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The Events and Times of the Visions of Daniel and St. John

"Of one thing I think I may say I am certain, viz., that I am not wrong in the main, that my system is good, and hence, I have no doubt..  Its results are certainly good. I care not, therefore, for the present popularity of the opposite view." (Letter to brother, May 2, 1850)

"I think probable, that at no very distant day my views, and those of the early Church, may prevail."


  • Ludovicus ab Alcazar Study Archive - "qua ratione possit in bello illo spiritali, quod itra unius hominis pectus geritur, distinguere duo veluti bella, quorum primum respondeat bello Ierosolymae corruere; alterius vero, universam Babylonem conflagrare "A Spanish Jesuit of Seville named, Luis De Alcazar (1554-1613) invested forty years of his life to this study which culminated in his 900 page commentary, "Vestigatio Arcani Sensus in Apocalypsi (Investigation of the Hidden Sense of the Apocalypse). In this work which was published posthumously in 1614, Alcazar made a new attempt irrespective of both Catholic and Protestant views to interpret the Apocalypse through the use of critical-historical methods. He concluded that the Apocalypse describes the two-fold war of the Church in the first century; one with the Jewish synagogue, and the other with paganism, which resulted in victory over both adversaries."

  • Free Online Books: Thomas Newton: Dissertations on the Prophecies Which Have Remarkably Been Fulfilled.. NEW PDF FILE "As a general in the wars (Josephus) must have had an exact knowledge of all transactions, and a Jewish priest he would not relate them with any favour of partiality to the Christian cause. His history was approved by Vespasian and Titus (who ordered it to be published) and by King Agrippa and many others, both Jews and Romans, who were present in those wars. He designed nothing less, and yet as if he had designed nothing more, his history of the Jewish wars may serve as a larger comment on our Saviour's prophecies of the destruction of Jerusalem."

  • Free Online Books: Norman Bentwich: Josephus (1914) NEW PDF FILE

  • CNN Presents: After Jesus - The First Christians - Presenting extremely liberal view of issues, such as Dating the New Testament

  • CTRL-ALT-DEL "Are you struggling with the last-minute shopping for that pre-trib pre-mill dispensational teenage boy in your home? Don't worry, wholesome Christian entertainiment is but a mouse click away! You can still purchase the Left Behind: Eternal Forces video game!"


  • Free Online Books: John A.T. Robinson - Redating the New Testament "One of the oddest facts about the New Testament is that what on any showing would appear to be the single most datable and climactic event of the period - the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70, and with it the collapse of institutional Judaism based on the temple - is never once mentioned as a past fact."


  • Revelations: Vatican may open St. Paul's tomb "The Vatican said on Monday it was studying the possibility of opening a thick marble sarcophagus believed to contain the remains of the 1st century apostle St Paul to study its contents."


  • Free Online Books: Thomas Lewin, Titus Flavius Sabinus The siege of Jerusalem by Titus, with the Journal of a Recent Visit to the Holy City  (1863) "Of all the evidences, the one perhaps entitled to the greatest respect is the testimony of the Jews themselves by the immemorial custom of assembling at what is called the Wailing-place, to bemoan the loss of their beloved sanctuary.  The tradition carries value with it, as one accompanied with a ceremony, and that not attractive from outward gaud, or as ministering to pleasure or amusement, but it is the outpouring of a broken spirit, and one which could only have originated in the destruction of their Temple, and must have been coeval with that event, and thence transmitted from generation to generation."


  • Critical: Preterist Wall of Shame The pictures of the men on this Wall Of Shame are those who have perverted the Word of God and are teaching the false 70AD rapture doctrine of the Catholic Church. They are to be disfellowshipped and not allowed in any Apostolic Jesus Name Pentecostal Church unless they repent and come out of this false doctrine.

  •  Revelations: St Paul`s tomb unearthed in Rome ROME, GA, Italy (UPI) — Archaeologists unearthed a sarcophagus containing what they believe to be the remains of St. Paul the Apostle. The tomb, dating back to at least 390 A.D., lay in a crypt under a basilica in Rome.

  • ARTchive: A Meditation on Rembrandt's Jerusalem "2006 marked the 400 anniversary of Rembrandt’s birth. This oil on panel painting is one of the finest works of Rembrandt's Leiden period. For many years it was incorrectly identified but it certainly shows Jeremiah; who had prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (Jeremiah, chapters 32, 33), lamenting over the destruction of the city. "

  • MP: Abundant Life Fellowship Prophecy Conference - Morgantown, IN, Jan. 18-20, 2007 - Guest Speakers, Don K. Preston, James "Bud" Sparks, Marvin "MJ" Sparks



  • Preterist-Idealism: Nathan DuBois - The Nature of the Christ: The Dilemma of Chronology (2006) "Jesus was Messiah from the foundation, He did not become the Messiah only after He did the work. He did the work to reveal Himself as Messiah.. Are we really putting the "Type" as being the purpose and fulfillment over the "anti-type" to which they pointed?

  • HP: Kenneth L. Gentry Jr. : Of Preterists and Postmillennialists (2001) "Although it is true that hyper- preterism holds that the entire Olivet Discourse speaks of A.D. 70, one’s position on that particular question does not necessarily lock one into the hyper-preterist heresy. The difference in interpretation at this specific point might be altogether negligible between an orthodox interpreter and a hyper-preterist. In fact, there are several verses where we find disagreement among orthodox interpreters and in which similarity to the hyper-preterist position may be noted. Where the fundamental differences would arise would be in other passages and on specific theological questions."

  • HP: Babu Ranganathan: The Bible vs. Traditional View of Hell (2006) "Evangelist John L. Bray gives an interesting commentary on this phrase: "that in the day thou doeth such and such, thou shalt surely die," is an idiom understood by the Hebrew people, and it meant "in the day you do such and such, know for certain that you will die." The day the action took place determined what would result later; it was settled (emphasis mine) on the day the action took place."

  • Free Online Books: Joost Van Den Vondel - Hierusalem Verwoest - Hierusalem Verwoest (1620 - PDF)

  • Free Online Books: "Ben Asaph" - The Moriad: or, End of the Jewish State - The End of the Jewish State (1857 - PDF)




  • Preterist Watchdog/Testimonies From Former Full Preterists: William Price: My blog about coming out from false doctrine, and into Kingdom reality (2006) "I wanted it to be public that I renounce my full preterist position..  It is not as if prophecy is a salvation issue, but just wanted to share this."


  • Preterist-Idealism: Nathan DuBois - God, The Judge of the Heart "The gospel is living, it is active. Today men are judged righteous or unrighteous by being "in Christ" or not.  Judgment accompanied the kingdom because it was at the "revelation of Christ" in AD 70, to the world, that men were judged by the gospel vs. the law. "

  • FP : Added Quote from Sam Frost: Observations "Preterism is an interpretive system that is locked on the events of 66-70 A.D.  It views this as the decisive eschatological event.  The Second Coming, Resurrection of the Dead and Great Judgment are seen as having taken place in and around these years. This is a contradiction to Christian orthodoxy and its Creeds, Councils and all the Reformed, Baptist, and Methodist Standards (and we wonder why preterists are called "heretics"!)."             "The whole world was changed.  What once reigned over all the world (the Sin and the Death of Adam) was now replaced with a new reign, a new kingdom: the Grace and Righteousness..  As preterists we must assert that our present day existence in the world is not one which is ruled by the Death and the Sin.  Rather, our own time since the time of Christ's parousia, is ruled by the Grace and Righteousness.  Let me assert quite plainly: all men are under the rule of the Grace and RighteousnessNo man is under the rule of the Death and the Sin.  How can anyone who is a preterist claim that any man is under the reign of "the Death" when clearly "the Death" has been defeated and "swallowed up in victory" as Rev 20.14,15 clearly illustrates?  And, if "the Death" has been defeated entirely for all men, then "the Sin" that reigned "in the Death" has equally been hurled into the "lake of fire."  In other words, the Sin has been removed from the cosmos along with the Death.  This is not just true for believers in Christ, but true for all men, everywhere. If I left the article here, many would assume that the only result of such a theology is universal salvation for every man.  This would be true.  But, because Scripture informs our thinking so that we think God's thoughts about the world around us, such a conclusion cannot be reached."


  • Critical: Bill Reeves: The Preterist View Heresy  "About a year ago Brother Max King, of Warren, Ohio, came out with his new book, entitled The Spirit Of Prophecy, advocating a Preterist-View of prophecy. This teaching has caused a mild furor among the liberal brethren wherever it has had a hearing. The following series of articles will review this novel doctrine, as set forth in a series of lectures by King before the Brookwood Way church of Christ, Mansfield, Ohio, in the summer of ‘70, in several presentations which he and C. D. Beagle made before groups of liberal preachers last year (‘71) (and also recorded), and in King’s book."

11/25/6: PreteristArchive.CD Version X - "Reformation Day" Edition - Update to reflect all website updates, materials through 11/15/6 (notably the discovery of Samuel Lee)

* All "Secret Archives CD" editions updated with new books, materials


  • Critical: John Loftus: Debunking Christianity: Preterism is an Admission that Jesus Failed to Return - "if the Trinitarian God has always reigned over his world, then what difference did it make to the world in general that Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD? Presumably God (Father, Son, & Spirit) never had to ask anyone for permission to reign over his world. The Bible claims he just does, and that he always has done so. It really doesn't matter to God whether or not people acknowledge that he does--he just does. So if preterists are correct that God-in-Jesus started reigning in 70 AD, then who is Jesus now reigning over that he didn't reign over before then? So what difference did the destruction of Jerusalem make in the lives of anyone at all with regard to the reign of God-in-Jesus? "

  • Critical: Paul Manata: No Fair, You're Cheating "What's he talking about? What was the "return" that the early church expected? A bodily one? The one where Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead, etc? Well, "partial-preterism" doesn't think that this "return" has happened. So it looks like Loftus doesn't understand either partial-preterism or early church history. Which is it partner?"

  • P-I: Blog: Nate4OneNation - "Where do we put the value of the truth. In the event? Or the pre-existing fact, kept in secret, from the very beginning. Is it us in AD 2006 seeing the cross made of wood, and the temple made of stone that crumbled, that can boast, because of those events (AD 30-70), that our salvation is true? Or was it true, because God declared it before the foundation of the world ever existed."


  • HP: Duncan McKenzie: Duncan McKenzie: The Covenant Judgments of Revelation "The new heaven and earth in Revelation (and Isaiah) is not heaven. Notice, it still has unrighteous people in it, those outside the New (covenant) Jerusalem (Rev. 22:14-15). The new heaven and new earth is a symbolic representation of the post AD 70 spiritual order of this planet. The old covenant order (the old heaven and earth) flees and the new covenant order (the new heaven and earth) is established (Rev. 20:11; 21:1-2). One has to constantly remember that the truths of Revelation are communicated by way of symbols (Rev. 1:1). In the new heaven and earth hose who are part of the New Jerusalem bride have access to the tree and water of life (Rev. 22:1-2); those outside of the new covenant city do not. "


  • Bibliography: Gary DeMar and Francis X. Gumerlock: The Early Church and the End of the World (2006) "Francis X. Gumerlock has undertaken the task of translating a number of ancient and medieval commentators who have written on Matthew 24 and Revelation.  He shows that many early and medieval Christian writers believed that these prophecies had already been fulfilled before the "end" of Jerusalem, that is, before its destruction by the Romans in A.D. 70 which resulted in the end of the Old Covenant world."


  • Free Online Books: Sir David Lyndesay: Ane Dialog: Of the Most Miserabill and Most Terrabill Distruction of Jerusalem (1555) "For extreme hunger, zald the spreit.  Thare wes the Prophesie compleit, As Christ affore made narration, The day of his grym Pasioun.. This Prophesie it come to pas, That day, with mony lowde Allas!"

  • Free Online Books: Thomas Nashe: "Christ's Tears over Jerusalem" (1593) - "It is not unknown by how many & sundry ways God spake by visions, dreams, prophecies and wonders to his chosen Jerusalem, only to move his chosen Jerusalem wholly to cleave unto him. Visions, dreams, prophecies and wonders were in vain; this gorgeous strumpet Jerusalem, too too much presuming of the promises of old, went awhoring after her own inventions; she thought the Lord unseparately tied to his temple, & that he could never be divorced from the ark of his covenant, that, having bound himself with an oath to Abraham, he could not (though he would) removed the law out of Judah, or his judgment-seat from Mount Shiloh. They erred most temptingly & contemptuously"

  • HP: Gary DeMar: "Shreds of Preterism" Among First-Century Writers "Ice and LaHaye get off on the wrong foot in their analysis of preterism. The historical argument is a death blow, or to use Mark Hitchcock’s metaphor from his chapter on the dating of Revelation, "A Stake in the Heart" to their brand of futurism. The earliest historical sources, the Didache, 1 Clement, and the testimony of James, the brother of Jesus, demonstrate that preterism’s history is a first-century history. "

  • FP: Kurt Simmons: Christ's Eschatological Coming: Jewish or Universal? "In the almost 25 years I have been a Preterist, my understanding of the eschaton has grown and changed. In the early years, it was natural to view Christ’s eschatological coming almost exclusively in terms of God’s judgment upon the Jews and the end of the temple service and Mosaic law. With time, I began to widen my study to take account of troublesome passages that seemed outside the scope of Jerusalem’s fall "


  •  Advent Christian Church marks 120 years - "The church’s history has much to do with waiting for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and Superintendent for the Advent Christian denomination Clinton E. Taber feels that the last days of human existence as we know it are near."

  • Free Online Books: Stephen Davis: Don't Be "Left Behind" (PDF) - "This is my new book which examines the popular doctrine of a pretribulation rapture and shows that it is unbiblical. Rather, this book takes a partial preterist, amillennial approach to eschatology."

  • Blog: Peter Leithart

  • Bibliography: Peter J Leithart: The Promise of His Appearing (PDF Except) - A brief commentary on II Peter from a preterist perspective. Dr Leithart patiently takes the reader through the whole book, showing that the whole is concerned with the coming of Christ in AD70, the Destruction of the Temple and the End of the Old Covenant:

A. Fruitfulness and knowledge of Christ, 1:1-11
B. Reminder of the power an coming of Christ, 1:12-21
C. False prophets, 2:1-3
D. God knows how to protect the righteous, 2:4-10a
C. False teachers, 2:10b – 22
B. Reminder of the Day of the Lord, 3:1-13
A. Encouragement to perseverance, 3:14-18




  • Free Online Books: Nehemiah Nisbett: The Triumphs of Christianity Over Infidelity Displayed, or, the Coming of the Messiah (1802) the True Key to the Right Understanding of the Most Difficult Passages in the New Testament; viz. of the Predictions of the Coming of Christ, of St. Paul's Man of Sin, of the Antichrist of St. John, and of the Sure Word of Prophecy of St. Peter; Being a Full Answer to the Objection of Mr. Gibbon, That our Lord and His Apostles Predicted the Near Approach of the End of the World in their own Time. The Whole being intended as an Illustration of the Necessity and Importance of Considering the Gospels as Histories, and Particularly as Histories of the great Controversy between our Lord and the Jews, Concerning the True Nature of the Messiah's Character.


(Alford On Preterism)
"16.On the other hand, some have regarded the prophecy as one already fulfilled.  So Grotius, Wetstein, Le Clerc, Whitby, Schöttgen, Nösselt, Krause, and Harduin.  All these concur in referring the "advent of the Lord" to the coming of Christ in the destruction of Jerusalem". 

17. Grotius holds Antichrist to be the godless Caligula, who ordered universal supplication to himself as the High God, and would have set up a colossal image of himself in the temple at Jerusalem : and in "him that hindereth" he sees L. Vitellius, the proconsul of Syria and Judaea, whose term of office delayed the putting up of the statue, -- and in "that lawless one" Simon Magus.  This theory is liable to the two very serious objections, 1) that it makes "the  man of sin" and the lawless one" into two seperate persons: 2) that it involves an anachronism, our Epistle having been written after Caligula's time.

18.  According to Wetstein, the "man of sin" is Titus, whose army, "while the temple was burning and all around it, taking their standards into the sacred enclosure, and placing them before the eastern gate, sacrificed to them there, and saluted Titus imperator with great cheering." (Josephus.)  His "hinderer" is Nero, whose death was necessary for the reign of Titus, and his apostacy, the rebellion and slaughter of three princes, Galba, Otho, and Vitellius, which brought in the Flavian family.   But this is the very height of absurdity, and surely needs no serious refutation.

19. Hammond makes the man of sin to be Simon Magus, and the Gnostics, whose head he was.   The "gathering together to Christ." ver. 1, he interprets as the "greater liberty of assembling in Church meetings to worship Christ:" the apostacy, the falling off of Christians to Gnosticism (1 Tim. iv. 1) : the revelation of the man of sin, the Gnostics "putting off their disguise, and revealing themselves in their colours, i.e. cruel, professed enemies to Christ and Christians :" ver. 4 refers to Simon "making himself the supreme Father of all, who had created the God of the Jews" (Iren. i. 20).  By that which hindereth, he understands the union yet subsisting more or less between the Christians and the Jews in the Apostle's estimation, which was removed when the Apostles entirely separated from the Jews: and him that hindereth he maintains to virtually the same with that which hindereth, but if any masculine subject must be supplied, would make it the law.   The mystery of lawlessness he referes to the wicked lives of these Gnostics, but mostly to their persecution of the Christians.  Ver. 8 he explains of the conflict at Rome between Simon and the Apostles Peter and Paul, which ended in the death of the former.  Lunemann adds, "The exegetical and historical monstrosity of this interpretation is at present universally acknowledged."

20.  Le Clerc holds the apostasy to be the rebellion of the Jewish people against the yoke of Rome : the man of sin, the rebel Jews, and especially their leader Simon, son of Giora, whose atrocities are related in Josephus: every one called God, &c. denotes the government : - "that which hindereth" is whatever hindered the open breaking out of the rebellion, -- partly the influence of those Jews in office who dissuaded the war, - partly fear of the Roman armies : and he that hindereth, on one side, the "Roman prefect," - on the other, the "chief men of the nation, King Agrippa and most of the high priests."   The mystery of lawlessness is the rebellious ambition, which under the cloke of Jewish independence and zeal for the law of Moses, was even then at work, and at length broke openly forth.

21. Whitby takes the Jewish people for Antichrist, and finds in the apostasy the falling away of the Jewish converts to their old Judaism, alluded to in the Epistle to the Hebrews (iii. 12-14 ; iv. 11 ; vi. 4-6 ; x. 26,27 al. fr.).  His "hinderer" is "the Emperor Claudius, who will let till he be taken away, i.e. he will hinder the Jews from breaking out into an open rebellion in his time, they being so signally and particularly obliged by him, that they cannot for shame think of revolting from his government."

22. Schöttgen takes Antichrist to be the Pharisees, Rabbis and Doctors of the law, who set themselves above God, and had impious stories tending to bring Him into contempt : the apostasy, the rebellion against Rome : the hindrance, "the Christians, who by their prayers put off the event for some time, until they, admonished by a divine oracle, departed from Jerusalem, and seceded to Pella : " the mystery of iniquity, "the perverse doctrine itself," referring to 1 Tim. iii. 16.

