Revelation being fulfilled.

3. The resurrection has happened, all the dead has risen making Sheol an empty place.

Here lies my conundrum. Why, oh why, do "Full Preterists" have such a hard time believing in universal salvation. What they/we teach goes further than a lot of universalists I know and correspond with. Some universalists believe Sheol/hell still exists holding the spirits of all who've gone before and they will not be released until the day of judgment, that is still yet to come. Then when judgment day arrives only those who believed in Christ will be released and those who don't will have to stay, being tormented, until they do. Kind of like putting someone's arm behind their back until they cry uncle. This to me is asinine, making no since what so ever. I call it Eventual Salvation.

Anyway, what I'm suggesting you do, being a Full Preterist, is take another look at what happened to Satan in the last chapters of the book of Revelation.

Bruce...the real Full Preterist!"


  • Free Online Books: Matthew Gwinn: Nero : A New Tragedy (1603) "Sometimes heaven allows the just to be murdered by the unjust. I admit it — but it marks them for another existence, to everlasting Gehenna."


  • Theo-Politics: Christian Zionists: Ahmadinejad is new Hitler  "Christians United for Israel call on US to attack Iran immediately, move US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem as sign of support"

  • EBay: 1486 Latin Josephus - Incunabula - De antiquitate judaica & De bello Judaico.  translated by Rufinus Aquilensis, edited by Hieronymous Squarzaficus, 264 leaves (of 278, wanting 3 blanks and 11 leaves), Venice 23 Oct, 1486 ($2,250, Closes Jul-26-07 12:34:48 PDT)


  • Universalist Preterism : Added Exhaustive Bibliography (PDF) - Universalism in America, Volume II : Bibliography "And having satisfied our minds respecting the time of the coming of the Son of man to judge and reward men according to their works, and being assured that that event took place when Jerusalem was destroyed, and the Jews dispersed; it remains an easy task to settle the question respecting the meaning and fulfillment of all the passages in the New Testament which speak of that judgment, and the awful calamities which fell on the people. But we must always keep in mind the fact that all those scriptures were fulfilled in that generation in which Jesus and his disciples lived." (Hosea Ballou, 1805 - Treatise on the Atonement)


  • DSS Study Archive: Dead Sea Scrolls Controversy Alive and Well - "When Professor Norman Golb leads a weekend trip to an exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the San Diego Natural History Museum this fall, it won't be the ordinary excursion in which visitors admire the exhibit and learn some extra tidbits about its content from the visiting scholar.  Instead Golb, the Ludwig Rosenberger Professor of Jewish History and Civilization at the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute, will try to convince travelers that much of the information in the exhibit is wrong." // Warriors once occupied Qumran


  • Revelation 13:18: Gematria Methods // 666: The Number of the Beast - "Some will suggest that the book of Revelation was written only for those living at the time, and that 666 most probably applies to Cæsar Nero, who ruled Rome from 54 to 68 A.D., rather than someone from latter centuries. This point of view, which suggests Revelation had an immediate application to the first century, rather than being prophetic, is known as preterism, and is commonly held by the Catholic Church. So, just how is Nero linked to 666? The preterist takes a relatively uncommon form of Nero's name, Nero Cæsar or Cæsar Nero, and adds an "n", resulting in Neron Cæsar. There is a problem though with the above calculation. According to the rules of Jewish numerology, known as gematria, when the letter Nun appears a second time in a word, it is known as a "Final", and takes the value of 700.* So to be precise, NRWN QSR actually adds up to 1316 and not 666. *Source: Behind Numerology, by Shirley Blackwell Lawrence, copyright 1989, published by Newcastle Publishing Co., Inc., North Hollywood, California, ISBN 0-87877-145-X, page 41."


  • Gary DeMar: Norman Geisler and "This Generation" "Third, there is a logical problem if genea is translated “race.” Since “race” is a reference to the Jewish race, Matthew 24:34 would read this way: “This Jewish race will not pass away until all these things take place. When all these things take place, then Jewish race will pass away.” This doesn’t make any sense, especially for a premillennialist like Geisler who believes the Jews will reign with Jesus for a thousand years after the period described by Jesus in the Olivet Discourse."


  • Oecumenius Study Archive - 6th Century Writer: Earliest Known Greek Commentary on Revelation! "Here all that happened to the Jews in the war against the Romans is clearly shown to the evangelist.   These things happened to them because of the cross and their madness against the Lord.. Utter calamity overtook them all: their cities were being destroyed by fire, their land was being ravaged, and their crops were being cut down.  All this Josephus related accurately in his account of the destruction of Jerusalem." (Discovered in 1901, First Publication in English in 2006!)


  • Bloodspawn-7K: The Return: Past or Future? "Your handling of this controversy was exhaustive. Thank you. I appreciate your thorough exegesis on a very difficult subject.  While I have not been shaken from all things futurist, the preterist argument seems to have expanded my eschaton pallet.  I have a friend who is full-preterist/universalist and we have played exegetical badminton over these things for years. The dialogue has, I think, expanded both of us."


  • HH: Gary DeMar: Norman Geisler, "You," & "Zechariah the Son of Berechiah" "Geisler’s argument on the second person plural does not stand up to exegetical scrutiny. By not dealing with the above arguments, he shows that he is not a trustworthy critic of the preterist interpretation of prophecy."

  • AP Wire: Bible Answer Man Opposes Christian Zionism "CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- Hank Hanegraaff , radio's Bible Answer Man, says he's written a book that refutes the idea that modern Israel is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.  He says the Zionism that's popular among Christians -- and which has influenced U.S. foreign policy -- is actually a form of racism that misinterprets the Bible.  In "The Apocalypse Code," Hanegraaff argues that Christians, whether they're Jews or Gentiles, are God's chosen people. He says the notion that God cares more about DNA than salvation has led many Christians to support Israeli Jews instead of Palestinian Christians. Hanegraaff also seeks to refute the kind of end-times beliefs popularized by the "Left Behind" novels and advocated by some Christian leaders.  (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)



  • Watchdog: UP: Kurt Simmons - The Attack on Full Preterism: Which Death Was Defeated in AD70? - "As we have already seen, the essential tenant of Universalism is the corporate justification of man irrespective of faith or obedience. King’s “transformed cosmology” clearly holds the germ of Universalism: Salvation “is cosmic and corporate, not individual and limited.”  

    "Covenant Eschatology: Inherently Universalistic"

    The evidence is in: full Preterism is not the culprit linking Preterism to Universalism. The real culprits are false notions regarding the source and nature of mankind’s condemnation and his corporate justification as articulated by some in the Preterist community. Reformed Preterists, like Frost, interpret the “death” cast into the lake of fire in Rev. 20:14 as imputed Adamic guilt. King, on the other hand, equates it with annulment of the Mosaic law. Because these are universal in terms of their asserted condemnation, their destruction works universal justification, apart from faith and obedience. As they unconditionally condemned, so their annulment unconditionally justifies. It is as if the whole race were arraigned before the court of heaven upon an indictment reciting these two laws. The annulment of those laws ipso facto destroys the indictment, as there is no longer any law to base an accusation upon. Hence, all men stand acquitted. In the words of Sam Frost: “There is no law taking into account our sins.”


  • Universalist Preterism : Preterism and Universalism - Are They The Perfect Match? "This is a healthy debate between 2 Christian brothers. David B. Curtis - a preterist, Calvinist and pastor of Berean Bible Church and Richard Wayne Garganta - a teacher of universal salvation with a preterist leaning. Richard is a theologian, writer, preacher and teacher with a television ministry in Rhode Island. Richard is responding to David Curtis's article on the preterist archive website."

  • Critical: Non-Prophet Organization "Soon," "near," "at hand" the Preterist's touchstones... words they use frequently to appeal to human reason to misinterpret scripture the way they do. Matthew 16:28 Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.  This verse, says the Preterist, proves that the second coming of Christ had to be within the lifetime of those standing there. And they proceed to apply the meaning of "coming in his kingdom" as the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD."

