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  • Melito of Sardis - Peri Pascha and Its "Israel" "The battle between Christians and Jews over possession of the name "Israel" goes back to the earliest days of Christianity" "Alternatively, the past-tense verbs found in Peri Pascha 99 may indicate that the author is referring to the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE" "Analogously, in the late fourth century Chrysostom, in his apologetic works on Christianity and Hellenism, again uses the Temple's destruction as proof of Judaism's illegitimacy."

  • The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot "He proposes that the now existing Temple walls are not the original walls that were part of the 2nd Temple that fell in 70 A.D. It is the wall of an aborted attempt to rebuild the Temple under Roman Emperor Constantine from A.D. 313-324 and later under Julian in 362. In other words, the location for the rebuilding of the Temple is on a different location nearby but not where the Dome and Mosque are situated." | Solomon's Temple Secrets

  • Was Revelation written by Paul? - Revelation Subject


  • Joey Faust's First Negative: The Grammatico–Historical hermeneutic should be used in the interpretation of prophecy. Rather than the consistent literalism of Dispensationalism

  • "The Paradigm Shift" - The Journey into Biblical Eschatology - CD-ROM Compiled by John Crandell (One Week Left in Holiday Sale)  - to Lending Library & Book Store

  • Muslims, Jesus and Columbus - "Read a little more, reverend, and you would learn that Islam recognizes Jesus (peace be upon him) and that he is one of our prophets as well. Read even further and you will learn that Jesus is positively mentioned more than Muhammed in the Koran (no joke). Sit down for this, reverend, as I tell you that I (and all Muslims) await the second coming of Jesus Christ to destroy the anti-Christ! "

  • Anti-rapture, Anti-Illuminati Archive | German on Zakkai | Jewish War Coins on Ebay | Naomi: Last Days of Jerusalem on Ebay "While contemplating the present fallen condition of the Jews and the desolate state of the land of Judea, we naturally recall their former splendour and unexampled prosperity, and the fearful rebellion against the laws of their long-suffering God and King which at length provoked Him to bring them down from their high estate and lay them grovelling in the dust. Believing that such considerations may be both interesting and useful to her young readers, the author has ventured (with a full sense of her own incompetence to do justice to the subject) to attempt a narrative of which the scene is chiefly laid in Jerusalem, and the period it embraces is one of the most eventful and calamitous that it has ever been detailed in history."




  • The Jewish Encyclopedia Online

  • 20,000 dead in earthquake at Bam, Iran - "A large part of the ancient citadel was destroyed, Mohammad Ali Karimi, governor of Kerman province, where Bam is located, said. Dating back 2,000 years, it had fortifications, towers, buildings, stables and a mosque.."

  • Lybian disarmament: Another attack on Israel? - "As long as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah elements, al-Qaida, and other extremists want to destroy Israel; as long as Iran, Syria, Egypt and Libya continue their own WMD programs; as long as the balance of forces favors Israel's enemies, Israel needs to continue to build up its own non-conventional weapons capabilities and be prepared to use them. Israel has a moral obligation; in fact, the Israeli state itself was created to make sure that a second Holocaust never happens. Sure Israel should "Ban the Bomb" - when the Messiah comes!"

  • Israeli soldiers have opened fire on a demonstration in the West Bank, injuring two peace activists

  • Star of Bethlehem may have been Venus and Jupiter in Leo - Kiser's Science "The meeting of Jupiter and Venus took place in the constellation Leo the Lion, which the Old Testament of the Bible specifically associates with the Jewish people. And it happened near the brightest star in Leo, Regulus, most closely identified with kingship." | Josephus on the Star

  • Thousands of ministers to screen "The Passion" next month



  • Israel claims Egyptian drones over Dimona Nuclear Plant | Israel's WMD - "It is an open secret that Israel is a nuclear power. Such technology as was not actually given to Israel — initially by the French and then by the Americans — was stolen from the US by Mossad spies. The highly secure nuclear center at Dimona has been the location of an Israeli nuclear program since 1958. The only firm evidence that the outside world has ever had came from an Israeli scientist, Mordechai Vanunu, who gave extensive details to a British newspaper in 1986. Kidnapped in Rome by Mossad agents, Vanunu was jailed for 18 years. "

  • Christ's actual birthdate open for debate - "The earliest Christians didn't celebrate Jesus' birth.  They believed his Second Coming was imminent, said Greg Dues, author of "Catholic Customs and Traditions." Jesus' birth was considered a minor event. "

  • Failed Messiahs: Sabbetai Zevi - "As 1666 approached, the year Christians predicted the Second Coming of Christ, Zevi proclaimed that he would become the king of kings. He said that he would sail to Constantinople and upon arriving in Turkey, the sultan would give up his throne to him, the Messiah. It didn't go exactly as Zevi had planned. When he arrived in Turkey he was arrested and thrown into a fortress. Even from his fortress, however, he continued to make proclamations to the Jews and his followers. The Turkish sultan eventually came to Sabbetai Zevi and gave him an ultimatum. He said that under the threat of suffering death, Zevi had to either prove his claims by performing a miracle or convert to the religion of Islam. Under such a threat, Zevi abandoned his proclamations and claimed his allegiance to Allah."


  • One Worlders Promote Televangelists, "Last Days," "Rapture" to Lay Foundation of Global Government - "Powerful globalist forces are promoting high-powered television evangelists and religious publishers who teach “end times” and “last days” religious dispensationalism talking of an ultimate “rapture” in order to help lay the groundwork for one world government."

  • Can Israel's Nuclear Program Survive the Current Trend? "An Israel bristling with nuclear hardware it cannot talk about and chemical horrors it could negotiate away does not make itself, or the world, any safer. On the contrary, it makes a hypocritical farce of too much Washington bargaining, buries too many initiatives deep down Hypocrisy Gulch and gives rogue groupings in ex-rogue states every reason to carry on developing, stealing or buying the devices that keep Mr Blair awake at night" | Israel Must Also Disarm | BBC on Dimona Plant

  • Report: Palestinian State in 2004 No Matter What - "The Middle East News Line (MENL) reported Sunday Israel has acceded to a Bush administration demand that an interim Palestinian state be established in the entire Gaza Strip and most of Judea and Samaria during 2004."

  • Why Full Preterism Leads to Heresy - "Now actually, their view of sin fits better with pantheism, where good and evil are eternally intermingled. But obviously they prefer not to go this direction. It appears to be too "evil" for them, so they simply have decided that the nature of Christianity thoroughly changed in 70 A.D., so that God allows everyone into heaven regardless of what they believe or what they have done in this life. (When I say "they", I refer, of course, to those who have apostatized into Universalism from full preterism.)"


  • Julian the Apostate Study Archive - "..some maintain that flame burst from the interior of the Temple, as the workmen were striving to force an entrance, while others say that the fire proceeded - directly from the earth. In whichever way the phenomenon might have occurred, it is equally wonderful."

  • Edward Hassertt - Creative Kingdom Building: Reformed Preterism and Christian Ethics "As Reformed Preterists we do not have the excuse that the world will continue to get worse and worse, we know better! We know that God has placed the future, although under his sovereign control, in our hands for safe keeping. Only we are responsible for the condition the world is in, only we can change it. Unlike the dispensationalists, we cannot wait for the world to end so we can go to a better place. "

  • When will Jesus Return? - WND "As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this week and prepare for 2004 next week, I can't help but think about how close we must be to the Second Coming – when the Lord will return for His church and personally rule over the Earth for 1,000 years."

  • Between Nippon and Zion - "The Fall of Jerusalem to the Roman army in 70AD, and the destruction of the Second Temple, had a devastating effect on the early Christians (see S.G.F. Brandon, The Fall of Jerusalem and the Christian Church). It enabled the "Hellenistic" faction, associated with Paul and Rome, to triumph over the "Jewish" faction, associated with James and Jerusalem (Robert Eisenmann, The Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians and James the Brother of Jesus). It facilitated the momentous shift of religious centre from Jerusalem to Rome. Prior to the destruction, Christians worshipped in the Temple, and both Jewish and Gentile Christians venerated it as their chief shrine. Now, with Rome in disarray, a rebuilt Third Temple could similarly become the chief shrine, not only for Jews but for Christians too. The emotion generated by this historic shift would probably be a catalyst for a cultural shift, in the Western world as a whole, away from the current Hellenism (now called New Age) and back to Hebraism."

  • The Wars of the Jews - Jewish Wars | The Gospel According to Matthew - Matthew | Was John Anti-Semitic? - John

  • Fiddling was his talent - Nero


  • The Original 9/11 - "Ground zero" is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where the two Temples stood before being sacked by the Babylonians and the Romans, centuries apart.  Jerusalem's skyline has never been the same since that fateful day, over 1900 years ago, when the emperor Vespasian's troops, led by his son Titus, set the Temple alight, mercilessly pillaging and ransacking the place where the Holy of Holies had stood. "

  • The Last Days of Judah's Commonwealth - John Thomas "Our conclusion then, concerning Peter, as constituted of the Apostleship of the Jews, is, that holy spirit in him had specially to do in the matter of judgment with those calamities which were then soon to be poured out upon the ruling power of the then existing kosmos."

  • A witness from the Past - Uri Avnery - "His book "The Jewish War" is the most important report on the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Jewish Temple - a traumatic event, that has left a deep imprint on Jewish consciousness to this very day. Every year, on the ninth day of the month Av, Jews are bound to mourn the destruction of the Temple and Israeli law forbids opening places of amusement. The claim for Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount is even now a major obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peace."

  • Jewish Wars Archive - "They (the defenders of Jerusalem) fought against each other, and their actions delighted the besiegers. Indeed, the evil that the Romans brought upon the city, was not worse than the evil the defenders brought on each other. After that, the fall of the city could not add to the disaster. The calamities that befell the city before its fall were so terrible, that one may say that the quarrel conquered the city, and the Romans conquered the quarrel, which was stronger than its besieged walls." (Uri Avnery Translation)

  • Philip Mauro - Evolution at the Bar | Testimonies of King James Bible defenders | Bob Jones University Misrepresents Mauro's Position

  • The story behind David Roberts' "Siege of Jerusalem" painting

  • Browse Weymouth NT among many others 1 Corinthians 11:24 - and after giving thanks He broke it and said, "This is my body which is about to be broken for you. Do this in memory of me."  Acts 27:2 - and going on board a ship of Adramyttium which was about to sail to the ports of the province of Asia, we put to sea;  Revelation 2:10 - Dismiss your fears concerning all that you are about to suffer. I tell you that the Devil is about to throw some of you into prison that you may be put to the test, and for ten days you will have to endure persecution. 2 Timothy 4:1 - I solemnly implore you, in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus who is about to judge the living and the dead, and by His Appearing and His Kingship"


  • The General Beliefs of Preterists "I cannot fault the general heading of preterism..  just because a few have chosen to follow a rabbit trail leading to one of these beliefs with which I disagree. For example, I strongly disagree with any belief that teaches that none of the NT blessings of eternal life are applicable today. But that doesn't mean it is a result of preterism."

  • MS Cheo - Did Noah's Flood Submerge the Whole World? "Was the Flood of Noah God’s most colossal miracle to date after the Creation of man or could it be just another “down-to-earth” miracle blown into enormous proportion by man, or simply a local happening just like the destruction of Jerusalem, for which both Jesus and Peter had used the Flood as a type?"

  • Catholic Origins of Futurism and Preterism


  • FREE ONLINE BOOKS: Robert Roberts - The Ways of Providence.. The Overthrow of the Jewish Commonwealth by the Romans and the Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus (1881) "The survey of the ways of providence would be incomplete without something more than a glance at the events attending the overthrow of Jerusalem and disruption of the Jewish polity over thirty-five years after Christ left the earth. At first sight, it might seem as if this were outside the scope of the work which aims at the illustration of the subject from Biblical narrative alone. On a further consideration, however, the matter must appear otherwise. Although we have no scriptural narrative of the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus, yet we have much scriptural forecast of that terrible event, and therefore the particulars of the event are the particulars of a divine work. "

  • The Markan Apocalypse - Anthony Buzzard "Jesus, in the discourses which are attributed to him, announces that he will come back immediately after Jerusalem has been defiled. If the words which are placed in his mouth have any sense, they have this sense; and if they do not have it, it is because for theologians black means white and white means black. But for everyone who is not a sophist this dilemma poses itself categorically/3: either Jesus is mistaken or these discourses are not from him. The Christian church cannot without disloyalty escape this dilemma." (T. Colani, Croyances Messianiques, 252.)  "The challenge is clear/3: Jesus is reported as predicting the end of the age in connection with the fall of Jerusalem. Moreover his use of apocalyptic material places him within traditional Jewish apocalypticism. We must as believers work with these facts. We simply dare not dismiss the material as unworthy of Jesus."

  • Theology Adrift: The Early Church Fathers and Their Views of Eschatology - "In 1962, philosopher-scientist Thomas Kuhn coined the term "paradigm shift" to signal a massive change in the way a community thinks about a particular topic..  With the first destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 and the expulsion of Jews from Jerusalem as a result of the second Jewish revolt in AD 132-135, the early Christians began to see these defeats as evidence of not only God's displeasure on Judaism, but also God's vindication of Christianity. The early Christians thus abandoned any hope for the restoration of the nation of Israel.. "

  • Arion: A Journal of Humanities and Classics "The New Age movement began to form in the late seventies, gained visibility in the eighties, and became an international commercial success in the nineties..  New Age is a marvel of Alexandrian syncretism.. New Age, however, has smoothly adjusted to the stubborn persistence of the social structures that the sixties failed to budge. An analogy might be the introspective period just before and after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, when the Roman empire seemed insuperable."

  • Peter's Tomb Found in Jerusalem in 1953 - F. PAUL PETERSON

  • The Apocalypse: Christadelphian "A view that the Apocalypse was written before A.D. 70 against errant Judaism virtually nullifies its impact on this issue. The primary purpose of this booklet is to show that an early date and Jewish application is wholly against the facts." (1932)

  • Angels we Have Heard on High - Dee Dee Warren on the location of Christ's Reign "There will come a day when we will see all things put under Him, and He remains at the Father’s right hand until that happens and will return concurrent with the destruction of the last enemy, death (1 Cor. 15:26)."

  • Coalition seeks to cut off funding for Israeli extremists

  • - New Look for H.L. James' website


  • Revelation and Jerusalem's Destruction - Rusty Miller

  • Gibson's "Passion" gets thumbs-up from Pope John Paul II - "it is as it was"

  • The Abomination of Desolation - Gary Gibbs "As a result of not responding to God's call to turn from their abominations, their temple was to be desolated. This prophecy was fulfilled in 70 A.D. when the Roman armies of Titus burned the temple to the ground. This second desolation of the temple perfectly paralleled its first destruction. On both occasions the abominations were done by the apostate people of God and the desolation was an act of judgment performed by a heathen army."


  • The Promise of a New Heavens and New Earth - When? - Michael Krall "claiming a double fulfillment does not solve this problem as to who this is that preceded the coming in of the new heavens and new earth. Timing has been established and claiming double fulfillment is mere speculation resulting from a preconceived notion that there must be a literal destroying and recreating of the cosmos."

  • The Coming of the Lord - Robert Brow "The coming that the New Testament writers referred to occurred in AD 70 when the temple was destroyed, Jerusalem was devastated, and the religious establishment of the city was decimated. The signs of that day of the Lord, and the metaphorical portents Jesus used to describe it, all happened in that generation exactly as Jesus had prophesied. " (1998)

  • Bibliography: Christ Covenant Church Conference Tapes | More - Preston / Anderson vs Hitchcock / Ice

  • Bibliography: Martin Hengel - The Zealots: Investigations into the Jewish Freedom Movement in the Period from Herod Until A.D.70



  • Refutation #2: Does the Nation of Israel Have a Future Separate and Distinct From the Kingdom of God? - William B. Chalfant  "I acknowledge that there is such a thing as hyper-preterism, but, by and large, the limitations of the NT have restricted the production of freaks of exegesis from among the anti-millennialists." Does Israel Have a Future Separate and Distinct From the Kingdom of God? | Reply to Chalfant on 'Future of Israel' critique

  • "Unsettled": So Was it Odd of God? - NYT "It is bracing in its reminders of how many genocidal campaigns there have been against the Jews, evoking in vivid detail the cataclysmic destruction of Jerusalem, first by Babylon, then by Rome."


  • Frederick Engels - On the Early History of Christianity (1894) "But we have in the New Testament a single book the time of the writing of which can be defined within a few months, which must have been written between June 67 and January or April 68; a book, consequently, which belongs to the very beginning of the Christian era and reflects with the most naive fidelity and in the corresponding idiomatic language the ideas of the beginning of that era. This book is the so-called Revelation of John.. John describes his book at the very beginning as the revelation of "things which must shortly come to pass ; an immediately afterwards, I, 3, he declares "Blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy ... for the time is at hand." To the church in Philadelphia Christ sends the message: "Behold, I come quickly." And in the last chapter the angel says he has shown John "things which must shortly be done" and gives him the order: "Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand." And Christ himself says twice (XXII, 12, 20) "I come quickly." The sequel will show us how soon this coming was expected.."

  • Philip Mauro - The Kingdom of God: What, When, Where? (PDF) - An Answer to Mauro's Gospel of the Kingdom

  • History of the Christian Church- to Philip Schaff

  • Vailima Letters - to Ernest Renan

  • Antisemitism: Its History and Causes - to Jesus=Israel




  • "The Passion" screened at Vatican

  • "Millennial Post" - 12/03


  • Chalfant and Burke on Daniel 9:24 - "Even though Bro. Baxter and I agreed upon the importance of this verse, I noticed that Bro. Baxter NEVER deals with verse 24 of Daniel 9 in either his Faithchild article or in his video series “Refuting Preterism.” Maybe the reason why he can’t talk about this is because (1) if he shows these six points are now fulfilled he thereby nullifies the reason for a gap between the 69th and 70th week, or (2) if he says that Jesus did not complete that which He came to do, all of which are found in these six points, then his Endtime ministry, like the critics of Christianity, would be saying that Jesus is a “failed messiah.”

  • Ed Stevens Study Archive | Resurrection | Max King | Chilton | Bruce - Updated!

  • Rapture Letters "We have written a computer program to do just that. It will send an Electronic Message (e-mail) to whomever you want after the rapture has taken place, and you and I have been taken to heaven."

  • U.S. borrows page from Israel "They have begun imprisoning the relatives of suspected guerrillas in hopes of pressuring the insurgents to turn themselves in."

  • Nicolas Poussin Paintings - Destruction of Jerusalem

  • THE SECOND COMING: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - Now Available for purchase!
  • - French Pret Site Now Online!
  • "True Life In Christ Magazine is the Internet's newest web zine dedicated to the proclamation of the Apostolic Preterist doctrine, and the encouragement of those who preach it"
  • Freedom's Ring Newsletter - Cecil Hook "we urge you to ask and answer the question: To whom were these messages addressed, to hearers in the first century or us in 2003?"
    12/6/3: Presence. tv Downloadable Broadcast Page


  • Evangelical Theological Society doesn't oust "Open Theists" - "Pinnock said in an interview that he had not denied inerrancy in that footnote but was declaring that "prophecies can be pretty vague sometimes." The reference was to Paul's statement in 1 Thessalonians about the return of Jesus. "According to Paul, the Second Coming seemed to be just around the corner (1 Thessalonians 4:17), even though we today know that it has still not come even in our day," he wrote in the revised note. "His word was, however, perfectly appropriate, given the fact that Paul thought that the coming could come at any time."

  • Bob Dylan's Unshakable Monotheism - Jewsweek "Another report had Dylan's forthcoming tour proceeds going to assist Israel, accompanied by charges that he was a "Zionist." "Just gossip" is how Dylan characterized the murmuring and wondered about the label itself, "I'm not sure what a Zionist really is." Dylan remembered. "Most of the people I know don't believe that Jesus was resurrected, that He is alive. It's like He was just another prophet or something, one of many good people. That's not the way it was any longer for me."After hearing the news that Dylan had been baptized, and was studying and praying with a community of believers in 1979, Martin Grossman has noted how some of Dylan's Jewish fans regarded it "as the most shocking act of apostasy since Shabtai Zvi, a messianic pretender of medieval times who converted to Islam and left millions of followers in despair." According to author and journalist Larry Yudelson, one Washington area rabbi "painfully excommunicated Dylan from his record collection when the singer converted." ..But now that man, my idol, who was born a Jew named Robert Zimmerman, is walking onto rock and roll stages and proclaiming, 'Christ will return to set up his kingdom in Jerusalem. There really is a slow train coming and it is picking up speed. Satan has been defeated by the cross!'

  • Mel Gibson's Two Movies - "For two hours, Christians watch their Savior tortured and killed. For the same two hours, Jews watch Jews arrange the killing and torture of the Christians' Savior."

  • Former Israeli Intel officer criticizes Iraq assessment - "Even if Iraq had any Scud missiles left, I can't understand how Israeli intelligence officers came to believe they threatened Israel, particularly when they hadn't been used in more than 10 years," Brom said. "It's a clear example of how an inability to think clearly is undermining the Israeli intelligence community."


  • Jesus: Mediator of a Better Covenant - John Piper "It is almost impossible to exaggerate the importance of what happened in A. D. 70 in Jerusalem."