23. Nösselt and Krause understand by Antichrist the Jewish zealots, and by the hindrance, Claudius, as Whitby.  Lastly, Harduin makes the apostasy the falling off of the Jews to paganism, -- the man of sin, the High Priest Ananias (Acts. xxiii. 2), -- the hinderer, his predecessor, whose term of office must come to an end before he could be elected.  From the beginning of his term, the man of sin was working as a prophet of lies, and was destroyed at the taking of Jerusalem by TItus.

"All these preterist interpretations have against them one fatal objections :- that it is impossible to conceive of the destruction of Jerusalem as in any sense corresponding to the Lord's coming, in St. Paul's sense of the term : see especially, as bearing immediately on this passage, 1 Thess. ii. 19; iii. 13 ; iv. 15 ; v. 23."  (The New Testament for English Readers, First Thessalonians, Introduction, p 86)

[Search Russell's Parousia for his answer to Alford]


  • FP:  Kurt Simmons: The New Heavens and Earth "The new heavens and earth were symbols for the prevailing conditions and changed fortunes of God’s people in the world under the reigning Christ following the tribulation of the last days; they look to New Testament times, but are not the New Testament itself. "




  • Free Online Books: Samuel Lee: Preliminary Dissertations on Eusebius' Theophany (1843) - NOW COMPLETE - Section I. On the alleged Arianism of Eusebius, and on the manner in which he has expressed his opinions.  Section II. On the Opinions of Eusebius, as deducible from the History of the Council of Nice.  Section III. On the Opinions of Eusebius as discoverable in his Controversy with Marcellus. (lvi) General Conclusion. (xcviii)


  • Blog: Divisions in the church - "I was reading some preterist material and i was thinking about all the different doctrines men follow. many are sincere and truth seekers.. lovers of God and His word. while i do not agree with many on their understandings nor they mine we can still be brothers and sisters in Christ and hopefully work together for our better understanding."

  • Saturday in Ventura, CA - Freethinkers ponder on Jesus' return  - The Freethinkers of Ventura County will meet from 7:30 to 9 p.m. Saturday. Guest speaker Mike Godfrey will give a presentation on "A Preterist View of Revelation: Jesus Has Already Returned." There is no cost to attend. For more information, call 386-4232.

  • New Historical Preterist Book: Harold Eberle and Martin Trench Victorious Eschatology: "Here it is - a biblically-based, optimistic view of the future. Along with a historical perspective, Harold R. Eberle and Martin Trench present a clear understanding of Matthew 24 and other key passages about the events to precede the return of Jesus Christ. Satan is not going to take over this world. Jesus Christ is Lord and He will reign until every enemy is put under His feet!"

  • Advertisement for "Ephraim Currier - The Second Coming of Christ, and the Resurrection" - Provided by Clarice Currier:



  • Samuel Lee: Preliminary Dissertations on Eusebius' Theophany (1843) PART III. ON THE PERSONAL REIGN OF CHRIST ON EARTH. | PART IV. ON THE RESTORATION OF THE JEWS  "As to his opinions on Prophecy, on the personal reign of Christ, and on the restoration of the Jews, I may perhaps say, proof has been given that these were well founded. It is, I think, impossible to find any questions wore determinately settled and fixed in the Scriptures than these are. In the question of Prophecy, declarations the most plain and positive are so bound up with facts, the occurrence of which is well known to all, that it is impossible to conceive of any thing more plain, certain, and determinate, than this question is.  Again, our Lord, His Evangelist John, and His Apostles generally, connect this, beyond all possibility of doubt, with the generation then existing; and both these, as well as the Prophet Daniel, affirm, that, when the particular events so pointed out shall have taken place, then all is fulfilled; the purposes of God are finished, as declared by His Prophets, and the end is come. The Fifth kingdom of Daniel, the New Heaven and Earth of Isaiah and the Apocalypse, and the New Jerusalem of the latter, is for ever established. All is here plain, fixed, and determined: no ingenious conjectures, no wire-drawn theory therefore, no double, triple, &c. interpretation, no devices turning aside the obvious import of language, are here wanted ; all is plain, simple, obvious, and requiring no powers higher than those of the rustic, for its comprehension, and, for its reception, nothing beyond the simple and sincere desire of knowing the truth. And, what is perhaps best of all, it will throw a clear and steady light over the whole of the Old Testament, making its prophetic declarations as easy, and obvious, as are the doctrines of the New ; and, at the same time, afford a system of evidence, in all respects irresistible. As to the other questions, just mentioned, they are so intimately connected with this, that what determines the one must also determine the other : if the requirements of Prophecy are fulfilled ; then nothing remains to be done by the Jews for this purpose. The period is past; and faith in the Christ of God, is now their only resource ; and this comprehends no privileges whatsoever of an earthly nature."

  • Free Online Books: Stephen Charnock (Puritan) : A Discourse of God's being the Author of Reconciliation (1680) "The time of his coming was fixed in Jacob's prophecy about the time of the fall of the Jewish government, Gen. xlix. 10, before the ruin of the second temple, Mall iii.1, after seventy weeks of years from the time of Daniel's prophecy." "You know how he armed the Romans against them, discharged his wrath upon them, gave up the city and temple, which they (and even their enemies) studied to preserve, for the death of his Son, as a prey to the fury and avarice of the enemies."


  • Samuel Lee: Preliminary Dissertations on Eusebius' Theophany (1843) Part II.  Remarks on the Views of Eusebius on Prophecy "Add to this, (the book of Revelation's) own repeated declarations, that what was then said was shortly to come to pass [Chap. i. 1, 3; iii. 11; xxii. 7,10, 12, 20.]; and we shall be led to a conclusion as strong as words and facts can make it, that the purposes of God, as declared by the Prophets, and generally summed up in this Book, have been long ago fulfilled and finished."

  • [Matt. xxiv. 34. Mark xiii. 30. Luke xxi. 32. See the note above on the term γένηται. A passage to the same effect occurs (Matt. xvi. 28.) "There be some, standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom ;" and again (John xxi. 21), "If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee?" all intended, no doubt, to fix and determine the period here had in view. Let this be remembered.] ; Mark, xiii. 30, with the fall of the Temple (Luke xxi. 5, 6), the investiture of Jerusalem by the Roman army (ib. ver. 21), the captivity of the Jews (ib. ver. 24. comp. vv. 28, 29—31), and all those other remarkable events which so soon, and so exactly corresponding with these predictions, actually took place for the first, and necessarily for the last, time. The period of these Beginnings is therefore, too particularly defined to admit of doubt as to when it was."

  • "2 Pet. Ill. 13. Examine this chapter from ver. 7 to the end, with the parallel passages marked in the margin, and it will be found, that no dissolution of the natural world could have been meant. It had long been foretold, that the Jewish polity should be destroyed by fire; comp. Deut. xxxii. 21, with Hos. x. 19; and ib. Deut. ver. 22, seq. and ver. 43, which unites, as here, the nations with the Church of God."

  • "And, I may conclude here generally, that, from a close and accurate comparison of these several Visions, it must appear clear to demonstration, that, upon the fall of these four kingdoms, a Fifth should arise which should never end ; that the period marked, as that in which the fourth of these should fall, was termed the End, the latter days, and the like generally: that, at a certain point of this, the abomination of desolation should be set up; and that, after this, even to the end ; in other words, to the fulfilment of every thing here had in view, troubles such as never had been, and never should hereafter be, heard of, tribulation, indignation, and wrath, should take place : and that, when the (now) Mighty and Holy People, the Christian Church, should have spread and established its power, under the guidance of the Almighty miraculously granted, all these things should be fully and family accomplished. These Visions are so intimately, and indissolubly, linked together, and are hence so obvious and plain, as to what they unfold, and have been so bound up by our Lord Himself, with the extraordinary events which were soon to follow upon His death, that no power either human or angelic, can possibly separate them, or make them apply to any other times or circumstances."

  • (On the "thousand years") "Our Lord himself had moreover, assured the Disciples, that all the power of the Enemy should be subject to them" [ Luke x. 17—25, ib. 10, "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven." Comp. John xii. 31; xvi. 11. Rev. xii. 9, 10. After this, ver. 12, seq. he commences the persecutions; but the "Woman, i.e. the (Church, is preserved during these times in safety; i.e. for a time, times, and a half; i.e. 3½ days, or during the first portion of our prophetical week. Comp. Mark xvi. 17,18; and Matth. xii. 29. In Rev. xx. 2 : The Dragon, the old Serpent, the Devil, is bound for a thousand years; after the expiration of which, he is to be let loose for a season. From ver. 4 to 7, the Saints reign with Christ a thousand years, i.e. during the period in which Satan is bound. This period is therefore, that of the Apostolical Millennium, and it is termed a thousand years for the reasons assigned above. See also my Exposition [TD: Likely his 1830 work "Six sermons on the study of the Holy Scriptures"], p. 339, &c. At ver. 7, this period being expired, Satan is let loose to make war on the Saints. (ver 8, 9). After this his body is given to "the burning flame;" and then the new heaven and new earth descend from above. This period is therefore fixed.] , which Eusebius has also very properly noticed. And, if this period may be termed " the day of the Lord, consisting of an "Evening and Morning" or, be said to be equivalent to "a Thousand years," in the language of prophecy ; it will be no extravagant thing to affirm, that this must have been the period, during which Satan should " be bound for a thousand years:" and therefore, the Evangelical millennium of the Apocalypse. "


Added to Samuel Lee

A Review of Lee's 1837 "Translation of the Book of Job, with an Introduction and Commentary."


  • High Nibley: Christian Envy of the Temple "The supplanting of a stone temple by "a spiritual edifice" is for Neander nothing less than "the mightiest achievement in the history of humanity." It is a simple, eloquent formula: "The Messiah's kingdom would supplant the outworn system of the past. He would raise up a new temple of the spirit."

  • Eusebius: The Theophania, or Divine Manifestation of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - Added Review "The Second Coming is treated by Eusebius as not an essential event, and even less like a culminating event, but only as one element which plays a symmetrical part as that of the theophanies of the Old Testament, compared to the first coming." (Loose translation from French)


  • Hippolytus of Rome: HIPPOLYTUS ON ST. MATTHEW XXIV. 15-22 - IN a Paper which appeared in the last number of Hermathena (Vol. VI, pp. 397-418) I gave some extracts from the unpublished Commentary of Dionysius Barsalibi on the Apocalypse: "It contains, moreover, an incidental statement which, if true, is an interesting addition to our knowledge of the history of the capture of the city. Josephus makes no mention of the setting up of an idol in the Temple, which Hippolytus here relates as the act of a Roman commander named Trajanus. But he mentions a Trajanus as being prefect of the tenth legion at the time when Jotapata was besieged (B. J., bk. III., chh. vii. 31, viii. 8), who may be presumed to be the same person. And the name of the idol, Kore, of course represents Κορή, 19 or Persephone, whose images, set up beside watersprings, were so familiar to Justin in the second century, probably in Palestine (Apol. 1. 64)."

  • St. Ambrose (To Theodosius) "Has your Majesty never heard that when Julian commanded the temple at Jerusalem to be restored, they who cleared away the rubbish were destroyed by fire from heaven? Are you not afraid lest this should now happen? Surely you ought not to have commanded what Julian commanded."

  • Julian the Apostate Study Archive: Julian Against the Galileans (363) ""Why is it, I repeat, that after deserting us you do not accept the law of the Jews or abide by the sayings of Moses? No doubt some sharp-sighted person will answer, "The Jews too do not sacrifice." But I will convict him of being terribly dull-sighted, for in the first place I reply that neither do you also observe any one of the other customs observed by the Jews; and, secondly, that the Jews do sacrifice in their own houses, and even to this day everything that they eat is consecrated; and they pray before sacrificing, and give the right shoulder to the priests as the firstfruits; but since they have been deprived of their temple, or, as they are accustomed to call it, their holy place, they are prevented from offering the firstfruits of the sacrifice to God. But why do you not sacrifice, since you have invented your new kind of sacrifice and do not need Jerusalem at all?"

  •  Books: It’s the end of the world as we know it — again



  • Free Online Books: Samuel Lee (1851) The Events and Times of the Visions of Daniel and St. John "These predictions.. therefore were fulfilled to the very letter : and the facts of the case make it utterly impossible they can be fulfilled again."  -- A Reviewer On This Book: "Surely one, who can understand the language 'a thousand years' as denoting the insignificant period reaching from the time of Christ to the destruction of Jerusalem -- about half a century -- is utterly unworthy of the office he has taken upon himself -- to expound the prophecies of the Word of God."

  • Revelations/Papyrology: Manuscripts from the Egyptian Monasteries But it is above all to the Syriac or Aramaic that we may look for the recovery of works lost in the original Greek. This language, which with slight variations prevailed from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates, and from the confines of Arabia and Egypt to Armenia, not only possesses a peculiar interest for us as being that used by our Saviour and his disciples, but also as being the vernacular tongue of many writers who hold a high rank in Grecian literature; whose works therefore can hardly be entirely free from some of the idiomatic expressions of their native land."


  • Free Online Books: Norman Bentwich: Josephus  (1914) "Yet did they occasion the fulfilment of prophecies relating to their country. For there was an ancient oracle that the city should be taken and the sanctuary burnt when sedition should affect the Jews." Josephus shares the pagan outlook of the Roman historian Tacitus, who is horrified at the Jewish disregard of the omens and portents which betokened the fall of their city, and speaks of them as a people prone to superstition (what we would call faith) and deaf to divine warnings (what we would call superstition). Josephus and his friends were looking for signs and prophecies of the ruin of the people as an excuse for surrender; the Zealots, men of sterner stuff and of fuller faith, were resolved to resist to the end, and would brook no parleying with the enemy."



  • Jewish Sources: Forty Years "time is running out. Could we be at the end of the forty-year grace period? Could it have started with the Six Day War back in 1967? Our rabbis teach us that that in the seventh year - the Sabbatical year - will be wars, and the year after, the Messiah will come. In our recent history, we find that the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War, the first and second Intifada all took place during a Sabbatical year. And now we are approaching (in late 2007) another Sabbatical year. Could this be the end of the forty-year grace period that started in '67?"

  • Critical: The Preacher's Files: Matthew 24 - Answering the Preterist Argument - "Reading the discussion that happened in the summer concerning Mt.24 (how I got there I don’t know) I finally saw the problem with the Preterist argument. They interpret Mt.24:30 as the 2nd coming and we understand that it refers to 70AD. Then they equate Rev.1:7 to the same thus fulfilling Revelation in 70 AD. I believe Rev.1:7 refers to the end of the Roman persecuting power (that Revelation is warning the Christians of the day about) fulfilled by the coming of Constantine in 313 AD? "

  • Discussion Board - 2007 Format Up and Running




"From this reasoning of Eusebius, it is evident that he believed that the End had come. And in this there can be no doubt, I think, he was right; but as this involves a question very ill understood at this day, it may be right to offer a few words here, as to what is meant by the End."

"Now, our Lord has identified his predictions (Matt. xxiv. and Luke xxi.) with these of Daniel. In the former (ver. 14.) He says: " then shall the END come. When ye therefore shall see the abomination... spoken of by Daniel the prophet" (ix. 27; xii. 11.)..." then shall be great tribulation" (ver. 21. comp. Dan. ix. 26; xii. 1.) ', ver. 34, "This generation shall not pass till all these things be," i. e. commenced (comp. ver. 8.). In the latter (Luke xxi. ver. 22.) " These be the days of vengeance, that ALL THINGS which are written MAY BE FULFILLED" (i. e. in them). That the terms, latter days, last days, end of the world, ends of the world, the fulness of time, refer to the times of the Apostles, and those immediately subsequent to these, the Concordance, with the parallels marked in our common Bibles, will be sufficient to shew."


  • Study Archive: Dr. Israel Perkins Warren - Author of "The Parousia, A Critical Study.." (1879) Congregationalist Pastor - "(The book) maintains that the second coming of our Lord has already occurred, that he is now reigning with his saints, and that his kingdom is to go on, with continually increasing glory."  "For ourselves, we are free to confess that if the Scriptures could be shown to harmonize with the doctrine of an immediate resurrection, we should be glad to accept it."


  • Free Online Books: Patrick Fairbairn: The Typology of Scripture - Two Volumes in One (2nd., 1854) "Thus, the deliverance accomplished from the yoke of Babylon formed a fitting stepping-stone to the main subject of the prophecy - the revelation of God in the person and work in the Son.   The certainty of the one - a certainty soon to be realized - was a pledge of the ultimate certainty of the other ; and the character also of the former, as a singular and unexpected manifestation of the Lord's power to deliver his people and lay their enemies in the dust, was a prefiguration of what was to be accomplished once for all in the salvation to be wrought out by Jesus Christ. There are few portions of Old Testament prophecy, which altogether resemble the one we have been considering.  Perhaps that which approaches nearest to it, in the mode of combining type with prophecy, is the thirty-fourth chapter of Isaiah, which is not a direct and simple delineation of the judgments that were destined to alight upon Idumea, but rather an ideal representation of the judgments preparing to alight on the enemies generally of God's people, founded upon the approaching desolations of Edom, which it contemplates as the type of the destruction which awaits all the adversaries."  (pp. 125-126)


  • Free Online Books: Ephraim Currier - The Second Coming of Christ, and the Resurrection; Showing by an Appeal to the Bible as it Reads, Aside From All Human Creeds and Commentaries, the Opinions of all Sects of Religionists of this Vastly Interesting Subject, to be Merely Human Opinions, and Wholly Irreconcilable with the Word of God (1841) "If any thing can be proved by the word of God, I pledge myself to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that the resurrection of the Jews and all Christian believers, was at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans."

  • Study Archive: Ephraim Currier Study Archive - "I have nothing to expect from the sympathies of any sect of religionists now in existence"

  • Marion Morris : Christ's Second Coming Fulfilled: Added a PDF File of "Christ's Second Coming Fulfilled"

  • Revelations: Norman Golb may be right after all “Whosoever severs the link between the site, its Essene community and the scrolls found in the caves, of necessity also undermines all previous ideas about the nature and provenance of the scrolls,” Magen and Peleg wrote. Those words constitute a great vindication, if not total victory, for Golb, noted Robert Eisenman, a professor at California State University at Long Beach. “Magen and Peleg have done professor Golb a great service,” said Eisenman."

Added to Visual Timeline of the Roman-Jewish War



  • Study Archive: Quakers Study Archive - "Thy Seventh reason is, ‘that it is the mind and will of God, that this (Lord's Supper) ordinance should be continued in his church, until the second coming of Christ to judgment.’ By which second coming thou and you understand his outward coming; for which you have no ground to say, that he bid them observe it, till his outward coming so many hundred years after: for the Scripture speaks nothing so, but thus; ‘ye show forth my death till I come.’ Now we say, he did come according to his promise, in a spiritual and inward way of appearance in their hearts, feeding them with the heavenly food and refreshment of his own life and Spirit, which is the substance. And concerning his coming he speaks unto them in many places, particularly John xiv. 18. ‘I will not leave you fatherless, I will come unto you. Yet a little while, and the world seeth me not; but ye shall see me.’