  • Critical: HH: Dwayna Litz: Hank Hanegraaff's Conference on Preterism and Replacement Theology "Every prophecy thus far has been fulfilled literally, and it makes no sense to suddenly conclude that the remaining prophecies should now have an allegorical fulfillment.  To spiritualize unfulfilled prophecy is to shift the pattern of prophetic fulfillment which would be unnecessary and completely illogical. Third, when one is given the opportunity to interpret the Bible without a solid framework of guidelines, a large opening is created for the unconstrained imagination which can pave the way for all kinds of dangers." "


  • Preterist-IdealismDr. John Noē: He Never Left "The closest you can come to the phraseology of a “Second Coming” is in Hebrews 9:28: “so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many people; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him” (emphasis added). Contrary to popular belief, this scripture does not limit Jesus’ comings to only two times. Rather, it highlights two specific and very significant comings, among many, for a special salvation-fulfillment purpose. This “second-time” coming follows the typology of Israel’s high priest on the Day of Atonement, which occurred every year. And Christ as both our sacrifice and our High Priest (see Heb. 7:27-28; 9:11-15) had to come and fulfill this typology, perfectly (see Heb. 8, 9, and 10). But if you insist on limiting the comings of Jesus to only two times, then this second time occurred, chronologically, when Jesus came and appeared to Saul on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:4-5) or to John on the isle of Patmos (Rev. 1). How do you count or discount those comings of Jesus?—and there are more."  My working definition for “a coming of Jesus” is this: it’s a personal and bodily intervention and/or manifestation of Jesus into the life of an individual, a group, or a nation on this earth. As we shall see, there are many different types of comings for different purposes, and they occur at different times and places.  Some are visible appearances; some are invisible interventions."


  • Preterist-Idealism: Nathan DuBois - Full Preterism vs. Idealism: Part Four : Full Preterism's Single Dimension Focus "Being a part of the kingdom had everything to do with the manifestation of the new heart by those who believed. Those who had faith (within) would act rightly (without). Those poor in spirit internally would be meek, give the shirt off their back as well as their coat, take the low seat in the house, carry their brothers burdens, and have ears to hear -- all evidences of a softened heart to the gospel.   Those who lacked faith would contrarily manifest the fruits of the flesh.   We know Christians by their love, so beware of those who claim the name of Christ yet manifest the opposite."

Full Preterism vs. Idealism - Part One : Introduction | Part Two - Full Preterism's Achilles Heel | Part Three - Full Preterism's "New" Gospel | Part Four : Full Preterism's Single Dimension Focus


  • UP, FP:  Kurt Simmons: Is Universalism a Logical Corollary of Full Preterism? (2007) "Universalism is not a logical corollary of full Preterism. Tens of thousands of full Preterists reject Universalism with no logical inconsistency in their system of beliefs. Those that fall into the error of Universalism do so based upon erroneous conclusions about soteriology, not eschatology or Preterism. "

  • Hanegraaff's Handy Headknowledge Helpers "Now I already knew that Hanegraaff is a huge proponent of the use of mnemonic devices, specializing in acronyms and alliterations, but as I was reading through chapter three, “Illumination Principle,” the rate of alliteration had become so high that I began to feel like I was reading a book by Gail Riplinger. "

  • Destruction of the Second Temple : Historical Background "This is the tragic story of the downfall of a nation. It is the story of a once proud and noble people reduced to a nation of wanderers, beggars and slaves, of a people, once admired and revered, who became the object of scorn and hatred. It is the story of the Jewish nation. How did the Lord's chosen people become the Lord's rejected children?"


  • Preterist-Idealism: Nathan DuBois - Full Preterism vs. Idealism: Part Three - Full Preterism's "New" Gospel  "So what kept men from God. What stood in the way of God and man. The law of Moses? By no means. If so Paul would have taught that it was in the destruction of Judaism that would remove the veil. Instead Paul said it was the Spirit that removes the veil.  Full Preterism must either submit to the idea that the law is still in existence for everyone who is not in Christ, or submit to Universalist interpretations. The law of Christ is the reality of the shadow law of Moses. Removing the law of Moses, a copy, a shadow, does not remove the veil. Only the Spirit removes the veil. "


  • Preterist-Idealism: Nathan DuBois - Full Preterism vs. Idealism: Part Two - Full Preterism's Achilles Heel "The issue here is the consistency in the approach. The devil is gone and inactive, irrelevant and being tormented, and so is death. The same punishment for both MUST produce the same results. Do I really need to do a study on Romans to show that the death from Adam is still going on today? Do I need to state anymore that the only way for Full Preterism to answer the devil and death problem is to invent a "new law" that humans break after AD 70, and a "new death" to explain the lake of fire that Universalists get wrong? Reformed Full Preterism must either depart from the Reformed grounding, lead to a Universalist approach, or lead to an Idealist approach."


  • Former Full Preterists:  UP   How Full Preterism Led Me Into Universalism (2007) "As I traced Russell's system to its obvious conclusions, I began to feel that he was correct.  Yet the full doctrinal implications of his teaching had yet to dawn on me.  It would take almost a year before I realized one major truth: If death was destroyed in A.D. 70, why would anyone be under condemnation today?  ..Russell writes:   "Far from us be that incredulity which despairs of Christianity and of man.  Surely, it was not in vain that Jesus said, ‘I am the Light of the World.’ ‘God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved.’ ‘I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto myself.’" (emphasis in original) 

  • James Stuart Russell's "Gospel Universalism" Conclusion to The Parousia "That favoured apostle who more than any other seems to have comprehended ‘the breadth, and length, and depth, and height of the love of Christ,’ suggests to us ideas of the extent and efficiency of the great redemption which our latent incredulity can scarcely receive. " (UP: Added "Gospel Universalism" as new category of Universalist-Preterism : "a reign of truth and righteousness on the earth" in the future ; "This world belongs no more to the devil, but to God. Christ has redeemed it, and will recover it, and draw all men unto Him.")


  • Preterist-Idealism: Nathan DuBois - Full Preterism vs. Idealism, Part I : Introduction (2007) "In this stage of Full Preterism, which I have recently come out of, there is the tendency to hold onto Reformed soteriology in the face of Full Preterists who would take the view all the way to Universalism. I was one of those preterists (with that tendency). It was clear to me that Universalism was not correct according to Romans, but it was also abundantly clear that Full Preterism was crumbling from beneath me in the light of Consistent Cessationism."


  • UP, MP:  John Riffe - AD30-70 Millennium, Foundation of Preterist-Univeralism (2007)  "Remember, it was Hymenaeus & Philetus who were saying things like, "Since the 1st resurrection of the just that is already past was all about people "coming to spiritual life" in Christ (Rev 20:4), the resurrection of the rest of the dead when Jesus comes back will be about everybody else "coming to spiritual life" in Christ (Rev 20:5), too: nobody but the Devil is going to Hell!" (2 Tim 2:11-18). But Paul strongly affirmed that he had not yet attained to the resurrection of the just because it had not yet occurred as of his writing of Phillippians 3:10-13 around 62AD." See Also:



  • Free Online Books: Ovid Need Jr. - The Triumph of Titus | PDF File (1997) "Because Mat 24 is the end of a message that started in Mat 21, the study primarily deals with the context of Mat 24, i.e., Matt 21 through 24, with index. The entire text is posted. The hard copy has TOC and index. (Available for Purchase here - 149 8 1/2 x 11 spiral bound pages, laser printout at this time. SD, $15.00, post paid, US)

  • ARTchive: Sir Lawrence Alda Tadema: Triumph of Titus, AD71 "Alma-Tadema wrote to Vosmaer in January 1885 about the current difficulties of completing any pictures, for example The triumph of Titus AD 71 (No 307, 1885) on which he had worked for over a year. In a series of letters to William Walters of Baltimore, Alma-Tadema continuously gave excuses for the late arrival of the painting. He seemed to have become more fastidious than ever with the historical details of this oil and its standard of finish. Although during this period he was generally more concerned with the aesthetic ambience of his work rather than with mere archaeology or verisimilitude, the aesthetic side of Titus suffered in favour of his concern with exactitude to the extent that it could almost be described as an 'ancient photograph'."

  • Time Magazine, Mar. 10, 1923 "The most valuable modern painting offered for sale for a long time will be on view in New York next week.  It is a big picture (12 by 18 feet) and is expected to bring about $100,000. It is called Judaea Capta, or the Triumph of Titus. The painter, Iszo Koves, Hungarian, worked on it for 20 years, and spent 35 years gathering historical data. Then he died during the war, penniless, leaving a destitute widow and children.  The Judaea Capta is a picture of Titus coming back to Rome with the spoils of conquered Jerusalem—including the captive daughters of Israel."