  • Green's Q&A #96/97 - to Daniel's "Seventy Weeks"

  • The Destruction of Jerusalem by Josephus Audio Book - Audio Sample - A.D.70 History Archive

  • Urantia Fellowship on the Olivet Discourse - "The apostles sat in silence in the moonlight for a considerable time while these astounding predictions of the Master sank into their bewildered minds. And it was in conformity with this very warning that practically the entire group of believers and disciples fled from Jerusalem upon the first appearance of the Roman troops, finding a safe shelter in Pella to the north. "
    12/3/3: Destruction of Jerusalem Books - "I can only comment on 'Before Jerusalem Fell' by Kenneth Gentry. I found his arguments quite compelling for a pre-70 dating of the book of Revelation. Getting past the dating issue was one of the reasons for my moving to a partial-preterist position.  The newer edition obviously attempts to interact with criticism of the original and he does modify a couple of his positions as a result."  A.D.70 History Archive

  • Download William Bell Articles - "The purpose of this document is to honor the very words of Christ while also showing the inconsistency and contradictions in the literalistic, futuristic/amillennial view of this text. Acts 1:9-11 fits perfectly within the A.D. 70 framework for Christ’s return"

  • The Mormon Book Nephi: "And if it so be that we are faithful to him, we shall obtain the land of promise; and ye shall know at some future period that the word of the Lord shall be fulfilled concerning the destruction of Jerusalem; for all things which the Lord hath spoken concerning the destruction of Jerusalem must be fulfilled. "

  • Was the Jewish "World" Destroyed in AD70? - "The idea that the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in AD70 could be the prophesied end of the world, does not stand up to examination. The Jewish "world" is based in its blood, its scriptures, and its synagogue. None of these was destroyed or abolished in AD70. To make prophecies in the Bible about the second coming of Christ, and the end of the world, refer to events of AD70 misrepresents these prophecies, because nothing was destroyed that had not been destroyed in times past, and nothing was destroyed that was essential to the Jewish world's continuance into the future."

  • Pristine Faith Restoration: Preterism "A very destructive system of interpreting prophecy. Preterism is much more than merely just another eschatology. It has far reaching implications in nearly every area of theology, including the nature of the atonement and denial of the resurrection of the body. PFRS believes this false system should be classified as "heresy" because it denies fundamental doctrines of the Christian Faith."

  • Grace Halsell - Christian Fundamentalists and Jewish Orthodox Cults Plot Destruction of Al-Aqsa

  • The Destruction of Jerusalem in the Qu'ran


  • Ice/DeMar Debate on

  • Matthew 16:28 - The Preterist Argument

  • The Bat Creek Stone - The inscription of a Judean fleeing the AD70 desolation found in Tennessee? | More

  • Mike Krall - Refuting the Transcendental Argument Against Preterism "So what are we left with if this is a description of heaven? We are left with either some intermediate state of the dead in Christ or soul sleep neither of which  would be a place where these blessings can and will be realized."

12/1/3: Unholy Alliance: Zionism, US Imperialism and Islamic Fundamentalism - Counterpunch "Here in Israel, we don't like to say this very loudly, but the radical right Jewish groups have a lot in common with Hamas."

11/30/3: New Covenant Power Ministries Board - Apostolic Preterist "Jesus came in judgment in 70 A.D. We, the Church, no longer have a "Great Tribulation" to look forward to going through. We have to now prepare for the Great Catching Away of the Church, the Resurrection, and the Judgment. This is the premise of Apostolic Preterism"
11/30/3: John A.T. Robinson Remembered | J.S. Spong - to J.A.T.R.

11/29/3: Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism | Internet Outflanks Zionists "In New York, Hassidic Jews openly equate Zionism with Nazism, and consider the state of Israel to be a blasphemy. Are these people anti-Semitic?"
11/29/3: The Last Days? Local Clergy Doubt - "Many other things were foretold to occur during the last days, and all of these also are being fulfilled," the Witnesses' official Web site states. "This means the end of the world is near. But, happily, there will be survivors. After saying, 'The world is passing away,' the Bible promises: 'He that does the will of God remains forever.' " (1 John 2:17)."

11/28/3: The Power of Life and Death in a Greek Four-Letter Word - Gary Amirault "The President of the Second Ecumenical Council of Constantinople in 381, St. Gregory of Nazianzus was an outspoken Universalist, that is, he believed in the Salvation Of All Mankind Through Jesus Christ. Would the church designate a heretic as its head at such an important meeting? " - to Aion Study Archive
11/28/3: The Greek Word 'Aion' Translated Everlasting - "readers of the Bible are under the most imperative obligations to understand the word in all cases as denoting limited duration, unless the subject treated, or other qualifying words compel them to understand it differently. There is nothing in the Derivation, Lexicography or Usage of the word to warrant us in understanding it to convey the thought of endless duration." - to Aion Study Archive
11/28/3: World Survival is at Stake - George H. Russell "When mindless followers honestly believe that God wants the mass destruction of the earth to take place, then it is no wonder that they actively promote the Rapture or second coming of Jesus by promoting war, chaos, destruction and invasions of other nations, in an effort to speed the process up, and help God fulfill the Bible's prophesy and God's alleged promise."
11/28/3: Gibsons "Passion" in danger of becoming Gospel-Lite - "Abraham Foxman, national director of the Jewish Ant-Defamation League, is quoted by Religion News Service saying, “We respect his (Gibson’s) creative rights, but we also believe that creative rights come with responsibilities.”  It would appear that respect extends only if Gibson doesn’t offend Foxman’s concept of Christian “responsibility.” However, Foxman and other Jewish critics show little respect for Gibson’s right – and responsibility – to faithfully portray Holy Scripture. "
11/28/3: Hatred of Jews Threatening Rule of Law - "Former CIA director James Woolsey is taking on Europe's media and cultural elite, saying they've drawn ''the first breath of totalitarianism'' due to their growing resentment of Jews."

11/27/3: MS Cheo - "They who pierced Him" and the Horrible Death of Jesus "This association comes to me as my belief in preterism increases.  I hope the above analysis will bring forth further harmony of the Bible, and (finally) identify the real “they who pierced Him” to be, or at least, the real reason behind. Though I am a preterist, it may not necessary reflect the view and belief of other preterists."
11/27/3: Christian Zionism Defined

11/26/3: John L. Bray - The Fate of the Wicked "The picture of sinners being cast into a literal fire where for endless ages upon ages, without ever any end, they suffer in horrible agony and pain is not the picture found in the Bible.  No one wrote about such, and the silence is deafening!"
11/26/3: - Scott Hahn's Partial Preterist Site
11/26/3: November Broadcasts to Voice of Reason

11/25/3: Kurt Simmons - The Consummation of the Ages - Now Available for Purchase (30% discount on purchases of three or more copies; 40% discount on purchases of five or more) Over 15 pages of charts and timelines detailing historical fulfillment of Israel's Last Days and Revelation's imagery
11/25/3: Email Exchanges with David Chilton - Stevens, Preston, North | Chilton: "I had a massive heart attack, went into a coma, was diagnosed as "brain-dead," and even when I woke up I'd forgotten everyone and everything, and was blind too!  Since then, by God's grace, I'm off all medications but aspirin, got an A for the course in Logic at the local college last year, am back to writing and speaking (but *not* pastoring), and I jog ten miles a day!  Shucks, I think if I'd been living like this all my life, it never would'a happened anyway!  Anyway, I think my heart attack, coma, and "brain-death" is the greatest thing that ever happened to me!  Do you think Jacob regretted his limp? (Gen. 32:24-31) "
11/25/3: PREMILLENNIAL DISPENSATIONALISM, CHRISTIAN ZIONISM, TERRORISM/3: IS THERE A CURE? - Ward Fenley "If we are to have an impact on the middle-east, we must have an impact on American foreign policy. If we are to have an impact on American foreign policy, we must have an impact on American politicians. If we are to have an impact American politicians, we must have an impact on fundamentalist Christian Zionists. If we are to have an impact on Fundamentalist Christian Zionists, we must use the Bible. For they claim that justification for their agenda can be found in the pages of what we know as the Old and New Testaments."
11/25/3: W.A. Criswell: For the time is at hand Listen to the 13:00 mark! "First, there are those who believe that the words of this Revelation referred to a time long ago.  And any prophetic element in it was fulfilled a long time ago.  The men who hold to that position are called preterists, pret-are-ists."
11/25/3: Cornball Antichrist Humor - Material for Vic, Wayne and Genio "6.66% 5 Year CD Rate at First Beast of Hell, $666 Minimum Deposit"

11/24/3: Gabor Gombor: Word Games on the Rapture "The critic who stands against the physical rapture fights against a picture of saints flying into the space. It is the next word game with the “air”. Why did not use the author the world “ouranos” here? Let us realize that a rapture does not require flying into sky. The spiritual-physical rapture does not require for a body to fly up. The body can simply disappear and the invisible new uncorrupted body emanates to the Lord. "
11/24/3: Caught Up in God's Presence - "This book deals comprehensively with the issues concerning Christian eschatology (doctrine of the last things), 1st century Jewish history and future church perspective. It is a good introductory book for everyone who is interested in looking at Christian prophecies from historical standpoint."
11/24/3: Jesus, Joe and Christian Prophecy - You hypocrites- you condemn as false the “prophet” Joseph Smith when all he’s done is repeat verbatim what the “prophet” Jesus prophesied. Don’t you know that when you condemn Joe, you’ve also condemned Jesus???

11/23/3: Bibliography: Keith Mathison, et al When Shall These Things Be? "These scholars introduce the basic issues and provide students with a tool to help them when they encounter hyper-preterism"
11/23/3: The Anti-Prophets: The Challenge of Preterism - Add Your Review!

11/22/3: Christian Zionism Study Archive | AntiSemitism Study Archive - Newest Additions
11/22/3: Homepage of Stephen Sizer
11/22/3: Good news to the Jew first "What do we do, though, with "difficult" passages like Stephen's speech to the Sanhedrin in Acts 7, in which he blasts the Jews as "stiff-necked people with uncircumcised hearts and ears?" Understand it, rather, as a rebuke from within"
11/22/3: Pravda Message Board - Are We Living in the End Times?

11/20/3: Lloyd Dale - The Thousand Years "Many preterists insist that the "thousand years" in the above passage is fulfilled in the 40 year period between the ascension of Jesus Christ and the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Thus from their perspective the "thousand years" becomes 40 years. We don't think so!"
11/20/3: Letter by Rabbi David Responding to "Bob" on Judaism - "Tell me about Reconstructionist Judaism (definitely not Judaism at all I presume) and tell me about Reform Judaism (not Judaism at all I presume) and tell me about Conservative Judaism ( some Conservative Synagogues maybe and some may not be genuine Judaism I presume) and tell me about the many Orthodox sects of Judaism of which I know very little, from the Neturei Karta to the followers of Kahane to those who are immersed in the teachings of the Kaballah."
11/20/3: - A Rabbi Responds to Hate "There are two sections here. One, deals with lies and distortions by haters who quote the Talmud to prove that Jews rape babies, etc. The second section is correspondence or responsa to people who ask various questions or bring things of interest to my attention and ask for my comments."

11/19/3: Steve Mason Study Archive - Author, Josephus and the New Testament
11/19/3: ULC Church UPC Links Page

11/18/3: Just who is the Elijah-to-come - MS Cheo. Singapore "I believe the crux of the problem in identifying this prophesied Elijah is that we had been taught (or led) to associate the Messenger of Mal 3:1 and the Elijah-to-come  of Mal 4:5 to be one and the same person!  In the flash of a moment, it occurred to me that they could be two distinct persons.  Further studies show me that these two distinct persons did come and faithfully complete their missions during the lifetime of Jesus!  "
11/18/3: Jewsweek: Stop bothering Mel Gibson - "These protests against The Passion are not only morally indefensible, but they are also stupid, for three reasons."
11/18/3: Bible Code Predictions Bomb Again - "Unfortunately, very few have recognized the enormous threat of Preterism and, as such, there are very few titles available exposing the subject. This might surprise the reader, but I would venture to say that for every published book criticizing Preterism, there are 50 promoting it."

11/17/3: New Jerusalem Boards - Intro to Preterism
11/17/3: Escatologia vanguardista - Andres Neira "Mateo 24 trata con la destruccion del templo,eso se cumplio en el 70 D.C."
11/17/3: Ayoon wa Azan (The American Way) - "However, the Islamic groups' radicalism is not the only form of radicalism. There is a phenomenon that reflects the opposite radicalism, which is that the "religious illusion" books became the bestsellers in the U.S. On top of The New York Times list of best-selling books is "Armageddon: The Cosmic Battle of the Ages," written by Anglican preachers Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins." - Arab newspapers starting to increase Muslim awareness of Dispensationalism and "armageddon"
11/17/3: Address by Ariel Sharon - "One thousand, nine hundred and thirty-three years ago, on a hill not far from here, Roman soldiers burned the remains of our Temple, believing that by doing so they had put an end to the Jewish history and legacy. The historian Yosef Ben Matityahu at the time wrote that the destruction of Jerusalem was so widespread: so that one who passes over the place of the destruction, would not believe that there was in this place an inhabited city. However, their plan did not succeed." | Sharon the "Lion of God" (Dispy)
11/15/3: The Times of the Gentiles - Dan Delagrave "Jerusalem's first century desolation represented the time when Christ put his enemies – read I Thessalonians 2:15-16 – under his feet. This was accomplished during a forty two month period which Jesus called "the times of the Gentiles".
11/15/3: French Pret
11/15/3: The first revolt against Rome - "The front features the portrait of the Emperor Titus (oldest son of Vespasian, who presided over the suppression of the Jewish rebellion in Jerusalem in 70 CE), and the back features an eagle." - Vespasian sent his firstborn son to reduce Jerusalem, like the Father sent his..
11/15/3: PretCosmos Discussion Group - Interesting discussions going

11/13/3: Arthur Melanson - What About the First Century Rapture? "About this time Ed Stevens, after long study, wrote and published a book, Expectations Demand a Rapture. Walt Hibbard wrote one foreword for Ed’s book, we wrote the other. The book has met with intense opposition. Nevertheless, it is a breakthrough of major proportions. It’s not that Ed has discovered the rapture; that knowledge is as old as Scripture, but it is a major breakthrough in seeing and understanding what the first century Christians knew and understood. It’s a breakthrough that has the power to give fresh, accurate insight to the preterist movement."
11/1/3: These days, it seems US Christians care more about Israel than American Jews - "Christian supporters of Israel open up their Bibles and read that Israel is the Promised Land, promised to the Jews. The God-intoxicated Jews they read about in the Bible observe strict dietary laws, honor the Sabbath, and are bound by strict codes of sexual morality."

11/12/3: The Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus Painting (1841) - "On the stages of the burning temple Kaulbach shows the "leaders of the Jews" according to indication of the museum catalog."
11/12/3: NBC developing Apocalypse series
11/12/3: "Left Behind" boosts evangelism - "The website link also provides a "Tip of the Week" for starting discussions about eternity. For example one "Tip of the Week" suggests asking someone how they think the world is going to end. Then after the person responds, describe how the Left Behind series depicts the biblical account of the End Times."
11/12/3: Ministry blasts Israeli wall "propaganda" - "approximately 680,000 – 30 percent of the Palestinian population in the West Bank – will be directly harmed by the Wall."
11/12/3: ADL 'concerned' Passion could fuel Anti-Semitism if released in current form "The film unambiguously portrays Jewish authorities and the Jewish mob as the ones responsible for the decision to crucify Jesus" 

11/11/3: Debate On Israel's Identity - Landmark Israel Discussion I attended at my sending church in 1996 | 1. Ovid Need, Pastor of Linden Baptist Church - Linden, Indiana - PARTIAL PRETERIST - Israel is Jesus Christ, and all "joint-heirs" in Christ through faith, with no merit in one's nature. 2. Greg Dixon, Pastor of Indianapolis Baptist Temple - Indianapolis, Indiana - DISPENSATIONALIST - Israel is comprised of those "Jews" spread throughout the world, who are currently on "God's prophetic shelf," and are eternally distinct from the church. 3. Ted Wieland, Evangelist - Scottsbluff, Nebraska - CHRISTIAN IDENTITY - Israel is the literal (natural) 'seed' of Abraham, which is comprised solely of the Anglo-Saxon, Germannic Tribes and remnant of Judah. 4. Tom Brush, from Carmel, Indiana - SEEDLINE IDENTITY - Israel is the literal (natural) 'seed' of Adam, as opposed to the "Cainites," which are the literal 'seed' of Satan's intercourse with Eve.

11/10/3: Personal Revelation Discoveries - "I believe that The Day of the Lord has always been Sunday. Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed twice, first by Babylon and then by Rome. The temple was destroyed on the same Jewish day, Ab 10 by Babylon and Rome. It fell on a Sunday both times. The city was destroyed the same day by Babylon and a couple of weeks later by Rome. Once again, the events took place on a Sunday. "
11/10/3: God blesses - but also punishes - PalmBeachPost "In the course of preaching a crusade against Islam, Lt. Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin threw out the thought that George W. Bush is in the White House "because God put him there." He is not the only one who thinks so."

11/9/3: A costly friendship

11/8/3: New Preterist Message Board - Mostly in-house discussions now, more to come..
11/8/3: In tough times, Israel finds a friend in Evangelicals - TBS "During an exuberant opening ceremony for the weeklong Feast of Tabernacles conference organized by the International Christian Embassy, more than 3,000 pilgrims from dozens of countries displayed their love of the Jewish state, its people and its policies."
11/7/3: ADL Head Foxman says Gibson/Passion "infected with antisemitism" | Gibson's Christ Complex/3: Autobiopic?
11/7/3: Armageddonbooks Prophecy Poll - October: 38% support pre-AD70 dating of Revelation

11/6/3: Mel Gibson's Jesus Christ Pose - Village Voice
11/6/3: The Second Coming: Parousia Delay "Not only does the New Testament warn against such date-fixing, it also indicates in various ways that the coming of Christ may be later than first expected. One must always live a life that is worthy of the gospel and not worry about the time of Christ’s return."
11/6/3: Christian Futures Network - Jay Gary's Thinktank
11/6/3: Security breach: Broadcast of Israeli missile launch - "despite the fact that the project was "unclassified," the military censor demanded that Ben David's report be sent to it for approval."

11/5/3: 1290 Edict of Expulsion of Jews from England -Geoffrey H. Smith and Arnold S. Leese  "Was Henry III, weak in character as we know him to have been, ever charged with being an immoral man? Did the judges not examine the body, which was only four weeks dead? Is Haydn's Dictionary of Dates(1847 edition) medieval and superstitious when it said of this case "They [the Jews] crucify a child at Lincoln, for which eighteen are hanged"? "
11/5/3: The Reformation Polka! - Sung to the tune of "Supercalifragilistic-expialidocious"
11/5/3: Germany fires top general for.. anti-semitism? "In a recent speech Mr Hohmann described Jews as a "nation of perpetrators", and said it was unfair to single out Germans for their role in the Holocaust given that Jews also had a "dark side"... Jewish groups are furious and have consulted lawyers."
11/5/3: The Eye of God - Kiwi Site "The Kingdom of the World Have Become the Kingdom of our Lord!"

11/4/3: Sharon departs Moscow with only sympathy "The presence of 1 million Russian-speaking immigrants, one-sixth of Israel's population and a powerful political force, has become an important factor in bilateral relations."

11/3/3: Movie Trailer for "The Truth Uncovered"  "What if everything you thought was true was false"
11/3/3: Jewish actress happy to be playing Mary in "Passion"

11/2/3: How to See Him Now - Vern Mason "He was then with them physically, but was to soon be in them. "The world seeth me no more, but..." They were to soon see Him in a infinitely greater dimension, one which had no end. And they did. "
11/2/3: Biblical Proof for an End Times Seven Year period - Prophecy Truth "There was no mark of the beast system (666), where if a person refused the mark, they couldn't buy or sell. Finally, the Second Coming visibly did not take place 1290 days after the destruction in 70 AD. The Roman armies continued their dominance for hundreds of years. The people of the earth were not judged visibly standing before the Messiah. And Isaiah 65 was not fulfilled where people's lifespans increased so much, that a youth would die at the age of one hundred years. Only a foolish person would believe or teach that 70 AD fulfilled all the prophecies."
11/2/3: Fundamentalism's bloody homeland for the Jews - "Why aren't today's dispensationalists warning Jews about this coming holocaust by encouraging them to leave Israel until the conflagration is over? Instead, we find dispensationalists supporting and encouraging the relocation of Jews to the land of Israel. For what? A future holocaust?"
11/2/3: Nuclear weapons in the end times - Lamblion "There's A New World Coming (1973), Hal Lindsey: Although it is possible for God to supernaturally pull off every miracle in the Book of Revelation and use totally unheard of means to do it, I personally believe that all the enormous ecological catastrophes described in this chapter (Revelation 8) are the direct result of nuclear weapons. In fact, if the Book of Revelation had never been written, we might well predict these very catastrophes within fifty years or less!"
11/2/3: Rabbis back 'guard pig' plans - BBC "It's clear that in a case like this, the ban that was imposed on raising pigs in the Land of Israel doesn't apply," said Daniel Shilo of the Yesha Rabbinical Council."
11/2/3: Israelis deploy robot tank - BBC "The Israeli army is to deploy remote-controlled bulldozers to demolish Palestinian buildings.”
11/2/3: German Parlimentarian Defends Remarks - BBC "Conservative Martin Hohmann had said many Jews were active in execution squads during the Russian Revolution."
11/2/3: Josephus: (On the Western Wall) "The hill was a rocky ascent, that declined by degrees towards the east parts of the city, till it came to an elevated level. (398) This hill it was which Solomon, who was the first of our kings, by divine revelation, encompassed with a wall; it  was of excellent  workmanship upwards, and round the top of it. He also built a wall below, beginning at the bottom, which was  encompassed by a deep valley; and at the south side he laid rocks  together and bound them one to another with lead, and included some of the inner parts, till it proceeded to a great height, (399) and till both the largeness of the square edifice and its altitude were immense, and till the vastness of the stones in the front were  plainly visible on the outside, yet so that the inward parts were  fastened together with iron, and preserved the joints immovable for  all future times. (400) When this work [for the foundation] was done in this manner, and joined to­gether as part of the hill itself to the  very top of it, he wrought it all into one outward surface, and filled up the hollow places which were about the wall, and made it a  level on the external upper surface, and a smooth level also. This hill was walled all round, and in compass four furlongs, [the distance of] each angle containing in length a furlong: (401) but within  this wall, and on the very top of all, there ran another wall of  stone also, having, on the east quarter, a double cloister, of the same length with the wall; in the midst of which was the temple itself."