  • Free Online Books: Quakers Study Archive: Isaac Penington - The Jew Outward Being a Glass of the Professor of Our Age (1659) "Now thou who readest this, take heed of judging the Jews for all this wickedness, while the same nature is alive in thee which did all this in them: for assuredly thou (in whom that nature which did it in them is not subdued) wouldst have done the same thing, hadst thou lived in those days. Thou that disdainest and persecutest the appearance of Christ in this age, wouldst have disdained and have persecuted his appearance in that age. Do not deceive thy soul. Therefore, O ye professors, be not so conceited like the Jews, and running after them into their desolation and misery, but learn wisdom by their fall! Do not you set up your ordinances and scriptures, after the manner that they set up theirs; for this is your danger: for this I clearly, in the light of the Lord, testify to you; that if ye gather a knowledge and wisdom from the letter of the Scriptures, after the manner that they did, without knowledge of the Word within, and without a light within from that Word, ye lose the living faith, ye are but dead branches; and all your knowledge of scriptures, and practices, and faith, and duties, &c., that ye here hold and observe, are but for the fire; and the flames of eternal wrath shall kindle more fiercely upon you because of them, than upon the Jews; for ye stumble upon the same stumbling-stone at which they stumbled and fell, and it will fall upon you also. "

  • Free Online Books: Isaac Pennington: Axe Laid to the Root of the OLD CORRUPT TREE; and the Spirit of Deceit struck at in its Nature (1659) "To the Jews, who were an outward people, there was an outward rule given, a law of commandments, statutes, judgments, and ordinances, proper to that  state wherein they were, and to that thing to which the ministry was: but all this was to be done away, and to end in that which all this represented. So that to Christians, Christ the substance being come, which is the end of all these shadows, the true Jew being raised in the immediate life, now there is a necessity for the immediate life for the rule."



  • Study Archive: George Fox Study Archive - Founder, Society of Friends

  • Free Online Books: George Fox: A Visitation to the Jews (1656) "Now he that sits on the throne of David, his seed witness him Lord and king, who is the prince of life, that hath dominion over death, and through death has destroyed him that hath the power of death; and repentance is preached, and remission of sins through faith in him, from whom comes the refreshing into the soul."

  • Free Online Books: Margaret Fox: A Call Out of Egypt's Darkness (1668) "For the outward law, which was written in tables of Stone, which was to the Jews onely, is changed, and the circumcision which was outward, and the Sabboath which was outward, and the Priests which were outward, and the Temple which was outward; these were figures, tipes, and shadows of him, who was to come; the body, and substance of these is CHRIST JESUS, who comes to fulfil the Law, and is the end of the Law for Righteousness; who washeth, and cleanseth, and purgeth by his blood, all that come unto the Father by him"


  • Revelations: JPost: Buried Treasures "Many Jews believe - almost as an article of faith - that the Temple artifacts remain there in Rome, secreted away in vaults beneath the Vatican."





  • Free Online Books: Moses Stuart: A Commentary on the Apocalypse (1845) “The manner of the declaration here seems to decide, beyond all reasonable appeal, against a later period than about A.D.67 or 68, for the composition of the Apocalypse.”

  • Free Online Books: David B. Updegraff: Old Corn: Or, Sermons and Addresses on the Spiritual Life (1892 - 383 pages) "THE effort to make people believe that the promised parousia [coming] of our Lord took place at the "destruction of Jerusalem" tends to mislead souls, blot out the Christian's hope, and destroy the value of Scripture as a definite testimony to anything."  (p. 278)

  • Free Online Books/Nero: E. Theodor Klette: Die Christenkatastrophe unter Nero (1907 - German)

  • ARTchive/Numismatics: Franklin Mint "History of Mankind" (1974)

  • Preterism Study Archive: Added Early Reference to "Preterite Form" "The true force of the preterite and future forms, as here employed, is that according to God's purpose, it has come to pass and will come to pass hereafter." (1851: Isaiah Translated and Explained by Joseph Addison Alexander, p. 206)  // "G.S. Faber (1843) "To consider certain vituperative already accomplished in the course of the first and second centuries; whence, to commentators of this School, we may fitly apply the name of Preterists."  (The Sacred Calender of Prophecy by G.S. Faber, man generally credited with coining term)

  • Dementia: Preacher says GOP delaying 2nd coming “Somebody needs to say enough is enough,” he said to worshippers who stood, waved and called out in support.  Critics accuse the group of sinking cash into refurbishing and operating a Boeing 747 he calls Global Peace One. “Paul flies around the globe using Jesus to pull in worldwide donations - unfortunately spending more money on jet fuel than orphans,” according to a June article in the weekly Houston Press."


  • Free Online Books: Jonathan Edwards - The History of Redemption: From the Resurrection of Christ to the Destruction of Jerusalem "That coming of Christ which ended in the destruction of Jerusalem, was preceded by a glorious spiritual resurrection of souls in the calling of the Gentiles, and bringing home multitudes of souls to Christ by the preaching of the gospel."

  • ARTchive/Drama: Apocalyptic literature & Crowne's The Destruction of Jerusalem. "Yes, on these Columns the whole Arch is bent, This Golden Roof supports the Firmament.... That to say Heav'n will ruine on us send, Is to declare the World is at an end; And Nature is disbanding all her Powers, Then falls the Temple of the World, and ours. (sig. E[1.sup.r]) "

  • Church History: Acts of the Apostles : Western Text "I will state at once why these additions and this correction, though small in extent, are of such general interest and importance. It is not only because they clear up some long-standing obscurities, but that they are decisive as to the early date of the writing of the Acts, and consequently of the early dates of the Gospels. How important it is to be assured of these early dates needs no enforcement. It is obvious that early Christian writings, derived from personal knowledge or from contemporary testimony, are of a wholly different value, as evidence for the truth of the historic basis of our Christian faith, from writings of a hundred, or seventy, or even forty years later."

  • Jewish Sources: Jewish Expulsion and Jewish Exile in Scholastic Thought "It would be difficult to overestimate the importance of Jewish exile in Christian thought. The dispersion of the Jews following the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus and Vespasian was understood as divine punishment for the rejection (not necessarily the killing) of Christ and therefore of God’s grace. By about 1100, the extraordinary length of the current exile became a common theme in Christian texts; a witness to the magnitude of the Jews’ crime. "


  • The ‘End Times’ "Among those religions that actively present an "End Times" model are, according to the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, the Baha'i Faith, Buddhism, Hopi Religion (the spiritual grounding of Hopi Native Americans,) Hinduism, Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Rastafarians and Preterism, a Christian belief system "in which some or all of the end-time events specified in the Christian Scriptures (New Testament) are believed to have already been fulfilled."


  • FP: Kurt Simmons: Identifying Gog and Magog “Satan” is a generic term signifying an adversary. The character which here in verse seven is called “satan” in verse two is called the “dragon.” In other words, the adversary in this case was world civil power embodied in Rome, Nero, and the Jews. In Rome, the beast was identified with Nero, who was its driving power (Rev. 13:1-10); in Asia and other parts of the empire, the Jews, at the behest of their leaders in Jerusalem, were the driving force. John portrays this by a harlot, riding the beast in a surfeit of blood and gore. (Rev. 17:3-6) In Palestine, the persecution was driven by the “false prophet,” the religious leaders of the Jews who bade them to make an inquisition against the church like unto the beast’s. (Rev. 13:11-18)


  • Dementia: Christian Zionism: Terror in Jesus' Name - “Christian Zionism is a call for global war. “


Messages and Papers of the Presidents


February 21, 1811

To the House of Representatives of the United States:

Having Examined and considered the bill entitled "An act incorporating the Protestant Episcopal Church in the town of Alexandria, in the District of Columbia," I now return the bill to the House of Representatives, in which it originated, with the following objections:

Because the bill exceeds the rightful authority to which governments are limited by the essential distinction between civil and religious functions, and violates in particular the article of the Constitution of the Untied States which declares that "Congress shall make no law respecting a religious establishment." The bill enacts into and establishes by law sundry rules and proceedings relative purely to the organization and polity of the church incorporated, and comprehending even the election and removal of the minister of the same, so that no change could be made therein by the particular society or by the general church of which it is a member, and whose authority it recognizes. This particular church, therefore, would so far be a religious establishment by law, a legal force and sanction being given to certain articles in its constitution and administration. Nor can it be considered that the articles thus established are to be taken as the descriptive criteria only if the corporate identity of the society, inasmuch as this identity must depend on other characteristics, as the regulations established are generally unessential and alterable according to the principles and canons by which churches of that denomination govern themselves, and as the injunctions and prohibitions contained in the regulations would be enforced by the penal consequences applicable to a violation of them according to the local law.

Because the bill vests in the said incorporated church an authority to provide for the support of the poor and the education of poor children of the same, an authority which, being altogether superfluous if the provision is to be the result of pious charity, would be precedent for giving to religious societies as such a legal agency in carrying into effect a public and civil duty.

1905 Edition, Volume I, Page 489


In all nations, church incorporation has been a trap to silence the free exercise of religion... and it is no different in America.  What we have posted here is James Madison as President of the United States - the very "father of the Constitution" - declaring that incorporation of churches is a violation of this Constitution and, therefore, against the law. Clearly, a Christian must not do something that is against the law. This declaration might be considered sufficient evidence for today's pastors to consider the choices they've made to enter into contract with the government, but, ultimately (in many cases, sadly ignorant of the issue entirely) they still go forth as sheep being led to their slaughter. This may show how far the nation's pastors have fallen (considering the likes of Baptist pastor Jonas Clarke who STARTED the American Revolution) - and the hardness of the hearts of America's pastors and Christians today.



c. 47-8

1 Thessalonians

early 50

2 Thessalonians


1 Corinthians

spring 55

1 Timothy

autumn 55

2 Corinthians

early 56


later 56


early 57


late spring 57


spring 58


summer 58


summer 58


late summer 58

2 Timothy

autumn 58

The Didache

c. 40-60


c. 45-60


c. 40-60+





2 Peter




1, 2, 3 John

c. 60-65

1 Peter

spring 65


c. -40-65+


c. 67


late 68 (-70)

1 Clement

early 70


c. 75

The Shepherd of Hermas

-c. 85



  • Dementia: Evangelical delegates from around the world arrive at Knesset to express ‘love for Israel’ - “The line between the political and the biblical is disappearing” // Christians pay to aid Indian ‘lost’ Jewish tribe’s conversion to Judaism "Most of the community converted to Christianity at the turn of the 20th century. In recent decades, some have returned to Judaism -  $1 million in financial support for the undertaking will be provided by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, a Chicago-based group that has raised tens of millions of dollars from Christian supporters of Israel.

  • Free Online Books / Mauro: Champion of the Kingdom - The Story of Philip Mauro "Although the name of Philip Mauro is not nearly as recognized by Christians today as it was 75 years ago,  his works remain important contributions to the furtherance of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Mr. Gardiner, urged as a young man to study Mauro's books by Mrs. Martha Wing Robinson (the subject of Gardiner's  Radiant Glory), was allowed by God to not only develop a personal friendship with Mr. Mauro later in life but to write the only existent  biography of his life."


  • Free Online Books: John A.T. Robinson - Johannine Literature "The Greek of the Apocalypse is not that of a beginner whose grammar and vocabulary might improve and mature into those of the evangelist. It is the pidgin Greek of someone who appears to know exactly what he is about with his strange instrument and whose cast of mind and vocabulary is conspicuously different from, and more colourful than, that of the correct, simple but rather flat style of the gospel and the epistles. "

  • Free Online Books: Adam Clarke - Commentary On the Whole Bible (1810)

  • Outside Links / Free Online Books: katapi Bible Resource Pages

  • - "The Bible’s greatest treasure – 50 tons of gold and silver plundered from the Temple of Jerusalem in AD 70.  Today dark forces pursue this billion-pound loot as the moment of Biblical reckoning - the endtimes - closes in on Jerusalem. Only when the seven-branched golden menorah (candelabrum) is recovered will the light of Judaism finally burn once more on the Temple Mount. This is a dangerous treasure that threatens to ignite the volatile Arab-Israeli conflict. "



"it's discovery could signify the return to an age of biblical sacrifice."

  • "Siege of Jerusalem" - Download PC-Based Game

  • Outside Links:  - Apostolic Full Preterism (now offline)

  •  Treasures looted by Rome ‘are back in the Holy Land’ "A COLLECTION of sacred artefacts looted by the Romans from the Temple of Jerusalem and long suspected of being hidden in the vaults of the Vatican are actually in the Holy Land, according to a British archaeologist. He has discovered that it was taken to Carthage, Constantinople and Algeria before being hidden in the Judaean wilderness, beneath the Monastery of Theodosius. “The treasure’s final hiding place – in the modern West Bank . . . deep in Hamas territory – will rock world religions.”"

Dr Kingsley will reveal his findings in God’s Gold: The Quest for the Lost Temple Treasure of Jerusalem, to be published by John Murray on October 5.


  • Samuel Lee Study Archive "Of one thing I think I may say I am certain, viz., that I am not wrong in the main, that my system is good, and hence, I have no doubt, it will first or last prevail.  Its results are certainly good. I care not, therefore, for the present popularity of the opposite view." (Letter to brother, May 2, 1850)

  • Free Online Books: A Brief Memoir of Samuel Lee (1896) - "I was fully aware of the difference in our views on Prophecy. You, I know, are a Preterist"

  • Dementia: Armageddon: Soon? “Israel cannot allow Iran to be nuclear,” he said in an interview, “and America cannot allow Iran to be nuclear.” Stopping Iran could mean some kind of conflict. “Just before us is a nuclear countdown with Iran,” he wrote in Jerusalem Countdown"

  • Dementia: End is Coming Soon for Inmate Jeffrey Lundgren, Apocalyptic Prophet "Certainly, hindsight is 20/20. He's always been a religious man, but Jeffrey is now cognizant of his erroneous Scripture interpretations. He's not the same person you keep seeing on the news - a long-haired, defiant man justifying his actions through Scripture."  Lundgren told the jury he and his no-name cult were preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ and that the Bible told him to kill the Averys for being sinners."


  • PretWatchdog / FP:  Walt Hibbard - A Response to Ken Gentry's "A Brief Theological Analysis of Hyper-Preterism" "Having been a covenant theologian for many years now, it must seem odd to Ken to now find himself in a debate opposing a viewpoint which, more than any other, deserves the name of covenant eschatology, the full preterist position! "

  • PretWatchdog / FP:  Walt Hibbard - The Context Trap "Puzzling prophetic passages, regardless of whether certain "key words" are found in the immediate context of a passage or not, can not be postponed or re-assigned to an "end of history" because there is no Biblical proof that there is such a thing at all! The scholar who insists on creating a future-to-us fulfillment focal point enters into a "no man’s land" of prophetic speculation, which is pure fantasy! "

  • Dementia / FP:  Walt Hibbard - An Open Letter to Harold Camping of Family Radio "As a Bible teacher heard on Family Radio around the world, you carry an enormous responsibility before our Sovereign God to proclaim the Word of God faithfully in His sight. Millions of people around the world are looking to you as a reliable Bible teacher. Because it is a very serious matter to be a teacher of God’s Word, James records under inspiration in the first verse of his third chapter that "teachers…will receive greater judgment." It behooves those who teach, therefore, to be absolutely certain that they accurately and honorably reflect God’s message to their hearers."

  • FP:  Walt Hibbard - Our Presuppositions Are What Makes A Difference - "Only Jesus Christ was resurrected in His sinless earthly body. Only to Jesus was it promised that His body would not suffer decay (Acts 2:31; 13:37). He was sinless and born of the Virgin Mary. He did not inherit Adam's sin unto Himself, but was sinless and undefiled. "


  • Free Online Books: Online Bible Books: Ed Stevens' "What Happened in AD70?" "The author clearly and convincingly demonstrates that our Lord Jesus Christ predicted His Return within the lifetime of His first-century hearers." / Also books by Mauro, Gill, etc.


  • Free Online Books: John A.T. Robinson - The Book of Revelation "Hort, together with Lightfoot and Westcott,  none of whom can be accused of sitting light to ancient tradition, still rejected a Domitianic date in favour of one between the death of Nero in 68 and the fall of Jerusalem in 70. It is indeed a little known fact that this was what Hort calls [Apocalypse, x.] 'the general tendency of criticism' for most of the nineteenth century, and Peake cites the remarkable consensus of 'both advanced and conservative scholars' who backed it."


  • Free Online Books: Samuel G. Dawson - The Faithless Foundation of Premillennialism - "The arrogance of premillennialism and its endless speculations and updates of failed prophecies of the return of Christ continue to produce skepticism and unbelief in Christ. Multitudes, who don't recognize the foundation of assumed superiority over God, help spread its ignorance."


  • Pret Idealism: Jonathan Edwards: Folly of Looking Back in Fleeing Out of Sodom "Jerusalem was like Sodom, in that it was devoted to destruction by special divine wrath; and indeed to a more terrible destruction than that of Sodom. Therefore the like direction is given concerning fleeing out of it with the utmost haste, without looking behind, as the angel gave to Lot, when he bid him flee out of Sodom. If it be inquired why Christ gave this direction to his people to flee out of Jerusalem, in such exceeding haste, at the first notice of the signal of her approaching destruction; I answer, it seems to be, because fleeing out of Jerusalem was a type of fleeing out of a state of sin. Escaping out of that unbelieving city typified an escape out of a state of unbelief."

  • PretWatchdog: Ligonier Ministries Lawsuit / RC Sproul Jr to Speak at Ligonier Ministries Conference

  • PretWatchdog / Critical: N.T. Wright, The Resurrection of the Son of God. Christian Origins and the Question of God Volume Three "Equally outrageous is Wright’s contrived and harmonistic treatment of the statements about a spiritual resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15, where we read that “flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God” (v. 50) and that the resurrected Jesus, the precedent for believers, accordingly possessed a “spiritual body” (v. 44). Wright labors mightily and futilely to persuade us that all Paul meant by “flesh and blood” was “mortal and corruptible,” not “made of flesh and blood.” "

  • PretWatchdog / Critical: N.T. Wright: Is Belief in the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus Necessary?  Wright Says NOI have friends who I am quite sure are Christians who do not believe in the bodily resurrection,” he says carefully, citing another eminent scholar, American theologian Marcus Borg, co-author with Wright of The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions.  “Marcus Borg really does not believe Jesus Christ was bodily raised from the dead. But I know Marcus well: he loves Jesus and believes in him passionately."