  • Revered Israeli apocalyptic kabbalah leader shocks Jews, Christians with name 'Yeshua' "When Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri died in February 2006, somewhere between the age of 106 to possibly 117, 300,000 attended his funeral in Jerusalem.  Before Kaduri died, he reportedly wrote the name of the Messiah on a small note, requesting it remained sealed for one year after his death. The note revealed the name of the Messiah as "Yehoshua" or "Yeshua" – or the Hebrew name Jesus. "


  • Free Online Books: F.W. Farrar : The Early Days of Christianity (1882) "It has been usual to say that the Spanish Jesuit Alcasar.. was the founder of the Præterist School.. But to me it seems that the founder of the Præterist School is none other than St. John himself."  Added PDF File

  • Daniel 9:24-27 ; Don K. Preston - Q&A on the Daniel 9 Prophecy (Question) "What are the exact reasons why the last week needs to be stretched all the way to 70 AD?  Can not these same reasons be backed up with Scripture that has nothing to do with Daniel 9:24-27?  Do we not become guilty of trying to add another proof text to support whatever these reasons may be, when it is just simply not needed?"  (Answer) "Every mathematical calculation that I have ever seen cannot arrive at the A.D. 70 destruction of Jerusalem.   The destruction is, in my estimation, undeniably confined within the parameters of the 70 weeks ("seventy weeks are determined for you people and for your city.").   I just don't see a way to say that the fate of the people and the city lie outside the divinely mandated period.. Now, while I am like you, and do not like, and reject,  the idea of "gaps" what I see here is not a gap in the dispensational sense of things.."


Jerry Falwell Study Archive

Falwell had made careful preparations for a transition of his leadership to his two sons, Jerry Falwell, Jr., now vice-chancellor of Liberty University, and Jonathan Falwell, executive the pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church.

  • Warren: Gary DeMar Misrepresents Orthodoxy - "(Gary) DeMar claims that a belief that one gets their “resurrection body” at death and that the physical body remains permanently in the grave (and thus the implicit denial of a future general resurrection) is “orthodox” (or more precisely that “orthodox” people hold that belief)  That is simply and utterly false but does explain why DeMar rails constantly against dispensationalists but never whispers a peep against heretical preterism and in fact actively participates and (until recently) supported heretical preterist sites and spoke at conferences alongside heretical preterist teachers."

  • Rome denies Apocalypse secret "THE Vatican tried yesterday to draw a line under a conspiracy theory that has dogged the Catholic Church for decades - that it has been harbouring details of the predicted apocalypse.  The Pope's second-in-command, Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, denied that the church was suppressing a vision of the end of the world said to have been revealed by the Virgin Mary to three shepherd children on a hillside at Fatima in Portugal exactly 90 years ago."

  • Big Bookmarks | Small Bookmarks (Formatted .Doc Pages) - I hear that people like to use the bookmarks not only for their own books, but also as a tool to reach others by sticking them in prophecy books at Christian bookstores.  They say "Fulfilled Eschatology and Completed Redemption in King Jesus."  Amen to that!  Here is an easy way to print many at once.  Many thanks to Randy Sommer and Tyrone Cropper.


  • Former Full Preterists:  BS : "After much "hemming and hawing" over the last several months, I've at last decided to reject "Full Preterism."  When I first accepted this system, I was looking for some answers-- trying to tie up loose ends in my paradigm-- and F.P. seemed to solve the problem.  However, the more I've studied, the more contradictions I've found.  It seems to me now that F.P. tends to completely cancel out the "everlasting Gospel" preached by Christ and the apostles.  Not only that, but it squeezes Messianic prophecies into a pre-A.D. 70 fulfillment, and forces far-fetched and extremely hypothetical interpretations on Scripture.  There are many more fatal errors in this system, and I hope to expose them all in due time. "


  • WND: 666 wrong number of prophetic beast? Newly examined Scripture fragment lends credence to argument it's 616 "There may be a reference to it in Mark [13:14], where he refers to the 'the abomination of desolation.' But this was overlaid by the Neronian persecutions. People believed that you could get from '666' to Nero because in Greek he is the emperor Neron Caesar. And 666 is one number less than the perfect 777. The text [showing 616] is quite legible to the naked eye. It was published in 1999, but it has taken people time to catch up."

616 in the third line – chi, iota, sigma (courtesy Egypt Exploration Society)


  • HH: Religious News Service: If You Thought the Left Behind Series Told the Real End-Times Story, Think Again! "Just as evangelicalism now universally repudiates the once-common appeal to Genesis 9:27 in support of slavery of blacks, we must thoroughly and finally put to rest any thought that the Bible supports the horrors of racial discrimination wherever, and in whatever form we encounter it—whether within the borders of the United States or in the hallowed regions of the Middle East. “As you read The Apocalypse Code,” says Hanegraaff, “you may well discover that you hold the key to the problem of terrorism in one hand and the fuse of Armageddon in the other.”


  • Revelations - Herod: The Bible's biggest villain "The sarcophagus, with its triangular cover decorated on all sides, was indeed a unique specimen, Professor Netzer said. Its remains were still clearly identifiable although it had been smashed into pieces, probably, he said, by Jewish rebels fighting between the years 66 to 72AD, decades after the king's death.  Jews who had rebelled against Roman rule in 66AD and took refuge at Herodium were the most likely suspects. "The rebels," explained Professor Netzer, "were known for their hatred of Herod and all that he stood for as a puppet ruler of the Romans."


  • Revelations - Hebrew University: Herod’s tomb and grave found at Herodium "The discovery solves one of Israel’s greatest archeological mysteries. Additional details will be made available at the Tuesday press conference." | Google More News - "Herodium was one of the last strong points held by Jewish rebels fighting against the Romans, and it was conquered and destroyed by Roman troops in A.D. 71, a year after they destroyed the Second Temple in Jerusalem. "



  • Bugg's Report on Memphis Eschatology Debate "My thanks to all those who worked hard to make this debate possible.  In particular, I'd like to thank William Bell, Bill Fangio, and Stephanie Good.  I'd also like to thank Don's sister for the wonderful sticky buns she shared with us the last night, my friend and ministry partner Stephen Fisher for travelling with me, and all of those who came to see the debate, especially those who had questions for us afterwards."



  • CA: PI: HH: Tommy Ice: Hank Hanegraaff Calls Tim LaHaye a Racist and a Blasphemer (2007) "Hanegraaff’s proposed interpretative approaches, if implemented, would send the church back to the Dark Ages hermeneutically. The great majority of the book is a rant against dispensationalism in general and Tim LaHaye in particular. There is precious little actual exegesis, if any at all, to support his preterist-idealist eschatology, however, there are great quantities of some of the most vicious invective against LaHaye and many other Bible prophecy teachers that I have ever read in print." (merged with fuller version)



  • Vestigatio Arcani Sensus in Apocalypsi (1614) - First full pages added!  Also added first English translations with page references - On Revelation 1:7, and the 15th Hermeneutical Principle : "And this was accomplished in such a manner, that the universal mechanism of things created should maintain a most beautiful harmony with the wonderful counsel of God in the salvation of men ; and that things corporeal should subserve to the representation of those which are spiritual." (Quote added to Preterist-Idealism page). Also added selected engravings by Don Juan de Jáuregui:

Alcasar Apocalypse Revelation Commentary Jerusalem
Alcasar Apocalypse Revelation Commentary Seven Golden Lampstands Menorah
Alcasar Apocalypse Revelation Commentary Jacob's Ladder

Alcasar Apocalypse Revelation Commentary Jerusalem Roman Armies



  • Hank Hanegraaff: Hanegraaff Breaks Dispensationalist Stranglehold on Christian Publishing What comes across with painful clarity, as Hanegraaff has done us the favor of reading much of the works of LaHaye, Lindsey, et al. (sparing us the horrendous burden of having to do so for ourselves), is the fact that dispensationalism was, is, and always will be virulently racist and anti-Semitic. | Hank Speaks Out "Tim LaHaye simply misunderstands the metaphors that are used in Scripture, and that has caused him to not only misconstrue the words of Jesus but to misrepresent me in the media."


"Professor (George) Bush is, I perceive, a favourite writer with (Townley). He is also a favourite with the American Universalists, a body which boasts of numbering among its adherents above 600,000 individuals, and which happens to agree with my friend in his notion of Christ's second coming being past. Suppose I recommend to my friend's notice the system advocated by these religionists, as brought out in the writings of Ballou, Walter Balfour, Whittemore, T. J. Sawyer, and others.. and seeing, consequently, that there may exist in his mind a latent suspicion of there being something true in Universalism after all, suppose I use the freedom to suggest to him to construct a system of his own"



Commentary on Acts 1:11 by Historical Preterist Urmy


  • Free Online Books: Windows Live Book Search - New repository for digital books!

  • How Google Books is Changing Academic History "Time for a professional dialogue about the new kinds of research these texts have opened up. For a very vast vista has erupted before us, and with it, a more serious set of comparative questions as a standard for social history, and new levels of rigor to be expected from the individual researcher."


  • Now Available on CD-ROM! - Luis Alcasar's 1614 Preterist Commentary on Revelation // Latin-to-English Translation tool included! "It has been usual to say that the Spanish Jesuit Alcasar, in his Vestigatio Arcani Sensus in Apocalypsi (1614), was the founder of the Præterist School.."