11/1/3: Back to the Future - The Preterist Perspective - Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr "One of the best known and most accessible of the ancient preterists is Eusebius (A.D. 260-340), the "father of church history." In his classic Ecclesiastical History he details Jerusalem's woes in A.D. 70. After a lengthy citation from Josephus's Wars of the Jews, Eusebius writes that "it is fitting to add to his accounts the true prediction of our Saviour in which he foretold these very events" (3:7:1-2.)"
11/1/3: Bible History Online | The First Century/3: Destruction of Jerusalem - Newly Discovered Site
11/1/3: Lord Byron on the day of the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus
11/1/3: Lamentations By Scott "Jerusalem is described as a widow, broken by the loss of her husband and family. Her glory is gone. All her "splendor has departed", v6. The Romans actually minted a coin celebrating the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in 70AD. The city is depicted as a woman sitting under a palm tree. She is brought to utter desolation. She sits alone, cf. Jer.15:17. The image of a bereaved woman is repeated through the poem."
11/1/3: Download 161Ebooks | Bible Study Guide

10/31/3: Martin Luther Study Archive - Reformer, AD70 Advocate, Accused AntiSemite
10/31/3: Let My People Go - Mark Glenn for Aljazeerah "Despite the best efforts of Abe Foxman and the propagandists at the ADL and other Jewish supremacist organizations, the specter of anti-Semitism in Europe was not as one-sided as they have asserted it to be. The historical revisionists who today attempt to hide from public consideration any items which may fare unfavorably on the image of an innocent and unjustly persecuted Jewish leadership have with much fanfare painted Christians as a vengeful, bloodthirsty band of brigands whose sole motivation was the avenging of Christ’s murder. It must be remembered though, historically speaking, that it was the persecution of the Christians-those deemed to be ”heretics” and who were hunted down and killed under the direction of the Jewish leadership in the days preceding the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD which set the tone for the relationship between the practitioners of the two religions. But more telling than this is a consideration of what frictious seeds were being sown by the Jewish leadership in the what became the clannish culture of the scattered Jewish communities, for it was these seeds wherein would be found the greatest causes of anti-Semitism in Europe and elsewhere. "
10/31/3: Realtime Text Chatroom to many pages (see above)

10/30/3: The Kingdom of Heaven -- Not the Church - John McPherson "There is NO room for human authority to share the authority of Christ Jesus our King and Sovereign within our New Covenant Kingdom. Those of us who have gained membership within the Kingdom via circumcision in heart and spiritual rebirth have NO accountability to human authorities of any kind. Anyone who believes otherwise must demonstrate this to be the case from the texts focusing on THE KINGDOM – NOT the Church."  (Perhaps an important distinction in the "unlawful gathering" discussion)

10/29/3: The Heresy of Preterism -'Consistent preterism' is fundamentally flawed and dangerously heretical.
10/29/3: Matthew 24 is NOT for the church | Articles - Showing the Consequences of Pre-trib dispensational theology
10/29/3:Biblical Hermeneutics Site - New location
10/29/3: Trinity Reformed Church

10/28/3: La Parusía - Spanish Version of The Parousia
10/28/3: Mountains and Hills in First Century Jewish Thought | Yad b'Yad "my heart intent is to write articles expressing the view of "the way it was" in the First Century Church. In this article, I’d ask you to bear with me, as I color outside of the lines a bit, and begin from a traditional Jewish thought pattern, then enfold it around to show how it is in harmony with Scriptures we are all familiar with."
10/28/3: Christian Zionism in the Clinton Years - Daily Star, Lebanon
10/28/3: Israel trains pigs for defense - "The prohibition against raising pigs is well-known," Rabbi Daniel Shilo, head of a rabbinical council for settlers in the West Bank, said. "But since this is a matter of saving lives, it will be permissible to have the animal."
10/28/3: Amazon Pret-Related Books The Comings of Christ | The End Times Controversy | Jesus Did Not Return in A.D.70 | Review Spargimino's Anti-Pret Book 

10/27/3: Matthew 24: Exposition of the Entire Bible to Dr. John Gill
10/27/3: The Real Cause of Antisemitism - "According to Shahak, the Jewish elite always had a symbiotic relationship with the governing class. The Jews would "administer the oppression" of the masses. In return, the governing class would force Jews to obey their "leaders." Sometimes a pogrom would do the trick."
10/27/3: Ovid Need on John Anderson to Ovid Need
10/27/3: We Hold These Truths
10/27/3: Temple Update - Background and important information on the The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot
10/27/3: Preterism and the Noahide Laws

10/26/3: Preterist Archive  Partial Preterist Archive - Reformatted, Expanded
10/26/3: Kelly Nelson Birks / Gene Cook Audio - At least 150 people attended this debate (And over 70 in a 2nd room).  Please join us in prayer for future discussions..
10/26/3: Caviezel, Jesus in "The Passion," Struck by lightning - "The crew was on location outside of Rome when a lightning bolt struck the actor and assistant director Jan Michelini. What makes this more strange is this is the second time that Michelini has been struck by lightning during the filming of this movie, according to a report from the BBC. "
10/26/3: In Search of The Origins of The Pretrib Doctrine- Ed Tarkowski "the early Church received its doctrine directly from the apostles", [and] "all the early fathers who touch upon final events speak with an explicitly Posttribulational accent and assume this to be the universal language in orthodox Christianity."
10/26/3: In Governor Arnold, finding Nero - Marchand "To illuminate his gardens at night, he had Christians tied to posts and turned into human torches. In response, the author of the Book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament, more or less identified Nero with the beast that emerges from the pit of hell. After that, Nero's bad publicity just got worse."
10/26/3: More Jews welcome Evangelical Support "Fundamentalist Christian support of Israel, taken to its logical conclusion, is a statement that the Jewish people must cease to exist and accept Christ as their savior," he said. "In one way, Israel and those who love Israel are grateful to have Christian support. On the other hand, to understand it fully means to understand that essentially it's rooting for our demise."
10/26/3: Israeli Wall damages Byzantine Site - "Israeli Defense Ministry workers damaged an ancient Christian archaeological site while building a security barrier around Jerusalem, the Antiquities Authority said Tuesday, and work was briefly halted. "
10/26/3: Dangerous Religion: G.W. Bush's Theology of Empire

10/24/3: Refuting Endtime’s Flaw - Thomas Burk "A Letter from Rightly Dividing the Word Ministry in Response to Endtime’s Statements Against Preterism"
10/24/3: John L. BrayThe Coming Again of Jesus in John 14
10/24/3: Preterism/3: Clear and Present Danger!  "Its venom is spreading rapidly with those who find it hard to persevere and endure sound doctrine."
10/24/3: Second Coming in 1963 -
Brother Branham of Jeffersonville, IN

10/22/3: Ovid Need Jr. of Fort Royal, VA - Newest Study Archive
10/22/3: Death of the Church Victorious - Ovid Need Jr. - Important Preteristic Book
10/22/3: Death of the Church Victorious Reviewed - Ovid Need Jr. "A new work, "Death of the Church Victorious...." by Ovid Need, a Baptist Pastor, shows how some ideas which have almost taken over the American Evangelical scene may have very suspicious origins. The work gives much space to the development of prophetic interpretation. It shows how failure has permeated the Church with the effect of limiting its concern about and ability to influence the culture."
10/22/3: Christian Forums/3: Preterism Revisited
10/22/3: Kenneth Gentry - Who's who in prophecy
10/22/3: Dave MacPherson - Who's who in prophecy
10/22/3: Hal Lindsey - Who's who in prophecy
10/22/3: Christian Eschatology Links |
10/22/3: Bicentennial of Peter Linebaugh's execution "Was he distracted by his Greek and Hebrew studies as a scholar can be? "He pointed out a mistranslation in Paul's epistle to the Hebrews [9:26] objecting to the 'end of the world' and showing from the Greek testament it should be to the 'end of the age.'
10/22/3: "Late God" could have two meanings "The rest of this chapter is a rebuttal to those who are pointing out that early Christian expectations of Christ's immanent return were in error. The scoffers suggest that, either they were wrong in expecting it, or that God had not kept his promise to them."

10/21/3: to Vern Crisler: Gary North "His [David Chilton's] heart attack disrupted his ability to think clearly. It distorted his judgment. From his public outburst against Vern Crisler -- for which he later repented, admitting that he cannot think straight these days -- until this self-burial of his pre-1994 writings, David Chilton has gone off the deep end. He has now become self-damaged goods delivered on the doorstep of Max King." (Eulogy)
10/21/3: Lebanon Daily Star - Exploring ties between US policy and CZ theology
10/21/3: Malaysian leader reiterates position "Mahathir stood by his earlier statements on Jews and said the global reaction, including criticism from many international leaders, "shows that (Jews) do control the world." | "Jews Rule the World"

10/20/3: Another End of the World Prediction - "Dr. Khalifa discovered a mathematical miracle within the Holy Quran using the number 19 as a common denominator. He revealed all kinds of things using this 19 based code. Including the end of the world. According to him this would be the year 2280"

10/19/3: Clouds of Judgment and Glory - Allen Baily, Old School Baptist "the clouds under consideration seem to my mind to represent the coming of the Lord Jesus in His spiritual manifestation at the end of the Age of the Apostles, which appears to be the same as "the day of the Lord" referred to many times by the Apostles in their writings."
10/19/3: Eschatology and the finger of God - Jim Nicolosi "Much speculation has been made as to what Jesus wrote in the dust with His finger when confronted by the Pharisees concerning the woman caught in adultery (John 8/3:3-9). This study will draw a parallel with the book of Daniel 5:2-31 concerning the events involving Belshazzar, the son of Nebuchadnezzar. "
10/19/3: Free conference in Atlanta - "Scott McKnight and Stephen Sizer will be speaking, along with others. This is right before the American Academy of Religion, and represents taking the discussion to a higher level, with historical Jesus and millennial studies scholars"
10/19/3: This is our heaven -- or hell - Karen Armstrong "When Jesus described the Kingdom of Heaven, he too expected its inauguration in this world. Indeed, in St Mark's gospel, he began his mission with the news that the Kingdom of God had already arrived. People would find it within themselves. St Paul called it the Parousia, the presence of God, who would reveal himself irresistibly on earth. Even the book of Revelation should probably not be read, as modern fundamentalists do, as a timetable for Armageddon. It is an apocalypse, an unveiling that enables us to see the divine dimension that is normally hidden, and at the end, the New Jerusalem descends to earth."
10/19/3: Non-Preterist Past Second Advent "It is the view of the writer of this page and a number of Bible students around the world that Jesus Christ has returned. His second advent work at this point is one of destroying the present evil systems of government and false religion. The final members of his "little flock" the "one hundred and forty four thousand" are being sealed. Once the final member of this body meets Christ in the air "Jacob's trouble" will commence. Revelations 7:3. "
10/19/3: Gary North: A Big Fat Idiot to Gary North "This site is replete with sarcasm and twisted humor. Many things contained herein are not factual information. For example, Gary North actually does not smoke crack."

10/17/3: Malaysian leader says "Jews rule the world" - apologizes "Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them."
10/17/3: Sam Frost on Matthew 16/3:27-28
10/17/3: Biblical Books - Philip Mauro Source: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse $5 | The Number of Man/3: the Climax of Civilization, 1909, $12 | The Hope of Israel/3: What Is It?, $10
10/17/3: Every Eye Will See Him - Futurist Prophecy Animation
10/17/3: 3-Star General fighting a "Spiritual Battle" Washington - A three-star general active in the search for Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein has told religious audiences that the war on terrorism is a battle between a "Christian army" and Satan, and that Muslims worship an "idol" and not a "real God."
10/17/3: Christian Zionists discover Israel

10/14/3: Second Coming in A.D.70 - Tom Gorey's Hyper Preterist Website "Former reporter and congressional staff member; B.A., cum laude, Duke University (1974), double major in history and religion (including study of classical and New Testament Greek); Presbyterian elder"
10/14/3: Whistleblower Magazine: The New Anti-Semitism

10/10/3: Westminster Confession and Full Preterism - Comment Box "This signed statement constitutes a formal rejection of the "full preterist" position. The member must be told in advance that this signed statement can be shown to others at the discretion of the session. If the member refuses to sign such a statement under these conditions, the elders should continue the disciplinary process."
10/10/3: The Manifestations of the Sons of God - Mike Krall "The New Covenant is a fulfilled hope where the believer is living in the light of the full and complete redemption of our blessed Redeemer."
10/10/3: An Examination of the Olivet Discourse - Kenneth Perkins "John the Baptist taught a near judgment, thereby showing futurist doctrines of a coming judgment (from the vantage point of the twenty-first century and beyond) to be untenable. He fulfilled prophecy spiritually, thereby silencing the futurist objection that the preterist “spiritualization” of scripture is not biblically sound."
10/10/3: A Refutation of Preterism/3: Second Peter, Chapter 3 - Stanley Phillips "With the advent of the Internet, the preterists' view of eschatology (last times) has taken on an organized, consistent, and evangelical nature. Heretofore, elements of the system were scattered, and most often incoherent. But today, it has evolved into a very subtle, coherent, and well-defined system of theology.
10/10/3: More US lawmakers visit Israel than ever before
10/10/3: Search the Web Among Religious/Preterist Websites (replace "parousia")

0/9/3: Preterism and Matthew 16:27-28 "It is typical for those who are preterists to condemn dispensationalists for the way we interpret a handful of verses that they do not think we are taking literally (such as Matthew 16/3:27-28 and Matthew 24:34, etc.) and yet they seem to ignore hundreds of kingdom prophecies given by the prophets of old and say that they will never find any literal fulfillment. Any prophetic view which seeks to take a few passages literally in such a way that forces hundreds of verses to be understood in a non-literal way is suspect, to say the least." | AD70 Contrasted
10/9/3: "Atomic Destruction of Jerusalem" in Bible Codes

10/8/3: PRETERISTARCHIVE.CD VERSION 3.0 - Now Released!
10/8/3: Judy and Missy Preterist Q&A "You are risen from the dead. You have been resurrected to life through Christ. When your body dies, your psyche (inner man, soul) will continue on with Christ where it already is. "

10/7/3: America Obsessed with Future Apocalypse - Tom Harpur of Toronto Star "Revelation has absolutely nothing specific to say about events today or events tomorrow. Fundamentalists conveniently skip over the fact that its very first verse says its contents are about happenings that will occur "speedily" and verse three underlines this by saying the time spoken of is "near" at hand. Nothing could be clearer."
10/7/3: Did Jesus Wrongly Predict A First Century Return in Matthew 24:34? - Rusty Entreken "The context of the Olivet discourse leads us to believe that Jesus was speaking either of the race of the Jews, or of a future generation that was near in consideration."
10/7/3: Mordechai Torczyner's WebShas - Index to the Talmud: The Destruction of the Temple | 9th of Av (The End of the World)
10/7/3: The Center for Immigration Studies/3: The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography - Dr. Stephen Steinlight, who was for more than five years Director of National Affairs (domestic policy) at the American Jewish Committee. For the past two and a half years he has been a Senior Fellow at AJC. "

10/6/3: Israeli Syrian raid condemned internationally

10/5/3: What if Fulfilled Eschatology is Proved False? - Mike Krall "Those holding to fulfilled eschatology take the time factors in the New Testament such as "there are some standing here that will not taste death till they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom" in Matthew 16:28 to be literal."
10/5/3: Ron McClintock - Theocratic agenda for California - "Christian Reconstructionism is a religious and political ideology that believes in the creation of a theocratic state governed by Biblical law," Clarkson told me in a recent telephone interview. While this ideology includes a range of beliefs, Stoos by "publishing in the Chalcedon Report, exhibits a fundamental agreement with the principles of Christian Reconstructionism and the people who are currently the standard bearers of CR undoubtedly see Stoos in that light."


  • Prophecy or Presumption Benny Hinn: "Canada will be visited with a mighty revival that will start in the west coast of British Columbia. It will sweep across the west. It will sweep across even Alaska and will come east. But the great move of God that I’ve planned for America will not begin on the west coast but on the east coast. It will break loose in the next three years, and sweep across the west.”

  • The Giving of the Law to John Brown Study Archive

  • Gibson movie opens old wounds of Anti-Semitism "any portrayal of the Jews as Christ killers is not only historically questionable but also reprehensible,"

  • Christians caught up in Iraqi violence "Christianity took hold in the region in the first century A.D. and flourished until the Islamic revolution of the seventh century. Today Christians, primarily Chaldean Catholics who recognize the authority of the pope, are believed to number about 5 percent of Iraq's population of 23 million."

  • Remembering Sabra and Shatilla and Atoning - Daily Star

10/1/3: Confused! The Absurdity of Partial-Futurist Refutation - Jeff Halfhide "partial-futurist writers often overstate the disagreement they have with preterists, when a much larger gulf separates both of them from the rest of Christianity. "
10/1/3: Israel's Hope - Compiled by Mike Krall "the hope of Israel was indeed the resurrection of the dead."
10/1/3: Furor over Gibson's "Passion" continues - "those Christians that most ardently support Israel and most reliably denounce anti-Semitism, happen to be those Christians most fervently committed to their faith."
10/1/3: 诉讼
10/1/3: The Next Reformation CD - From the AudioWebMan

9/29/3: The Days of Vengeance/3: Matthew 24 and 25 - Allen Bailey - Old School Baptist Preterism "The old heavens and earth have passed away with a great noise for the called of Jesus Christ, and they have entered into that rest that remains for the people of God who are made partakers of Christ and His Glory; "
9/29/3: William Cheriegate Defends the honor of N.T. Wright - "one of the world's leading scholars bridges the gap between history and theology. what's he saying? lobbying a hand grenade into the world of traditional evangelical theology. bishop of Durham various wright links, including photos and 2003 real audio teachings." (Great Site!)
9/29/3: L'APOCALYPSE OU LA GUERRE DE JUDEE - "The French Pret Site"
9/29/3: Purchase David Roberts' "Destruction of Jerusalem" Print From Gary DeMar "This is an incredible piece of art that tells one of the most important stories in human history: The destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. The painting was completed in 1839. Print comes with video telling of the fascinating history of the artist, David Roberts, and his work of art. Also included is a full-color booklet. Dimensions are: 30" x 42".

9/28/3: N.T. Wright/3: Enemy to the Reformed Faith - Still Waters Revival Books "Moveover, as you will find out in the articles cited below, this false teacher denies much about Scripture that our Reformation forefathers faithfully proclaimed -- even those very truths for which some of our brave Reformation brothers and sisters sealed their testimony with their own blood, as martyrs of our Lord Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the Auburn Conference speakers (Doug Wilson, Steve Wilkins, Steve Schlissel, and John Barach) have clearly been drinking from this poison well." N.T. Wright Study Archive
9/28/3: Gibson adds subtitles to "The Passion" "Mr. Gibson "softened" the story because of the Jewish leaders’ comments, cutting out a line from the Gospel of Matthew, for example, in which the Jewish mob shouts for Jesus to be crucified and says, "Let his blood be on us and on our children." Mr. Gibson later said, however, that he regretted the decision. "I wanted it in," he said in the Sept. 15 New Yorker magazine. "My brother said I was wimping out if I didn’t include it. It happened; it was said. But man, if I included that in there, they’d be coming after me at my house, they’d come kill me."

9/27/3: - Ralph Woodrow Evangelistic Association

9/24/3: Preterist Archive - Completely Updated!
9/24/3: Olivet Discourse Comparison - David M. Timm "I'm a full preterist who put together a book to help me share my beliefs with my wife and other Christians. The information below is one of the many sections of that book (the rest of the discourse is in another section)."
9/24/3: Why Was the Second Temple Destroyed? | Worst Desolation Ever? | Matthew 24:21 - to Study Archive
9/24/3: Some Standing Here.. "So John, and at least one of the people standing nearby, survived to A.D.70, fulfilling Jesus’ prediction that “there be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom” (Matthew 16:28).