  • Critical: Ed Tarkowski: The Early Church Fathers: No Preterist Resurrection - "During the first 400 years of the early Church after 70 A.D., the Fathers defended the truth of a future, bodily resurrection. None of them stated otherwise, nor did they refute others that it had already occurred. For 1900 years, the Church has believed in a future resurrection from the dead at the glorious, visible, in-the-sky return of Jesus Christ when every eye will see Him personally. "

  • N.T. Wright and Anne Rice: Writing Our Way to God "As Bishop of Durham for the Church of England, N.T. Wright is an internationally renowned author and scholar, who has taught New Testament studies for twenty years at Cambridge, McGill and Oxford Universities. In his new book, Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense, Wright walks readers through the Christian faith, step by step and question by question, in a manner reminiscent of C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity. Best-selling novelist Anne Rice has written the highly-acclaimed fictionalized account of Jesus' early life, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt. Together these two extraordinary writers will explore the mystery of the identity of God and our interconnectedness with Creation. This Forum brings together two contemporary writers who express the transformative potential of a life of faith."


  • FP: Kurt M. Simmons: Bimillennialism According to Max King "The probable majority of Preterists today hold that there is a single millennium and that it represents the forty-year period from Christ’s earthly ministry unto his second advent in A.D. 70. This interpretation finds its source in Max King; at least, he appears to have been the first to articulate it. However, a closer examination shows that King’s interpretation of the millennium actually produces two millennia."


  • ARTchive: Conquest of Jerusalem by Emperor Titus - Nicolas Poussin (1638) "Titus, the son of the reigning Roman emperor, sees with horror how against his expressed will the Old Testament prophesy of the destruction of the Temple of Solomon comes true. The chaos of the dramatic plot is set by Poussin within a well-ordered framework. In its rigorous form, in the spatial clarity where everything has its proper place, this work is witness to the decisive turn that Poussin made towards strict Classicism, relief-like composition and sober colouring as well as towards a precise definition of the figure within space."


  • Armageddon on your Xbox? - "A video game that asserts false events will also be assumed by players, even church kids, to be biblically true because it uses Bible words like “prayer” and “angels.” It is to our shame that our culture (including our kids) knows so little of the truth, but magnifying false understandings of Scripture is not a step in the right direction." | USAToday


  • Free Online Books: John A.T. Robinson - Chapter VII - Hebrews "he is referring not to the continued existence of the Jerusalem temple but to the externality of the ordinances at present in force (9.10). Nevertheless, he sees these arrangements as temporary 'until the time of reformation' (9.10). They belong to the first covenant; and 'by speaking of a second covenant' God 'has pronounced the first one old; and anything that is growing old and ageing will shortly disappear' (8.13). If it had disappeared it is surely incredible that he would not have used this fact to rub in what he says in his 'main point', namely, that the shadow must soon give way to the reality (8.1-13).  Moreover, though, for the purpose of his allegory, he is talking of the tent rather than the temple, it is clear that he is not merely indulging in abstract argument. For the one is symbolic of the other, and when he insists that 'our altar is one from which the priests who serve the tent have no right to eat' (13.10) there can be no real doubt as to whom he is referring."


  • Free Online Books: Bishop Lightfoot Works (1684 - In Progress)  Acts and Epistles "He sets forth the destruction of that cursed Nation and their City in those terms that Christ had done, Matt. 24. and that the Scripture doth elsewhere, Deut. 32.22,23.24. Jer. 4.23. namely as the destruction of the whole world, The heavens passing away, the elements melting, and the earth burnt up, &c.  And accordingly speaks of a new heaven and a new earth, from Isa. 65.17. a new state of the Church under the Gospel among the Gentiles, when this old world of the Jews state should be dissolved." (p. 338)

"(John in the Revelation) at once teacheth that he takes at Daniel, and speaks of Christs coming and reigning, when the four Monarchies were destroyed, and especially referreth to the first most visible evidence of his power and dominion, in coming to destroy his enemies the Jewish Nation, and their City.  And here is one reason that induceth me to suppose this Book written, before that City was destroyed." (Works, Vol. I. p. 341)


  • Free Online Books: Daniel Smith - The Destruction of Jerusalem - The Whole Being Intended to Illustrate the Fulfillment of the Predictions of Moses and the Messiah (1840) "The history of Jerusalem, viewed as the fulfilment of prophecy, furnishes evidence of the truth of Christianity which neither Jew nor infidel can reject without positive infatuation. At the same time, it also reveals to us the awful depravity of human nature. Let nations look upon Judea, let cities look upon Jerusalem, let individuals look upon the personal calamities of the Jews, and let all fear God and fly from transgression.  If, indeed, we would escape a destruction, of which that of Jerusalem was but a faint emblem, let us embrace proffered mercy, and “know the things that belong to our peace, before they are hid” FOREVER “from our eyes.”


  • Critical: Daniel the Beloved of Jehovah "Mr. Elliott on this matter calls attention to the fact known to. all students of history -- a fact which contains an insurmountable obstacle to an application of this little horn of Dan. 8 to Rome. "There meet us on the very face of the question an objection most palpable, and which no ingenuity can ever overcome. ..that the old Roman power can never be considered as a little horn of the Greek he goat."

  • "Siege of Jerusalem" - Avalon Hill Board Game -  "therein lies the fascination: the immovable object vs the unstoppable force."


  • Charles J. Guiteau -- President Garfield's Assassin a Preterist - "This is going to turn Christendom upside down. Hereafter we shall roam up and down history, sacred and profane. I'll have more people here than I have now. Copernicus said the world was round, and everybody believed him mad. There may be some who will say I am mad.'"

  • St. Symeon the New Theologian  (c. 949-1022) Latest Study Archive - "Woe to those who say, "When shall the day of the Lord come?" and they don't care to know and understand that day. For the Lord's Presence in the faithful has already come, and is continuously coming, and to all those who wish for it, has arrived and is firm.

  • David Chilton: Ecclesiastical Megalomania "After this speech, David Chilton subsequently suffered a heart attack from which he initially recovered and eventually died. One wonders if the terror and desperation he felt in the Tyler Church contributed to his health problems. After his heart attack, Chilton and his lecture were viciously attacked by Gary North, the chief financier of the Tyler Church, both publicly and privately. This editor was threatened in writing with "destruction" by North for publicizing Chilton’s speech. Several former members of the Tyler Church contacted the editor after we published this Review, saying that Chilton had not told the half of it. They were still frightened of the leaders of the Tyler Church years after they had left."


  • Free Online Books: John A.T. Robinson - (1976) - The Petrine Epistles "Now this is precisely the period to which II Peter was assigned by independent reasoning by Zahn.  I confess that when I first read him I was incredulous. I expected when I began this chapter that II Peter would either remain a pseudonymous exception (and have to be slotted somewhere into the late first century) or would belong to the gap (if any) between I Peter and the apostle's death.  So early a dating will still probably seem incredible to many. "


  • Joseph Addison (1672-1719) Latest Study Archive - "And as to the accomplishment of this remarkable prophecy, I shall only observe, that whoever reads the account given us by Josephus, without knowing his character, and compares it with what our Saviour foretold, would think the historian had been a Christian, and that he had nothing else in view but to adjust the event to the prediction."

  • Free Online Books: John Burgon Last Twelve Verses of the Gospel According to S. Mark Vindicated (1871) "..some manuscripts include the following very interesting exchange: "And they excused themselves, saying, 'This age of lawlessness and unbelief is under Satan, who does not allow the truth and power of God to prevail over the unclean things of the spirits. Therefore reveal your righteousness now' -- thus they spoke to Christ. And Christ replied to them, ' The term of years of Satan's power has been fulfilled, but other terrible things draw near..  And for those who have sinned, I was handed over to death, that they may return to the truth and sin no more..." (Inserted in Mark 16:14, NRSV)  - Mark 16 "Long Ending" Study Archive



  • Historical: Randall Otto - Dealing with (Parousia) Delay: A critique of Christian coping - "The Roman destruction of the Jewish temple in the Jewish war of 66-70 CE alone satisfies the temporal requirements for the imminency of the parousia and the historical requirements for the transformation of relations wrought by God ushering in a new reality of the church as the kingdom of God. "

  • Dementia: Lebanon and the Christian Zionist Apocalypse "When Israel began bombing Lebanon this summer, participants of the Rapture Ready web message forum welcomed the conflagration as a sign of the apocalyptic End Times anticipated by some evangelical and fundamentalist Christians in the United States:

    • “This is so exciting.”

    • “I have been having rapture dreams and I can’t believe that this is really it! We are on the edge of eternity!”

    • “Praise God! We are chosen to be in these times and also watch and spread the word. Something inside me is exploding to get out, and I don’t know what it is. It’s kind of like I want to do cartwheels around the neighborhood.”

    • “Gosh! Things are happening at break neck speed it seems! Here we are making plans to move to the east coast and we might not even have to move after all. I say, come quickly Lord!”

    • “Got that dancing feeling on the inside of me”


  • Free Online Books: Bishop Lightfoot Works (1684 - In Progress) Olivet Discourse: "Then shall they see the sign of the Son of man, &c.  Not any visible appearance of Christ, or of the cross in the clouds [as some have imagined,] but whereas the Jews would not own Christ before for the Son of man, or for the Messias, then by the vengeance that he should execute upon them, they and all the world should see an evident sign, that he was so.  This therefore is called his coming, and his coming in his kingdom, Matth. 17.28. "

  • Free Online Books: John A.T. Robinson - Chapter Four

  • Dementia: Christian Video Game Prays for Mass Appeal


  • Dementia: Many Americans Uneasy with Mix of Religion and Politics "A recent national poll of over 2,000 Americans found that the majority of white evangelical Protestants and those in the South support the belief that the state of Israel was given to the Jewish people by God. Among the surveyed religious groups, white evangelical Protestants stand out with 69 percent supporting the belief that God gave Israel to the Jewish people, according to the survey released by The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life last week. Moreover, a full 59 percent subscribe to the belief that Israel is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. The views were also well accepted among black protestants with 60 percent believing Israel was given to the Jews by God and 56 percent believing Israel fulfills the prophecy of the second coming. "

  • PretPress: Is A Key-Stone Doctrine of Adventism in the Process of Being Rejected? "In the 70s and 80s the popular acceptance of a preterist doctrine, by a leading theologian of the time, almost succeeded in destroying the sanctuary doctrine. After counting the cost of that conflict, administrators took measures that they hoped would prevent a repeat occurrence of that situation. As preterist positions are rejected by the church, why do they keep cropping up?"

  • Father, Son, and Holy Rift: Chuck Smith Sr. and Jr. "He also grew disillusioned with the Rapture, the notion that believers in Jesus will be whisked to God's side during Armageddon. His father had predicted the end of the world would arrive in the 1980s, based on his reading of the Book of Revelation. He has continued, year after year, to announce its imminence with absolute confidence.  The father: "Every year I believe this could be the year. We're one year closer than we were."


"Short of going over the whole evidence afresh, I can only express my own considered conviction. In contrast with most of the other judgments in this book, which have been modified, often radically, in the process of writing it, I have never really doubted the Pauline authorship of Ephesians. Armitage Robinson, who was in close touch with Harnack and contemporary German scholarship and certainly not conservative for his day (and whose very late dating of the Didache I shall subsequently disagree with completely), never even raised the question of authorship. Features of style and theology which have struck others as impossible for Paul apparently to him, with as extensive a knowledge of the early Christian literature as any Englishman since Lightfoot, seemed entirely at home.  In a nicely balanced article Cadbury asks the question:  Which is more likely, that an imitator of Paul in the first century composed a writing ninety or ninety-five per cent in accordance with Paul's style or that Paul himself wrote a letter diverging five or ten per cent from his usual style?"

"Moreover, if Matt. 2 2.7 did reflect the happenings of 70 one might expect that it would make a distinction that features in other post eventum 'visions', namely, that while the walls of the city were thrown down, it was the temple that perished by fire. Thus the Jewish apocalypse II Baruch clearly reflects the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans, though it purports to be the announcement to the prophet Baruch of a coming Chaldean invasion. It recognizes that the city and the temple suffered separate fates:

We have overthrown the wall of Zion and we have burnt the place of the mighty God (7.1). [I.e. the temple. For this sense, cf. II Mace. 5.17-20; John 11.48; Acts 6.14; 21.28; etc.]

They delivered ... to the enemy the overthrown wall, and plundered the house, and burnt the temple (80.3).

If one really wants to see what ex eventu prophecy looks like,  one should turn to the so-called Sibylline Oracles (4.125-7):

And a Roman leader shall come to Syria, who shall burn down Solyma's [Jerusalem's] temple with fire, and therewith slay many men, and shall waste the great land of the Jews with its broad way. [Tr. R. H. Charles, The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament II, Oxford 1913,395.]

  • Pesher Nahum 4Q169 1:1-4 "Where the lion went, a lion's cub to come there [with none to disturb] (Nahum 2:11) [Its pesher refers to Deme]trius king of Greece who sought to enter Jerusalem on the counsel of the seekers-of-smooth-things. [And he did not enter, for God did not give Jerusalem] into the hand of the kings of Greece, from Antiochus until the appearance of the rulers of the Kittim. And afterwards the city shall be trampled."

  • Pesher Habakkuk 1QpHab 9:4-7: "Peshru about the priests of Jerusalem.  The final (end time) ones who gather up wealth and take a cut from the spoils from the peoples and for the "Last Days" they give their wealth with spoil into the hands of the Roman army. "

  • Pesher Psalms 4Q171 2:5-9: Yet a little while (Heb: me'at, mem-ayin-tet) and the wicked one will be no more. I will discern his place but he will not be there (Psalm 37:10). "Its pesher refers to all wickedness at the end of 40 years (Heb:Mem = 40). They will be finished and no wicked man will be found on the earth."


  • Free Online Books: John A.T. Robinson - Chapter One "One of the oddest facts about the New Testament is that what on any showing would appear to be the single most datable and climactic event of the period - the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70, and with it the collapse of institutional Judaism based on the temple - is never once mentioned as a past fact. "

  •  US support for Israel soars after Hizbullah war "Some 42 percent of Americans believe "Israel was given to the Jewish people by God," while 35% said they believed the state of Israel was "part of the fulfillment of biblical prophecy about the second coming of Jesus."


  • Free Online Books: Bishop Lightfoot Works (1684 - In Progress) 2 Peter 3:13: 'We, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth.' The heaven and the earth of the Jewish church and commonwealth must be all on fire, and the Mosaic elements burnt up; but we, according to the promise made to us by Isaiah the prophet, when all these are consumed, look for the new creation of the evangelical state"

  •  Archeological Finds that Made the Desert Bloom, Question Old Theories at Qumran "Generally known as the site of the Jewish sect named the Essenes who are said to have written the famous Dead Sea Scrolls, Yizhak Magen and Yuval Peleg of the Israel Antiquities Authority now say the site had nothing to do with the scrolls or the Essenes."

  • Dementia: Falwell Video: Cashless Society Precursor for Rapture "I expect the Lord to return in the 21st century ... because there are no more predicted events that need to happen," adding: "I can't prove that."


(On Daniel 9:24-27 - "Weeks Prophecy")
"Daniel knowing from Jeremies Prophecie, that the seventy years of Captivity were now fully expired, addresseth himself to God by prayer for their return: he receiveth not only a gracious answer to his desire, but a Prediction of what times should pass over his people till the death of Christ; namely, seventy weeks, or seventy times seven years, or four hundred and ninety.  This space of time the Angel divideth into three unequal parts.

1. Seven sevens, or forty nine years, to the finishing of  Jerusalems Walls.
2. Sixty two sevens, or four hundred thirty four years, from that time, till the last seven.
3. The last seven in the latter half of which Christ Preacheth, viz. three years and a half, and then dieth, &c.

The twenty seventh Verse therefore is to be read thus:  He shall confirm the covenant with many in the one week, and in half that week he shall cause Sacrifice and Oblation to cease, &c.  So that from this year to the death of Christ are four hundred ninety years; and there is no cause, because of doubtful Records among the Heathen, to make a doubt of the fixedness of this time, which an Angel of the Lord hath pointed out with so much exactness."  (Works, 1st. Ed., Vol. 1; Chronology, p. 136)

"[C]hrist now hath three years and a half to live, and to be a publick Minister of the Gospel, as the angel Gabriel had told, Dan. 9.27. that in half of the last sevens of the years there named, he should confirm the Covenant:  R. Jochanan saith, Three years and an half the Divine Glory stood upon the Mount of Olives and cried, Seek the Lord while he may be found. Midr. Till. fol. 10. col. 4." (Works, 1st. Ed., Vol. 1; Harmony, p. 10)

(On Rome as the Chittim/Kittim)
"A Decree of Augustus given out at Rome, becomes an occasion of accomplishing a Decree of the Lords, namely of the Birth of the Messias at Bethlehem.  He is born under a Roman taxation, and now that Prophecie of Chittim or Italy afflicting Heber, Numb. 24.24. beginneth livelily to take place." (Works, 1st. Ed., Vol. 1; Harmony, p. 4)

(On Forty Years From Cross to Eschaton)
"The Jews speaks of divers ominous things that occurred fourty years before the destruction of the City; As it is a tradition that fourty years before the Sanctuary was destroyed the Western Lamp went out, and the scarlet list kept its redness, and the Lords lot came up on the left hand.  And they locked up the Temple doors at even, yet when they rose in the morning they found them open.  Jerus. in Joma fol.43.col.3. And, Sanhedr. fol.18.col.1.  Fourty years before the Temple was destroyed, power of judging in capital matters was taken away from Israel: Now there are some that reckon but thirty eight years between the death of Christ and the destruction of the City; and if that be so, then these ominous presages occurred this year that we are upon.   It being just fourty years, by that account, from this Passover at which Christ healeth the diseased man at Bethesda, to the time of Titus his pitching him Camp and siege about Jerusalem, which was at Passover."  (Works, 1st. Ed., Vol. 1; Harmony, p. 21)


  • Doomsday Dementia: CFR: Foreign Policy Evangelists "John B. Judis, writing for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, worries about an "apocalyptic" religious mentality taking hold in U.S. policy circles that embrace revolutionary rather than evolutionary change. Kevin Phillips, author of a book warning of an American theocracy, says the White House is playing with fire by "courting end-times theologians and electorates for whom the Holy Lands are a battleground of Christian destiny"

  • Pope Benedict: Read Book of Revelation as Christ's victory over evil "The pope said some of the images of Revelation should be understood in the context of the dramatic suffering and persecution of the churches of Asia in the first century. For example, he said, at one point the author is described as crying at being unable to find anyone able to open the book of seven seals.  "Probably these tears express the distress of the Asiatic churches over the silence of God in the face of the persecution to which they were exposed," he said."


  • Doomsday Dementia: Maine: US Attacks in MidEast unwanted around world - "Cheney and a powerful right-wing Christian lobby apparently want to provoke a war with Iran and Syria. Sydney Blumenthal, writing in the Nation, reveals that a new right-wing Christian lobby -- which has easy access to the White House -- encourages Israel's expansion and aggression as it coincides with its own end times, Armageddon philosophy. "

  • Doomsday Dementia: Black Hills: Neocon solution for Middle East? Burn it.  "Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, like her predecessor Colin Powell, is ridiculed as an incompetent weakling by the same geniuses that predicted a "cakewalk" in Iraq. True, Rice may not be the second coming of George Marshall, but they liked her fine when she was emitting warlike noises and "End Times" gibberish."