  • ARTchive: Handel's Messiah & The Destruction of Jerusalem “Messiah” lovers may be surprised to learn that the work was meant not for Christmas but for Lent, and that the “Hallelujah” chorus was designed not to honor the birth or resurrection of Jesus but to celebrate the destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple in A.D. 70. For most Christians in Handel’s day, this horrible event was construed as divine retribution on Judaism for its failure to accept Jesus as God’s promised Messiah. // The resurrected Jesus, sitting at the right hand of God, unleashed his anger on the Jews by having the Roman armies lay waste to Jerusalem and its temple in A.D. 70. // Central to Kidder and his like-minded readers is a mode of interpretation called “typology,” which means that events in the Old Testament point to events in Christian history not only through explicit prophecy and fulfillment but also through the more mysterious implied spiritual anticipation of Christian “antitypes” in Old Testament “types.”" --  At Scene 6 in Part 2 the oratorio features passages from Psalm 2 of the Old Testament set as a series of antagonistic movements that precede excerpts from the New Testament’s Book of Revelation set as the triumphant “Hallelujah” chorus: type and antitype, prophecy and fulfillment."



  • Free Online Books/Foreign: Free Online 17th Century Dutch Language Books

  • The Joy of Fire & Brimstone "The masterful “Las Huelgas” manuscript, named after the Castilian monastery Las Huelgas de Burgos, where it was discovered in the 19th century, was written by the Asturian monk Beatus of Liébana in 775–76. It is the largest and latest dated (1220) of a 500-year series of Spanish Medieval illuminated commentaries on the Apocalypse, or the Book of Revelation."



  • Court prevents groups from sacrificing live animals at Temple Mount "In their efforts to sacrifice a live animal at the Temple Mount, the New Sanhedrin Council adopted an almost underground modus operandi. Rabbis Adin Steinsaltz, Israel Ariel, Yishai Baved and their associates secretly located a butcher, found a Cohen hailing from a lineage 1,000 years old and worked out a plan to quickly erect an alter on the Temple Mount."


  • Kurt M. Simmons (2007) Urgent Corrections Preterism Must Make : Part Two "A common interpretation among Preterists is the notion that the heavens and earth and their elements that passed away at the eschaton were symbols of the Old Testament and that the new heavens and earth are the New Testament.  This is wrong.  The city, the new Jerusalem, is covenantal – it is the covenantal habitation of the saints; the heavens and earth are not covenantal.. Unless we are prepared to subscribe to some form of Universalism, or can otherwise explain their presence, the fact that unregenerate men inhabit the new heavens and earth outside the city proves conclusively that the heavens and earth are not symbols of the New Testament."


  • Theo-Political Establishment: JewishJournal: Hagee’s speech backing Israel alarms some "But that reaction ignores the fact that Christian Zionists like Hagee are increasingly trying to affect U.S. Mideast policy. The biblical perspective shaping that activism offers only more war and new holocausts for the Jews, not the peace that Israelis crave."



  • Free Online Books: American Pret-Universalism: Adin Ballou - The True Scriptural Doctrine of the Second Advent (1843) "The "second coming," "appearing," or "revelation," of Christ, in his regal and judicial glory, took place about the time of the final dispersion of the Jews, at the end of the Mosaic age. The general resurrection and day or age of judgment, then commenced in the invisible world, denoted to mortals only by the remarkable signs, terrors, and dreadful events, attendant on the destruction of Jerusalem. Then all departed souls in Hades came forth, clothed with immortality, before the judgment seat of Christ, they that had done good to the resurrection of life, and they that had done evil unto the resurrection of condemnation. The patriarchs, prophets, apostles and saints, who had previously finished their course on earth, and were resting in hope, then entered into their glory in the resurrection of the just." (p.3)


  • Former Full Preterists: Reflections on the End of Movements "I would, I guess, consider myself a cautious partial preterist, but no where near the "full" preterism I held in my (earlier) youth.. I remember some of the things that initially made me wary, while I was in the midst of being groomed as a future leader of the movement: sloppy exegesis and dependence on pagan thought for proof (one writer proved that the resurrection body was non-material by referencing, of all people, Plato...shudder). The fruits of that, I am finding out, are now becoming ever apparent. Universalism, the doctrine that all people are saved--whether just by existing or through the remedial means of post-mortem purgatory--is becoming popular and widespread amongst preterists.. This, and the fact that some non-universalist preterists claim that a "secret Rapture" occurred in AD 70, seals the coffin lid for me. " - Withdrawals of a Theological Junkie (Russell Warren)


  • FP: Ward Fenley: Creation and its eternal purpose - "Regardless of whether one wants to identify Genesis as a literal account of creation or simply an allegory concerning God’s covenantal relationship to His people, it seems rather evident that God has a purpose for creation which goes beyond a mere assent to its existence or even an appreciation for its physical beauty."


  • Free Online Books: American Pret-Universalism: Thomas Brown (1826) A History of the Origin and Progress of the Doctrine of Universal Salvation "I shall now prove, and prove only from the scriptures, that this was the end of the world, the end of the age, the day of judgment, and "the days of vengeance, that all things which are written by Moses and the prophets might be fulfilled."  And the hell that people have so long been talking about was in Jerusalem." "Now the whole just amounts to this, that the only way to prove a hell of endless punishment, must be to prove that what is said by the prophets.. means endless punishment.  If that can be done, then we must, to our great grief and sorrow, and to the sorrow of all good men, give up Universal Salvation.  .. I conclude that no man of sense and learning will ever undertake it, nor to find a law that ever threatened such punishment for sin, then we have gained the victory, the great and long controversy is decided."

  • HP: John Riffe - Revelation 20 & Universalism "I know you are busy, but could you take just a brief moment and fill me in on how you view the Rev. 20 passage and how a wrong view there can open the door to universalism. Being slow of mind, it will help me to get up to speed. So thanks so much for doing this. Don't take a lot of time, just a brief response."

  • Pret-Universalism: (David Embury) "The understanding that the Scriptures, both prophetically and redemptively, are fulfilled in their entirety in the person and work of Jesus Christ the one to whom the whole of prophetic and redemptive history points. This fulfillment completed all Biblical eschatology, being demonstrated in Christ and His elect first-fruits saints end-of-the-age ministry, finding consummation in His prophesied Second Coming [Parousia] and Judgment upon the Old Covenant Mosaic world of the Law and Temple, circa AD70."


  • Kurt M. Simmons (2007) Urgent Corrections Preterism Must Make "Did Christ come in the events marking the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70?  Unquestionably, but it is equally clear that his coming was not limited to Palestine.  The Psalms, Daniel, the prophets, Revelation, the epistles, language, and history all combine in one united voice to declare Christ’s coming was world wide. Admitting all this evidence into our paradigm is one of the chief challenges Preterism faces in coming years."

  • F. Tupper Saussy (d. 3/16/7) Preterism Amplified "there's evidence that John wrote Revelation well before A.D. 70, and that his prophecy points to that date. A late date for Revelation (upon which futurism is founded) is built on the assumption that John was banished to Patmos by the Emperor Domitian in the A.D. nineties."



(1839) "And if he shall come again, in like manner, it must take place at a definite time, and that definite time will be the day of judgment, will it not? Oh, but, says the Universalist, I believe he did come, and in so coming, the promise of the two angels was fulfilled, and the day of judgment is past. But when we enquire, did he come, and what was the day of judgment? Why, says one, he came at the time of the destruction of the city of Jerusalem by the Romans, about forty years after his ascension." (The Anti-Universalist, p. 80)



  • Free Online Books: American Pret-Universalism: Thomas B. Thayer - Universalist Miscellany (1843) The "Coming" "Appearing" "Revelation" &c. in Scriptural Usage - "These passages show that the revelation of Christ in judgment was, very near, on the eve of opening when the revelator wrote, which, as we have said, was immediately preceding the event, about A. D. 69; and the destruction of Jerusalem took place about two years after, A. D. 70, so fulfilling all the predictions of Christ and his apostles." 

  • Books for sale from an ex-full preterist author


  • Hosea Ballou Study Archive - “The wrath to come,’ of which John spake, when he said ‘who hath warned you..’ is speaking of the destruction of the Jews and their city, he said ‘For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.” (1804 Notes on the Parables) | Preterist Universalism

  • Free Online Books: American Pret-Universalism: Hosea Ballou  (1819) Select Sermons Delivered on Various Occasions "In his account of the destruction of the Jews, and of the vengeance of God upon them, Jesus was particular in his reference to what had been written on the subject ; he says, "For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.. the whole is confined to that generation ; and not the least intimation of punishment in a future state of existence."