9/23/3: John the Baptist and Eschatological Prophecy - Kenneth Perkins "The person of John the Baptist poses a great problem for the premillennial prophetic hermeneutic. By fulfilling spiritually Isaiah 40:3-5 and Malachi 4:5, 6, John the Baptist vindicates the preterist contention that prophecies can be fulfilled without the wooden literalism of premillenialism. Moreover, not only does the Malachi prophecy connect the appearance of John the Baptist to the coming of the day of YHWH, but John the Baptist foresaw a soon wrath upon the people. Coupled with the numerous declarations of Jesus and His apostles, this demonstrates clearly that the judgment was to occur soon from the vantage point of the first century."
9/23/3: A Better Resurrection - Michael Krall "So if he is yet to return at the end of the age of  everlasting covenant instead of the end of the old covenant then these  hopes are not fulfilled and we are not in possession of eternal life, do not have righteousness by faith nor do we have salvation. That is what we are left with if Christ has not returned and he is then  an absent king and the New Covenant is still a time of unfulfillment."
9/23/3: The Books of Enoch - to Study Archive
9/23/3: to The Parousia - Handheld .Pdb File (Isilo PC) | Single Text File | PalmReader .Pdb File | Handheld .Clie File | Online Bible File
9/23/3: Myth of Judeo-Christian Tradition

9/22/3: Historicism vs. Futurism - Irvin Baxter Jr. "The other position is called Preterist or Historicist. Those holding this position contend that the prophecies of the Bible are largely, if not entirely, fulfilled and past. The Futurist position has been the view held by the majority of Christians for at least the last century. However, the Historicist position seems to be reasserting itself of late. "

9/21/3: Preterist Musicians & Bands - to Study Archive

9/20/3: History of the Destruction of Jerusalem - Flavius Josephus (published mere years after the fall of Jerusalem)
9/20/3: McIlwain Presbyterian Church Audio Sermons - "The Last Days: A Biblical Look at Preterism"
9/20/3: SermonAudio: Preterism
9/20/3: How I Came to Embrace Preterism - Christian Forums
9/20/3: Scoffers and the Thief - James Lloyd "If you are abiding in preterism, you are enveloped in a profound spiritual darkness that places you in the soul destroying peril of following “another gospel.” If you are abiding in pre-tribulationism, you are in a deadly delusion and walking in such a spiritually wicked false doctrine that your path is directly heading towards the lake of fire"

9/19/3: What is the Breadth of God's Grace? - David Embury "That which had been accredited, or held in abeyance for those that believed was about to mature, was ready to be fulfilled in the Parousia of Christ - bringing in the age of righteousness 2Pt 3:13, thus bringing to fruition the outworking of their salvation [Phil 2:12] through Christ on behalf of the harvest, finding consummation in the resurrection."
9/19/3: What About '... a day with the Lord is as a thousand years..." - Mike Sullivan "The partial “Calvinist” and partial “preterist” at the end of the day are really Arminian and futurists who portray a Christ who failed to accomplish what He promised – redemption, when He promised! A Biblical preterist has the boldness and courage to say that when Peter said, “the end of all things is at hand” he meant “all things” and not “most things”.


  • ADL's Foxman brands Gibson "Anti-Semite" "Gibson told Boyer he was sorry he removed a scene in which the high priest recites the curse from the Gospel of Matthew proclaiming that the blood of Jesus is upon him and his children. "But, man, if I included that in there, they’d be coming after me at my house, they’d come kill me."

  • Doug Beaumont: Timeline of the Great Tribulation (2000)



  • The Tribulation - H.A. Ironside "The Preterists maintain that the Great Tribulation took place at the time of the trouble which the Jewish people passed through when the Roman armies, under Titus, destroyed Jerusalem and wrought havoc throughout Palestine.  The Great Tribulation, according to them, began in A.D. 70 and ended a very short time afterward."

9/15/3: Will Sin Continue Forever?
9/15/3: Biblical Apocalyptics Preface | Introduction - Milton S. Terry
9/15/3: Expository Glossary of Hebraic Terms used in Messianic Teaching | Justus of Tiberias | On the "Transitional Verses" in Matthew 24 | Q&A: Rapture Silence | Roman Monarchs | Vespasian to Study Archive
9/15/3: Vern Crisler to David Chilton
9/15/3: International Preterist Association to Ed Stevens

9/14/3: A Response to the McAteer Initiative - Jim Nicolosi

9/12/3: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Chapter XVI | Jerusalem - Charles Warner (1876) | New Books Defends Gospel Account of Resurrection Story to Church History

9/10/3: Harpazo / Aer | George Sandison | Jones' Lectures on Types | Chapter 33 of the Westminster Confession | "Mello" (About to) | Didache/3: Teaching of the Twelve | The Rise of Civilization | Photius to Study Archive

9/8/3: Pristine Grace | Illusion of the Conclusion to Grace

9/7/3: Joseph Addison's "On Christian Religion" Excerpted "Origen insists, likewise, with great strength, on that wonderful prediction of our Saviour, concerning the destruction of Jerusalem, pronounced at a time, as he observes, when there was no likelihood or appearance of it... How much greater confirmation of his faith would he have received, had he seen our Saviour's prophecy stand good in the destruction of the temple, and the dissolution of the Jewish economy"
9/7/3: When was the Apocalypse Written? - Dr. John Thomas, An Exposition on the Apocalypse (1861) "But it really matters not whether it be assumed to be written before, or after that event. The interpretation is in no way affected. The destruction of Jerusalem with its times and circumstances cannot be accommodated so as to interpret what is written in the Apocalypse about a "holy city," a "temple" and "altar," a "court," a "Jerusalem," and so forth. These are symbols, and represent something else than what the words stand for in common, or historical discourse."
9/7/3: An Empire of their Own "I do believe we are living in the end times and that this war with Iraq is the precursor war to Armageddon...never have there been so many signs as now in history."
9/7/3: Insites of the Day:Sotah, 49 "The simplest explanation, based on the order in which the Pulmusim are listed, is that the Pulmus of Aspasyanos refers to the siege of Aspasyanos (Vespasian) on Yerushalayim, which occurred three years before the Churban (Gitin 56a). The Pulmus of Titus was the fall of Yerushalayim in which the Roman legions were led by Titus. The Pulmus ha'Acharon was the Milchemes Ben Koziva (Bar Kochba), which took place 52 years after the Churban. Ben Koziva tried to reinstate the kingship of Yisrael, but after two and a half years he was conquered, marking the final fall of Malchus Yisrael (Rashi, Sanhedrin 97b, DH Od Achas, and as the Seder Olam explains (ch. 30)."
9/7/3: Tisha B'Av Videos! - The Contemporary Significance of the Churban Yerushalayim (Fall of Jerusalem) - Rabbi Jacob J. Schachter   (Chronology of Destruction - Tisha B'Av  | Artifacts relating to the Churban Yerushalayim)
9/7/3: Reformation Ink | Jnewswire to Outside Study Links

9/6/3: to dEmEnTiA
9/6/3: to Books | Destruction of Jerusalem Archive - H. Rider Haggard, Pearl-Maiden: A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem "The city went mad beneath the weight of its abominable and obscene misery. Thousands perished every day, and every night thousands more escaped, or attempted to escape, to the Romans, who caught the poor wretches and crucified them beneath the walls, till there was no more wood of which to make the crosses, and no more ground whereon to stand them. All these things and many others Miriam saw from her place of outlook in the gallery of the deserted tower. She saw the people lying dead by hundreds in the streets beneath."
9/6/3: to Rome as Satan in the Apocalypse | BooksThe Religion of Numa, and Other Essays on the Religion of Ancient Rome, by Jesse Benedict Carter (HTML at | Taboo, Magic, Spirits/3: A Study of Primitive Elements in Roman Religion (New York/3: Macmillan, 1931), by Eli Edward Burriss (HTML at
9/6/3: Online Books | Encyclopedia of Philosophy | "For as God's reign over the Jews, entirely ended with the abolition of the temple, so the reign of Christ, in spirit and in truth, had then its first beginning." to William Warburton
9/6/3: to Hugo Grotius Study Archive | Books - Grotius, Hugo: The Freedom of the Seas/3: or, The Right Which Belongs to the Dutch to Take Part in the East Indian Trade (New York: Oxford University Press, 1916), trans. by Ralph Van Deman Magoffin (PDF at McMaster) | Grotius, Hugo: On the Origin of the Native Races of America: A Dissertation By Hugo Grotius; A Treatise of Foreign Languages and Unknown Islands By Peter Albinus (1884), also by Peter Albinus, trans. by Edmund Goldsmid (page images at
9/6/3: Unchained Radio to Index

9/5/3: Sketches of Church History: Chapter One - Age of the Apostles  - J.C Robertson
9/5/3: Oswald T. Allis| J.C Robertson to Study Archive
9/5/3: Matthew 10:23 - Preterist Heresy to Matthew 10/3:23
9/5/3: The Body to John A.T. Robinson
9/5/3: You say things are getting better and better? "Most who hold the preterist belief about Bible prophecy –the proposition that prophecy, for the most part, was fulfilled by 70 A.D. when Titus and the Roman army destroyed the Temple and Jerusalem—believe also that Christians are making the world better and better in preparation for Christ to return.  They are not making the world grow better and better. They are a major part of making it infinitely worse. They are dangerously close to the prophesied apostasy that will be filled with men (and women) who will deceive and be deceived.?"
9/5/3: Engedi Ministries - Emerging Preteristic Studies
9/5/3: JVI Prophecy Dictionary to Jack Van Impe (and Rexella)

9/4/3: Five Views of the AD70 Rapture (Comment Box Fixed) - Walt Hibbard "..Mr. Ian Harding of Australia. I see his refinement of "The Literal Rapture Expectation" view, which I have called simply "The Perfect Is Heaven" view, as the only preterist view of the rapture and related events that meets the full requirements of scripture."

8/31/3: The Second Coming of Christ/3: Did it Occur in A.D.70? "It is difficult to see how anyone can say that the resurrection is passed, and that there will be no resurrection of the dead from their graves. Every where people continue to die. There are thousands and tens of thousands of graves every where you look, and so it is evident that the resurrection has not come, and that death has not been destroyed."
8/31/3: The Thessalonian Letters and the Second Coming "This paper was written as a contribution to the debate on preterism which arose in some churches in Queensland toward the end of the 20th century. The preterist doctrine was referred to as 'the AD70 doctrine'."
8/31/3: J.N. Darby: The Second Coming of Christ "People apply this to the destruction of Jerusalem, but this is spoken of in verses 20, 21 of this chapter: "Then let them which are in Jerusalem flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto." But then, after that, Jerusalem is trodden down of the Gentiles till the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled (the time running on now till the last beast's wickedness is filled up). Then come the signs and the Son of man is revealed."
8/31/3: The Destruction of Jerusalem, Parousia, and Anti-Amillennialism
8/31/3: Cirricular Responses to Crises "the destruction of Jerusalem was like the destruction of New York and Washington rolled into one. Jerusalem, like New York, was both the cultural and the economic center of the country, and like Washington, it was the political center, too.
8/31/3: Jesus Foretells the Destruction of Jerusalem - Pret Worksheet
8/31/3: Preterism's "Proof Text" Analyzed
8/31/3: New Preterist Audio Sermons
8/31/3: NYTimes: How to Talk About Israel
8/30/3: Official Passion Site | See The Passion - Independent Website Observing Movie and Reaction: Sponsored by WIN - Women Influencing the Nation
8/30/3: Roadblock to Peace "The Independent has written a feature on "Christian Zionists," believers who oppose the Roadmap to Peace in the Middle East. They quote both Sizer and me on how to hold these zealots accountable for their end-time schemes."

8/28/3: IAEA conference to discuss Israeli nukes for first time "The sources said this is the first time in decades that the IAEA has placed Israel's nuclear programs on the agenda of its general conference.. planned from Sept. 15 to Sept. 19.. In a recent meeting, the Arab League has asserted that Israel has stockpiled up to 300 nuclear warheads. The league said Israel now has the capability of producing hydrogen bombs."

8/26/3: The Doom and Downfall of Fruitless Professors - John Bunyan "A heathenish and prodigious act; for therein he showed, not only his malice against the Jewish nation, but also against their worship, and consequently their God. An action, I say, not only heathenish, but prodigious also; for the Lord Jesus, paraphrasing upon this fact of his, teacheth the Jews, that without repentance ‘they should all likewise perish.’ ‘Likewise,’ that is by the hand and rage of the Roman empire. Neither should they be more able to avoid the stroke, than were those eighteen upon whom the tower of Siloam fell, and slew them (Luke 13:1-5). The fulfilling of which prophecy, for their hardness of heart, and impenitency, was in the days of Titus, son of Vespasian, about forty years after the death of Christ. "
8/26/3: Sir Thomas More, or Colloquies on the Progress and Prospects of Society - Robert Southey (1824) "Sir Thomas More.--Remember that the Evangelists, in predicting that kingdom, announce a dreadful advent! And that, according to the received opinion of the Church, wars, persecutions, and calamities of every kind, the triumph of evil, and the coming of Antichrist are to be looked for, before the promises made by the prophets shall be fulfilled.  Montesinos.--To this I must reply, that the fulfilment of those calamitous events predicted in the Gospels may safely be referred, as it usually is, and by the best Biblical scholars, to the destruction of Jerusalem. "
8/25/3: J.D. Michaelis  - Newest Study Archive
8/25/3: Gibson & Anti-S "The more "anti-Semitism" is used as a shield against political criticism, the more it is devalued and the less clout it will carry when attached to real haters of everything Jewish. There is even a label given to Jews who speak out against Israeli aggression - "self-hating".
8/25/3: Christian fundamentalism and the concept of Judeo-Christianity has taken over political and religious discourse in Hungary
8/25/3: WND/3: Libertarians who loathe Israel | Follow-up
8/25/3: This Generation - Anthony Buzzard "It defies common sense to believe that Jesus set an almost exact date of 40 years in Matthew 24:34, when soon after he denied that any knowledge of times and seasons is available to us (Acts 1/3:7) in regard to the coming of the future Kingdom (Acts 1:6)."
8/25/3: Randall Otto | Norman Snaith | Max King | James MacKnight  - Newest Study Archives
8/25/3: Eusebius' Preterism by DeMar to Eusebius

8/23/3: A (Somewhat) Irenic Response to Certain Naughty Heretical Preterists - Dan Trotter "My view is that the antiresurrectionist neo-hymenaean opinion is precisely "the constant application of stupidity" to the eschatological problem. My view is that hymenaean heretics don't deserve a seat at the eschatological debating table. My view is that giving these doctrinal deviants a place of respectability will allow "enemy forces to gather to deceive the unwary who cannot defend themselves." (Why it is Perfectly Ok To Say Naughty Things About Heretical Preterists | An Answer to Trotter's "Naughty Names")  
8/23/3: Back to the Future: The Preterist Perspective to Gentry, Lightfoot "In fact, one of the finest intellects of the Westminster Assembly was a strong preterist: John Lightfoot..  This committed Lightfoot so strongly to preterism that he suggested Revelation's overall theme is Israel's judgment"

8/22/3: All Things Fulfilled - William Bell's Pret Site! to Outside Study Links (See Bell's Tele-Bible Study)
8/22/3: The Olivet Discourse Interpreted Under Preterism - James Patrick Holding "I have been asked how the destruction of Jerusalem, considering that it resulted in increased tensions between the Jews and Christians [who were then expelled from the synagogue and lost any claim to the Romans that they fell under the protected umbrella of Judaism] would have been understood by Christians as their "redemption". The answer lies in the difference of ancient personality. Such tensions upon individuals would have been placed, in the ancient mindset, secondarily to that which was better for the group and its efforts as a whole. Believe it or not, they would have taken the expulsion and persecution, not happily of course, but would have considered the redemptive sign worth the price." (See Defending Preterism Against Ice)
8/22/3: "Scripture" By John Jewel (1522-1571) "Their city Jerusalem was sacked, their houses overthrown, their temple razed, and not a stone left upon a stone; their library destroyed, their books burnt, the tabernacle lost, the covenant broken. No vision, no revelation, no comfort for the people left; nor prophet, nor priest, nor any to speak in the name of the Lord."  
8/22/3: Updated Bruce, Broadus, A. Brown, D. Brown, J. Brown
8/22/3: to David Brown: Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.'s "Introduction to "Christ's Second Coming, Will It Be Premillennial?"
8/22/3: to Bibliography - Giblin, C.H. The Destruction of Jerusalem according to Luke's GospelAnalecta Biblica - AB 107, Biblical Institute Press / Editrice Pontificio Istituto Biblico, 1985
8/22/3: Eisenbraun's to Bibliography - Nir, Rivka  The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Idea of Redemption in the "Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch" Early Judaism and Its Literature - EJL 20  Society of Biblical Literature - SBL, 2003, viii + 318 pages, Paper, English "The Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch is a pseudepigraphic apocalyptic work ascribed to Baruch, son of Neriah and the scribe of Jeremiah. Its overt content concerning the last days of the First Temple period disguises a description of the fall of the Second Temple in 70 C.E.  Contrary to the general scholarly view, this book attempts to show that the internal structure and central ideas of 2 Baruch must be understood in a Christian context. This theological identity is reflected mainly in traditions which describe the destruction of Jerusalem and the three apocalyptic visions which depict the coming of the Messiah and the eschatological redemption. These two main themes, which stood at the very core of the dispute between Judaism and Christianity and clearly reflect the basic differences in the outlooks of the two faiths, can be criteria to uncover the theological identity of the work. The author’s conclusion sheds light on the Christian character of other pseudepigraphic and apocalyptic books"
8/22/3: The Destruction of Jerusalem and Jesus' Second Coming (13:1-37) - Curtis Cates @ 2002 Denton Lectures
8/22/3: Difficult Passages Robert R. Taylor @ 2002 Denton Lectures "Does the coming of the Son of man refer to His coming in the destruction of Jerusalem or to His Second Coming (13:26)? Was Jesus anointed more than once or only once at Bethany (14:3-9; Mat. 26:6-13; Luke 7:36-50; John 11:2; 12:1-3)? How can Simon's bearing Jesus' cross be reconciled with His bearing it Himself (15:21; John 19:17)? Who are "them that believe" who will be able to do signs and how long were (are) they able to do them (16:17-18)?
8/22/3: Tisha B'Av Study Guide!
8/22/3: The Great Tribulation of Matthew 24 - Wayne Jackson "There is, therefore, sufficient evidence to reasonably argue the case that Matthew 24:21 was literally fulfilled with the destruction of Jerusalem, and with the aftermath of that crushing episode."
8/22/3: What is the Meaning of Matthew 10/3:23 - Wayne Jackson "The most compelling position, in this writer’s judgment, is that argued by numerous respectable scholars namely that the “coming” event of Matthew 10:23 is the Roman invasion of Palestine, which occurred in A.D. 66-70."  (Is this a shift for Wayne?)
8/22/3: Bruce Terry Home Page
8/22/3: Peace, Pride and Paranoia - Rabbi Francis Nataf "During this time of year, it is incumbent upon us to realize that the destruction of Jerusalem almost two thousand years ago was not brought about by political mistakes. It was brought on by ethical and religious errors. Ultimately, lasting peace and security will not be ours until G-d wants us to have it. Thus, if we can just expend the same amount of energy and passion on our religious lives as we do on our political lives, we might be in much better shape, politically as well as religiously."
8/22/3: How is it possible to mourn something that happened 2,000 years ago? - Keren Gottleib "We're supposed to feel as if something very precious has been taken away from us forever. We are meant to cry, to be shocked and angry, to break down. We are supposed to mourn over the destruction of the Temple, to cry over a magnificent era that has been uprooted from the face of the earth. The incredible closeness that we had with God -- that feeling that He is truly within us -- has evaporated and disappeared into thin air."
8/22/3: Window to the Wall to Study Archive and dEmEnTiA "Contrary to popular perception, the Wailing Wall was never a part of the Temple itself, but is merely the exposed Southwestern portion of the massive platform (or "Temple Mount") upon which the Holy Temple once stood, and which now supports the Dome of the Rock and the El Aqsa mosque.  The Temple itself has long since been utterly and completely obliterated, to the point that scholars still argue about its exact positioning on the mount. What is known is that the Holy of Holies was on the Western end, which is the main reason the Western Wall of the platform became so important to later generations of Jews -- it was as close as they could get to the Holy of Holies without actually going on top of the mount, which the most conservative factions will not do, for fear of inadvertently treading on the Most Holy site and profaning it." David Brown
8/21/3: Karl Barth - Newest Study Archive Page!
8/21/3: An Introduction to Post-Modern Explanation - " Having realized that Jesus was the incarnate Lord of the Days of the Lord of the Old Testament, and that He was the Lord of the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70, we assume that He still continues His reign among all nations. "
8/21/3: Eschatological Prophecies and Current Misinterpretations - WELS
8/21/3: Updated Study Archive Page - Gerrit C. Berkouwer "No one, with the exception of Karl Barth, ever had as many American students study under him as did Berkouwer. Among those students was R. C. Sproul."
8/21/3: Chesebrough, A. S, Rev., Causes of the Decline of Faith in the Doctrine of Endless Punishment. The New Englander, vol. 39, issue 156 (May 1880).
8/20/3: Kurt M. Simmons - New Study Archive Page
8/20/3: Russell's Parousia Available on Online Bible's Unorthodox Page
8/20/3: Max Kingism: An Unkingly Heresy - Stephen Wiggins "See? It's not new. But like a sassy, old woman prancing around in a miniskirt, King thinks he'll get some lookers if he can dude up his ancient heresy in chic garb of the 20th century. But we know better."