  • Doomsday Dementia: Uruknet: AIPAC, The Middle East, and American Foreign Policy (Rodrigue Tremblay is professor emeritus of economics at the University of Montreal) "So-called Christian Zionists also have a significant influence on American foreign policy, especially as it relates to the Middle East. Their propaganda has been so successful that today, forty per cent of Americans believe that Israel was directly given to the Jewish people by 'God'. One third of Americans even believe that the creation of the state of Israel, in 1948, was a step towards the 'Second Coming of Jesus Christ' and the 'End of the world'. "


  • History Channel -Jesus' Jerusalem Monday, August 21 at 9:00pm ET "Tens of thousands travel yearly to Jerusalem to visit where Jesus walked, preached, suffered, was crucified, and buried. But since his death, the city has been destroyed and rebuilt more than 20 times. Our experts follow the evidence to reveal the city that Jesus would have visited. They rebuild Herod's Temple Mount--in its time the largest man-made structure. They explain the manipulation of light and stone that created the Holy Sanctuary--said to "sparkle like a snow-capped mountain in the sun." They explore the network of aqueducts, pipes, tunnels, and pools that kept this desert city from thirst and enabled it to handle an influx of pilgrims that routinely swelled its population from 30,000 to 300,000. They seek the places where Jesus performed miracles. And they map his final hours: including the real route of the "Via Dolorosa"--the path that led to his place of execution. With new research and CGI, we'll glimpse a world hidden for more than 20 centuries.  TVPG "

  • - One Stop Preterism Thread



  • ARTchive: 2,000 Years of Josephus: 1570 Venice, Italy "GIOSEFO DELLA GUERRA ET VLTIMA DESTRVTTIONE DI GIERUSALEM & DEL SUO REGNO, SOTTO VESPASIANO IMPERATORE. Dal greco, nell’idioma toscano tradotto, & ultimamente con somma diligentia corretto"

  • Apocalypse Now? - Part I | Part-2 | Part 3 "He says the Apostle John wrote "Revelation" for the people of that time in the Bible. "They had no power, they had no influence, they had no prestige at the time. And Caesar was the emperor, so they either had to pledge allegiance to Caesar or god." Doctor Joseph Trafton teaches religious studies at Western Kentucky University. "I was raised in a church and the Bible never meant anything to me. I read it, I didn't understand it, till I was introduced to this perspective. I then began to use it. The Bible came alive. I changed from wanting to be an oceanographer, to being a New Testament professor."


  • Christianity's Forgotten Jews - "After his execution, Jesus' followers regrouped and began to spread their apocalyptic message among the restless Jewish population. The end was at hand, they preached, and Jesus, God's now-exalted servant, was offering the hope of resurrection to all who followed his way. And so it was that within a few years of Jesus' death, a band of his disciples had coalesced into a new sect within the turbulent mix that was first-century sectarian Judaism--a sect that believed God would soon intervene to redeem the Jewish people by defeating not only Rome, but death itself."


  • DSS: NY Times: DSS Theory Faces New Challenge - "By the time the Romans destroyed Qumran in A.D. 68 in the Jewish revolt, the archaeologists concluded, the settlement had been a center of the pottery industry for at least a century. Before that, the site apparently was an outpost in a chain of fortresses along the Israelites’ eastern frontier." | NYT Video"..refugees from Jerusalem.. perhaps took the road that led to the Dead Sea in qumran, and in these caves they planted the scrolls for safekeeping"

  • Doomsday dEmEnTiA: ABSNews' "Last Days on Earth" goes beyond science fiction to science fact "Using state-of-the-art visual effects, it will take viewers on a journey that is both breathtaking and terrifying, from the outer reaches of the universe to the inner world of DNA, with an around-the-globe tour in between. "Of all the generations of humans that have walked the surface of the Earth — for 100,000 years, going back when we first left Africa — the generation now alive is the most important," said Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at City University of New York. "The generation now alive, the generation that you see, looking around you, for the first time in history, is the generation that controls the destiny of the planet itself."

  • DSS: 1QpHab - Pesher Habakkuk - 1QpHab 9:4-7: "Peshru about the priests of Jerusalem.  The final (end time) ones who gather up wealth and take a cut from the spoils from the peoples and for the "Last Days" they give their wealth with spoil into the hands of The Roman army. " (Moellerhaus Translation)

  • DSS: 4Q171 Pesher Psalms - 4Q171 2:5-9: Yet a little while (Heb: me'at, mem-ayin-tet) and the wicked one will be no more. I will discern his place but he will not be there (Psalm 37:10). "Its pesher refers to all wickedness at the end of 40 years (Heb:Mem = 40). They will be finished and no wicked man will be found on the earth."

Domitian Vilified to Support Late Date?

Ever since the groundbreaking work of L. L. Thompson on the The Book of Revelation (1990) no one can simply assert that Domitian instigated a widespread persecution against Christians. He offers one of the most profound new perspectives on Domitian from the primary sources (pp. 95-115). His work has received a vast amount of acceptance from subsequent Revelation scholars. However, Thompson may have exaggerated his positive portrayal of Domitian. The best refutation of the extremities of Thompson's work, that I have come across, comes from G. K. Beale's magisterial commentary on Revelation. Beale offers very solid and well documented examples demonstrating that the traditional view of Domitian as a tyrannical despot who increasingly desired divine recognition deserves merit evidenced in the writings of both detractors and supporters of Domitian (pp. 6-12).  Hopefully we may arrive at a more balanced and accurate conception of Domitian and his reign.  Posted by Alan S. Bandy


  • dEmEnTiA: Miss. Clarion Ledger - End of Times: Faithful see signs... (again) "This war in the Middle East has a different feeling from the other wars," says the Rev. Jason Dillon, associate pastor of of Parkway Pentecostal Church in Madison. "I believe the end of times is much closer now.  There has been no shortage of fulfilled prophecies, including "earthquakes, pestilences, famines," Dillon says. "We've seen it all."

  • Israel launches world's first underwater museum - "Divers can now don their wet suits and tour the sign-posted remains of the magnificent harbor built by King Herod to honor his Roman patron, Caesar Augustus. The site has been excavated over the last three decades by a team led by the late Prof. Avner Raban of the University of Haifa ’s Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies.

It’s not your ordinary museum tour. Visitors float from one ‘exhibit’ to the next, marveling in silence at the untouched remains of a once-glorious harbor: a Roman shipwreck, a ruined lighthouse, an ancient breakwater, the port’s original foundations, anchors, pedestals."



  • Free Online Books: Jerome - Commentary on Daniel (408) "And so there are many of our viewpoint who think that Domitius Nero was the Antichrist because of his outstanding savagery and depravity."

  • Free Online Books: "Hegesippus" On the Ruin of the City of Jerusalem (370-375) "About which the Jews themselves bear witness, Josephus a writer of histories saying, that there was in that time a wise man, if it is proper however, he said, to call a man the creator of marvelous works, who appeared living to his disciples after three days of his death in accordance with the writings of the prophets, who prophesied both this and innumerable other things full of miracles about him, from which began the community of Christians and penetrated into every tribe of men nor has any nation of the Roman world remained, which was left without worship of him. If the Jews don't believe us, they should believe their own people."

  • Free Online Books: Lawrence A. Murray - The Book of Jude the Essene: Herod's Temple Demolished (1990 - Drama) "It is time for the borthers to leave Jerusalem once more.  The times are worse than when Yaqov ben Zebedee was begeaded by the first Agrippa, worse than during the rebellion led by the false Egyptian prophet, and worse than when Yaqov the Righteous was beaten to death by the fuller after being thrown off the cliff.  In those times, we asked only our leaders to flee from the region to preserve their lives from our people's unrighteous hatred."

  • ARTchive: 1830 Samuel Colman "The Destruction of the Temple"

  • Apocalypse Soon: Is Iran Planning a Cataclysmic Strike on August 22nd? "In recent days, Ahmadinejad and his advisers have said that Iran will answer the world regarding the future of its nuclear program on August 22. That happens to be a very significant date for Muslims: It is the anniversary of the supposed “night flight” by Mohammed from Saudi Arabia to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to heaven and back again. There is a worry that Ahmadinejad is planning some sort of apocalyptic attack as his ‘“response” on August 22. If so, time is short and the clock is ticking."


  • Free Online Books: Joost van den Vondel: Hierusalem Verwoest (1620 Dutch) "Vondel is the greatest personification of Dutch genius; and not only is he the most popular of the poets of his nation, but such is his popularity, that it may be affirmed that in no other country, not exclusive of Cervantes in Spain and Manzoni in Italy, is there a writer more generally known or more constantly read than he"

  • Free Online Books: John Calvin Commentary on the Harmony of the Gospels (1555) "For God had promised two things seemingly opposite; that the throne of David would be eternal, (Psalm 89:29, 36,) and that, after it had been destroyed, he would raise up its ruins, (Amos 9:11;) that the sway of his kingly power would be eternal, and yet that there should come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, (Isaiah 11:1.) Both must be fulfilled. That supremacy, therefore, which God had bestowed on the tribe of Judah, was suffered by him to be broken down for a time, that the attention of the people might be more strongly directed to the expectation of Christ’s reign. But when the destruction of the Sanhedrim appeared to have cut off the hope of believers, suddenly the Lord shone forth."

  • ARTchive: Maarten de Vos - Destruction of Jerusalem (1582)

  • StudyBible: Luke 23:34 - "a deliberate excision by copyists who, considering the fall of Jerusalem to be proof that God had not forgiven the Jews"?

  • New Study Tools: | Online Parallel Bible



  • FP: Terry Hall: Then The End Will Come "I turned my television on the other day and as the screen came to clarity, there it was, as big as life. An announcement. A declaration. THE END. I wasn’t sure how to react to the news that the end had come. Surely this was a sad and frightening time. But I didn’t feel all that bad. "

  • FP: Jim Gunter - Prophetic Apocalyptic Language "when we read this type of prophecy in the "new testament," whether by Jesus, or by one of the inspired writers, I personally believe that it is imperative that we go to the original source of such language if we are to arrive at its true meaning!  This is important, because, as we just learned, Jesus' use of that awesome, colorful, celestial imagery in Mt. 24:29 was not the first time that those words were uttered in prophecy.  As we have seen, it had its roots in the old covenant Scriptures - the Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms."

  • Jewish Sources: Second Destruction of Jerusalem // The Talmud: Selections, by H. Polano "Through Kamtzah and Bar Kamtzah was Jerusalem destroyed; and thus it happened."

  • ARTchive: 1846 Wilhelm von Kaulbach - The Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus "Kaulbach's interpretation of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romams as a heavenly punishment brought upon the sinful people of Israel by Divine wrath, and as a fulfillment of the Old and New Testament prophecies, follows a long tradition already apparent in the teachings of early Christian writers such as Tertullian."

  • ARTchive: 1791 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -  La Clemenza di Tito (The Clemency of Titus) - "La clemenza di Tito (The Clemency of Titus), K. 621, is an opera seria written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It was in fact his very last opera, being started after the bulk of Die Zauberflöte was already written (though Mozart did not complete Die Zauberflöte until his return to Vienna after the Prague premiere of Tito) . Alleged by Mozart's earliest biographer Niemetschek to have been completed in just 18 days — in such haste that the simple recitatives were supplied by another, probably Mozart's pupil Süssmayr — Tito was commissioned for the coronation of Emperor Leopold II as King of Bohemia."


  • Historical Pret: Duncan McKenzie - J.S. Russell's Position on the Millennium, the Neglected Third Way of Preterism "The position of James Stuart Russell offers a third option that is different from full preterism and traditional partial preterism. Russell’s position is essentially like the full preterist position (i.e. the one and only Second Coming, the judgment and the resurrection happened at AD 70, the resurrection having an ongoing fulfillment since AD 70. Russell’s position sees us as currently in the new heaven and earth, a symbol of the post AD 70 new covenant order). Where Russell position is different from full preterism is that it does not hold that all Bible prophecy was fulfilled by AD 70. "

  • Hybrid Preterism: Mormonism - Jesus and Josephus Told of the Destruction of Jerusalem "Reprinted by permission from The New Testament and the Latter-day Saints //  "At various times during his ministry, Jesus predicted the divine judgments that eventually befell Jerusalem and the Jews. During his last week of mortal life, he not only identified for his disciples the time and the kinds of problems incident to that dark day, but also the ways by which they could avoid suffering the consequences. The Jews took their major step toward the prophesied destruction when they revolted against the Romans in A.D. 66."


  • Free Online Books: John Lightfoot: A Commentary on the New Testament from the Talmud and Hebraica (1658) "That the destruction of Jerusalem and the whole Jewish state is described as if the whole frame of the world were to be dissolved. Nor is it strange, when God destroyed his habitation and city, places once so dear to him, with so direful and sad an overthrow; his own people, whom he accounted of as much or more than the whole world beside, by so dreadful and amazing plagues. Matt. 24:29,30, 'The sun shall be darkened &c. Then shall appear the 'sign of the Son of man,' &c; which yet are said to fall out within that generation, ver. 34."

  • Historical Pret: Gary DeMar - Meet the Real Last Days Scoffers "You can hear the scoffers argue: The temple is still standing, the priesthood is intact, and animal sacrifices are going on as usual. The old covenant has not passed away; it’s a permanent fixture, even under Roman oppression. People are marrying and giving in marriage, eating and drinking, buying and selling, and planting and building (Luke 17:22–35).6 Everything is as it was since creation (2 Pet. 3:4). This Jesus, who claimed He would come in judgment before “this generation” passed away (Matt. 24:34), was a false prophet and you Christians are foolish to follow him. Return to the true faith of your fathers."


  • Mike Sullivan - An Open Letter to Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, CA "As a former member of your church and graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College, I hope you will sincerely read this letter with an open heart and change your interpretation of Matthew 24:34, which led to the false predictions made by you in 1981.    These false interpretations and predictions remain in print and are being sold in bookstores worldwide."

  • Free Online Books: James DeMille: Helena's Household (1867) "ROME; in the year of the city, 814; in the year of grace, 61; Nero on the throne; the apostles preaching Christianity; the ancient world in the period of its highest civilization, when petty divisions had become extinguished, and all the nations bowed to the one central city: -- such is the time of this story."

  • Free Online Books: John Fell: The Life of Henry Hammond (1662) "Hammond was a preterist, one who believes the events of the Apocalypse had already come to pass." (Thompson)


  • Press: Plain Truth Ministries - Response to What Our Readers Say - "I am a lot closer to a preterist perspective than I was decades ago, of that there is no doubt. But I still see many demerits in human attempts to parse Jesus and his kingdom into our measurements of time -- whenever we calculate that time to have been or to occur in some future generation. Having said that, I am weary and leery of assuming that I now have the last word on prophetic teachings. "


  • Jewish Wars: Rabban Yohana Ben Zakkai "To my mind there was one man who was central to keeping Judaism alive, one true hero of the time. It was not the defenders of Masada, as tragic and brave as their stand may have been, for in the end their legacy added nothing to the continued existence of the Jewish people. They followed a Roman ideal in which suicide was seen as an honorable way to die rather than to surrender or fight to the death. We may understand their pain and mourn for them, but they were not the salvation of Judaism."

  • Jewish Sources: Ezra Fleischer, Expert on Hebrew Poetry, Is Dead at 78 - "His major contribution, Dr. Langer said, was to demonstrate that Jewish prayer as it is known today was first developed by the rabbis after the destruction of the Second Temple in A.D. 70. Until Professor Fleischer’s work, the prevailing scholarly understanding was that the prayers had emerged earlier, in the synagogues of the Second Temple period."


  • PreteristArchive.CD VX Released - 10th Anniversary Edition (works on PC, Macintosh, Linux) - 695 Megabytes of Pret Stuff - 8,408 Files in 378 Folders - FREE "SECRET ARCHIVES" CD INCLUDED WITH PURCHASES - V.X Release Notes
    Outside Links: - New Modern Preterist Website (Sean Hyatt) - 7/2010 - down, best of luck Sean!

  • Critical: The United Pentecostal Church on Preterism - "Whereas the close of the New Testament canon contains Christ's threefold assurance, "I come quickly",  THEREFORE, be it resolved..., anyone who teaches all forms of preterism..."


  • dEmEnTiA: CNN Fixated on Apocalypse (Text and Video) - "PAULA ZAHN: Countless times, some Christians interpreted calamities as signs that the world was about to end. Of course, the world went on and on and on.  "

  • : Tisha Be’av: The Jewish people’s 9/11 - "..there is precisely one aspect of Tisha B’av that gives me reason to hope that somehow, in some way, this time around things might just be different.  The Talmud tells us that it was senseless hatred among the Jews that brought about the downfall of the ancient Temple. Josephus too notes how the bitterly divided Jewish factions continued to fight and undermine each other, even as the Roman troops advanced forward to slaughter them. Nowadays, however, one thing has become clear: Amid all the violence directed against us we stand together, united as never before." - Police boost alert around temple mount

  • Bookstore: Many prices dropped at American Vision: Including Full Sized 30" x 42" David Roberts "Destruction of Jerusalem" Print


  • Newsweek: Are These the End Times? "(Newsweek:) current biblical scholarship reads some of the apocalyptic scenes in the Bible as metaphorically addressing events that were taking place as the Bible was being written. (Tim LaHaye:) These are usually liberal theologians that don’t believe the Bible literally."


"Not all Bible scholars believe that the words of ancient prophets apply to today’s citizens.    Gary DeMar, an Atlanta-based author who has written several books on the End Times, also believes that many people are taking the prophets’ writings out of context.

“People who claim to interpret the Bible literally are very selective in terms of what they interpret,” Mr. DeMar said in an interview. “In Ezekiel 38 and 39, it obviously is about an ancient battle, the people are on horseback, they have shields, the loot they want is cattle, and this really has nothing to do with our time.”

Mr. DeMar, author of Last Days Madness, said it doesn’t make sense that prophecy watchers are always looking to verses in the Old Testament, while the New Testament is rarely cited.

“The New Testament is kind of an update of the Old Testament. It’s the new covenant. Yet they have to continue to go back to the Old Testament,” he said."


  • NYTimes: Riveting Tale of End of Days, Believe It or Not "Ultimately, the program makes the case that Revelation was John’s brave plea to his co-religionists, the sect of Jews in the Holy Land who called themselves Christians, to take heart.  The program makes another point: the Rapture, it contends, is not an ancient notion, but an eccentric departure from the Bible that gained American adherents in the 19th century."


  • Yahoo News: Chavez said that U.S. backing of Israel is putting world on course for “Holocaust.” - "Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Friday that U.S. backing of Israel is responsible for flaming tensions in the Middle East and putting the world on course toward another “Holocaust.”