John H. Noyes


Hosea Ballou


  • Sam Frost: Todd Dennis and Preteristic Idealism (2007) "Just because some universalists are using preterism for a framework that they think helps there case does not make Dennis' accusations here true.  Dennis should be above such types of obvious fallacies. "

  • Free Online Books: Robert Townley - The Second Advent of Jesus Christ: A Past Event (1845) Earliest Known Full Preterist Book - Written Shortly Before His Conversion to Universalism -- ADDED PDF FILE


The Second Advent of Jesus Christ: A Past Event

Robert Townley



  • Preterist-Idealism: John Noē : An Exegetical Basis for a Preterist-Idealist Understanding of the Book of Revelation (2007) “The revelation of Jesus Christ” (Rev 1:1) has a fuller significance and deeper character beyond its AD 70 eschatological fulfillment.  Consequently, the preterist notion that it only applies to AD 70 when Christ supposedly came in “finality” is a weakness to be amended.  And in a preterist-idealist synthesis, the strength of idealism remains that it “secures its relevance for all periods of the church’s history.”  But its major weakness—i.e. “its refusal to see a firm historical anchorage”— is removed.  That missing anchorage is supplied by Revelation’s A.D-70 fulfillment." 

  • John Noē's - Updated and Expanded



30 Megabyte PDF File

  • Free Online Books: MP: Samuel Lee: An Inquiry into the Nature, Progress and End of Prophecy (1849) Entire Book Completed  "The vision of the evening and true:" and here the establishment of Christ's kingdom is clearly foretold. In Zechariah (ver. 9), "And," i. e. in that day, " the lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one Lord, and His name one." It is added, as in St. John (ver. 11), " There shall be no more utter destruction," &c. in other words, " Death shall be swallowed up in victory." Both the one year, and day, is therefore divided into two parts: the first in the one case, is Summer, in the second, the Evening. In the Jewish year, commencing at the Passover, Summer will constitute its first portion. In the second case, the Evening commencing the day in the East, will here also be the first portion of " one day."

    In Daniel's seventieth week, the Apostolic period is, as we have seen, its first portion, and this constitutes the Apostolical Millennium: its second portion reaching from the fall of the City and Temple, to the establishment of Christianity under Constantine; and it is that of the persecutions, as shewn above. These then, respectively, are Zechariah's Summer and Winter, Morning and Evening. And to these again, respectively, as to their events, do their several portions correspond well. We have therefore, the same period, and portions of it, before us in every case : and in the increasing progress of this river, a lively representation of the triumphant progress of the Gospel."

  • HP: Elder P. Pratt Literal Fulfillment of Prophecy : The Destruction of Jerusalem (1855 Mormon) "When he appeared to the Nephites, in his risen body, as you will find it written in the Book of Mormon, he took pains to refer them to the written prophecies of Isaiah and many others, and quoted many of them, and exhorted the people to search the things contained in the prophecies of Isaiah diligently, bearing testimony of their literal fulfilment: and said he, "A commandment I give unto you that ye search these things diligently," for they have been fulfilled"


  • 'Titanic' Director Cameron Displays Disputed "Jesus Tomb" "Hollywood director James Cameron displayed on Monday artifacts that he said might have come from the tomb of Jesus, which once contained his remains, those of Mary Magdalene, and possibly their son, Judah." Newsweek Story


  • Preterist Watchdog: Adam.Dada : What is Anarcho-Pantelism? - "Anarcho-Pantelism is a lifestyle term used to describe someone who is a full-preterist Christian who also believes that anarcho-capitalism is the best political thought for humanity.  We believe that salvation is for all men, regardless of faith."

  • Following the Christian money trail  Evangelical Christians donate USD 37 million in 2006, most to Israel but some to Jews in the former Soviet Union "Last month, the US-based International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) said it donated some $37 million in aid to Israel and the Jewish people in 2006 – $20 million of which were given during last summer’s war with Hizbullah."


  • HP: Adam Naranjo / Hyper Preterists Propose Too Much With Luke 21:22 If these hyper preterists want to take “all” - in “so that all things which are written will be fulfilled” - to mean literally every single prophecy (which is necessary for their interpretation of this passage) they would be bound to say that all of the prophecies in scripture were fulfilled at the destruction of the temple - including prophecies that don’t at all refer to those days of vengeance."

  • Following the Christian money trail "Last month, the US-based International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) said it donated some $37 million in aid to Israel and the Jewish people in 2006 – $20 million of which were given during last summer’s war with Hizbullah.  The IFCJ channels millions of dollars to Israel every year, the sum total of donations by evangelical Christians who believe that the return of the Jewish people to Israel signals the coming of “the last days,” fulfilling a prophecy they say will hasten the “second coming” of Jesus Christ."




  • Free Online Books: John Crowne - The Destruction of Jerusalem (1677) "Amongst the angel's pronouncements is the statement "Thy weeks are finish'd." The phrase derives from Daniel 9. There, the angel Gabriel has come to explain to Daniel the meaning of his visions. Thus, we can clearly link Crowne's play not simply with Josephus and Suetonious, but also with two of the chief examples of Judeo-Christian apocalyptic literature, Revelation and Daniel. This certainly distinguishes this play from Racine and Otway, whose plays lack anything remotely like this kind of imagery."



  • Sam Frost: Washington Post: Imminent Eschatology and its Influence on Second Century Christian Ethics "The ethical imperatives of the Bible must be rooted in something other than “it is the last hour.” If God has indeed exploded the apocalyptic by sheer time itself, then perhaps He has not “delayed” the coming of the Lord, and perhaps we need to take a fresh approach to the whole enterprise of eschatology. If God is not being heralded as threatening to blow the world up, then perhaps, just the opposite, he is out to save the world. If God is saving the world by transforming one life at a time, and by that, one culture at a time, then the ethical imperative can be derived from a more positive impetus. Rather than being a church that proclaims the end of the world, perhaps a new found breath from God can be seen in heralding the salvation of the world, and our living out the faith would, in turn, be rooted in joining with God to save the world in all of its cultural significance."


  • HP: Jared Olivetti : Creeds vs. Hyper-Preterism "We ought to be thankful to God for the creeds of the church; we ought to know them, measure our beliefs by them, measure our teachers by them - not as a denial of sola Scriptura, but as the only real way of holding to sola Scriptura faithfully."

Jim West Dr. Randall Otto

  • The Allurment of Hymenaen Preterism : The Rise of "Dispensable Eschatology" (1997) "No church should pray God's speed on the disciples of Hymenæus. If a church has Hymenæn members, let her admonish or rebuke these subverters at once. We dare not give them the Lord's Supper. We must not let them get away with calling themselves "preterists" or "consistent preterists," or believers in "fulfilled eschatology." The word "preterist" is a good word. The disciples of Hymenæus are not preterists; their "dispensable eschatology" makes them heretics. What is more, they are antichrists; for only the spirit of antichrist says that Jesus Christ did not come in the flesh (1 Jn. 4 ff). When we interview new members, we need to question them about Christ's resurrection and ours. Hymenæns are not our friends; they are the enemies of the cross. If we deny the future resurrection of the body then we deny the resurrection of Christ. And if we deny the resurrection of Christ's flesh, then we deny his accomplishment on the cross. Hymenænism is damnable heresy.

  • Preterism and the Question of Heresy (2000) "Heresy is a serious charge, for if it be true, preterists are outside of Christ and in peril of eternal condemnation. Is heresy a justifiable charge against preterists? This article will examine the nature of heresy and the validity of the primary charges issued against preterism, particularly as enumerated in the ecclesiastical documents cited above. While there is precedent in church history for charging preterists with heresy on the basis of their view of the resurrection body, the charge would also hold against many other Christian theologians who are not preterists and widely considered orthodox. Preterism is not a monolithic movement, so that variations advocated by some preterists may perhaps fall outside the acceptable norms for faith. However, the preterist movement in general cannot be justifiably categorized as heretical, but instead as fundamentally orthodox. [4] Moreover, if Jesus was a preterist, then a church that is truly reformed and always reforming according to the Word of God must reform its understanding of eschatology to agree with the teachings of its Lord and admit the validity of preterism.



  • HP: Daniel Alejandro Flores: Historia Eclesiastica - Bilingual Studies on Sayings of Jesus - "Christ saw in Jerusalem a symbol of the world hardened in unbelief and rebellion, and hastening on to meet the retributive judgments of God. The woes of a fallen race, pressing upon His soul, forced from His lips that exceeding bitter cry.  Jesus, looking down to the last generation, saw the world involved in a deception similar to that which caused the destruction of Jerusalem."