8/19/3: Whiton's "Gospel of the Resurrection" Reviewed "the second coming of Christ, which, according to our author, “took place in the destruction of Jerusalem (A. D. 70), the demolition of the temple, the extinction of the luminaries — sun, moon, and stars — of the Jewish firmament, the sweeping away of the nation;” and, secondly, of the “last judgment,” which we are to think of “not as an event, limited to a specific ‘day,’ but as a process which runs its course throughout the whole existence of the responsible subjects of law.” "
8/19/3: Differentiating Judaism from Christianity - George P. Fisher, 1890 (Nature and Method of Revelation) "Many Jewish Christians must have seen in the ruins of the Temple a sign of the passing away of the ancient system of worship. "
8/19/3: Quote to Revelation, Early Date - Rev. Prof. George P. Fisher (1864) XI. "The mythical theory is inconsistent with a fair view of the temper and character of those immediately concerned in the founding of Christianity. Christ chose twelve disciples to be constantly with him, in order that an authentic impression of his own character, and an authentic representation of his deeds and teaching might go forth to the world. We find them, even in Paul, designated as “the Twelve,” and a marked distinction is accorded to them in the early written Apocalypse.* * 1 Cor. xv. 5, Rev. xxi. 14. The Revelation, it is allowed by the Tubingen School, was written about A. D. ‘70."
8/19/3: THE JUDGMENT OF JERUSALEM - William Patton, 1877 "The ten chapters of this neat volume give an account, with the help of some plans and pictures, of the city and temple of Jerusalem in our Lord’s time; of his prediction concerning it; of the causes of the war, and the safety of the Christians; of “ the six signs,” “the trench about the city,” and the sufferings of the besieged; of its capture by the Romans, and the destruction of the temple; and of the “subsequent history of the Jews.” A leading object is to show the fulfilment of our Lord’s words in that terrible catastrophe as it is described to us principally by Josephus, and to impress the appropriate lessons."

8/19/3: Review of Brown's Christ's Second Coming: Will it be Premillennial? "This theory Mr. Brown undertakes to overthrow —that Christ’s second corning will be for the purpose of closing the dispensation of grace by the final judgment; and that this corning will not be till after the triumph of Christianity in the earth by the present economy—the ministration of thie Spirit, the truth, and the church, directed and controlled by Christ on his mediatorial throne."
8/19/3: Warren's Book of Revelation - In this volume we have an attempt at a popular exposition of the Apocalypse. Dr. Warren regards it as a series of “pictorial writings,” for the interpre- tation of which one must have the “key.” This he finds in the first verse, “Things which must shortly come to pass.” The Apocalypse having been written about A. D. 68, we find the speedy fulfillment of some of its prophecies in the destruction of Jerusalem and the woes that befell the Jews."
8/19/3: Christ's Supernaturalism, Scientifically Considered - Scribners monthly, an illustrated magazine for the people. / Volume 9, Issue 4 (February 1875)
8/18/3: Guest Robert Browning - On the history of the painting by David Roberts  The Destruction of Jerusalem AD 70
8/17/3: The Resurrection of the Flesh - Kurt M. Simmons "Since physical bodies are no part of the first resurrection, what basis is there to believe they will be part of the second resurrection of the soul in heaven? To the contrary, “flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.” (I Cor. 15:50)"
8/17/3: Will there be a Rapture? - Kenneth Perkins "Christians are continually with the Lord; He and His Father dwell with us in the New Jerusalem that has come out of heaven."
8/17/3: John 21:22 - Did John See the Second Coming? to Study Archive
8/17/3: Revelation: Book of Cosmic Symbols to Beasley-Murray, Caird
8/17/3: Of the Last Days: Behold, I Tell you a Mystery - Richard Perry's new book now available! to Bibliography
8/17/3: Evidence of Early Gentile Writers to Mara BarSerapion
8/17/3: Jesus didn't fulfill the validating prophecies - "If God said that his Messiah would.. bring peace to the world, rebuild the temple and reunite the Jews, then why do Christians believe Jesus was that Messiah? The only answer I have been given is that I guess Jesus promised to fulfill the prophecy in his 2nd  coming. But if God said, "this is how you will know the messiah" then am I obligated to accept Christ until he completes what God  said he would? God said this is how I will know him right? So if he hasn’t done it, then how can I go against Gods word to beware of false prophets. Jesus didn’t fulfill  the prophecy and yet milli/3:ons of people follow him anyway. "
8/17/3: Diplopic Tension in Revelation? - Kenneth L. Gentry

8/17/3: Of the Last Days: Behold, I Tell you a Mystery - Richard Perry's new book now available!


8/15/3: Barnabus and Matthew 24 | Introductory Note
8/15/3: Links to Outside Study Links

8/14/3: The End Times Made Simple How Could Everybody Be So Wrong About Biblical Prophecy? - Samuel E. Waldron "Rapture? Pre-Trib? Post-Trib? Millennium? Confused? You should be! In today’s Evangelical Christian world, eschatology—or the study of the “Last Things”—has been turned into a sort of pseudo-science with a plethora of authors claiming to know exactly the scenario of events that are to take place just prior to the Lord Jesus Christ’s return. On one hand, believers are told they must follow the unbiblical, complex and bizarre scheme of Dispensationalism, with its “Secret Rapture,” political Anti-Christ and worldly Millennium. On the other, those in the “full preterist” camp tell them that all biblical prophecy has been fulfilled in the past and that they should not look for the sky to break open and Our Lord to descend in judgment and triumph. But the author of this work claims that both are wrong and that eschatology, despite what many will tell you, is really a rather simple and straight forward affair. His thesis is that there is This Age, and The Age to Come…we will be, or are, in either one or the other. Any “End Times” system that forms a hybrid of these two, or contradicts this simple formula, is unbiblical, and should be rejected! Piece by piece, Waldron strips away years of false teaching and faulty exegesis thrust upon the church to reveal what the Bible, in its own simple but profound way, says about what will happen at the end of this present age.  From Calvary Press Publishing…the truth is here! "

8/3/3: Preterist / Futurist Debate - Opening Argument Samuel Frost/3: Posted  08-02-2003

8/2/3: Gibson faces uproar over film on Jesus' death "NEW YORK - With his movie about the death of Jesus Christ under attack as anti-Semitic, Mel Gibson is trying to build an audience and a defence for his project. | Frank Rich: The gospel according to Gibson International Herald Tribune | Some observers call it reverential; others say it is anti-Semitic

7/31/3: Tom DeLay veers off "road map" during Israel speech "US Representative Tom DeLay, the House majority leader who has pressed President Bush to be more supportive of Israel, told Israeli parliament members during a visit here yesterday that the Jewish state should not be expected to make concessions in the peace process until Palestinians completely halted violent attacks."

7/30/3: The foreign policy of 20 Million would-be immortals - Gary North "As the late David Chilton, a postmillennialist and author of three books on eschatology, once said, "The day that I became a postmillennialist, I realized that I was going to die." This was a high psychological price to abandon pre-tribulational dispensationalism. Not many fundamentalists are likely to pay it."
7/30/3: Christian Zionism: Israel's Best Weapon ? " it favored "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people,"was perhaps the single most important act premised in Christian Zionism."
7/30/3: Christian Zionists criticized by fellow believers

7/29/3: Completely Updated By William Cheriegate - "If we imagine the majority of first-century Jews, and early Christians, as people who were confidently expecting the space-time universe to come to a full stop, and who were disappointed, we at once create a distance between them and ourselves far greater than that of mere chronology."  [ N.T. Wright ]

7/28/3: - to Preterist Webring
7/28/3: Does the Beast of Brussels Know Everything?
7/28/3: Did the Seventy Sevens Foretell Christ?

7/21/3: Sermon on the Mount Series - Now complete

7/18/3: Race over Grace/3: The Racist Religion of the Christian Identity Movement
7/18/3: Andrew Corbett's Teaching Resources

7/12/3: Is the Great Tribulation Past or Future? - Online debate b/w Dee Dee Warren and Jerry Shugart

7/8/3: The Paradigm Shift/3: A Journey into Biblical Eschatology
7/8/3: Christians, Churches & Controversy - Sam Dawson

7/3: New Book by Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks
7/3: The Timing Issue | Has the Gospel Been Preached to the Whole World?
7/3: Dr Jay Snell and the Second Comi

7/3: Study the Pre-Trib Rapture at
7/3: Secrets of the Bank of England Revealed
7/3: - The Trumpet

7/2/3: The 'Palestinian Napoleon' behind Mideast cease-fire Christian Science Monitor - "JERUSALEM When the Israeli and Palestinian Authority prime ministers met Tuesday, they did so with an unprecedented display of bonhomie and some trusted ministers."

6/21/3: TruthVoice Conference Pictures!

6/19/3: Israel's unholy alliance with US right Toronto Star, Canada - "the section in Revelations 20 that predicts the doom of the present world and the second coming of Christ ... These are the preconditions for the "rapture.".

6/13/3: Grace Digital Network to broadcast in Iraq | GDM The U.S. government this week launched its Arabic language satellite TV news station for mostly Muslim Iraq. It is being produced in a studio - Grace Digital Media - controlled by fundamentalist Christians who are rabidly pro-Israel. That's grace as in "by the grace of God."

6/5/3: God's Pilgrims (PDF) | The Seventy Weeks (PDF) to Mauro Archive Many thanks to F.H. from Pretoria, South Africa!
6/4/3:  JWR presents speeches in Jordan regarding a forthcoming Palestinian state President Bush's speech | Prime Minister Sharon's speech | "Palestinian" Prime Minister Abbas's speech
6/4/3: The Last Days/3: Four Views

5/28/3: Thomas Ice and the Time Texts - Gary DeMar "By never raising the issue of how the second person plural ("you") is used throughout Matthew 10, he is counting on his loyal readers not to notice. And who would think to go to Mark's account of the Transfiguration to see that the "disciples" is a larger group than Peter, James, and John? Of course, we all know the answer to this question: Preterists would."
5/26/3: Ty Cropper's Introduction to Preterist Materials in 3D
5/26/3: A Very Mixed Marriage
5/26/3: Josephus "Last Man Lives" Game

5/24/3: Brian Hildebran - Exposition of Revelation 21 "Oh, sweet and magnificent are these words to the ear, God dwells with men NOW. We are NOW in His presence. Why this Jerusalem is like the Old but vastly superior because God is the Temple therein. No earthly elements, only the True and Living God. We have direct access to HIM. No veil to pass through, no ceremonies to attend to first. We have vital access to Him NOW. Again this is in contrast to the Old Jerusalem. What benefits we have from the New Covenant!"
5/24/3: “many proponents of preterism often rush from partial preterism to full preterism almost overnight" (Ice, The End Times Controversy (Eugene/3: Harvest House Publishers, 2003), 66)
5/24/3: Moved David Seargent - Millennium Now to Partial Preterism

5/23/3: Kenneth Gentry: Revelation Revealed Seminar
5/23/3: Raines Road Church of Christ Media - William Bell
5/23/3: All-Saints Presbyterian | Sermon Audio - Gregg Strawbridge (Partial Pret)
5/23/3: The Jewish Revolt Game

5/20/3: L'APOCALYPSE OU LA GUERRE DE JUDEE - Thierry Walker's New French Pret Site! ( | Earnest Renan's L'Antechrist

5/19/3: Fresh Preterist Database in PreteristArchive Forums - Come see Ed's newest email address
5/19/3: Interpreting the Signs - Left Behind Series - Subscribe to the End of the Age
5/19/3: Tim LaHaye and Psychoheresy

5/18/3: Rapture Debate: Tommy Ice and Richard Perry - "Just over a year ago I had the opportunity to question and debate Dr. Thomas Ice on the timing of the rapture. Dr. Thomas Ice is the Executive Director of the Pre-Trib Research Center in Washington, DC, an organization founded by Tim LaHaye. He was hosted by Calvary Chapel in Athens, Georgia to conduct a Bible Prophecy Conference in December 2001. For the transcript of the debate between Dr. Thomas Ice (Pre-Trib position) and Richard Perry (Post-Trib position)"

5/17/3: Christian / Jewish Zionist Summit in DC - Summit News
5/17/3: BosGlobe: Israel's Unshakable Allies - "Skeptics sometimes claim that evangelicals support Israel only because they believe it will hasten Jesus' Second Coming. But when that challenge was put to Robertson, he didn't hesitate. ''I'm sure some people think that - but I'm not one of them,'' he replied. ''I think there's a visceral, heartfelt love in the heart of evangelicals for Israel and the Jewish people.''
5/17/3: Leftist Anti-Semitism and Special Status for Israel - SF Indy
5/17/3: The Bible is their 'Road Map' - Christian Zionists meet to plan strategy to spoil Bush's peace plan
5/17/3: Should there be a Christian "Movie Industry" C.S. Lewis/3: "Christian literature can exist only in the same sense in which Christian cookery might exist."

5/16/3: Lloyd Dale : Vanquishing the Mosaic Marriage Law By the Death of Israel's Husband/God "When Jesus Christ (Yahweh incarnate) died the house of Judah’s husband was dead, and she was free (released) from that marriage law; so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man, the resurrected Christ.  Wherefore, my brethren (the Jews), you also are become dead to the law by the [dead] body of Christ; that you should be married to another, even to Him who is raised from the dead, that we should bring forth fruit unto God. "

5/15/3: Preterist Pranksters Practice Prophetic Perfidy Pertaining to Prophetic Pronouncements by Spurgeon - Bob Ross

5/11/3: Answering Preterism: Did Jesus Return in A.D.70? Stephen Pegler "So, is preterism a heresy? Can it exist with historical Christianity? Full-blown preterism probably is a heresy, although the verdict may still be out. All parties should admit that a full preterism is not compatible with the Creeds and Confessions.  To go against the Creeds and Confessions is not damning or indicative of heresy in of itself, but it should raise many cautions. Preterists need to admit that they are advocating an almost total rewrite of not only eschatology (cosmic and personal) but also ecclesiology, sanctification, and many other doctrines. It is literally a different kind of Christianity and is incompatible with historical Christianity. This makes full-fledged preterism highly suspicious, but not heretical if it can be demonstrated that it is Scriptural. "
5/11/3: Diversity at Jewish Film Festival - Some Jewish audiences expect us not to bring dirty laundry from Israel, just clean, nice and very positive films about Israel, but it doesn't work like that," he said. "We show the wide spectrum of Israeli films. We are apolitical."
5/11/3: WorldNetDaily: Pal Pol: Israel looted Baghdad museum

5/9/3: Evangelicals urged to oppose Mideast peace plan "The trip comes after a statement by Benny Elon that Evangelical Christians in the United States were his party’s “natural partners” in opposing the proposed two-state solution. "

5/7/3: Identification of Babylon the Harlot in Revelation - A Thesis Presented to The Faculty of the Department of New Testament Studies Dallas Theological Seminary - D. Ragan Ewing
5/7/3: Wrapping it all Up - J.P. Holding/Farrell Till  "Actually, dispensationalism and it's [sic] own idea of a Rapture are the new kids on the block; preterism, and the idea that the Olivet Discourse and other passages refer to 70 AD events, has a much longer pedigree."
5/7/3: The Final Judgment - Brian Schwertly "It is important to establish the future reality of the final judgment because it is often denied. It is denied by modernist theologians who regard the last judgment passages as merely figurative of various judgments that occur throughout history. It also is denied by "hyper-preterists" who believe the second coming, general resurrection, and final judgment have already taken place in A.D. 70 when Jerusalem was destroyed."
5/7/3: An Exegetical Defense of Postmillennialism - Gregg Strawbridge "Unorthodox (full) preterism teaches that even the Second Advent of Christ took place during the destruction of Jerusalem. Not only is this view unorthodox according to the creeds of the universal Church, East, West, Protestant, and Roman—many full preterist views may be refuted in the text we have considered."
5/7/3: The Battle for Jerusalem - ""Or even worse, the Preterist or the Kingdom Now movement that's spreading like cancer through so many denominations today that says that all prophecy basically already has been fulfilled, and that the Church is going to conquer the world and bring in the Kingdom of God and then Jesus will come back. And the worse thing they teach, is that God has no more purpose, for the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as a people or a nation. Basically they say God's a liar because He made unconditional promises to them and said that He is definitely going to fulfill the promises He made to their fathers."
5/7/3: BostonGlobe: Some see Jewish shift to GOP "after a year and a half of strong statements from President Bush about fighting terrorism, along with his equally strong backing of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel, some prominent analysts in both parties say they detect a shift in the Jewish community. For the first time in more than 20 years, one Democratic pollster said he sensed an erosion of support from Jewish activists that could affect the presidential race."

5/6/3: No Compromise with Anti-Semitism - Mike Marqusee "Although Dalyell does not appear to have used the wretched phrase "Jewish cabal", his remarks were redolent with hoary and dangerous mythology."
5/6/3: Activists try to help people understand issues in the Middle East
5/6/3: Santorum: That's Latin for A$$hole - Jeffrey St. Claire "While in serving in the House, Santorum was asked by a reporter to explain why his record on environmental policy was so dreadful. Santorum replied by observing that the environment was of little consequence in God's grand plan. "Nowhere in the Bible does it say that America will be here 100 years from now." The reference was to the Rapture, which apparently is impending."

5/5/3: The Great Falling Away Has Begun - Bands Report ( "There's a movement in America today that is hell bent on destroying The Word of God Almighty by first fabricating, then spreading, utterly false doctrines., specifically designed to trap YOU as a Christian into questioning your faith. And to cause you to believe in your heart that God is a liar, through a professionally designed system of is by far the greatest threat to Christianity ever.  It is in fact being perpetrated by experts who have been trained at creating, then disseminating, totally misleading, utterly false information, that seeks to cite various verses of the Bible/3: Then perversely twist them to serve their demonic cause,  and quietly undermine your belief in God's Word;  and in God Himself,  through a proven method of brainwashing !!! This movement against Christianity is called "preterism"."
5/5/3: The Naked Preterist - Bands Report  "Although there - is - no such word or term as "preterist" in any dictionary:  The preterists could not have possibly chosen a better name for their demonic cult. "

5/4/3: John Noe's April 17th oral defense of his Ph.D. dissertation titled, "The Superiority of Preterism/3: An Evaluation of the Four Major Evangelical Views of the Return of Christ" (418 pages) successfully completed his Ph.D. in Theology degree program from Trinity Theological Seminary and the University of Liverpool.  (Thanks for your prayers!)
5/4/3: Israel plans Palestinian State in Jordan - "Israeli Tourism Minister Benny Elon left last night for the United States, where he will present the U.S. officials with the plan based on naturalizing the Palestinians in Jordan and that a Palestinian state in the spirit of President George Bush's vision will only feed terrorism and that Jordan is Palestine, Israeli daily Haaretz said."

5/3/3: What if Full Preterism is False? - Michael Krall "If preterism is proved false by the Scriptures then we are still under the law; sin has its sting; death has not  been swallowed up in victory; the gifts of the Spirit are still in force; the Christian age is the present evil age; God plays around with words and has not kept his promise of Gen. 8/3:21; salvation of our souls is not complete; Christ is not on his throne so he is either  not reigning or is an absent king;  and most of all he has been proven a false prophet for he said that “some standing  here will not taste death till they see the son of man coming in his kingdom.”  There is no other possibility." to Critical Archive: Conversion Documents
5/3: My Journey to Fulfilled Eschatology - "I decided that I would look into other eschatological beliefs. I researched Amillennialism, Post-Millennial, and others. During this time I called myself a "pan-tribulational, when-millennialist", as it was the only label I could place upon my beliefs. During that time I met someone who had gone through a similar transition. He told me about another eschatology called "Preterism". I spent a lot of time researching Preterism, and even had planned on debating this man on his radio show - defending the belief that there were still unfulfilled prophecies in the Bible."
5/3: The Great Postponement - "It is obvious from the many verses included here that the writers believed the end of the world and the return of Christ was at hand, not in the distant future, and especially not 2,000 years later. Since this is established by Scripture it is obvious that there was a postponement of the consummation of the age and the end of the world. "

5/2/3: The Significance of Jesus' Resurrection - New Audio Sermon by Curtis
5/2/3: Full Preterist Poll (Tied for most votes: It's a false gospel and heresy; Partial Preterism is true, but not Christ's Second Coming and The Resurrection.) | Mister Poll
5/2/3: Time of the Gentiles - Jim Wade

5/1/3: The Return of Jesus (Isa) in the Bible, the Qu'ran and Hadith - R. Simeon Ben Jochai, Luqman al-Mu’ammar II

4/30/3: Art Sippo and the Demise of Catholic Apologetics - Catholic Apologetics International "Sippo: Scott (Hahn) is very well read in the Patristic literature and is on the cutting edge of modern biblical scholarship. Anyone who has tried to keep up with the field knows that the movement for "biblical theology" is a new and exciting area of study that crosses confessional lines and participates in the New Pauline Perspective which has been systematically dismantling the classical Protestant interpretation of Scripture in favor of a view of soteriology that is more favorable to the traditional Catholic position. R. Sungenis: Thanks for proving my point. In case you didn't catch it, Sippo has admitted by the statement "crosses confessional lines and participates in the New Pauline Perspective," that he and Hahn have received their newfound ideas on soteriology from Protestants. Need I say more?"
4/30/3: Why Partial Preterism is Wrong - Christian Debater "Full preterism is an extremely strange view that everything in the entire Book of Revelation was fulfilled prior to 70 A.D., including a symbolic rapture of the saints, the Antichrist, Babylon in Revelation etc. This is so far from the truth that very few believe it."
4/30/3: AUDIO! These Last Days: A Study on End Times - Preaching Preterism to a Futuristic Church
4/30/3: Last Days Madness Review - "I think the reason no reputable scholar has bothered to blast this book and the Preterist idea into kingdom come, is that they can't stop laughing long enough to take it seriously. Sorry, but if this is a fair representation of the mighty Preterist view, I'm very disappointed."
4/30/3: Hunt/DeMar tape: $10! "Have all the prophecies of Matthew 24 been fulfilled by A.D. 70? Dave debates Gary DeMar, a leading spokesman for the preterist view. Fascinating (if not shocking) insights into what preterists believe."
4/30/3: Preterism at He Lives
4/30/3: Beliefnet: Preterism

4/29/3: Bill Reeves: The Preterist View Heresy (Jan-Feb, 1973)
4/29/3: Introduction to Revelation - Ferrel Jenkins (April 1973) - Considers Early Date
4/29/3: Bible Class Archive: Preterist Heresy | Preterist Rationales | Polemic on Preterist Theology | Preterists Attack Intercalation
VINDICATED - AGAIN "And now, as we see the signs of a rebuilt temple on the horizon, we must not forget the scoffing words of those who have decried the premillennial interpretation. We must firmly learn a lesson, and use this lesson to help weaker brothers and sisters resist the modern attacks of preterism and postmillennialism upon God's literal prophecies. As we see the stage being set to literally fulfill  the temple prophecies, let us also remember the keen words of premillennialists of earlier times."
4/29/3: Demonstratio Evangelica
4/29/3: Second thoughts about hating Jews? (Frontpage)
4/29/3: Criticism of the State of Israel is not Antisemitism - Mark Rex (SLC Tribune)
4/29/3: Trial by fear ( "Chaotic world events have spurred an increased interest in prophecy, but critics say such teachings, when proved wrong, harm"
4/29/3: Ann Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy, Faints During Sermon - "We don't know what's going to happen in the next moment, do we?" she asked, noting that death or the second coming of Jesus could be a heartbeat away."