    “The fundamental blame falls again on the U.S. empire. It’s the empire that armed and supported the abuses of the Israeli elite, which has invaded, abused and defied the United Nations for a long time”

    “I’ll seize this opportunity to condemn categorically and fully the aggression that the Israeli elite is carrying out against innocents over there in the Middle East,” he said.


  • Free Online Books: Religious and Secular Events in an 1578 Anglican Calendar  (.pdf) September 8: Jerusalem was as upon this day, sacked with fire and sworde, and utterly rased, 73 yeeres after the birth of Christ: who prophesied the same 40 yeeres before. Matt 24:2, 34; Joseph. lib 7 chap 26 // August 10: Titus soldiours, as on this day, set the Citie and Temple of Jerusalem on fire, sithens which time neither of them haue euer bin reedified. Joseph. lib. 6, Chap 26 // October 23: Also Titus, sonne to Vaspasian, after the destruction of Jerusalem, slaieth 3000 Jewes on the birth day of his brother Domition. An. 73 // November 18: Titus as vpon this day, vsed no lesse crueltie against the Jewes his prisoners, in the citie of Beryte in Syria, keeping the birth day of his father Vespasian, then he did on the birth day of his brother Domition. Jospeh. Lib 7, Chap 20

  • Steve Gregg: Audio Lectures and Transcripts

  • Jewish Sources: Download the Orthodox Jewish Bible in One File (.zip): Matt 27: 40 "And saying, You who are going to cause the churban (destruction) of the Beis Hamikdash and rebuild it in shloshah yamim (three days), save yourself!"


Israel and The Land
By Babu Ranganathan

"For those interested in a Biblical study of the almost forgotten preterist view and interpretation of Bible prophecy concerning the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ please contact Evangelist John L. Bray at: P.O. Box 90129, Lakeland, Florida 33804. Evangelist Bray has written books, pamphlets, and numerous articles on preterism.  Also, The Preterist Archive ( contains much useful information of interest concerning preterism and the various preterist interpretations of Bible prophecy."




  • That's how you build a temple - Old city, new version: Sawn to pieces, renovated, updated and rebuilt Lego-style, model of ancient Jerusalem moved from Holyland Hotel to Israel Museum



  • “Secrets of Revelation” on National Geographic Channel Sunday, July 16 "Additional experts featured in Secrets of Revelation include the Rev. Dr. Barbara Rossing, professor of New Testament at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago"

  • Israel warns: free soldier or PM dies - ISRAEL last night threatened to assassinate Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh if Hamas militants did not release a captured Israeli soldier unharmed.



  • MP: Sam Frost - Hosean Allusions in First Corinthians - "One has to do forensic work in I Cor 15. The oft repeated analogy is that of listening to one end of a phone conversation and trying to figure out the other end. Deductions, clues, hints, implications and inferences can be drawn so that a fairly accurate construction can be had. It was “made known” (vdhlw,qh) to Paul from "the ones of Chloe" that "selfish rivalries" (;ridej) had broken out among the Corinthians (1.11). No doubt, those rivalries were theologically driven at bottom, manifesting ethical and practical differences which began to wreak havoc in the way the Corinthian households gathered together for worship and fellowship."


  • MP: Mike Sullivan - Refuting Kenneth Gentry's 5 Reasons Why 2 Peter 3 is About the Destruction of the Planet "The “Last Days” were a period of time marking the end to that OC age and have nothing to do with the “newspaper prophecy experts” claims that WE are living in the “last days!”  We shall now turn to the facts that: 1) All of the signs Jesus gives the disciples were all fulfilled before A.D. 70 and would thus mark a genuine nearness to His return and kingdom and 2) Jesus coming on the clouds in judgment upon Jerusalem to put an end to her OC age is consistent with the OT teaching that – when God judged nations in the OT, He used de-creation language that was metaphoric, symbolic, and apocalyptic in nature and had nothing to do with the destruction of the planet.

  • dEmEnTiA: End Times’ Religious Groups Want Apocalypse Soon - LA Times In Christian theology, the first thing that happens when Christ returns to Earth is the judgment of nations,” said Hagee, who wears a Jewish prayer shawl when he ministers. “It will have one criterion: How did you treat the Jewish people? Anyone who understands that will want to be on the right side of that question. Those who are anti-Semitic will go to eternal damnation.”


  • Outside Links: Tulsa Preterist Association "Tusla's Meeting Place for Considering Christ's Accomplished Return" (

  • Outside Links/MP: - "A major issue addressed on this website is the timing of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  I examine the scriptural and historical dynamics associated with this issue and answer the question: Is the the Second Coming of Jesus Christ a future event or a past reality?"


  • Misguided Theology Makes Bad Foreign Policy - "Columnist Maggie Gallagher writes, “[M]y support is based on an inchoate sense that if put into words would be something like this: As Christians, we just cannot sit by and let Islamic nations exterminate the Jewish people.” Not that the Arab nations have that capability, but never mind. Should Christians care less about the killing of Christians by Muslims in Kosovo, Indonesia, and Nigeria? Or the killing of Christians and Muslims by Hindus in India?"



  • MP: Kurt M. Simmons - Bimillennial Preterism According to Max King - "a closer examination shows that Max King’s interpretation of the millennium actually produces two millennia.  According to King, the thousand-year binding of the dragon is derived from Matt. 12:29 and the binding of the strong man:  “Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? And then he will spoil his house.”  According to King, binding the dragon symbolizes Christ’s restraint upon the devil by preaching the gospel and announcing the kingdom of heaven.  This began during Christ’s earthly ministry in A.D. 30."

  • 6-Foot, 6-Inch Grandfather Turns 66 On 6/6/06


  • Outside Links: "While many label Preterism as unorthodox and heretical, we believe that the honest student who is willing to take more than just a cursory glance, will find that Preterism is firmly grounded in the Scriptures. What is Preterism? Click here."


  • 666: Test Your Apocalypse Aptitude


  • Evangelicals and Israel: An Interview with David Brog "Unlike so many generations of Christians in Europe, evangelicals interpret the word “Israel” in the Bible to mean “the Jews” and not “the Church.”  This small change in interpretation has enormous theological ramifications.  It means that the Jews are still the chosen people, that they are still in covenant with and beloved by God, and that they are still the rightful heirs of the land of Israel."


  • Jim Gunter: The New Heavens and Earth "I just can’t see but one way to interpret those words of the Lord, and that is: If “heaven and earth” have not yet “passed away,” then that old covenant, the law of Moses, is still in effect today! I just don’t see any other possible way to understand that passage. Therefore, if we take the position that the law of Moses has indeed been fulfilled and removed, which we all do, then it would naturally follow that “heaven and earth,” whatever they were, have also “passed away.” Beloved, if this is not the case, then Jesus’ words here have no meaning at all, but are contradictory in themselves!" (Mosaic elements aren't the symbol of the Old Heavens and Earth, they are exclusively one and the same)


  • Administrative: "Preterist Watchdog" - New Domain -

  • Watchdog/Idealism: Hebrews 12:25-29: Earthly Jerusalem as the Earthly Heart "Just as in AD70, and according to passages such as Hebrews 12:25-29, Christ's ministry of reconciliation and sanctification includes shaking those things in us which we have made, so that those things of His which cannot be shaken may remain.  It is, in fact, His promise of grace to come in and break down our idolatrous temples so that not one filthy stone remains upon another within our hearts -- this is His merciful lovingkindness, not abandoning us to the wolves, but separating the wheat from the chaff in our lives and in our hearts.   This is why every generation of Christians must enter the kingdom through persecution -- not just the first generation.   And doesn't your life in Christ manifest this trend of breaking up the fallow ground?"



  • Apocalyptic Amusement is Video Endgame - "The first thing Frichner did was to have one of his Christian characters approach a civilian lazily walking down a midtown Manhattan street in the middle of the battle over Earth and stand next to him for two seconds, which instantly converted him. I did not think converting would be as easy for my side. I was going to have to spend long minutes challenging people to guitar contests that I very well might lose."

  • 2006 Classifications: "Preterist Idealism"  (PI)"The idea isn't to create "new jargon" with the 2006 website re-classifications and terminology.  They are intended solely for the organizational purposes of the website.  If people want to take them and use them (which I don't think they should), then they are probably just going to confuse others.   A fuller presentation of all the new "2006 Classifications" is in progress elsewhere on the board."


  • Administrative "Full Disclosure":'s native approach is now a hybrid of Preterism..  being called here "Preterist Idealism"  (PI)  - This view presents all external events as only the outward show of greater spiritual realities which take place outside of history.  (2006 Classifications utilized for website organizational purposes only.. not intended to be used elsewhere) Preterist/Idealist Hybrid

A.D.70 as an External Show
(In the Temporal Realm)


Spiritual Substance / Fullness
(In the Eternal Realm)

A Coming of Christ Against Jerusalem
A Day of Judgment Against His Enemies
A Day of Vindication to His People
A Specific Judgment Against Israel
A Gathering of the People of God (Pella)

All Eschatology Fulfilled - End of Material, External Kingdom

The Parousia of Christ
The Eternal Day of the Lord
The Resurrection of the Dead
The General Judgment Seat
The Gathering of the Body of Christ

The Everlasting Age - Immaterial, Internal Kingdom Without End




  • Critical: The New Last Days Scoffers - "While most preterists would insist they are defending the power of Christ, they are actually denying it.  They are trying to “bring in the Kingdom” without the King.  And might I add, they are fighting a losing battle! "


  • Evangelical Hagee Rallies Flock Behind Israel - "In addition to spearheading the launch of Christians United for Israel, and appearing on a panel at the recent National Religious Broadcasters convention, Hagee has aligned himself with a number of Christian Right evangelicals that condemned the Evangelical Climate Initiative, signed by 86 evangelical leaders acknowledging the seriousness of global warming and pledging to press for legislation to limit carbon dioxide emissions."

  • American Muslim: Christian Zionism, Terror in Jesus' Name - "‘Final Dawn Over Jerusalem’ is one of Hagee’s major writings on Christian Zionism that well exemplifies the imperialist agenda that lies at its very core. The aim of the book is to defend the Israeli occupation of Palestine, to denounce those who seek to protest Israeli atrocities, and to advocate the cause of ‘Greater Israel’, all this in the name of Christianity and premised on the notion of the Jews as being allegedly God’s ‘Chosen People’."


  • Dead Sea Scrolls: Dead Sea Scroll Photog John Trever Passed Away - "“I put a magnifying glass to the scroll … and said to myself: ‘Oh, my Lord, can I really be looking at something 2,000 years old?” Trever told the Chicago Tribune in 1989. “Then I remembered that in the haggling customs of the Near East, one doesn’t tip his hand precipitously. ‘Yes,’ I told the Syrians, ‘this might be worth something.’"


  • Outside Links: Apostolic Fulfilled Prophecy - "Greater Love Assembly welcomes you to our website.  Our main theme here focuses on fulfilled prophecy. This means that prophecy contained in the word of God has already come to pass. Our other themes will include Apostolic doctrine, Apostolic History, creationism and a little bit about us"


  • Partial: Homer Hailey On Matthew 24 "In describing the coming judgment upon His people and the ushering in His righteousness and salvation. God describes the passing of the order as a passing of heaven and earth. "


  • Gary DeMar: 2006 World Superconference - May 24-27, 2006: 13 Speakers • 21 Sessions "American Vision’s first Worldview Super Conference. It’s unquestionably the most comprehensive training conference available today. Our theme is “Creation to Revelation. . . Connecting the Dots.” Our speakers will start with Genesis and end in Revelation."


  • Outside Study Links: The Reign of Christ "Our theology is worked out in terms of the Bible, which we affirm has been best expressed, in keeping with the organic development of the Church in her matters of faith and doctrine, in the principles of the Reformation of the 16th century. We affirm our historical link to the Councils, Creeds, Confessions, and Reformed Standards. We affirm, with those works, that they are not infallible, but “may and have erred” (WCF 31:3). The Bible is the sole Standard which claims infallibility. We affirm that theology is ever worked out in this truth, within Her history, and with Her chosen people."

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS Robert L. Pierce: The Rapture Cult: Religious Zeal and Political Conspiracy "If we are to conclude that the book of Revelation was indeed written as an urgent coded warning to the Christians of the first century, what then was the message? It warned of two things. One was the impending destruction of the City of Jerusalem and the Jewish theocratic state; the other was the impending persecution of Christians by the Roman Empire."



“The rapture, end-times, and Armageddon hucksters in the United States rank with any Shiite ayatollahs.”


  • dEmEnTiA: Thomas Ice (Bloopers) "Margaret Macdonald's handwritten account in 1830 of her pre-Antichrist (or pretribulation) rapture discovery was reproduced in two of the 19th century books written by Catholic Apostolic Church historian Robert Norton... several persons in recent years have reprinted it.  But some, like militant pretrib rapture defender and diehard Thomas Ice, have had trouble reproducing it accurately."


  • FP: Eric FugettThe Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus - In this article on “The Crucifixion & Resurrection of Jesus Christ,” A Personal Revelation author Eric Fugett examines the events surrounding the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


  • Apocalyptic Times "Yes, since Sept. 11, the news has gotten more surreal, with divine sightings and apocalyptic musings becoming more commonplace. Such talk has always been with us, of course, but it’s no longer tied to David Koresh or Marshall Applewhite or Jim Jones-type cultists. “One of the biggest changes in politics in my lifetime is that the delusional is no longer marginal. It has come in from the fringe, to sit in the seat of power in the Oval Office and in Congress,” Bill Moyers wrote, regarding the shifting political realities fueling this mindset."

  • Press: (Video) Liberty News Looks at Christian End-Times Politics and Warfare - Is Bush the Antichrist?  "You see, one of the chief characteristics of the coming Antichrist is that he appears as an 'angel of light.'  Therefore, an obvious reprobate such as Bill Clinton is immediately disqualified.  Many people attribute to George W. Bush godlike qualities, which actually makes him a better candidate than Clinton was..." (Chuck Baldwin)


  • Paul Findley: Control of US Policies by the Israeli Lobby (


  • Study Archive: J.P. Green Sr. - Acts 24:25 And Paul having reasoned concerning righteousness and self control, and the Judgment that is about to be, becoming afraid, Felix answered, For the present, go; but taking time later, I will call for you || Revelation 1:19 Write what things you saw, and what things are, and what things are about to occur after these things.   



  • Critical: The Promise of the Future by Cornelius P. Venema "Part Six includes four chapters covering the most fundamental elements of cosmic eschatology: the resurrection of the body, the final judgment, the doctrine of eternal punishment, and the new heavens and earth. In each of these chapters, the author does an excellent job of presenting the biblical view as well as critiquing various unbiblical alternatives. In the chapter on the resurrection of the body, Venema includes a thorough discussion of the nature of the resurrection body as well as an insightful evaluation of the recent debate between Murray J. Harris and Norman Geisler over Harris's understanding of the nature of the resurrection body. This discussion will prove to be especially valuable to those who are dealing with recent attempts among hyper-preterists and others to revive Harris's doctrine. "


  • Study Archive: John Brown "of Haddington" (1722-1787) "They are represented as a Carcase gathered to by the eagles : Being separated from God, the life of their soul, and church ; having apostatized from his quickening truths ; and being destitute of his enlivening grace ; how overspread with loathsome and noisome corruption!  How detestable to God and his people!  How surrounded, sought out, murdered and ruined by the eagle-bannered Roman armies!"

  • Study Archive: Patrick Fairbairn "But it was our Lord who first clearly announced the coming retribution, and described it as one that was to bring along with it the most sweeping desolation, and as so near at hand, that the existing generation was to see it accomplished. "

  • Jonathan Edwards Study Archive: Added Quotes from The History of Redemption "That coming of Christ which ended in the destruction of Jerusalem, was preceded by a glorious spiritual resurrection of souls in the calling of the Gentiles, and bringing home multitudes of souls to Christ by the preaching of the gospel." (1776)


  • Revelations: Archaeologists Find Ancient Israel Tunnels - "Underground chambers and tunnels used during a Jewish revolt against the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago have been uncovered in northern Israel, archaeologists said Monday. The Jews laid in supplies and were preparing to hide from the Romans during their revolt in A.D. 66-70, the experts said. The pits, which are linked by short tunnels, would have served as a concealed subterranean home. | Ancient Jewish Town From Solomonic Era Discovered

  • Washington Post: Accepting Jesus Changes Lives "What Jesus said was something amazing, because the disciples, and the Jewish people in general, never imagined that something could happen to their sacred temple. To say that the temple and the buildings will be destroyed was a crazy idea. It was an attempt on the life of the entire nation. It was something impossible.
        But Jesus said: "Assuredly, I say to you, not one stone shall be left here upon another, that shall not be thrown down." He didn't say, "perhaps." He said, "assuredly." There was no doubt, no option; the temple and the buildings of the temple will be destroyed.
        Jesus spoke to them about other things apart from the destruction of the temple. Notice 24:3. They asked Jesus three things: When will these things be? What will be the sign of Your coming? And of the end of the age? "


  • Study Archive: Robert Fleming "It was the immediate appearance of God's judgment, which no distance of time can darken ; in that desolating stroke on the jewish nation and Jerusalem, within a few years after the suffering of Christ by the Romans under Titus Vespasian ; a stroke both in the manner and continuance, such as no instance present or past could ever be found the resemble, and when seriously considered, one of the greatest appearances of God against a people hath been, since man was formed in the earth ; where these concurring circumstances, for giving light thereto, call for our serious observing." (1669)

  • Second Advent Christian™ movement Redefines Canon - "Stephen Simons, the founder of the Second Advent Christian™ movement and a principal at Restyn, explains, "The commonly accepted canon of the Word of God was set by men, not by God. Small Canon Search™ is provided for believers who want to focus their study on God's revelation without distraction." The Second Advent Christian™ canon of scripture includes books from the Old and New Testaments and books from the works of Emanuel Swedenborg."

  • Woman remembers end time control "End time, it's a term taken from the King James Bible. It refers to the end of time, a second coming of Christ ...It's also the name of a religious group Joni Cutler joined around 20 years ago that controlled members...especially women and children. "


  • Pret: The Hope of Israel (Part Two) - Jim Gunter "I understand that at Jesus' coming, He brought, perfected Salvation, eternal life, immortality, all of which were elements of His glorious eternal Kingdom.  Yes, He defeated sin death and Sheol/Hades, upon His removal of all those obstacles which still stood in the way of that perfection; things such as the old earthly temple with its old temporal, typical holy of holies, its fleshly, earthly priesthood with its animal sacrifices etc., allowing then for the complete passing of that from which sin received its power viz., the Old Covenant Law. (See also Heb.8:13; Heb.9:8-10; Heb.9:27,28; Heb.12:18-30; Heb.10:37,38).