  • Dave MacPherson : Its the Rapture, Stupid! "As early as the September 1830 issue of TMW (pp. 510-514) a writer declared that only worthy Christians (which he labeled "Philadelphia") would be raptured before "the great tribulation" and less worthy ones (labeled "Laodicea") would be left on earth."

  • Former Full Preterists: From Full Preterist to Futurist


  • Free Online Books: MP: F.W. Farrar - The Early Days of Christianity (1882) "No wonder that Nero became to Christian imagination the very incarnation of evil ; the Antichrist ; the Wild Beast from the abyss ; the delegate of the great red Dragon, with a diadem and a name of blasphemy upon his brow. (2 Thess. ii. 3 ; Rev. xi. 7, xii. 3, xiii. 1, 6, xvi. 13, xvii. 8, 11.)" (Book Two Finished)

  • Critical: We Must Tell Our Children the Truth (that Jesus ain't coming) - Review at Unsealed-Prophecy "I was sent the following article by a reader for the purposes of commenting on it. It’s an article from the Preterist viewpoint, entitled “We MUST tell our kids the truth!” by a man called Dan Delagrave. I’m not in the business of cutting Christians down, even when they don’t happen to share my views, but seeing I was asked to comment on the article, I thought I might as well put my comments up here for you all to read. My comments in (italics and bold.)"

  • The Archbishop of Toronto: Schooled in the Word of God "These days, some people try to identify who is the beast being foretold in John's Apocalypse. Three sixes in a row. Collins dismisses such speculation. The Book of Revelation was written in highly symbolic language during the first century, he says. Hebrews and Greeks in that era employed a practice, called Gematria, in which letters represented numbers. By adding the numbers which correspond to the name of Nero Caesar, a Roman Emperor in the first century who persecuted Christians, the sum is either 616 or 666, depending on which spelling is used."


  • BBC: Jerusalem "tense" after clashes // "Barkay, an archeologist from Bar-Ilan University deals with Jerusalem's past, from the armies of Nebuchadnezzar to the Knights Templar of crusader times. He directs one of the most unusual and yet important archeological efforts in Israel today. Barkay oversees the examination of the tons of discarded material from Jerusalem's Temple Mount. "The Temple Mount is totally unknown archaeologically, so not even us single shard has ever been published from the Temple Mount," he said. "What we do is very significant because we can establish a history of the Temple Mount through the finds."  (Temple Mount Dig Connects Past)



  • Free Online Books: Samuel Lee: An Inquiry into the Nature, Progress and End of Prophecy (1849) Book Two Completed - "We have also seen, that the period in which this great Covenant should receive its establishment, is spoken of again and again by the Prophets under the Mosaic institutions : that, in some places, this is styled the last days, the latter days, the End, the end of all things, the day of the Lord, the great and dreadful day of the Lord, and the like: and again, that its character should be such, as never had been, and never should be again; that judgments of the most awful and destructive character should mark it; that something not unlike the destruction of the Deluge, the fall of Sodom, Gomorrah, Nineveh, Babylon, and the like -- But of these, more will be said when we come to the proper places in the Revelation of St. John."


  • Free Online Books: F.W. Farrar - The Early Days of Christianity (1882) "No wonder that Nero became to Christian imagination the very incarnation of evil ; the Antichrist ; the Wild Beast from the abyss ; the delegate of the great red Dragon, with a diadem and a name of blasphemy upon his brow. (2 Thess. ii. 3 ; Rev. xi. 7, xii. 3, xiii. 1, 6, xvi. 13, xvii. 8, 11.)" (Book One Finished)


  • Free Online Books: F.W. Farrar - The Early Days of Christianity (1882) "It has been usual to say that the Spanish Jesuit Alcasar.. was the founder of the Præterist School.. But to me it seems that the founder of the Præterist School is none other than St. John himself." (Chapters One and Two.. More to Come) | Life of Dean Farrar

  • Free Online Books: Charles Kingsley : Discipline and Other Sermons (1881) "Those Jews who believed St. Peter’s gospel and good news that Christ was their King and Saviour, kept their souls in peace. Those Jews who did not believe St. Peter - and they, unhappily for them, were the far greater number - broke out into mad rebellion again, and perished in vast numbers, till they were destroyed off the face of the earth (as St. Peter had warned them) by their own fleshly lusts, which warred against the soul. But he who believes in Christ, in the living Christ, the ordering Christ, the governing Christ, will possess his soul in patience.  He will not fret himself, lest he should do evil; because he can always put his trust in the Lord, until the tyranny be overpast.  He will not hastily rebel: but neither will he truckle basely and cowardly to the ways of this wicked world." (Sermon 15: The Jewish Rebellions)


  • ARTchive: The Apocalyptic Vision: Luke 17 and the coming of the Son of Man "Vision and prophecy go hand in hand. The apocalyptic language of Revelation is no different than the language used in Genesis because its all about the Alpha and Omega, Jesus Christ. One of the things that is often overlooked when we deal with the issues of Eschatology is that the Bible is a covenant book that is pure prophecy. From the very beginning of Genesis to Revelation, the Scripture prophecies are about a redemptive vision woven within a covenant context. God's interaction with His chosen. Have we also forgotten that Moses, the man who penned and gave us the historical account of Genesis was also a prophet? The truth is other than Christ there was no greater prophet in all of Israel. A prophet who spoke to God face to face."


  • Grace Pleasanton Church: Revelation Studies - "We, at Grace Church, teach that the preterist view of the book of Revelation is the most biblically accurate understanding of that last book of the Bible. Most people in the church today have never heard of the preterist position regarding the book of Revelation. Actually, that position was the majority position of the church until the mid-nineteenth century. According to the preterist position, Revelation is a letter of comfort written to first century Christians by the Apostle John about 63-64 AD. It is encouraging them that even though they will be persecuted by the Romans and by the unbelieving Jews, God is in charge and He will judge both the Romans and the Jews. The preterist position is that the judgments detailed in Revelation are prophecies of the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD. They are not future events (in the sense of being future to our time). The term preterit refers to an action that has occurred in the past. In other words, everything in Revelation except for the very end of chapter 22 has already taken place!"


  • Free Online Books: MP: Samuel Lee: An Inquiry into the Nature, Progress and End of Prophecy (1849) Book One Completed - "And again (2 Ep. iii. 2, 3), "That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets... knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts." He adds, "For this they willingly are ignorant of" &c. Manifestly identifying these scoffers with those of his own times, and consequently, his own times with "the last days," just mentioned. St. Jude too, says to the same effect, and nearly in the same words (ver. 18), "How they'' (i.e. the Apostles) " told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own lusts." He adds in the next verse, " these be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit." He tells us also (ver. 14), that Enoch had prophesied of these, as he also had of the judgment to lie inflicted on them at the coming of the Lord, with ten thousand of his saints : which must be the judgment had in view by St. Peter; and, as we have already seen, by Daniel, chap. vii. 10, seq."

  • Bibliography: A Personal Revelation - Eric Fuggett - A Personal Revelation



  • Free Online Books: Dr. Israel P. Warren - The Parousia, A Critical Study of the Scripture Doctrines of Christ's Second Coming, His Reign as King ; The Resurrection of the Dead ; and the General Judgment (1879) "Of the doctrine thus presented, I desire to remark in review: 1. That it is to be regarded neither as a praeterist nor a futurist view ; rather does it include both.   If it be affirmed that the Parousia began at the ascension, it is not meant that it is not also a fact of all time coming ages.   I ask especially that I may not be represented as saying that the resurrection is "past already," or that the day of judgment occurred at the destruction of Jerusalem.  The Parousia, including under it Christ's reign as King, Life-giver, and Judge, is not an event, but a dispensation.. The past, present, and future meet in one grand whole."

  • DSS: Dead Sea Scrolls Controversy in San Diego - "a list of 22 opponents and/or critics of the old, “Qumran-sectarian” theory of Scroll origins, none of whom have been invited to participate in the lecture series accompanying the Natural History Museum’s upcoming Scrolls exhibit. Instead, the Museum has announced lectures by 22 proponents of the old theory." ['s Opposition View DSS Historical Witness to First Century Jewish and Christian Preterist Views: Fearing a sack of Jerusalem, valuables of all sorts were hidden in the Judean desert by various groups. Numerous scrolls likely had, as their place of origin, the Temple Library in Jerusalem -- such as the Copper Scroll -- or even possibly from fleeing Christians, such as in the case of Cave 7.] 

  • - Conference Announcement! May 10-11-12, Sparta NC


  • Free Online Books: MP: Samuel Lee: An Inquiry into the Nature, Progress and End of Prophecy (1849) "One great and valuable result of the whole is, that the question of Prophecy is not a difficult one; and another, that all has been fulfilled."