4/28/3: Unchained Radio - "Preterist Christian Steve Shine, formerly the director of "Open Eyes"  Ministry in the San Diego area was recently a guest on Pastor Gene Cook's Internet radio broadcast.  Gene Cook is a self-avowed "Partial Preterist," who pastors a Church in Southern California."
4/28/3: Religious figures accuse US of 'Christian Zionism' (

4/27/3: Demonstratio Evangelica (Proof of the Gospel) (AD314-19) Eusebius of Caesarea

" can we deny that the prophecies of long ago have at last been fulfilled? And these foretold that the Lord would come to Egypt not in an unembodied state, but in a light cloud, or better "in light thickness," for such is the meaning of the Hebrew, shewing figuratively His Incarnate state."

"The Holy Scriptures foretell that there will be unmistakable signs of the Coming of Christ. Now there were among the Hebrews three outstanding offices of dignity, which made the nation famous, firstly the kingship, secondly that of prophet, and lastly the high priesthood. The prophecies said that the abolition and complete destruction of all these three together would be the sign of the presence of the Christ. And that the proofs that the times had come, would lie in the ceasing of the Mosaic worship, the desolation of Jerusalem and its Temple, and the subjection of the whole Jewish race to its enemies...

Or who can deny, that concurrently with the appearance of our Saviour Jesus the solemnities of the Jews, their city with its Temple and the worship performed therein, have come to an end, together with their native rulers and governors, and that from that time the hope and expectation of the nations through all the world has been made known, since the things laid up in the Lord have come." (Book VIII)
4/27/3: Updated Seventy Weeks of Daniel

4/26/3: The Binding of the Great Red Dragon - Kurt Simmons "The reign of the righteous in paradise did not depend upon the punishment of the wicked in tartarus. If a single soul was never shut up in tartarus, the righteous would still have reigned in paradise. There simply is no correlation between the blessed estate of the one and the punishment of the other. This is equally true of the Dragon and the martyrs. There is no indication that the reign of the martyrs is somehow defined or dependent upon the binding of the Dragon; not a single word to this effect appears in the text. "
4/26/3: Karl August Auberlen - Revised Study Archive Page
4/26/3: Arethas of Caesarea - Revised Study Archive Page
4/26/3: Athanasius - Revised Study Archive Page
4/26/3: American Lutheran Views of Eschatology | Lebensbilder Gründungszeit to Karl August Auberlen
4/26/3: Syriac Miscellanies
4/26/3: Additional Early Church Fathers - "These English translations are all out of copyright, but were not included in the 39 volume collection of Ante-Nicene, Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers.  Please take copies and place online elsewhere.  In some cases I have felt it necessary to add an introduction to the online text.  These are all placed in the public domain also - copy freely.  The texts are listed in chronological order."

4/25/3: St. Thomas Aquinas - Revised Study Archive Page
4/25/3: Question #15 "In Matthew 24:34 where we read "this generation shall not pass, until all these things be fulfilled" is not talking about the generation alive at Jesus' day; but it is speaking of the generation of evil that has existed upon earth since man's fall into sin. "
4/25/3: The Last Days - Ralph Cullen
4/25/3: Days of Delusion - A Strange Bit of History "Full of presumption and of peril do we consider the attempt to fix the day or the year of our Lord's coming. Full of presumption because Christ himself declares, 'of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of God, but my Father only.' And again, 'It is not for you to know the times and the seasons which the Father hath put in His own power.' Full of presumption because one man sets himself above the thousands upon thousands of all the teachers, preachers, confessors, and martyrs that have gone before him. Full of presumption because St. Peter declares 'that no prophecy is of any private interpretation' (St. Peter, 1st-26th), and yet it is nothing but private interpretation that is offered us; and although it be, indeed, with as much confidence as if it were sanctioned by the consent of the whole Church of God."
4/25/3: Summa Theologica to Thomas Aquinas
4/25/3: Andrew Corbett Audio Sermons to Index

4/24/3: New Heaven and New Earth - Larry White "So we see that the end of the age would be marked by the destruction of the temple, and that it would happen in their lifetime. We know from history that the Roman armies came against Jerusalem and razed it to the ground in AD 70. I believe that this middle time period of 40 years is the time of the war in heaven. (Rev.12) In fact, I believe that this period includes most of the book of Revelation, if not all of it, along with the prophesies that Jesus gave about this time in Mt.24, Mk.13 and Lk.21, concerning the destruction of Jerusalem.  Now Jerusalem was not just destroyed in AD 70, it was replaced and superceded or transcended by a New Jerusalem - a heavenly Jerusalem as opposed to an earthly, physical Jerusalem. We all know this heavenly Jerusalem to be the church from Heb.12:18-23." (Originally delivered in Eagle Point, OR. August 12, 1984)

4/23/3: Judas, the Devil and Satan - Jim Nicolosi "The adversary for Judas in John 13:27 (and for each of us) was the “old man” (our “old self”) spoken of above. More specifically, the “adversary” thoughts that entered into the mind of Judas originated in his heart as it does for all of us."
4/23/3: Olivet Discourse and Prophetic Fulfillment | Walking by Faith | Rabbis and Aion | The Wheat and the Tares to Aion (World/Age) “The harvest is the end of the world (Greek aion/3: age, era, dispensation)” (v. 39). Some brethren suggest that this means A.D. 70, and the related overthrow of Israel is the fulfillment of this parable, but this seems to involve more than a minor dislocation of several related references. In the first place, such an interpretation would imply that the “sowing” or gospel proclamation must also have ceased in A.D. 70, and this is far from the case. Furthermore, the end of the aion means generally in the Bible the full and final end of Gentile times, marked by the resurrection and the judgment of the responsible. In this very same chapter (Matthew 13), in v. 49, the phrase has that obvious meaning. In the world (aion) to come, ye shall receive eternal life, Jesus said (Luke 18:30)."
4/23/3: The People of God, the Land of Israel, and the Impartiality of the Gospel - Among Signatories/3: R. C. Sproul, Ph.D., President, Ligonier Ministries, Orlando, FL | Gary DeMar, M.Div., American Vision, Powder Springs, GA  "At the heart of the political commitments in question are two fatally flawed propositions. First, some are teaching that God's alleged favor toward Israel today is based upon ethnic descent rather than upon the grace of Christ alone, as proclaimed in the Gospel. Second, others are teaching that the Bible's promises concerning the land are fulfilled in a special political region or "Holy Land," perpetually set apart by God for one ethnic group alone. "
4/23/3: David Curtis' Olivet Discourse Audio Series
4/23/3: Interfaith Zionist Conference Set

4/22/3: Bible Minimalism and "The History of Preterism" - Gary DeMar (Parts One and Two) "Ice and LaHaye get off on the wrong foot in their analysis of preterism. The historical argument is a death blow, or to use Mark Hitchcock's metaphor from his chapter on the dating of Revelation, "A Stake in the Heart" to their brand of futurism. The earliest historical sources, the Didache, the testimony of James, the brother of Jesus, and 1 Clement demonstrate that preterism's history is a first-century history." "The publication of The End Times Controversy is a great opportunity for preterists to get out their message since the authors quote extensively from preterist works. More astute Christians will follow the trail of end notes and books listed in the bibliography and read them. The brighter bulbs in the box will find preterist arguments convincing and reject the dispensationalism of their youth. Many will be surprised that over the centuries so many sound and trusted Bible expositors have been preterists."
4/21/3: Christians, Churches & Controversy - Samuel Dawson "Navigating doctrinal and personal clashes"

4/21/3: Aion (World/Age) - Revised Study Archive Page
4/21/3: Two Ages of Time in the Bible - to Aion (World/Age)
4/21/3: Aion: Age and Aion (Dispensationalis) | Time and Eternity: A Biblical Study | The Saviour Has a Plan to Aion (World/Age)
4/21/3: Better Observations of "Genea" -

4/20/3: The Menace of Radical Preterism

4/19/3: Christ's Resurrection and Ours - Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry "Unfortunately, a new gnosticism is infecting the church/3: hyper-preterism. One major feature of hyper-preterism is its denial of a future physical resurrection of the believer at the end of history. As we shall see, this contradicts a major result of the resurrection of Christ."
4/19/3: AP: "NT Wright disputes modern gospel interpretations" - Washington Post "Wright further contests modern attempts to explain away the disciples' belief as human error, or mass psychosis. In some renditions, "resurrection" is redefined from its original meaning of bodily miracle into collective spiritual experiences... Wright said he disagrees with this interpretation but admits to some imponderables. For example, in the New Testament portrayal, the resurrected Jesus arises with a different, glorified body. He mysteriously appears and disappears and, more unnervingly, his friends do not always recognize him (Luke 24 and John 20). " to N.T. Wright
4/19/3: Did Jesus' body rise from the dead?  In new book, British theologian and cleric says yes to N.T. Wright
4/19/3: The Highway Message Board to Index

4/18/3: William Price "I am risking all by taking this stand, and the knowledge that I will probably lose my ministry because of this doctrine, but there is too much historical information to bypass this as actual doctrine.  I have done all I could to disprove this doctrine, but in the end, I cannot do so. I was putting on a show, making myself look big, when in fact I was working off the ministry of others who were either pre-trib or post-trib. I never really did any defending of my own. This is wrong.."
4/18/3: Preterism: Clear and Present Danger - Brother Robert "The ungodly are destroyed and Righteousness prevails! If we are living in the Preterists new millennium, how do you explain the God-less world we live in still? I don't see any new heavens or new earth, do you? Or is Jesus a liar!? The Preterists make Him out to be. That fact cannot be their utter shame and destruction." (Originally posted on 3/11/03)
4/18/3: Syria calls for "WMD-Free Zone in Mideast" "Nonproliferation experts have warned that the dismantling of Syria's WMD arsenal would be extremely difficult without addressing Israel's purported chemical and nuclear weapons."

4/17/3: What is Bimillennial Preterism? - Kurt M. Simmons "Bimillennial Preterism is a school of Biblical eschatology that advocates there are two millennial periods contemplated by the text of Rev. 20:1-6, rather than the traditional single millennium advanced by other schools and commentators. 
4/17/3: Bimillennial Preterism Chart to What is Bimillennial Preterism?
4/17/3: Israel outlines steps for Palestinians - "The government of Israel presented the United States with a list of measures that it intends to implement following the swearing-in of the new Palestinian government under Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen). The steps are meant to alleviate the plight of the Palestinian population and improve the functioning of the Palestinian Authority."

4/16/3: Andreas of Cappadocia Caesarea - Revised Study Archive Page
4/16/3: The "Secret History": An Eyewitness account of the Fall of Christianity - "I have argued in this web site that the last traces of the original church died in the late sixth century. One man dominates this period. He is the emperor Justinian (527-565)." to Andreas
4/16/3: "Book of Revelation", 1911 Encyclopedia | 666 | Revelation Resources | Text Types and Textual Kinship | Interpretation and Use of Prophecy | Dionysius the Pseudo-Areopagite |Emerald Ring to Andreas
4/16/3: The Schøyen Collection | to Outside Study Links
4/16/3: The Book of Revelation to A.R. Fausset and Revelation
4/16/3: The Israelization of the United States - "In its new Crusade, United States stands at the head of a numerous "coalition of the willing," now including forty-five countries. But Israel is missing from this long list, even though a team of colonial administrators, handpicked by Paul Wolfowtz, has already arrived in Kuwait City to take over Baghdad. That is a trick no magician could imitate. The Israelization of United States is complete." (CounterPunch)
4/16/3: Zionism and its Impact - "The legal underpinnings for the autonomous Jewish community were provided by the British Mandate. The establishment of a Jewish state was first proposed by the British Royal Commission in July 1937 and then endorsed by the UNITED NATIONS in November 1947." (WRMEA)
4/16/3: sThe New Anti-Semitism - "Since it is now a given in many circles that Israel is a threat to the world equal to North Korea, and that Ariel Sharon is a cross between Martin Bormann and Hendrik Verwoerd, you will find yourself accused of using the Holocaust to avoid any criticism of Israel’s behaviour. Because, well, you know, you Jews always stick together and are mighty quick to deal that persecution card. " (Spectator)
4/16/3: Franklin Graham News

4/15/3: Henry Alford - Revised Study Archive Page
4/15/3: Pat Robertson gets ovation over Israel comments at temple - "Rev. Pat Robertson, a television evangelist who founded the Christian Coalition, told a synagogue audience last night that his support for the state of Israel is not based on theology.."
4/15/3: President's allies keep Mideast settlement on back-burner - "The Rev. Pat Robertson explained that evangelicals believe "the nation of Israel was especially chosen by God and the return of the Jews to Palestine and the establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948" were the fulfillment of biblical prophecy and a sign that the Second Coming was near."
4/15/3: Some claim Bible predicts Iraq will supplant US - "Israel is the focus of typical End Times thinking, but some Dispensationalists add an Iraq scenario. Hitchcock presents his version in ''The Second Coming of Babylon'' (Multnomah). Another proponent is Charles Dyer, No. 2 official at Chicago's Moody Bible Institute, in last year's update of ''The Rise of Babylon'' (Moody)."

4/14/3: Sharon says ready to yield colonies - "A Palestinian minister close to President Yasser Arafat, however said Sharon's remarks seemed to be "public relations tactics" and Palestinians wanted deeds, not words."

4/13/3: 40 Years in Biblical Typology - Todd Dennis - Updated with additional materials by Greg Kiser, and a comment form - "And as Ishmael persecuted Isaac, so also in our life after the cross, our flesh persecutes our spirit. Howbeit, as we grow older in Christ, our spirit becomes more dominant over this fleshly persecution. But we do not obtain total victory until our flesh is put to rest in physical death. At this point, it is indeed a personal Parousia of Christ; our physical body completely loses its influence (like the Old Covenant in 70 AD) and our spiritual body is completely set free."
4/13/3: God's Covenant Land: And the Big Lie - Bill Koenig "The world community continues to perpetuate the biggest fraud and lie in world history -- the belief that the Palestinians have the rights to Israel’s land"

4/12/3: Topics of Concern Regarding Preterism - Tim Stoudt "Satan the source of Preterist doctrine..  This is a heavy statement. One is using strong words whenever he says about anyone that they have been taken captive by the devil and their actions are now actually accomplishing the devil's will. Yet, the context surrounding the passage leads us to apply this to the preterist in particular, as it was apparently meant for the preterists plaguing the early church in Paul's day. However, to those who may think this is a rather strong statement, does it not really provide the only reasonable explanation for a person hanging onto a doctrine with the characteristics discussed in the next section?"
4/12/3: A Critique of the Preterist View of the Olivet Discourse "As a result of this study it is the humble conviction of this writer that the preterist approach to the Olivet discourse, although it has presented some weighty evidence, is not the correct one. He still holds to the doctrine which sees a partial fulfillment in A. D. 70 but the ultimate fulfillment is yet to be."
4/12/3: A cranky Christian's view of Preterism - "If, as is held in preterism of all stripes, Revelation is a "covenant lawsuit" document against Israel, it was not intended for mass consumption but was more along the lines of legal documentation. It might shock DOV (and others!) to hear that some books in the Bible, for example Leviticus, were never meant to be sat down and read through by every person on earth."
4/12/3: Brother Sal on Preterism - "I have never written a piece on Preterism, because what I teach is at the other end of the spectrum, and I don’t think about it much. But over the last couple of weeks, I have received and extraordinary amount of mail with questions concerning it, so I began to think about it, and selected the following letter to answer in this forum to pass along my thoughts"
4/12/3: The Preterist Approach: Have the Last Days Already Taken Place? | Zu dieser Seite in Deutsch - "The preterist approach is indeed being discussed in many quarters (above all in the USA), and the argument – as the author quoted above admirably demonstrates – is in some respects not easily to be dismissed out of hand."
4/12/3: Freewill Preterist Christians Group
4/12/3: The Second Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
4/12/3: The Pretribulation Rapture Doctrine - Strong Delusion
4/12/3: A Middle Way in the Middle East - "Many Middle Easterners are deeply troubled when U.S. evangelicals zealously support political policies and aggressive expansionist actions of the state of Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians. And they automatically associate all evangelicalism with Christian Zionism—which they see as an instrument of Western colonialism and American imperialism."
4/12/3: Apocalypse: The Historicist Interpretation - See 'Religious News' at page bottom!
4/10/3: An Evaluation of a Debate on Preterism - "We have asked and received permission to comment upon a debate on the subject "Is the Great Tribulation Past or Future?" held on the Theology Online Forum between Tekton author Dee Dee Warren and a certain Jerry Shugart."
4/10/3: Please, Jesus, We Can't Afford You to Come Back - Message Board discussing Christ's return
4/10/3: Mother Jones Magazine: Future Schlock "There are a half-dozen Web sites with URLs like or or even For a whole new set, the future is a sure thing."

4/9/3: OrlandoWeekly: Apocalypse Now - "Today's evangelicals don't set exact dates. Instead, while saying they think Christ will return during their lifetime, they also quote Jesus' admonition that no one knows the day or the hour of his return. "I could live a hundred years and have Jesus not come back yet, but that wouldn't change my beliefs," says Purvis. "[But] do I believe it's soon? Yes I do."
4/9/3: Christians rally for Israel
4/9/3: "Peter and Paul" - PBS Documentary (Takes unfortunate Non-Occurrence of Prophecy position - but rightly ends story at the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70)

4/7/3: SacBee: Time of the Signs - "These are busy days for Pastor Nathaniel Wilson. He believes they may also be his last.  'I believe we are in the end times because the Scripture tells us so,' says Wilson, founding pastor of The Rock Church, a thriving Pentecostal church on the outskirts of Elk Grove..   The pastor is overseeing a new 92,000-square-foot sanctuary that is scheduled to break ground next month and is expected to complete construction in a year."
4/7/3: An unholy alliance with the Christian Right "Evangelist Christians from South Carolina paid for the huge billboard on the Ayalon Highway declaring "There's no land for peace." TV evangelist Pat Robertson last week reprimanded Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, saying "Who do you think you are, handing Jerusalem over to Arafat?"
4/7/3:  "
Tim LaHaye, known as an expert on Biblical prophecy, has published more than 50 nonfiction books on counseling and theology. He said the war in Iraq is setting the stage for the "rise of Babylon," in which there will be one world, one government, one religion and one commerce in the end time. He said the rapture "is very near, and the glorious coming of Christ to the Earth could be only several years off. "We may expect the Second Coming before we see the final book," he said. "I'm looking forward to the end."
4/7/3: Bush faces resistence to MidEast plan

4/6/3: Isaiah 34 & Revelation Parallel - Jim Nicolosi "Clouds in the bible speak of God in all His power and majesty.  Remember in Acts that it said that Jesus was taken up and HID by a cloud…the Bible was not telling us what the weather was like that day but rather the part that the Father played in the ascension of Jesus.  This brings me to the verses that have often been used as evidence of a rapture."
4/6/3: - Newly Updated Message Board!
4/6/3: Ages were warmer than today, say scientists

4/4/3: The End Times Controversy: The Second Coming under Attack - Now Available at your local Christian bookstore! (thus begins the Second Exodus) | Harvest House

Along with other prophecy scholars, LaHaye and Ice reveal the errors taught by preterists (those who believe the seven–year Tribulation and Christ’s return happened in the past). They provide guidelines for interpreting Bible prophecy and give readers a concise understanding of what the Bible says about the future, affirming Christ’s glorious return as an event we can still look forward to.

4/4/3: Hasten the Light Ministries ( Dale Tooley " A panorama of all major Bible prophecy where Jesus is (not Israel) at the very center of all that this entails | Taken on its own, this could mean that the "preterists", who say that every thing that happened in the prophecies of Revelation occurred at the time, or soon after the Revelation was given are correct. But it would be hard to see why then Revelation could be important to us, or to anyone living in any other century than the first. So let's look further." | Jesus IS Israel
4/4/3: Christianizing the enemy
4/4/3: Prophecy Corner Links

4/2/3: - Richard K. McPherson's New Full Preterist Site
4/2/3: Why Christians Support Israel "Undeterred by the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the widespread hostility toward Christians in the Middle East, throngs of Christians immigrate each year to the Holy Land. Indeed, Israel is the only state in the Middle East where the Christian population is actually growing."