  • : Praise the Lord -- And Pass the Joystick "Christian games are made exclusively for the shrinking PC game market, where sales dropped 14 percent to $953 million in 2005, compared with the year before, according to NPD. And a big stumbling block may be the Christian designation itself. Christian games “have a redeeming social value,” said Michael Pachter, a research analyst at Wedbush Morgan Securities in Los Angeles. “But it’s not good to be a Bible thumper.” And finding the balance between conflict–an element crucial to every game–and good, clean fun is not easy. “I think by and large, most of us feel like we’re doing the Lord’s work,” said Robert Anderson, president of Cactus Game Design, a Christian game company in Hayesville, N.C. “We’re willing to make sacrifices to do it.”

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS:  E. De Pressence - The Early Years of Christianity (1870) "It is to us evident that the Apostle wrote [the Apocalypse] a few years after the terrible persecution under Nero. It is idle to draw any parallel between the persecutions under Domitian, and that first truly infernal explosion of pagan hatred against the Church. "

"Every feature of this siege [of Jerusalem by the Romans] attests it to be a judgment of God. It is not an ordinary event of history; all the attendant circumstances are marked by an aggravation of suffering and woe; men appear to be led by a mysterious hand, which urges them on to commit acts not within their original intention."


  • Tim LaHaye: American “Rapture” - Vanity Fair - Best-selling author and evangelical leader Tim LaHaye has contacts that extend to the White House. That could spell trouble, since his theology espouses a bloody apocalypse in Israel

  • Jerry Falwell: Jerusalem Post 'Fabricated' Story "I want to reaffirm that I am a Zionist..." | JPost: Falwell - Jews can get to heaven


  • Revelations: Ancient Syrian Manuscripts Found In Egyptian Monastery - "Although the library was probably established soon after the monastery’s foundation in the 6th century, it was enlarged after a visit by abbot Moses of Nisibis to Baghdad in 927, when he returned with hundreds of early Syriac manuscripts. "



  • dEmEnTiA: The Brutal Christ of the Armageddonites - "As befits the manifesto of a counterculture, the ‘Left Behind’ series is a revenge fantasy, in which right-wing Christians win out over the rational, scientific, modern, post-Enlightenment world. The books represent the apotheosis of a culture that is waging war against liberals, gays, Muslims, Arabs, the UN, and ‘militant secularists’ of all stripes – whom it accuses of destroying Christian America, murdering millions of unborn children, assaulting the Christian family by promoting promiscuity and homosexuality, and driving Christ out of the public square.'


  • MP: Kurt Simmons - The Road Back to Preterism: A Brief History of Eschatology and the Church - "Origen states that Daniel’s seventy weeks were fulfilled in the coming of Christ;  But what is more astonishing by far, Origen indicates that the eschatological “coming” of the Lord with “fire” is to be understood figuratively of the destruction of Jerusalem, as maintained by Preterists: "We do not deny, then, that the purificatory fire and the destruction of the world took place in order that evil might be swept away, and all things be renewed; for we assert that we have learned these things from the sacred books of the prophets…And anyone who likes may convict this statement of falsehood, if it be not the case that the whole Jewish nation was overthrown within one single generation after Jesus had undergone these sufferings at their hands. For forty and two years, I think after the date of the crucifixion of Jesus, did the destruction of Jerusalem take place.” - Added to Church History's "Preterist Assumption"

  • Anti-Semitism: Irving sentenced to three years in Vienna jail for Holocaust Denial - "Denying the Holocaust is illegal in Austria and punishable with a sentence of up to 10 years. The author said that he had visited the country twice since 1989 without being arrested, and had thought that the charges had been dropped. Lord Janner, the chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said that he was "pleased" at Irving's conviction.  "It is the conviction and not the sentence that matters," he said.  "It sends a clear message to the world that we must not tolerate the denial of the mass murders of the Holocaust."


  • Rabbi reassures Jews about evangelicals - ""More directly what I say to them is I make a distinction between theological and practical exclusivity. I draw the line not on what they believe will happen in end of days. I am not guided by that. I am guided by acts - what are they doing? If they are involved in targeted missions toward Jews, like Jews for Jesus, we won't work with them. But the end of days?"

  • Blogs: Daily Hebrew "The Hebrew language is the best language of all, with the richest vocabulary….If I were younger I would want to learn this language, because no one can really understand the Scriptures without it. For although the New Testament is written in Greek, it is full of Hebraisms and Hebrew expressions. It has therefore been aptly said that the Hebrews drink from the spring, the Greeks from the stream that flows from it, and the Latins from a downstream pool.”


  • dEmEnTiA: Gerald Flurry: Jerusalem Is About to Be Cut in Half  "Did you know that much of the world is even now discussing how the Jews must give up East Jerusalem to the Palestinians? The United Nations, America, Europe, the Palestinians and even the Middle East Jews themselves are discussing how they must surrender East Jerusalem!  What does that mean? It means that the prophecy in Zechariah is now in the early stages of being fulfilled, even though the world doesn’t know it!

    Zechariah 14 contains an end-time prophecy about half of Jerusalem falling to the enemy. When half of Jerusalem falls, it starts a chain reaction of events—an avalanche of crises—that leads directly to Jesus Christ’s Second Coming!   You are now seeing spectacular prophecies being fulfilled. The good times for Israel are fading fast, just as God prophesied. America, Britain and Judah are going down like a sinking ship. At the same time, Gentile powers are rising like a rocket. "

  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Timothy P. Martin: Beyond Creation Science - How Preterism Refutes a Global Flood and Impacts the Genesis Debate "This book is a critique of the main Creation Science presupposition from the perspective of covenant thinking.  I hope to demonstrate a methodological, theological and historical correlation between the rise of Creation Science ideology and the prevalence of dispensational theology in America during the 20th century."


  • Jesus is Israel: Its official: Israel to withdraw from the West Bank

  • dEmEnTiA: A wholly controversial holy man (KTLA Los Angeles) - "In a sign of fading appeal in the Christian establishment, Robertson canceled a Feb. 21 speech to the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Dallas after the group's leaders suggested his appearance could detract from the event.

    Some political observers suggest that Robertson has ratcheted up his rhetoric in an attempt to reclaim his lost mantle as the voice and face of the Christian right

    "He is fading to the sidelines of this movement," said Laura Olson, author of "Religion and Politics in America" and political science professor at Clemson University in South Carolina. "The Christian right has grown so sophisticated and so diversified, they don't need him guiding the movement anymore."

  • You might be emerging if..


  • Preterist Rapture: Dan Harden's Response to Walt Hibbard's Support of Ian Harding's Book - "..(O)ur spiritual condition is drastically different from those of the pre-Parousial saints, based solely on the fact that our High Priest returned and brought back with Him our completed atonement.  Christ has made us whiter than snow, blameless before the Lord, despite our shortcomings.  What was a promise / deposit for the pre-Parousial saints is a reality for us today -- even while living on Earth.  Our going to Heaven when we die is BECAUSE of these fulfilled promises.  We don't look forward to them being fulfilled in fullness when we die, or else we would never be qualified to make it on our own, for we are unable to do so on our own.  Indeed, if we didn't have glory in fullness already, we couldn't go to Heaven at all, for God cannot abide anything less than perfection.  But our entrance into Heaven is assured because we already have Eternal Life in fullness NOW!"


  • dEmEnTiA: End is Not Near Enough for Pastors (LA Times) - "The Global Pastors Network's "Billion Souls Initiative" aims to shorten the path to Judgment Day by partnering church resources with the latest communications systems to spread the Gospel of Jesus.  In an interview at Faith Central Bible Church in Inglewood, James Davis, president of the campaign, said, "Jesus Christ commissioned his disciples to go to the ends of the Earth and tell everyone how they could achieve eternal life. "As we advance around the world, we'll be shortening the time needed to fulfill that great commission," he said. "Then, the Bible says, the end will come."

  • Revelations: Unearthing history in the heart of Rome "Next, to the joy of Carandini’s little army of helpers, there surfaced bits of the original boundary wall around the sanctuary of Vesta itself, a perimeter enclosing the living quarters of Rome’s first kings. Thus, announced Carandini with some satisfaction, he had brought to a conclusion a painstaking, 20-year-long dig in the forums aimed at finding where and how and in what shape Rome had begun. The finds concluded with the September discovery of the very origin of Rome, which turned out to be a sacred defended enclave of some 10,000 sqm, the initial heart of the city."

  • Blogs: Riddleblog by Kim Riddlebarger "As Jesus puts it in verse 27, his coming will not be some secret or isolated event.  “For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.”  This challenges the idea of a so-called secret Rapture since Christ’s coming is here depicted as a single, visible coming (not two comings with one being secret).  It also demonstrates the implausibility of preterism as well.  Jesus’ point is simply that his own Parousia at the end of the age “will happen in such a sudden and dramatic way [that it is] incapable of being missed.”  This point certainly mitigates the preterist notion that Jesus’ Parousia occurred in A.D. 70, and that his coming on the clouds was limited to God’s judgment upon Israel.  Indeed, the precise point Jesus is making is that we are not to listen to claims that Christ has already come, no matter how many miracles the claimants may perform, since his coming is not an isolated event, but will be witnessed by the entire world.  His coming is neither secret nor local.  Every eye will behold him. "

  • Blogs: Purgatorio - You Know You've Attained Dispensational Divine Status when: 5. No matter how many member states the EU adds, you can still make it work eschatologically.

"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia."
Charles Schultz

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Chiltons' Days of Vengeance Back in Print! - Available at American Vision | The Last Days: Rethinking Bible Prophecy in the Light of History

Avalon Hill
"Siege of Jerusalem"
Board Game

"therein lies the fascination: the immovable object vs the unstoppable force."

The Events and Times of the Visions of Daniel and St. John.

"My next year's work will, I think, be my exposition of prophecy, D. V., and it is not improbable I may find matter sufficient even to convince Mrs Professor Lee that hitherto she has been greatly in the dark on this interesting and momentous subject. But this, you will say, is counting on victory without my host. Well, wait and thou shalt see what God can do through an instrument so weak as the poor Professor. . . . Love me and pray for me, and I shall be greatly prospered in all I take in hand.' "

Gary DeMar and Francis X. Gumerlock: The Early Church and the End of the World (2006) "Francis X. Gumerlock has undertaken the task of translating a number of ancient and medieval commentators who have written on Matthew 24 and Revelation.  He shows that many early and medieval Christian writers believed that these prophecies had already been fulfilled before the "end" of Jerusalem, that is, before its destruction by the Romans in A.D. 70 which resulted in the end of the Old Covenant world."

William Blake
Jerusalem (1804)

"These are the destroyers of Jerusalem! these are the murderers Of Jesus! who deny the Faith and mock at Eternal Life..  These are the Sexual Garments, the Abomination of Desolation, Hiding the Human Lineaments, as with an Ark and Curtains Which Jesus rent, and now shall wholly purge away with Fire, Till Generation is swallow'd up in Regeneration."

1704 DUTCH

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"Eusebius never allows the doctrine of Christ's second coming any importance in his historical scheme.  There is no sense of a new kingdom which will at some future date break in upon the existing historical structure, righting what is wrong and establishing justice."



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The Events and Times of the Visions of Daniel and St. John.

"My next year's work will, I think, be my exposition of prophecy, D. V., and it is not improbable I may find matter sufficient even to convince Mrs Professor Lee that hitherto she has been greatly in the dark on this interesting and momentous subject. But this, you will say, is counting on victory without my host. Well, wait and thou shalt see what God can do through an instrument so weak as the poor Professor. . . . Love me and pray for me, and I shall be greatly prospered in all I take in hand.' "

Scripture Research Conference
Jerry Wayne Bernard, Douglas Falk, Phil Bagby, Forrest Cottrell, John Rucker, Jim Harris
November 10-11, 2006 - Riverside, CA
Two of the speakers (Bernard and Falk) are Preterists.  The other four are still looking forward to the Parousia.  In Bernard's presentation Friday night, he will present the accomplishment of the "all in all" during the first century.  This is a new slant to the Preterist position.  These other speakers are very well versed in the Scriptures and will be worth listening to.  The whole conference will be on the several aspects of "the fulness."

"Bible Prophecy Revealed" Hosted By Grant Jeffrey Now Airing on TBN

One of the world’s foremost scholars on Bible prophecy, Grant Jeffery, helps you connect the dots between today’s events and the prophecies of the Bible during “Bible Prophecy Revealed” this Wednesday and Thursday on TBN."

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Jan and Kaspar Lyuken - Alle de Werken van Flavius Josephus

Judea Capta
71 Judea Capta

Our Young Folks' Josephus
 (1884 PDF)

The Story of the Last Days of Jerusalem
Alfred Church


  • Abauzit, Firmin (ob. 1767) - Essay on the Apocalypse, showing that the canonical authority of the book of Revelation was doubtful, and applying predictions to the destruction of Jerusalem.  Translated from the French, by Dr. Twells. London.

  • Alcasar, Ludovicus. Jesuit (ob. 1613) - Vestigatio arcani sensus in Apocalypsi ; cum opusculo de sacris ponderibus et mensuris. Ant. 1604, folio; said to have been the work of twenty years.

  • Alcasar, Ludovicus. Jesuit, In eas veteris testamenti partes quas respicit Apocalypsis, nempe Cantica Canticorum, Psalmos complures, multa Danielis aliorumque librorum capita, investigatio, Lugd. 1616.

  • Andreas, Caesariensis, Cappadocum Episcopus (cl. 500) - Commentarii in Apocalypsin ad Macarium, quos Latine vertit Theodorus Peltanus.  Extant Gr. et Lat. ad finem Chrysostomi Commentariorum in S. Johannem in editione Morelliana, Tom. viii.

  • Arethas, Caesareae Cappadociae Archiepiscopus (cl. cir A.D. 540) Explicatio Apocalypseos. Veronae, 1532, fol.  Extat etiam ad calcem Oecumenii. Paris 1631.

  • Butt, John Martin - The Revelation of St. John compared with itself, and the rest of Scripture ; The Divinity of the Apocalypse demonstrated by its fulfillment.

  • Burrows' (E.J.) Hours of Devoltion.  Christian Disciple. 4:206

  • Churton, Ralph, M.A. F.R.S. Archdeacon of St. David's - Eight Sermons on the prophecies respecting the destruction of Jerusalem ; preached before the University of Oxford's Bampton Lectures.  1785.

  • Clarke, Richard - A Discourse on the third day of the Gospel, compared with the seventh day of the Law.  London 1794

  • Clericus, Joan.  Veteris Testamenti Prophetae ab Esaia ad Malachiam usque, ex translatione Joannis Clerici ; cum ejusdem commentario philologico &c. Amst. 1731

  • Cocceius, Joh. Prof. of Hebrew at Leyden.  Comm. in prophetica Jeremiae et Ezekielis Amst. 1669.

  • Collyer, Wm. Bengo, D.D. - Lectures on Scripture Prophecy. London 1811

  • Corrodi, Heinrich - A critical history of Chiliasm, or opinions respeecting the millennial reign of Christ. Zurich - First published anonymously in 1781.

  • Eichorn, Joh. Godf. - Commentarius in Apocalypsin Johannis.  Gotting. 1791.

  • Faber, George Stanley. The Sacred Calendar of Prophecy. London 1828 (In this work, which is the last of Mr. Faber's of any importance, he abandons much of the interpretation which he had previously published)

  • Fehr, Sam. Benj. - An introduction to the right understanding and use of the Revelation of St. John (or rather of Jesus Christ) ; and as to what relates to the past, sufficiently illustrated from ecclesiastical and secular history.  (Ger.) Altenburg, 1761.

  • Greenhill, Jos. A.M. Rector of East Horsley - An Essay on the prophecies of the New Testament which relate to the destruction of Jerusalem. Lodon. 1755.

  • Grotius, Hugo - Comm. ad loca quaedam Novi Test. Quae de Antichristo agunt aut agere putantur.  Amst. 1640.

  • Lee, Samuel - Sermons and Dissertations. | Six sermons on the study of Holy Scriptures, their nature, interpretation, and some of their most important doctrines

  • Marshall, Benjamin, A Chronological Treatise upon the Seventy Weeks of Daniel 1725

  • Nisbett, Nehemiah, An illustration of various important passage ; from his prophecies of the destruction of Jerusalem.. 1785. | Coming of the Messiah. 1802 ("A laboured attempt to confine the descriptions of Christ's coming and the apostast, in the Gospels and Epistles, to the first coming ; and 2 Thess. II. to the rebellions of the Jews." - Bickersteth)

  • Park, J.R. ; M.D. - An amicable controversy with a Jewish Rabbi on the Messiah's coming. 1832. ; A new exposition of the Apocalypse, so far as the prophecies are fulfilled ; to which are prefixed the history of Christianity epitomised. 1834.

  • Rainolds, John D.D. - A discourse on the destructio nof the Idumeans. 1584

  • Stockwood, John - A Sermon on the Destruction of Ierusalem - Printed by Tho. Dawson, 1584

  • Whiston, William - The Accomplishment of Scripture prophecies

"I add also the testimony of prophecy to that of miracles.  The wondrous and exact accomplishment of many prophecies since our Lord Jesus Christ dwelt on earth in the days of his flesh, confirm his gospel.   The prophecies that he himself gave forth from God, is another testimony of this gospel, which is uncontrolable.  The destruction of Jeruslaem, the time and methods of its destruction, and the terrors of it, may be read in Mat. xxiv.  And if you read the history of Josephus, a Jew, you find so many parallels, that you may say Christ did fortel it indeed." Isaac Watts The Works of the Rev. Isaac Watts D.D. in Nine Volumes, Sermon xv

Gunnar Bachelor
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H.P. Smith (1883) "Preterist. [L. praeteritus, past] 1. One who lives in the past rather than in the present. 2. One who regards the Apocalypse as a series of predictions which have already been fulfilled." (Glossary of Terms and Phrases)

Roland Hardmeier (2005) "Innerhalb des Präterismus gibt es verschiedene Richtunden.  Ich folge Sproul, der radikale und moderate Präteristen voneinander unterscheidet." (Zukunft. Hoffnung. Bibel., p. 40)

Marion Morris
"Father of Modern Preterism"
Christ's Second Coming Fulfilled (1917)

It is alleged that between the day of Pentecost, and the time of Jerusalem’s fall, there “was an overlapping of the covenants” (Marion Morris, Christ’s Second Coming Fulfilled, Winchester, IN: Mitchell, 1917, p. 39).


Joshua 11.23: So Joshua took the whole land, according to all that the LORD said unto Moses; and Joshua gave it for an inheritance unto Israel according to their divisions by their tribes.

Joshua 21.43,45: And the LORD gave unto Israel all the land which he sware to give unto their fathers; and they possessed it, and dwelt therein. There failed not aught of any good thing which the LORD had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass.

Joshua 23.14: And, behold, this day I am going the way of all the earth: and ye know in all your hearts and in all your souls that not one thing hath failed of all the good things which the LORD your God spake concerning you; all are come to pass unto you, and not one thing hath failed thereof.

1 Kings 4.21: And Solomon reigned over all kingdoms from the river unto the land of the Philistines, and unto the border of Egypt: they brought presents, and served Solomon all the days of his life.

1 Kings 8.56: Blessed be the LORD, that hath given rest unto his people Israel, according to all that he promised: there hath not failed one word of all his good promise, which he promised by the hand of Moses his servant.