  • Can Jews and Evangelicals Get Along? "Jewish leaders also fret about a two-part Armageddon scenario. The first part is that, according to Evangelical prophecy, all the Jews are either forcibly converted or killed in the last reel. The second part is that Evangelicals are trying to bring on Armageddon as a necessary condition for the Second Coming of Christ. Yet both parts are red herrings. First of all, we Jews don't believe in the Second Coming. Either we are right about this, or we are wrong, in which case we'll have some 'splainin' to do to Jesus. Either way it's out of our hands. "


  • Michael Krall: The Law Fulfilled - When? (2006) "Now here is the dilemma. If these fall feasts are still waiting to be fulfilled then according to our Lord’s words in Matt 5 we are still obligated to keep the whole of the law. There is no getting around that. They are either all fulfilled or are all still binding."

  • ARTchive: Burning passions : Nero "A vicious tyrant, incestuous, decadent, capable of the foulest crimes yet racked with guilt … No wonder Emperor Nero has inspired so many first-rate operas."


  • Free Online Books: Walter Chamberlain: The National Restoration and Conversion of the Twelve Tribes of Israel (1854) "The mistake of the Professor and those who hold his sentiments lies here -- that they are not careful to remember that the spiritual exposition of certain prophecies for the edification of the Church is perfectly permissible, and harmonises with the literal interpretation of the same for the benefit of Israel." (p. 21)   "there are, probably, many learned Hebrews who will be astonished to hear that he who propounded them has maintained that all prophecy, extending to Israel as a nation, has already been fulfilled." (Perhaps Earliest Book Written Against Modern Preterism)

  • Jared Coleman - Why delectatio Dei?  " Lately I have come to really hate the word 'preterist' .. the word focuses on looking backward at a time when I am focused on looking forward (not without looking backward as well, of course). And third, while I still read many of the eschatological passages of scripture in a very similar (though in many cases not the same) way as others in that community, the language of the preterist community is woefully deficient and unless it changes it will never be able to project an adequate picture of the kingdom of God. That last statement is pretty strong, but I believe it just that strongly. Many of you may already agree and so I'm not going to list the reasons here, but if any of my preterist friends want to talk about it we can discuss it in the comments. So, I am not going to use this word to describe myself anymore."


  • Eschatology Exam - 5. Of A.D. 70 Jonathan Edwards wrote: This destruction of Jerusalem was in all respects agreeable to what Christ had foretold of it … their city and temple were burnt, and razed to the ground, and the ground on which the city stood, was plowed. And so one stone was not left upon another, Mat. 24:2. … Thus there was a final end to the Old Testament world. [emphasis added]

    What might be meant by this italicized last sentence, associated as it is with A.D.70, with what biblical warrant, and with what consequences for our interpretation of the New Testament and for our eschatological thinking? (It is not at all important for this question that the words come from Jonathan Edwards’s writings, only that they express a position to be discussed.)


  • Invading Romans’ greatest obstacle uncovered in J’lem "Wexler-Bedolah said the cliff’s topography could help explain the slow  Roman conquest, noting that it took the Roman army an entire month from the time they destroyed the Temple Mount on the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av until they captured the ground of today’s Jewish Quarter on the 10th day of the following month."

  • dEmEnTiA: Chicago Sun-Times: The End of the World is Coming... well, eventually "I happen to know a few of you who believe this and you're not all nutjobs walking around dressed in a "The End Is Nigh" sandwich board and muttering about conspiracy theories. A couple of members of my family, in fact, are convinced that the Rapture and/or Second Coming will happen before Rosh Hashanah -- the Jewish New Year -- next fall."



  • Kurt M. Simmons - Four Errors Current Among Preterists (2007)  "The idea that the heavens and earth destroyed at the eschaton were the old law, naturally led to the idea that the new heavens and earth are the New Testament. King taught it; I taught it; many of us taught it. Unfortunately, it just is not true."

  • "Cordin" - Jesus and the Point of no Return "Some have tried to explain the first destruction as a minor fulfillment of a future major world fulfillment because ‘obviously not “all these things” occurred in 70 CE or shortly thereafter.’ And that’s the point! It is only if one cannot accept that a prophecy of Jesus could fail do we need to explain it away. It is the Christians who, beforehand, accepting the Bible’s infallibility, are forced to continually reinterpret or excuse this prediction."

  • Bibliography: An Unholy Mess: Rome and Jerusalem - The Clash of Ancient Civilizations (2006) " Most significant of all perhaps, this stand-off between Romans and Jews had its effect on the small but ambitious Jewish sect of Christians, who wanted to establish their own foothold in the Roman world. Increasingly they took pains “not only to deny their own Jewishness but to attack Judaism altogether”. And so it is that in a bold final chapter Goodman wonders whether the origins of anti-Semitism are to be found in the events of 66-70 and their aftermath."


  • Bibliography: HP: Andrew Perriman: The Coming of the Son of Man "Let us imagine first-century Judaism as a ship - a splendid but badly run ship in which the officers and crew mistreat the passengers and squabble and fight over who should have control of the vessel. Blinded by their obsessions and jealousies, no one on the bridge notices that the ship is drifting towards a ferocious eschatological storm. When one or two men raise the alarm, they are seized as trouble-markers, brutally beaten, and thrown overboard. As the winds tear at the rigging and waves wash across the deck, a few brave souls decide to heed the warnings; they lower a lifeboat and take their chances on the rough seas. To the passengers and crew who stay on board this seems a reckless and disloyal move - and at times those clinging desperately to each other in the belly of the small boat, as it pitches and rolls, wonder if they have made the right choice. Some are swept overboard, some die from exposure and hunger. They cry out to the dark heavens, praying that the storm would cease. But they do not give up home; they believe that they have done the right thing. Then from a distance they watch in horror as the ship strikes rocks and sinks with massive loss of life - they are appalled, but they also feel vindicated. Eventually the wind drops, the waves subside. The lifeboat runs ashore on a sandy each. They have come to the end of the end; they have survived. This is the beginning of a new age."


  • Free Online Books: HP: "Samuel Lee of Boston" - Eschatology,  Or, The Scripture Doctrine of the Coming of the Lord, the Judgment, and the Resurrection  (1859)  "The Coming of the Son of Man" is to be interpreted with the same latitude, and applies to the work of the Messiah from the time of his resurrection to the overthrow of the Jewish power.  Not till then -- when the seventh angel had sounded -- were there great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ.   Then the transition period closed.. As instances of the use of the language in application to Christ down to the time of the destruction of Jerusalem and the complete introduction of the Christian Dispensation, see Matt. 24:30, 37-39. Mark 13:24-26. Luke 21:25-27." (p. 13)


  • Free Online Books: Moses Stuart - Hints on the Interpretation of Prophecy (1842) "The destruction of Jerusalem put an end of course to the Jewish persecuting power in Judea. Consequently the period in which Christianity becomes triumphant over persecution there, is contemporaneous with the destruction of Jerusalem.  Nothing can be more clear, than that the period of the two witnesses is the same as that of "treading the holy city under foot by the Gentiles," Rev. 11:2,3.  Two witnesses, and but two, are specified, as we may very naturally suppose, because "by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word is established.   The sum of Rev. xi. is, then, that the Romans would invade and tread down Palestine for 3 1/2 years, and that Christians, during that period, would be bitterly persecuted and slain ; but still, that, after the same period, the persecution would cease there, and the religion of Jesus become triumphant.  The words of the Saviour in Matt. xxiv. compared with the tenor of Rev. xi., seem to lead us plainly and safely to these conclusions." (p. 113)


  • Free Online Books: Jim Fowler: Jesus - The Better Everything - An Introductory Commentary of the Epistle to the Hebrews (2001) "The Old Testament scriptures were lodged in Paul’s memory, and he quotes from them again to explain the “need for endurance” (36). “FOR YET IN A VERY LITTLE WHILE, THE ONE COMING WILL COME, AND WILL NOT DELAY.” Quoting from the Greek Old Testament, the Septuagint (LXX), as he does throughout this epistle, Paul allows the words of Habakkuk 2:3 to speak to the situation of the Jerusalem Christians. The delayed consummation of Christ’s victory to be revealed in the second advent created an “enigma of the interim” for the early Christians, but Paul uses Habakkuk’s words as his words to indicate that “the Coming One,” Jesus, will come “in a very little while,” very soon, i.e. imminently. This may refer to the “second coming of the parousia, as in Revelation 2:25, “Hold fast until I come.” More likely, Paul is referring to the imminent coming of Christ in judgment, when (perhaps within a year after the receipt of this letter) the Romans came against the residents of Palestine from 66-70 AD, destroying everything and decimating the population. This is the same “coming of the Son of Man” (Matt. 24:27,30,37,42) that Jesus referred to in His Mount of Olives discourse (Matt. 24:3-45). Paul is warning the Hebrew Christians again that judgment is coming, and everything in the old covenant will “disappear” (8:13)."