3/30/3: End-time is no new revelation - Amarillo Globe-News "Of course I can't speak for all Catholics, but my take on it is that it is a book written in the apocalyptic style of that time, which is highly, highly dramatic, and used powerful kinds of symbols: beasts and numbers that are symbolic, or at least were symbolic to those people and spoke to them," Matthiesen said.  It was written after the persecution of the Christians began under the Roman emperor Nero, in which there was great distress."
3/30/3: Armageddon? Some say war means end is near - Gainesville Times "He points to chapter 24 in Matthew, where Jesus answers a question about the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and his return by saying there will be telltale signs, such as nations rising against nation, earthquakes and famines. If there's nothing we can see and nothing we can know, then why did Jesus say that?" Baxter says. "I absolutely reject there's nothing we can know for sure. ... We're on the brink of the second coming of Jesus Christ, and I have no doubt of that."
3/30/3: CounterPunch: Don't Go There! "Iraqis will continue their violent resistance to the criminal invasion. So the real Shock and Awe phase may now begin in earnest. It's serious now, infrastructure be damned. The Israelis and Christian Zionists demand no less than pre-Armageddon devastation."
3/30/3: A Reality in Our Myths -  Dateline Alabama "Sometimes, when I read about the apocalypse or hear a reference to the end, I get this feeling that it’s really our collective consciousness working out our fear of death."
3/30/3: The End is Not Yet - President of Dallas Theological Seminary
3/30/3: Web | Images | Groups | Directory | News to N.T. Wright
3/29/3: Lighthouse presents: Bible Prophecy Conference - May 1-3, 2003 - Speakers include: Gary DeMar, Don Preston, John Noe, John Anderson,

3/28/3: Updated Framed Bible Tools

3/27/3: Revelation 17: Dating the Book of Revelation - Lloyd Dale - Presented to the faculty of Trinity Theological Seminary
3/27/3: Whose War? By Pat Buchanan "In a rare moment in U.S. journalism, Tim Russert put this question directly to Richard Perle: “Can you assure American viewers ... that we’re in this situation against Saddam Hussein and his removal for American security interests? And what would be the link in terms of Israel?”

3/26/3: Baghdad, Babylon and Prophecy - Tim King, LPM
3/26/3: Barbarians at the Gate: An Islamist view of Operation Iraqi Freedom - "Just as some Christian fundamentalists saw the creation of the state of Israel as fulfillment of biblical prophecy heralding the Day of Judgment, so too will some Muslim fundamentalists interpret the U.S. occupation of Iraq as setting the stage for the final battle between good and evil."
3/26/3: In an ominous sky, a city divines its fate - "The storm is from God," he said, looking out his trembling window. "Until the aggression started, never in my life did I see a storm like this. We all believe in God, we all have faith in God. And God is setting obstacles against the Americans."
3/26/3: Globalist: Bush's Holy War
3/26/3: Does War in Iraq signal beginning of "end times"? "The bombing of Baghdad does not mean the end is near - only the beginning of the end."
3/26/3: LA Daily News: Fundamentalists say the end is near "Saying that "sometimes Christians jump too quick to judgments," Hymers recalled that "I once thought the world was going to end in 1964. You had Vietnam, the Beatles, hippies and flag burners. I was obviously wrong."
3/26/3: Weblog: Newspapers miss true end-times story
3/26/3: Work on Temple Mount bulge begins

3/25/3: Crucifying Mel Gibson
3/25/3: ArabNews: A Catastrophe for the World, a dream for Terrorists - "Some of Bush’s faithful supporters even welcome war as the necessary prelude to the final showdown between good and evil: Armageddon followed by the Rapture. We must presume, or at least hope, that Bush himself is not quite of that bonkers persuasion."
3/25/3: A Study of Racist Christian Doctrines

3/23/3: Miracles Ceased? - Vern Mason "This Article is an attempt at providing a logical and scriptural answer for those who have failed to consider the context and by doing so have taken a stand against Christ's on-going intervention via answers to prayer, the gifts, etc.  Let me admit here that those fellowships who have embraced the continuation of the Gifts, and the like, most often, have projected, at the least, much confusion, and in many, if not most, cases they have openly embraced the leadership of charlatans."
3/23/3: Dating the book of Revelation - Kurt Simmons "Arethas makes similar comments, and states concerning Rev. 7:4 “When the evangelist received these oracles, the destruction in which the Jews were involved was not yet inflicted by the Romans.” 
3/23/3: Dating the book of Revelation - 'Arethas,' says Sir Isaac, ' in the beginning of his commentary quotes the opinion of Irenaeus from Eusebius, but does not follow it. For he afterwards affirms, that the Apocalypse was written before the destruction of Jerusalem and that former commentators had expounded the sixth seal of that destruction.' to Early Date of Revelation
3/23/3: Learning Activity: Revelation Date to Early Date of Revelation
3/23/3: The Book of Revelation and Eschatology to Early Date of Revelation

3/20/3: Onward, Bush's Soldiers - War with Iraq is 'dress rehearsal for Armageddon' says head of Evangelical Israel Broadcasting Network
3/20/3: Doomsayer heaven "In trying to create one overarching interpretation, they are not allowing for the complexity of the biblical witness to come through," he says. "The irony is, in their quest for accuracy, biblical literalists are forced to misread the Bible."
3/20/3: Threat of war conjures images of Armageddon "Even Armageddon, he said, is open to interpretation. "Whether there will be a literal battle of Armageddon on that particular Plain of Megiddo in present-day Israel or whether when Revelation talks about Armageddon it is talking about some greater conflict, spiritual or physical, I don't think we can say."
3/20/3: - All of this has happened before, and it will happen again "Endtimes Magazine? I wonder what it makes in advertising revenue. And I wonder how long it's been around predicting the end of the world."
3/20/3: Religious Zeal a common theme in broken minds "Salt Lake County District Attorney David Yocom prosecuted LeBaron and recalled the polygamist's motivations and intensity surrounding his beliefs. "Ervil thought he was the prophet of God," Yocom recalled. "He had been directed by God to lead the world in the latter days."

3/18/3: ISM on Rachel Corrie

3/15/3: Guardian: Fish speaks apocalyptic message - "Some say they fear the born-again President Bush believes he is preparing the world for the Second Coming of Christ, and war in Iraq is just the opening salvo in the battle of Armageddon. A devout Christian, he still thinks the carp was the Devil. 'I don't believe any of this Jewish stuff. But I heard that fish talk.'  New York Times
3/15/3: Secret Jews of Remote Turkey - "However, the mayor denies any association with radical Islam/3: "Turkey is a democracy for all its people. But the simple fact is there are no Jews or Christians living in this city, not one."

3/13/3: Last Days - New Tim King Presence Broadcast
3/13/3: Don Preston: The Parousia: Defining the Second Coming
3/13/3: Seeking for Truth | Johnny DZ to Outside Links
3/13/3: Salon: Jews Against Israel "Neturei Karta, a Zionism-denouncing, Palestinian-embracing subculture within ultra-Orthodox Judaism, is suddenly sharing the spotlight in the antiwar movement."

3/12/3: Foy Wallace On Matthew 24
3/12/3: Was the siege at Jerusalem the worst in history? - Wayne Jackson "Matthew 24:21 does not refer to the end of time. It’s application, based upon all contextual considerations, was to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in A.D. 70."
3/12/3: What if the Second Temple had survived AD70? "Akenson's governing assumption is that the key event that created Christianity and Rabbinical Judaism was the destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem in AD 70"
3/12/3: Cornelius Tacitus - Histories, Book V. A.D.70 "Cneius Pompeius was the first of our countrymen to subdue the Jews. Availing himself of the right of conquest, he entered the temple. Thus it became commonly known that the place stood empty with no similitude of gods within, and that the shrine had nothing to reveal."

3/11/3: White House gets involved with Moran's "Jews push war" crisis (removed from website)
3/11/3: Does Mel Gibson have a "Jewish Problem"? -  "the Society of Saint Pius X has been excommunicated en mass for disobedience to the Pope. Its far right views include conspiracy theories that the Catholic Church is controlled by liberals as a result of an ancient conspiracy of Freemasons." Father William Fulco

3/10/3: Framed "Whatsnew" Page - Keeps Bible Study Tools at Top of Page
3/10/3: Washington Post: Democratic Congressman says Jews are pushing war "Rabbi Jack Moline of Alexandria, one of six rabbis who called yesterday for Moran's resignation, said the congressman repeated "the most scandalous rhetoric of the last century" by singling out Jewish influence and scapegoating Jews as controlling international events. "Such remarks about any minority group in America, whether African-Americans, Hispanics, Muslims or others, are beyond inappropriate in the rhetoric of a member of Congress," Moline wrote."
3/10/3: Christians for Saddam?

3/9/3: Threat of war brings visions of Armageddon - Greenville News "It does encourage a certain sense that these conflicts in the Middle East are part of a divinely sanctioned plan," she said. "Because of that, there's both less we can do to stop them and perhaps less we should do." "Think about it," he said. "If I know from the Scriptures as a conservative fundamentalist Christian that when the Great Tribulation period comes, Israel's going to be a nation, they're going to be majorly populating Palestine, in Jerusalem with a temple ... that's kind of noteworthy."
3/9/3: Direst of Predictions for war in Iraq - Washington Post "Once the U.S. gets Saddam out of the way," sanctions will be lifted, oil wells will flow again at full capacity and Iraq (Babylon) will regain its power, allowing the Antichrist to mount an army for an assault on Israel, he said. The stage is thus set for the Rapture, Armageddon, the Glorious Appearing and the other stages."
3/9/3: Question and Answer Session with Sheikh Abu Hamza - "They need certain events to take place at certain moments, which they have in common with American Christian Fundamentalists. The two are collaborating to help bring about Armageddon – the massive world war before the coming of Christ. American Christian Fundamentalists believe in the return of Jews to Israel, the rise of an anti-Christ, a new world government and a final battle of Armageddon as key features in God's plan. This must be fulfilled preparatory of the Second Coming of Christ."

3/8/3: NYT: Is it good for the Jews? "A cadre of pro-Zionist zealots within the Bush administration and among its media chorus (the "amen corner," as the isolationist Pat Buchanan crudely called them last time we threatened Iraq) has long schemed to make the Middle East safer for Israel by uprooting the hostile regime of Saddam Hussein. They have finally succeeded, the theory goes, in pushing their agenda up to the desk of a gullible president."
3/8/3: LA Rabbi calls on Gibson to reconsider Jesus | Gibson's Passion | Google News "Noxon's article claims Gibson embraces "a strain of Catholicism rooted in the dictates of a 16th-century papal council and nurtured by a splinter group of conspiracy-minded Catholics, mystics, monarchists and disaffected conservatives. Noxon quotes Gibson's 85-year-old father Hutton attacking the reformist Second Vatican Council as "a Masonic plot backed by the Jews" and describing the Pope as "Garrulous Karolus, the Koran kisser".

3/7/3: What about those end times, Mr. President? "Jewish Anti-Defamation League executive director Abraham Foxman has said he is horrified that Jews are soliciting Christians. "Eckstein is selling the dignity of the Jewish people and the state of Israel by pandering to Christians for money," he told The Jerusalem Report"
3/7/3: Joe saves face/3: Lieberman abandons end time Christians "Now that that strategy has catapulted Lieberman to the front of the pack of presidential contenders, and he must appeal to more moderate and liberal Democratic voters, the video may be only the first of a string of embarrassing ties that return to haunt him."
3/7/3: To Infinity and Beyond - A stroll through failed prophecy
3/7/3: Disappointed Millennialism and the Making of the West
3/7/3: Frontline: Apocalypse Transcript to Revelation: Subject Matter
3/6/3: The Preterist Spirit of Deception - William B. Chalfant "In order to handle such prophecies as this, the preterist must resort to the method of extreme allegorism, interpreting events in an exaggerated way, and actually twisting the plain statements of Scripture in order to facilitate his theories. One of his great allies, preserved by the Catholic church, was the Jewish traitor Josephus, who was a Roman sycophant." Anti-Preterist Message Board and Articles
3/6/3: Reply to Chalfant on 'Future of Israel' critique
3/6/3: Is the United Nations 'irrelevant' with regard to Israel too? "In other words, if the UN can’t enforce resolutions, they’re irrelevant. But if we apply this same logic and approach to all countries, conflicts, and resolutions, we begin to see inconsistencies, even hypocrisies very quickly."

3/4/3: Forum to Index (Join grumpy58's Pret ministring)

3/2/3: Why Preterism is Erroneous to Critical Articles "What I can’t comprehend is how they feel this way. For preterists the prophecies of the Old Testament were PHYSICALLY fulfilled and can be realized literally from how the prophecies were written. That being said however they believe prophecies of the New Testament were fulfilled spiritually and anyone who tries to understand the prophetic verses of the New Testament literally, as they are written are wrong, misled and borderline blasphemous."
3/2/3: The Past-Trib Blasphemy  to Critical Articles - Kenneth Kirkland "It has a certain appeal. Just think of it. No more anxiety about the tribulation, antichrist, or mark of the beast to fret about. No need to pay any attention to the Post-Tribs always going on about the church going through the tribulation, why, for that matter, the whole pre, mid, and post-tribulation controversy is just silly. To the preterists, its ALL IN THE PAST! Whoopee! Now, then…with dread out of the way, let’s have REVIVAL! How wonderful. More accurately, how insidious." A Closer look at past-trib | End-time Truth
3/2/3: Has Jesus Already Returned? "There are religious groups which try to spread the idea that Jesus has already come and that all the prophecies of the Bible have already been fulfilled. While those things should for a more advanced bible student be very easy to recognise as error, this essay will nevertheless go through some of the bible passages that the propagators in question (some of whom call themselves preterists) use and misunderstand and/or misapply. They often use words which may sound or look convincing. They try to lure the reader or listener into giving up his/her only hope, that of Jesus' return."
3/2/3: The Rebuilding of the Temple in Christian Zionism "Nevertheless, the weight of argument in favour of a historical or preterist interpretation has not hindered Christian Zionists from supporting and funding the work to rebuild the Jewish Temple."
3/2/3: The Debate over the Book of Revelation "This view has precedent in the early church, but it did not become widespread until the nineteenth century. With the advent of the historical-critical method of biblical interpretation, it became the dominant interpretation among New Testament scholars, though it has been less popular among evangelical scholars."
3/2/3: Could most of Revelation have been fulfilled? - Theology Online to Index
3/2/3: The Destruction of Jerusalem | Titus' arch and AD70
3/2/3: The Bible and Interpretation
3/2/3: The Ossuary of James
3/2/3: Bible Code/3: "Snake Oil" soothsaying - There’s less awareness that Bible scholars see a huge flaw: Code theory claims the messages were hidden in what Drosnin calls “the original He-brew version” of the Bible “as it was first written.” But in actuality, nobody has the exact “original” text for any of the 39 biblical books. So code software must use a modern edition."
3/2/3: Silent Evangelical support for Bush's war | The double-edged Evangelical embrace "the importance of the return of Jewish people to Israel is a major sign pointing to the “end times”
3/2/3: Preteristic workbooks

3/1/3: The connection between Iraq and the conflict in Palestine

2/28/3: Pushing the Apocalypse - SLC Weekly
2/28/3: Moses Stuart's Hints on the Interpretation of Prophecy - to Preterist Book Sellers
2/28/3: The Preterit View - Anti-Preterist booklet for sale
2/28/3: History of the Jews - North American Review - 1831 "The march of their armies was well described as the curse of desolation; wherever was found the carcass of a fated city, there one might be sure that their eagles were gathered; when they spread their pinions, it was like the waving of the death-angels wing.."

2/27/3: The Israelites - United States Democratic review. / Volume 34, Issue 6, December 1854 "The destruction of Jerusalem was predicted by the prophets, and who has forgotten the lamentations of the Saviour over the devoted city."
2/27/3: Ulysses S. Grant's Order 11 - Expelling Jews from Government
2/27/3: Lutheran Church separates from Luther's belief about Jews

2/26/3: The Babylonian Talmud to Outside Study Links
2/26/3:  Zionism in the Age of the Dictators | The Iron Wall/3: Zionist Revisionism | The Hidden History of Zionism to Politics and Conspiracy Theories
2/26/3: Different Reading of Melito to Melito

2/25/3: Living Presence - Journal of covenant eschatology
2/25/3: Reformation readings of the Apocalypse - Chapter One
2/25/3: Revelation in late antiquity and the early Church
2/25/3: Project Gutenberg to Outside Study Links

2/24/3: Contribute to an Ebook on the Rapture - Douglas S. Wozniak
2/24/3: "Satan's Highway" suffers from name problem

2/23/3: Was Matthew 24 Fulfilled? - Refuting the Preterist Heresy | Prophecy interpreted Messianic "The preterist heresy should be totally rejected even if it is called "partial preterist." We should expect for the conclusion of Jesus' prophecy concerning the casting down of the stones to be finalized at the end of the tribulation time period just before the second coming of Jesus." (New Covenant Messianic Judaism) | Larry T. Smith | Mike Blume
2/23/3: Sir Isaac Newton's Apocalypse - "Newton predicted the world would end in the year 2060, according to theories uncovered by academics in Jerusalem."
2/23/3: The Charge of Chiliasm: A Response to Preterism - "It has been suggested, because of the first part of the question, that the Discourse is concerned solely with the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD, and that therefore this prophecy has nothing to do with future events. Quite frankly, this is silly, and we will be looking at the reasons why as we study the passage."
2/23/3: Many will come in my name - Largely anti-Preterist discussion at latter-rain
2/23/3: This Generation Shall Not Pass (Not Preterist) - "These three verses seem to be the initial argument used by Preterists.  They believe that all prophecy has already been fulfilled, as of 70 AD.  They believe that Christ returned in 70 AD.  Therefore they remove the need to watch and be ready for Christ's return, saying He has already returned.  And since Preterism says that all prophecy has been fulfilled, they will deny the resurrection of the physical body, just as Sadducees did in the day of Jesus.  But many Christians have switched to Preterism because of the fundamental truth that all Scripture is true.  And, of course, I would agree."

2/22/3: Torah Code 2000 - Find ANYONE in the Bible using "Bible Code" software - "Did you know that YOU are in the first five books of the Bible?  Yes, that¹s right -- YOU."

2/19/3: Paradigm Shift Preterist CD: Journey into Biblical Eschatology  NOW AVAILABLE (Last Addition to CD/3: Philip Mauro!)
2/19/3: to Outside Links

2/18/3: The Rapture and Clouds - Jim Nicolosi "Clouds in the bible speak of God in all His power and majesty.  Remember in Acts that it said that Jesus was taken up and HID by a cloud…the Bible was not telling us what the weather was like that day but rather the part that the Father played in the ascension of Jesus.  This brings me to the verses that have often been used as evidence of a rapture."
2/18/3: What Kind of "God" Do We Know? - Richard McPherson "Thomas Ice states that Daniel 9:24-27 supports a gap and that Daniel knew there was a gap between the 69th and 70th week. He also believes that Jesus did not know about the gap when He quoted Daniel. Daniel knew about and not Jesus. God the Father must have forgotten to tell Jesus about this little gap. Not only that, Jesus lied to His disciples and to the people when He taught to about the "Kingdom of God" being "near" or "at hand". If Jesus lied about this, what other things did He lie about?"
2/18/3: January 2003 Lecture at Calvin College, MI N.T. Wright " ... supporting the present regime in Israel in some kind of christian ground is laughbly and dangerously simplistic and non-sense... "
2/18/3: Indict Sharon Online - Justice for the victims of Sabra and Shatila
2/18/3: Dispensationalism and Racism | Should Christians Support the Construction of a Jewish Temple? | To whom does the land of Palestine belong? | Zionism vs. The Bible  - Thomas Williamson " The duty of Christian churches today is to seek the well-being of Jews according to the flesh, Romans 9:3. We will accomplish that, not by lobbying for the territorial expansion of Israel, but rather by preaching the Gospel and planting churches, thereby giving all Jews and Gentiles an opportunity to enter the heavenly Jerusalem for all eternity."

2/17/3: Dear Pastor... - A letter to a church pastor

2/16/3: @ Smartgroups - New group for the Optimistic Preterist to feel at home.
2/16/3: Timeline of Christian Antisemitism
2/16/3: Save Christianity (New location)

2/15/3: The Paradigm Shift: The Journey into Biblical Eschatology - New Preterist CD-ROM study-tool coming this March (Pre-Order Now)

2/13/3: Getting to Know You: Christians and Jews - "God has been faithful to the Jews and Israel is a fulfillment of God´s promise. Thus, a central tenet is the belief that God did bequeath the land to Abraham. This was in clear contrast to Stephens, who admitted to a level of discomfort with the notion of Jewish choseness and rejection of the idea that Israel´s claims to the land are predicated on a deed from Abraham. "We take the word of God seriously," Hedding emphasized."