Armageddon Books Prophecy Poll Question for September: Who is, or was, the Antichrist?

A Future World Leader 57%
The Pope, or Papacy 8%
Satan working within the Church 8%
Roman Emperor Nero 6%
Roman Emperor Domitian 2%
Other 20%

The kingdom and comings of Christ,: Wherein is explained the prophecies of Daniel, the predictions of Jesus with reference to the destruction of Jerusalem, and the book of Revelation
by John Collinsworth Simmons
Pub. House of the M.E. Church, South, Barbee & Smith, Agents (1891)

Avalon Hill
"Siege of Jerusalem"
Board Game

"therein lies the fascination: the immovable object vs the unstoppable force."

Treasures looted by Rome ‘are back in the Holy Land’

 "The Bible’s greatest treasure – 50 tons of gold and silver plundered from the Temple of Jerusalem in AD 70.  Today dark forces pursue this billion-pound loot as the moment of Biblical reckoning - the endtimes - closes in on Jerusalem. Only when the seven-branched golden menorah (candelabrum) is recovered will the light of Judaism finally burn once more on the Temple Mount. This is a dangerous treasure that threatens to ignite the volatile Arab-Israeli conflict. "

East Indian Christian Minister Seeking Financial and Prayer Support My name is Joel Saripalli and I have been raised an Independent Baptist all my life, but over the past 10 years, I seriously questioned many of the positions that were taught to me.  Over the past five years, the Lord has gradually led me away from many of the traditional "church" beliefs and I am now a convinced Preterist. Our entire ministry is in jeopardy and my wife and I are a little shaken, to say the least. 

Holy Land churches attack Christian Zionism "The Bishop in Jerusalem, Riah Abu Al-Assal has joined other Arab Christian leaders in releasing a statement denouncing “Christian Zionism” and the “contemporary alliance of Christian Zionist leaders and organizations” with Israel."

Conquest of Jerusalem by Emperor Titus - Nicolas Poussin | 1846 Kaulbach The Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus

1. Unrest in northern Israel
2. Iran's nuclear program
3. Mass murder in Iraq
4. The supply of oil
5. Global weather changes
6. China's growing might
7. Global terrorism
8. Nation ID initiatives
9. Infectious diseases (bird flu)
10. Russian naval base in Syria
Source: End of Times

P.Oxy. LVI 4499
"616 Number of the Beast"

(Late Third / Early Fourth Century)

Hierusalem Verwoest
"Jerusalem laid desolate"
Joost van den Vondel
(1620 - DUTCH)

7Q5 - Earliest NT Papyrus Fragment, Representing the Gospel of Mark?

Joseph b. Gorion, pseudonym


[Yosef ben Goriyon]

Josephus Hebraicus

Basel: Henricus Petri, 1541.

    The Hebrew paraphrase of the Hegesippus, composed in southern Italy in the tenth century and generally known as Josippon, is sometimes referred to as the Pseudo-Josephus. Of the various editions and abstracts of the work published before modern times, this edition by Sebastian Münster, to which he added an incomplete Latin translation and notes, is the only one based on the original text of the incunabular editio princeps .

     Josephus Flavius, the ancient Jewish writer of first century Palestine, wrote a number of historical, apologetical and autobiographical works which together comprise a major part of Hellenistic Jewish literature. The original Aramaic version of his first work, known as Bellum Judaicum, or The Jewish War, has been lost. However, the Greek version of this work, and the rest of his works written in Greek during his Roman exile after the destruction of Jerusalem, were preserved by the Church, particularly because of their general importance for the history of Palestine in the early Christian period and for the curious Testimonium Flavianum to the founder of Christianity contained in the Jewish Antiquities.

    Latin translations of Josephus' oeuvre made between the fourth and sixth centuries were studied in Christian Europe for an entire millennium. The editio princeps of Josephus displayed here was in fact an edition of his works in Latin, still the intellectual language of Europe in 1470; the first edition of the Greek text did not appear in print until nearly 75 years later, after the Renaissance revival of Greek learning. Subsequently, hundreds of editions of Josephus' works appeared in all corners of the Western world, not only in Greek and Latin but in every modern vernacular as well. Among the most popular authors during the history of Christian printing, Josephus suffered a different fate among Jews: except for a pseudepigraphic medieval Hebrew paraphrase of The Jewish War, the works of Josephus were virtually forgotten by the Jewish people until modern times.

Lawton, David. "Titus Goes Hunting and Hawking: The Poetics of Recreation and Revenge in The Siege of Jerusalem." Pickering, Individuality and Achievement in Middle English Poetry (no. 34). 105-17.

As Titus and Vespasian engage in hawking and hunting to disguise the weakness of their army from the besieged Jews, these practices become identified simultaneously with honor and with Christian identity. Though disguised arts of war, they are deployed as a heroic pretense of peace, therefore especially honorable, used none the less to press defeat on the enemy. The poem recognizes itself, and its aristocratic lay audience, as military and crusading. The narrative of the poem is a sequence of illnesses and cures: Titus and Vespasian are cured of serious illness by converting to Christianity, as Jerusalem is cured by a medicinal bloodletting of the Other, the Jews. Josephus operates as a mirror figure for the clerical poet, as well as a marker for the regenerative power of treason, as the outsider as figure of honor who brings credit to his new Emperor. Hawking and hunting become agents of transformation and renewal, and, like the poem itself does, turn violence into the recreation of honorable men.

John 21:23 “yet Jesus did not say to [Peter] that [John] would not die, but only, ‘If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you.’”

coming.. “in his power.. on the Jewish nation, in the destruction of their city and temple by the Romans.. till which time John did live, and many years after; and was the only one of the disciples that lived till that time, and who did not die a violent death.”  - John Gill

List of Sought Books:

  • Eusebius' Commentary on Revelation

  • Hegesippus' Histories

  • Aramaic Josephus

  • Justus of Tiberias'  History of the Jewish war against Rome

  • Luis de. Alcazar Vestigatio Arcani Sensus in Apocalypsi. Anterpiae: Apud Ioannem Keerbergium, 1614.

  • Jacque-Benigne Bossuet L'Apocalypse avec une explication (Paris: Sebastian Marbre-Cramoisy, 1690).

  • Gortuis, Hugo Commentatio as Loca Quaedam Novi Testamenti Quae de Antiochristo Agunt aut Agere Putantur, Amstelodami: Apud Ioh&Cornelium Blaev, 1640

  • Joseph Hall The Revelation Unrevealed (1650) A Survey... 1641

  • Thomas Haynes Christ's Kingdome on Earth, (1645)

  • Johann Gottfried Herder Maranatha, Das Buch Von Der Zukunft Des Hern, Des New Testaments Siegel, Riga, 1779.

"..The whole population poured forth and each of the fugitives was surrounded by a vast crowd, eagerly asking what had befallen outside.. They casually mentioned the fall of Gischala.. When, however, the story of the prisoners came out, profound consternation took possession of the people, who drew thereupon plain indications of their own impending capture.   But John.. went round the several groups, instigating them to war by the hopes he raised, making out the Romans to be weak, extolling their own power, and ridiculing the ignorance of the inexperienced; even had they wings, he remarked, the Romans would never surmount the walls of Jerusalem.. By these harangues most of the youth were seduced into his service and incited to war; but of the sober and elder men there was not one who did not foresee the future and mourn for the city as if it had already met its doom." (Josephus Wars 4.121-128; ed. Thackeray, vol. 3., pp. 36-39)

"The term "preterist" can be found in the Unabridged versions of Webster's Dictionary. I've found the definition as far back as 1913. It says -- "2. (Theol.) One who believes the prophecies of the Apocalypse to have been already fulfilled. Farrar." Dictionaries are by definition authoritative compilations of word meanings, and the inclusion of a word is significant." - Ken Davies (Webster's Dictionary -

MAY PROPHECY POLL - Theology in Left Behind Series?

How do you feel about the theology in the Left Behind Series?

The results were:
It is accurate and scriptural. 26%
It is inaccurate and unscriptural. 69%
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Tomorrow is Eclipse Day
Not a sign of Christ`s coming says religious leader

Therefore they should be wary of "religious charlatans" and other unscrupulous people who might give different interpretations to this and other rare phenomena to corrupt their faith. The most Reverend John Martin Darko, the Bishop of the Sekondi-Takoradi Diocese, told newsmen that Christian must be ready at all times for the coming of Christ by eschewing corruption and other vices and also be disciplined and obey the laws of the country.

"Again if we love and do good to our neighbours irrespective of their sex, religion, status or ethnic origin, then we must be ready for the second coming of Jesus", he said. Bishop Darko said a good Christian must not look for signs of the end of times or the second coming of Christ before adhering to the teachings of the Bible. He said the Bible did not foretell when the end of times would come even though it speaks of many things that would happen before this.

"In the 1470s it was a prevalent belief in the second coming of the Messiah within the coming years. This mysticism helped created favorable attitudes towards the Catholic monarchs, for they were seen as the saviors of the Iberian Peninsula. According to Hillgarth, many believed that Isabel was "created miraculously, for the redemption of the lost kingdoms." Fray Iñigo de Mendoza believed that Isabel was in fact a second Virgin Mary, one that would do away with the "sin" of Eve (Hillgarth, 363). The belief in the second coming of Christ thus greatly influenced the movement for a consolidated Christian Iberia. Another strong belief was that after the unification of the peninsula, the world would be unified under the yoke of Christianity and Jerusalem would be liberated (Elliot, 59).

"First International Preterist Conference" May 19 through 21 Cabimas, Venezuela

"Messiah Reformed Church - Denver"

Forming for meetings, conferences, pastoral counseling, and home fellowships -- Please contact Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks for schedule and directions

"Kingdom of Heaven"
A movie by Ridley Scott

Balian of Ibalin to the people of Jerusalem:

"It has fallen to us, to defend Jerusalem, and we have made our preparations as well as they can be made. None of us took this city from Muslims.

No Muslim of the great army now coming against us was born when this city was lost. We fight over an offence we did not give, against those who were not alive to be offended. What is Jerusalem? Your holy palaces lie over the Jewish temple that the Romans pulled down. The Muslim places of worship lie over yours. Which is more holy?

The wall? The Mosque? The Sepulcher? Who has claim? No one has claim.

“Jesus said: ‘I will destroy [this] house, and no one will be able to [re]build it’ ”

Gospel of Thomas 71

The Story of the Last Days of Jerusalem (1902)



"They see it as reflective of Zechariah 12-14, where Jerusalem is surround by the nations: This passage, they say, “fits very well into the language of Matthew 24 — the nations have surrounded Jerusalem. It does not fit the A. D. 70 destruction of Jerusalem, since that was accomplished by one nation - Rome. . . .It would also be difficult to see how a single nation would fit this passage even if hyperbole were used." (House and Ice, Dominion Theology, p. 291.)

Josephus: There were soldiers and horsemen from Caesarea, from Syria, from the kings Antiochus, Agrippa, and Sohemus, and from Malchus, the king of Arabia (Josephus, Wars, 3:4:2; cp. 3:1:3).

Pat Robertson: Sharon Stroke Possibly Punishment From God

"As the Israeli prime minister battled for life, Pat Robertson seemed to suggest to viewers on his "700 Club" television show that Sharon was being punished for his policies in Gaza and the West Bank.

"The prophet Joel makes it very clear that God has enmity against those who, quote, 'divide my land.' God considers this land to be his. You read the Bible, he says, 'This is my land.' And for any prime minister of Israel who decides he's going carve it up and give it away, God says, 'No. This is mine' . . . [Sharon] was dividing God's land, and I would say woe unto any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course to appease the EU, the United Nations or the United States of America. God said, 'This land belongs to me, you better leave it alone.'"

Robertson also appeared to suggest former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, murdered in 1995, had also paid the ultimate price for talking peace.

"He was tragically assassinated, and it was a terrible thing that happened, but nevertheless, he was dead."

 In October, Robertson said a recent spate of natural disasters pointed to the end of the world and the imminent Second Coming of Christ."

Dave Green

The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21)



Dutch wood-block engravings on thin, laid paper from a Jesuit New Testament Bible series on Jesus Christ and the Evangelists.

Artist: Christoffel van Sichem II

Tobit 14 -

4: Go to Media, my son, for I fully believe what Jonah the prophet said about Nineveh, that it will be overthrown. But in Media there will be peace for a time. Our brethren will be scattered over the earth from the good land, and Jerusalem will be desolate. The house of God in it will be burned down and will be in ruins for a time.

5: But God will again have mercy on them, and bring them back into their land; and they will rebuild the house of God, though it will not be like the former one until the times of the age are completed. After this they will return from the places of their captivity, and will rebuild Jerusalem in splendor. And the house of God will be rebuilt there with a glorious building for all generations for ever, just as the prophets said of it. " (vv. 4,5)

A Lost Scrap of Tobit from the Schoyen Collection

Jaemin Park - Caught Up in God's Presence  (2001)
by Protea Publishing Co.

ISBN: 1883707331
avaiable on and

Adrian Rogers (1931-2005) on the Second Coming

"The bottom line, however, is this: Jesus is coming, and I am certain of that and very, very glad. I have resigned from the program committee and have moved over to the welcoming committee. Even so, come Lord Jesus!"


"We are 5 people, four from an different church and I, who began four years ago to study Revelation. Premilenialism did not answer our questions. I was pleased with Philip Mauro´s book "The hope of Israel what is it?" and searching his name on the web I found the Presterist Archive. This fact changed everything. Because my actual view is not in line with the "official" I had to choose between being pastor or promote this view. My asistent pastor is against me. Some other christian leaders from our town do the same. I did not preached yet this view in the church except reading some  very chalanging verses.  I prayed about, I did fast asking the Lord to show me wich way I could serve Him better. First I send you this email just to know that in Romania there are at least 5 preterist and to ask you about your advice and second to ask you about some help to go on. We already made some downloads of your materials such as "Dear dispensationalist friend, Fourty years of Biblical Typology and I saw others on the site.  God bless. For His glory"

"I am nearly speechless! I have studied for years, and have been greatly dissatisfied I might add, with the utter inability of the futurist to explain what [the Revelation] the preterist can evidently point to and explain with ease; all the while using the Scriptures as they are written, without alteration; to defend his position! This is truly amazing! I am very eager to learn more! Believe the Bible, and discard the traditional teachings of men!"

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Visual Timeline

Destruction of Jerusalem
Vos, Maarten de

John Calvin in 1555
"And we see also how our Lord Jesus speaketh of himselfe, in bewayling the destruction of the Citie of Jerusalem
(Matt 23:37). Howe oft (saieth he) would I have gathered thy little ones under my winges, and thou wouldest not? There our Lord Jesus speaketh not as man: but sheweth that inasmuch as he is the everlasting God, he played the part of a henne towardes the Jewes, and had his winges stretched out to have brooded them: and that they on their side played the wylde beastes that woulde not bee tamed. When wee shall once have knowen the favour of our God towardes us: let us beware that it be not so defaced as we may justly bee tamed. " (7th Sermon on Deut. 1))


"And the Lord gave unto Israel all the land which He sware to give unto their fathers; and they possessed it, and dwelt therein.

"And the Lord gave them rest round about, according to all that He sware unto their fathers: and there stood not a man of all their enemies before them; the Lord delivered all their enemies into their hand.

"There failed not ought of any good thing which the Lord had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass" (Josh. 21:43-45).

F.W. Farrar


Chaplain to Queen Victoria, 1871-1876 | Headmaster of Marlborough College | Canon of Westminster Abbey | Rector of St. Margaret’s, Westminster | Archdeacon of Westminster | Dean of Canterbury


Harmony Primitive Baptist Church

"It is wrong to think that 70 AD only marks a judgment on Jerusalem. The wicked husbandmen were certainly punished. In fact, the entire world was judged. The Greek word ethnos translated nations, carries the meaning a races of peoples. In many passages it refers to non-Jewish, or the Gentile races. The disciples were in fact commissioned to go "into all the world" and preach the gospel. The purpose of the judgement was to separate the sheep from the goats. It is important to remember that Jews were broadly dispersed throughout the known world. Most chose not to return from the Babylonian captivity, being more comfortable in Hellenistic (Gentile) civilizations."

Serious Concerns about Full Preterism - Tim Stoudt "Full Preterism, also called Fulfilled Eschatology, is the doctrine that the Lord Jesus Christ has already returned and that all of Biblical prophecy concerning future events has been fulfilled. Although the doctrine seems strange from a conventional viewpoint, it has recently acquired a number of adherents. The author believes that a similar doctrine plagued the early church and that the modern-day movement is a resurfacing of the same ideas. God Himself gave in Scripture severe warnings about the doctrine, to which we today should heed. The attached article is specifically written for the person who is just becoming acquainted with the doctrine and wants to know more about it. It is intended to be a strong warning with sufficient analysis to justify the strength of the warning."

Geneva Bible Notes

 Daniel 11:30 (h) That is, the Romaine power shal come

Johnny Cash


1973, On "Johnny Cash and His Woman"

I heard on the radio there's rumors of war
People gettin' ready for battle and there may be just one more // I heard about an earthquake and the toll it took away  // These are the signs of the times we're in today

Matthew 24 is knocking at the door // And there can't be too much more to come to past (come to past) // Matthew 24 is knockin' at the door and today or one day more could be the last // [ guitar ] // The great bear from the Northland has risen from his sleep // And the army ranks in red are near two hundred million deep // The young and old now prophesy a coming prince of peace // And last night I dreamed of lightening in the East

Matthew 24 is knocking at the door...

Visual Timeline of the Roman-Jewish War





The belief held by many evangelicals that the Jews must convert to Christianity to complete God's covenant is ''always going to be a bone,'' said Nathan Katz, professor of religious studies at Florida International University.

''The attempt to convert Jews to Christianity has been going on for centuries, so it's nothing new,'' said Rabbi Schiff of the Rabbinical Association. ``What we in the Jewish community are concerned about is that Jews fall prey to those who are trying to convert them by misrepresenting what Judaism is.''








7000.  This was the end of the Jewish affairs and happened as predicted by Jesus in the gospels.



“When Jerusalem is destroyed, and Jesus’ people escape from the ruin just in time, that will be YHWH becoming king, bringing about the liberation of his true covenant people, the true return from exile, the beginning of the new world order” (N.T. Wright, JVG 364)






But this intrusion of End Times theology is of deep concern to Israelis who are not as hawkish as Netanyahu. "This is incredibly dangerous to Israel," says Gershom Gorenberg, a Jerusalem-based journalist and the author of The End of Days, a chronicle of messianic Christians and Jews and their struggle with Muslim fundamentalists over the Temple Mount. "They're not interested in the survival of the State of Israel. They are interested in the Rapture, in bringing to fruition a cosmic myth of the End Times, proving that they are right with one big bang. We are merely actors in their dreams. LaHaye's vision is that Jews will convert or die and go to hell. If you read his books, he is looking forward to war. He is not an ally in the safety of Israel."










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