  • Critical: Scott Kessler - The Errors of Hyper-Preterism "If, in fact, all Bible Prophecy has been fulfilled, as hyper-preterism teaches, then what do we make of Christianity today? Have the Jews abandoned their false religion in favor of Christianity, thus bringing greater blessings to the gentiles ( Romans 11:24-26)? Why are we still marrying and giving in marriage (Luke 20:35)? What of our resurrection and judgment? Has the great Commission been fulfilled (Matthew 28:18-20)? Is Jesus still sitting at the right hand of the Father (Psalm 110:1)? If not, where is He? Such a belief system tends to lead toward gnosticism and, in the case of the modern church, deism. Hyper-preterism is as ridiculous as it is unorthodox."


  • BibleStudies/Dating: Altman and Crowder: Jewish Talmud Confirms an Early Gospel of Matthew -  "a literary tale dated by some scholars at 72 AD or earlier, which comes from an ancient collection of Jewish writings known as the Talmud, quotes brief passages that appear only in the Gospel of Matthew."

  • InstaVerse - New Website Utility - Simply use mouse to hover over verse citation (i.e. Matt. 24:34-35) for full verse and context


  • Bibliography: Peter J. Leithart: The Promise of His Appearing: An Exposition of Second Peter Three | PDF Excerpt (2004) "The second book of Peter has long troubled biblical scholars and interpreters. Not only has its authorship been disputed, but also its claims about the imminent return of Christ. In this study, Peter Leithart offers a preterist reading of the epistle, arguing that it describes first-century events and not the end of the world. At the same time, he maintains orthodoxy, avoiding hyper-preterism and affirming the epistle’s authenticity."

  • David P. Field Materials: Blog, Articles, Reviews

  • David P. Field: Review of Peter Leithart's "The Promise of His Appearing" 'Leithart gives a preterist reading of 2 Peter. He defines preterism as "the view that prophecies about an imminent "day of judgement" scattered throughout the New Testament were fulfilled in the apostolic age by the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, the event that brought a final end to the structures and orders of the Old Creation or Old Covenant.”

  • Peter J. Leithart, Ph.D. Study Archive: ""[T]ropologically, the history of Jerusalem can be understood as a model for the history of the soul (secundum tropologiam).  Just as David conquered Jerusalem and set up the Lord's throne there, so Jesus, His Son, conquers the inner city of the sinner and consecrates him as a saint, a holy one." (Peter Leithart, Ascent to Love, pp. 22)

  • Pret-Idealism: "Tropological Sense" of Jerusalem - Added to Jerusalem as the Heart


  • Historical Pret: Scott Kessler: Who Are God's Chosen People? "Preterists are often accused of holding to “Replacement Theology”. The truth of the matter is that we do no such thing. Replacement theology is a misnomer. No one has been “replaced” in regard to the blessings of the Covenant. The church is “Israel” (Galatians 6:16), and always has been, even in the Old Testament."


Charles Schultz Says:

"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia."

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Chiltons' Days of Vengeance Back in Print! - Available at American Vision | The Last Days: Rethinking Bible Prophecy in the Light of History

Josephus' "cloud coming" passage : "Before sunset were seen around the whole country chariots poised in the air,
and armed battalions speeding through the clouds and investing the cities." - Traill's Josephus,  page 197

The Coming of the Son of Man

Andrew Perriman: "I believe that there will be a final defeat of evil. There will be a resurrection of the dead; the dead will be ‘judged by what was written in the books, by what they had done’ (Rev.20:12); death will be destroyed; anyone who’s name is not written in the book of life will likewise be destroyed. There will be a new heaven and a new earth."


Review of Peter Leithart's "The Promise of His Appearing" 'Leithart gives a preterist reading of 2 Peter. He defines preterism as "the view that prophecies about an imminent "day of judgement" scattered throughout the New Testament were fulfilled in the apostolic age by the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, the event that brought a final end to the structures and orders of the Old Creation or Old Covenant." | The Promise of His Appearing: An Exposition of Second Peter Three - .pdf excerpt (2004)

Avalon Hill
"Siege of Jerusalem"
Board Game

"therein lies the fascination: the immovable object vs the unstoppable force."

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The Events and Times of the Visions of Daniel and St. John.

"My next year's work will, I think, be my exposition of prophecy, D. V., and it is not improbable I may find matter sufficient even to convince Mrs Professor Lee that hitherto she has been greatly in the dark on this interesting and momentous subject. But this, you will say, is counting on victory without my host. Well, wait and thou shalt see what God can do through an instrument so weak as the poor Professor. . . . Love me and pray for me, and I shall be greatly prospered in all I take in hand.' "


  • Abauzit, Firmin (ob. 1767) - Essay on the Apocalypse, showing that the canonical authority of the book of Revelation was doubtful, and applying predictions to the destruction of Jerusalem.  Translated from the French, by Dr. Twells. London.

  • Alcasar, Ludovicus. Jesuit, In eas veteris testamenti partes quas respicit Apocalypsis, nempe Cantica Canticorum, Psalmos complures, multa Danielis aliorumque librorum capita, investigatio, Lugd. 1616.

  • Andreas, Caesariensis, Cappadocum Episcopus (cl. 500) - Commentarii in Apocalypsin ad Macarium, quos Latine vertit Theodorus Peltanus.  Extant Gr. et Lat. ad finem Chrysostomi Commentariorum in S. Johannem in editione Morelliana, Tom. viii.

  • Arethas, Caesareae Cappadociae Archiepiscopus (cl. cir A.D. 540) Explicatio Apocalypseos. Veronae, 1532, fol.  Extat etiam ad calcem Oecumenii. Paris 1631.

  • Burlington, J.N. "Destruction of Jerusalem" - 1807.

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  • Collyer, Wm. Bengo, D.D. - Lectures on Scripture Prophecy. London 1811

  • Corrodi, Heinrich - A critical history of Chiliasm, or opinions respeecting the millennial reign of Christ. Zurich - First published anonymously in 1781.

  • Eichorn, Joh. Godf. - Commentarius in Apocalypsin Johannis.  Gotting. 1791.

  • Faber, George Stanley. The Sacred Calendar of Prophecy. London 1828 (In this work, which is the last of Mr. Faber's of any importance, he abandons much of the interpretation which he had previously published)

  • Fehr, Sam. Benj. - An introduction to the right understanding and use of the Revelation of St. John (or rather of Jesus Christ) ; and as to what relates to the past, sufficiently illustrated from ecclesiastical and secular history.  (Ger.) Altenburg, 1761.

  • Greenhill, Jos. A.M. Rector of East Horsley - An Essay on the prophecies of the New Testament which relate to the destruction of Jerusalem. Lodon. 1755.

  • Grotius, Hugo - Comm. ad loca quaedam Novi Test. Quae de Antichristo agunt aut agere putantur.  Amst. 1640.

  • Lee, Samuel - Sermons and Dissertations. | Six sermons on the study of Holy Scriptures, their nature, interpretation, and some of their most important doctrines

  • Marshall, Benjamin, A Chronological Treatise upon the Seventy Weeks of Daniel 1725

  • Park, J.R. ; M.D. - An amicable controversy with a Jewish Rabbi on the Messiah's coming. 1832. ; A new exposition of the Apocalypse, so far as the prophecies are fulfilled ; to which are prefixed the history of Christianity epitomised. 1834.

  • Rainolds, John D.D. - A discourse on the destructio nof the Idumeans. 1584

  • Stockwood, John - A Sermon on the Destruction of Ierusalem - Printed by Tho. Dawson, 1584

  • Whiston, William - The Accomplishment of Scripture prophecies

Gary DeMar and Francis X. Gumerlock: The Early Church and the End of the World (2006) "Francis X. Gumerlock has undertaken the task of translating a number of ancient and medieval commentators who have written on Matthew 24 and Revelation.  He shows that many early and medieval Christian writers believed that these prophecies had already been fulfilled before the "end" of Jerusalem, that is, before its destruction by the Romans in A.D. 70 which resulted in the end of the Old Covenant world."

William Blake
Jerusalem (1804)

"These are the destroyers of Jerusalem! these are the murderers Of Jesus! who deny the Faith and mock at Eternal Life..  These are the Sexual Garments, the Abomination of Desolation, Hiding the Human Lineaments, as with an Ark and Curtains Which Jesus rent, and now shall wholly purge away with Fire, Till Generation is swallow'd up in Regeneration."

1704 DUTCH

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