2/12/3: The Strife is O'er - Catholic / Lutheran / Episcopal Hymnals to Study Archive's "Christian Unity in Preteristic Worship" "Lord, by the stripes which wounded Thee. "From death's dread sting Thy servants free That we may live and sing to Thee."
2/12/3: I Corinthians 15 - Unknown German Catholic "The Strife is O'er"
2/12/3: Israeli officer killed near Church of the Nativity
2/12/3: NASA says Earth is 13.7 Billion Years Old - "We believe that the best way to honour the seven astronauts on Columbia who dedicated their lives to the Nasa science mission is, to continue that science mission to explore the universe," said Anne Kinney, director of Nasa's astronomy and physics division." (Report from the men still in space at ISS)

2/11/3: Preterist Prattle - "If Preterism is true, which it emphatically is not, the saints of God would have ceased waiting for God's Son from heaven after A.D. 70. Such a postulate, whether expressly stated or implied, is nothing more than a confused set of tattdemalions(!) – that is, it is an attempt to dress a feeble and ugly theology in the refined garments of intellectualism... I suppose it is possible to affirm this unveiling, or full disclosure, took place in A.D. 70, when Jerusalem was destroyed. But we will not believe such an assertion, and are offended by the carnal boldness of those who take it upon themselves to suggest such a thing."
2/11/3: Rethinking Realized Eschatology - Timothy James
2/11/3: Divine Intervention - A Palestinian war-comedy by Elia Suleiman (Schedule of Release)
2/11/3: Welcome to the Occupation (MSNBC) - "Some pro-Israeli groups want to have the film banned, and it’s not eligible for a best-foreign-film Oscar because the motion- picture Academy does not recognize Palestine as a nation." (Neither is Hong Kong, home of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but that region does get to choose an Oscar candidate)
2/11/3: Harold Camping of Family Radio "The Church Age Has Come to an End" "And as some spake of the temple, how it was adorned with goodly stones and gifts, He said, as for these things which ye behold, the days will come, in the which there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down. These temple buildings represent the churches and congregations God would build throughout the New Testament time. Those who come into this spiritual temple are gold, silver and precious stones, and wood, hay, stubble, (I Cor 3:12). That is they are both true believers and those who appear to be true believers and actually are not. Thus each congregation is an integral part of that great temple.  But Jesus declares that there will be a time when there will not be left one stone upon another. That is the temple will be totally destroyed. It will no longer exist."  1994: The Year of Christ's Return?
2/11/3: Trouble in Zion - Wilson Phillips "The word Zion in the Jewish and Christian scriptures is a biblical term Israel’s prophets and apostles were inspired by the God of the Bible to write. This distinction must be understood in light of the News-Leader’s reporting that modern day Zionism was initiated and is sustained as a “secular movement.”

2/9/3: The Apocalypse and its Date - Canon F.W. Farrar  "The Apocalypse was written before (John) had witnessed the Coming of Christ and the close of the Old Dispensation, in the mighty catastrophe which, by the voice of God in history, abrogated all but the moral precepts which had been uttered by the voice of God on Sinai"

2/8/3: The Essene Gospel of Peace | Found in the "Secret Vatican Library" in 1930
2/8/3: Strange Preterist Implications - Tim LaHaye "I believe it is important for lovers of Bible prophecy to be aware of these false views so that they not be caught off guard when they encounter such views. This is why I am informing you about this subject. After this month's introduction to this strange new fad within the field of Bible Prophecy known as preterism, I will continue a regular article about preterism. I will be dealing with the major arguments of preterism and why they are not biblical. Then I will conclude with a presentation of why prophecy should be interpreted literally and thus understood as future events to our time."
2/8/3: A Critique of the Evangelical Doctrine of Sola Scriptura - Keith Mathison "Another heresy that has been widely promoted with the assistance of the modern Evangelical version of solo scriptura is hyper-preterism or pantelism. While there are numerous internal squabbles over details, in general advocates of this doctrine insist that Jesus Christ returned in AD. 70 at the destruction of Jerusalem and that at that time sin and death were destroyed, the Adamic curse was lifted, Satan was cast into the lake of fire, the rapture and general resurrection occurred, the final judgment occurred, mourning and crying and pain were done away with, and the eternal state began. The proponents of pantelism are even more vocal in their rejection of orthodox Christian doctrinal boundaries than Fudge."
2/8/3: Bible Query on Preterism - "As a "red-herring", a one-letter manuscript change from genea to gonea gives the primary meaning of race. While the earliest manuscripts that contain these three verses are Vaticanus (325-250 A.D.), Sinaiticus (340-350 A.D.), and not early extra-biblical writings referred to these verses except Tatian’s Diatessaron harmony (written c.170 A.D.). However no manuscripts with gonea, and it is difficult to envision genea as the same manuscript error in all three synoptic gospels plus the Diatessaron."
2/8/3: Left Behind TV Series in Production
2/8/3: Israel, Jerusalem, Jewish, Zionist, United Nations to Outside Links and Israel/Israel

2/6/3: The Fall of Jerusalem - Canon F.W. Farrar "It was to this event, the most awful in history that we must apply those prophecies of Christ's coming in which every one of the Apostles and Evangelists describe it as near at hand.   To those prophecies our Lord Himself fixed these three most definite limitations -- the one, that before that generation passed away all these things would be fulfilled; another that some standing there should not taste death till they saw the Son of Man coming in His kingdom; the third, that the Apostles should not have gone over the cities of Israel till the Son of Man be come.  It is strange that these distinct limitations should not be regarded as a decisive proof that the Fall of Jerusalem was, in the fullest sense, the Second Advent of the Son of Man, which was primarily contemplated by the earliest voices of prophecy." (more)
2/6/3: Life of Christ Index  - Canon F.W. Farrar "Behold, your house is left unto you desolate!" And has not that denunciation been fearfully fulfilled? Who does not catch an echo of it in the language of Tacitus—"Expassac repente delubri fores, et audita major humana vox excedere Deos." Speaking of the murder of the younger Hanan, and other eminent nobles and hierarchs, Josephus says, "I cannot but think that it was because God had doomed this city to destruction as a polluted city, and was resolved to purge His sanctuary by fire, that He cut off these their great defenders and well-wishers"
2/6/3: Flare up in Middle East | Woman Bulldozed
2/6/3: End Times Controversy: The Second Coming under Attack - Thomas Ice
2/6/3: Plea to Preterists. "If Christ's came back in A.D. 70 at the destruction of Jerusalem, where is the evidence? I know that all preterists believe He came back then but I have yet to see the proof that He did come back" - Board
2/6/3: Preterism is a Damnable Heresy - Board
2/6/3: 'Bible Code II' Predicts End of Time
2/6/3: Message from God delivered to Bush "If America does not repent, there will be 50,000 casualties and a six-month war" with Iraq. Bush had a look of attentiveness and "peace"

2/3: Armageddon: Past or Future? - By John Noe, Ph.D. "Armageddon is coming April 8th! According to proponents, that’s the publicized date when it will be “unleashing everywhere” and “no one will escape!” The only question now being asked by a multi-media promotional campaign is, “Are you prepared for Armageddon?”
2/3: Does it mean the end is near? - John P. Crandell "If you want to get some kind of sign from God on what has happened, take into consideration that some of the debris which fell from space shuttle Columbia landed in Texas in a city called Palestine which might mean that God wants us to stop supporting Israel as His quote unquote "special people". "
2/2/3: "Lightening bolt" seen in shots of Columbia's final moments "They clearly record an electrical discharge like a lightning bolt flashing past, and I was snapping the pictures almost exactly . . . when the Columbia may have begun breaking up during re-entry," he said"

2/1/3: Early Church History | BibArch (Michael Germano) to Outside Links
2/1/3: Joint Israeli/US Space Mission Fails; Debris falls in Palestine | Iraqis see hand of God "They were like, 'Oh, my God, it's the rapture!' " she said, laughing a little. "You know, we're Christians." | "Although the U.S. space program has been here before - twice seen the death of a crew in an instant, curiously all three now in the same week of the year - it's difficult for the average person to comprehend what the seven astronauts aboard Columbia went through in a heaven's heart-beat. "

1/31/3: New Versions to The Parousia by James Stuart Russell - The Parousia in Handheld .pdb File (Download Isilo to read on PC) | The Parousia in Single .doc File
1/31/3: New Covenant Ministries - See "The False Gospel of Keith Mathison" in Articles
1/31/3: Video/3: The Beast of Revelation Identified | Back to the Future | Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry
1/31/3: Quotations on Peaceful Triumph to Study Archive
1/31/3: The Desire of Nations and the Earnest Expectation of the Creature | The Times of the Gentiles and the Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel to Preterism
1/31/3: Electronic Intifada

1/30/3: More on the Man of Sin - Gabor Gombor "If the iniquity refers to the Jewish priesthood and the Man of Lawlessness was probably a leader of a rebellious Jewish party how the two are connected? According to Josephus, neither John Gischala, nor Simon of Gioras were not priests, but simply plunderers, wicked men. How the biblical ignorance of Law can be applied to criminals?"
Brand New Preterist-Partial Preterist Article Debate to Critical Articles

1/30/3: A False Gospel is not a "Good Offense" - Keith Mathison "aware that I am editing a critique of hyper-preterism, decided that it would be a good idea to launch a pre-emptive strike.  The project is a critique of hyper-preterism (not preterism) and is, in fact, already completed. It should be published some time later this year. However, since Mr. Edwards apparently believes he has raised some questions that adherents of biblical Christianity cannot answer, they require a brief response."
1/30/3: 360 degrees of Jerusalem to Israel/Israel
1/30/3: How Many Temples are Too Many? | The Gospel Preached to All the World, Part Four to Gary DeMar "In an article published in the November 2002 issue of Midnight Call magazine, Thomas Ice presents the dispensational case that Matthew 24:14 was not fulfilled prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. Tommy should be commended for finally doing what preterists have been asking dispensationalists to do for quite some time--deal with preterist arguments by actually interacting with preterist published works and by comparing Scripture with Scripture. I would be willing to wager that Ice's analysis of Matthew 24/3:14 is the first time any dispensationalist has attempted to reconcile this passage with global-language passages which indicate that the gospel had been preached to the "whole world" before Jerusalem was destroyed in A.D. 70 (Col. 1:6, 23; Rom. 1:8; 16:25–26)." Part One | Two | Three

1/29/3: Introduction to The Religion of Israel to the Fall of the Jewish State - A. Kuenen, 1874 "we ourselves, as Christians, are so greatly indebted to Israel, we should yet desire to become acquainted with the origin and growth of a religion which has achieved so many conquests. It appears here, if anywhere, how unreasonable it would be to 'despise the day of small things' for here we are reminded of 'the grain of mustard seed, which indeed is the least of all seeds, but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof.'"

1/28/3: The Carpenter's Apprentice - January 2003 ( Jim Wade What about those of us living post AD 70? We are not waiting for regeneration as those in "that generation" were. Our faith in Christ immediately identifies us with the ongoing new creation. Though we continue in the flesh and wrestle with all the practical implications of doing so, we are eternally alive and dwell spiritually in the presence of the Father in Christ."
1/28/3: Highlands Study Center (Keith Mathison)
1/28/3: Sharon hails 'historic' triumph - BBC

1/27/3: Israeli officer court-martialed for blocking air strike against Palestinians | More on this | Israel News - "The officer claimed that he disrupted the operation in order "to prevent harm to innocent Palestinians," the report said."
1/27/3: Israel is a state in denial - JDF "Pappe, a senior lecturer of Political Science at Haifa University and the Academic Director of the Research Institute for Peace at Givat Haviva, on Wednesday presented a lecture at McGill University entitled "Israel, a State In Denial."
1/27/3: The Big Bad Wolf | Others
1/27/3: Review of Coming Again, But When? at "Welcome to author Jerry Newcombe’s website, dedicated to recapturing an appreciation of how our Judeo-Christian tradition has shaped many of most enduring institutions."
1/27/3: My first experience of Israel "Our town was occupied on May 12, 1948. The State of Israel was proclaimed two days later. We lived under occupation for fourteen days. On May 26, the military governor sent for the leading men of the town; at military headquarters, he informed them quite simply and coldly that Beisan must be evacuated by all of its inhabitants within a few hours. My father pleaded with him, "I have nowhere to go with my large family. Let us stay in our home." But the blunt answer came, "If you do not leave, we will have to kill you."
1/27/3: B'TSelem The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied
1/26/3: Robertson's Word Pictures on Matthew 24 to Olivet Discourse - "This generation (h genea auth). The problem is whether Jesus is here referring to the destruction of Jerusalem or to the second coming and end of the world. If to the destruction of Jerusalem, there was a literal fulfilment. In the Old Testament a generation was reckoned as forty years. This is the natural way to take verse Revelation 34 as of Revelation 33 (Bruce), "all things" meaning the same in both verses. "
1/26/3: War Clouds Over America - "It seems to me that the debater's techniques of preachers to attack the character of people by labeling them by eschatological designations and to make generalization statements that all Preterists are evil and do not believe the Bible or that the Revelation of God's word has any relevance in our day and time is but the act of manifesting one's self as ignorant of reality.  For the truth is that there are Bible believing Preterist and non-Bible believing Preterists."
1/26/3: Is Mel Gibson being targeted for his beliefs? - "O'REILLY: Is it going to upset any Jewish people? GIBSON/3: It may. It's not meant to."
1/26/3: Stone stirs ancient debate
1/26/3: Jesus in the Talmud - Can someone confirm any of these?
1/26/3: Dr. Constable's Bible Commentary
1/26/3: Apocalypsis Eschatology Articles | Talkin' Rapture With H.L. Nigro to Outside Links
1/26/3: Official Website of the Israeli Government | 1997 Netanyahu interview

1/25/3: The Last Straw: Jewish Death Squads in America - "IDF reserve lieutenant-colonel Omri Frish said many of these soldiers return home "in a condition of total collapse, apathetic and with no grasp of reality."
1/25/3: Vigil for Peace at a Church Called "Grace" "The congregation members who spoke to us correctly associate opposition to the bombing of Iraq with support for the Palestinians.  Woven into each passionate disclaimer from the pulpit is the thought that all should support the Commander in Chief, whatever.  "No position" at Grace means bomb Iraq."
1/25/3: Israel launches largest offensive into Gaza during Intifada
1/25/3: Elizabeth Dilling: Hero"The Protocols: Killed Again?" - Elizabeth Dilling | Personal Memoir
1/25/3: Henry Ford's Apology | The International Jew

1/24/3: Japanese Preterist Page
1/23/3: An Alternative Theology of the Holy Land - Dr. Steven Sizer "The destruction of the temple and sacrificial system in 70 AD fulfilled that prediction. Until the rise of the novel theology of Christian Zionism, unlike the Jews, Christians have never looked to or expected the Temple to be rebuilt. Christian attitudes to the Temple therefore crystalise the issue. The choice is between two theologies. One based primarily on the shadows of the Old Covenant and one based on the reality of the New Covenant. Christian Zionism is an exclusive theology that focuses on the Jews in the Land rather than an inclusive theology that centres on Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world. Christian Zionism provides a theological endorsement for apartheid and ethnic cleansing, what Don Wagner calls "Armageddon Theology" rather than the inclusive theology of justice, peace and reconciliation which lie at the heart of the New Covenant. "

1/22/3: Pat Forseth - The Story of the Millennial Christ  "As far as I know, no preterist disputes the coming of Jesus in AD 70 in his kingdom. The problem seems to be in short-circuiting that kingdom and closing it down almost immediately. But we have many stories to tell us why the kingdom was here, and what it  was going to do. It would grow to worldwide proportions, it would work in the world as leaven, it would bring life to the dead, and it would overcome all--not just some but all--its enemies. "
1/22/3: North Indianapolis Church of Christ - Indiana is the official home of Preterism in America, it seems.
1/22/3: Why We Support, Israel, Corruption and All - Jack Kinsella "That Israel has corrupt politicians does not mean Israel is corrupt. It means it CAN'T be. If it didn't, then I'd start to wonder.  The fact that I can sit right here in my office and read all about it from the Israeli press is more than proof of shared values and principles. It is proof-positive of the Power of the God we share."

1/21/3: A Response to "Regarding Annihilationism" "According to the Preterist viewpoint the “age to come” is the period after AD 70. Believers in Christ receive “everlasting” life now."
1/21/3: Grant Jeffrey on the Second Coming "Dr. Jeffrey expressed shock that preterism was again raising its head in the apostate church of today. He commented that, 10 years ago, if someone would have told him that it would be around, much less as prevalent as it is becoming, he would never have believed them."
1/21/3: The Culting of Christianity - James Lloyd "Unfortunately, very few have recognized the enormous threat of Preterism and, as such, there are very few titles available exposing the subject. This might surprise the reader, but I would venture to say that for every published book criticizing Preterism, there are 50 promoting it. Thus, like a fireman throwing everything he has against a rapidly spreading blaze, I am even willing to distribute a book written from the erroneous pre-tribulationist Rapture perspective in order to attack this deadly false doctrine."
1/21/3: Why Left Behind Should be Left Behind | Matthew 24 Sermons
1/21/3: Smith on Revelation Date - Sermon Audio
1/21/3: Jewish Calendar
1/21/3: Seventy Weeks and Great Tribulation | Gospel of the Kingdom to Philip Mauro

1/20/3: Death Blow to Preterism | Preterism Refuted  - Sermon Audio
1/20/3: Defending Against Preterism "Up until now the most vocal group of opponents of dispensationalism has been the post-tribulation and pre-wrath folks. I'm now totally amazed to find preterism on the attack."
1/20/3:  Grant Jeffrey - "Triumfant Return" Page - Arguments and Evidence Against Preterism
1/20/3: The Berean Call on Matthew 24:34

1/19/3: Regarding "Annihilationism" - Ed Stevens "Now I wish there was some hermeneutical or exegetical way to physicalize or spiritualize this text out of existence, but the stark reality of a real eternal torment in a spiritual place called the Lake of Fire is too clear in this text.  Hell exists forever and ever, and the wicked and demons who go there will consciously experience the torment day and night forever and ever.  Scary, isn't it?  It should be."
1/19/3: Considered the most hated people in the world - Kaye Corbett "The most persecuted nation in world history, Israel, could become the persecutors of the most hated people -- Messianic Jews -- if a Knesset bill is passed within the next 48 hours. Bill 174C -- The Prohibition of Persuasion to a Change of Religion."
1/19/3: Christians Under Attack - Michael Collins Piper "Anti-Christian forces led by a wide-ranging group of high-ranking Israeli officials won a major victory on March 30. Representatives of 50 different international Christian evangelical groups entered into what was described as an "unprecedented" joint statement promising not to carry out Christian missionary work in Israel."
1/19/3: Arab Christian Clergymen Against Western Christians, Jews, and Israel
1/19/3: Anti-Zionist Jewish News | Debunking Israeli Myths/3: Moral Equivalence | Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
1/19/3: Inhofe's Pro-Apocalypse Foreign Policy
1/19/3: Daniel Study Resources to Daniel 12:2 and Daniel's Seventy Weeks
1/19/3: Introduction to the Seals ( to Revelation Subject Matter
1/19/3: Non-Preterist Parousia/Presence Site
1/19/3: Christadelphians: Early Date of Revelation | Jewish Babylon?
1/19/3: Every Eye Will See Him - Figurative or Literal?

1/18/3: John MacArthur - On the Jews and the AD70 Event "A more moral and a more religious America will not escape divine judgment, any more than Pharisaic Judaism in Jesus' time escaped the devastating judgment of God in 70 A.D. when hundreds of thousands of Jews were slaughtered by godless Romans. Jesus warned about that on several occasions. There is only one thing God blesses, just one. And that is He blesses saving faith in and love for His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. That's the only thing He blesses. Anybody who does not believe in and love the Lord Jesus Christ is among the cursed, right? Verse 38 He says/3: "Your house is being left to you desolate. Desolate." And He was looking ahead to the destruction in 70 A.D., as well as the profound spiritual judgment."
1/18/3: Christ Covenant Church Online Store - Purchase "Misplaced Hope"
1/18/3: Israel's first astronaut busy, forgets sabbath
1/18/3: UPI/3: Israel to kill in USA, other nations Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to the war on terror that will include staging targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries, former Israeli intelligence officials told United Press International." Ultimate Jewish Conspiracy Theory

1/15/3: Mel Gibson warns Jesus film muckrakers "Asked if he believed there was a direct correlation between this investigation and his work on "The Passion," a film he is making in Aramaic and Latin for authenticity, Gibson said: "I think there is." "This is a movie about love, faith, hope and forgiveness," Gibson said. "He died for all mankind. He (Jesus) suffered for all of us. It's time to get back to that basic message. The world has gone nuts. We could all use a little more love, faith, hope and forgiveness." 
1/15/3: "The Passion" Unofficial Website

1/13/3: Jesus and the Apocalypse "If you believe that what Paul and John and everyone in the early Christian community was teaching was that Jesus was coming back in the year 2000 or so, then I think you not only have missed the point but are working with a great deal of ignorance because that is certainly not the case with apocalyptic literature."
1/13/3: Brent Walters - San Jose State University Professor at the Comparative Religion Department ""You should know that tithing wasn't established as church doctrine until late in the sixth century [C.E.]. Early Christians tithed because their numbers were rife with the disenfranchised, such as widows and children."
1/13/3: 11 die in "day of fury" "Israeli security forces mounted at least three military operations against Palestinian targets in Gaza today. In the most dramatic, an Israeli helicopter fired a missile into a car believed to contain at least two members of Hamas, the hard-line Palestinian group."

1/12/3: Israeli elections suddenly no shoo-in "In Israel, though, that notion is fated to remain an oxymoron. With Mr. Sharon now sinking into a nasty campaign-financing scandal, the race has abruptly turned into an intriguing muddle. What makes it especially so is that the contest is no longer only between doves and hawks, the familiar battleground of recent elections, but also between the secular and the religious."

1/11/3: Israel raids Gaza Strip - The latest military action came as the Palestinian authorities urged militants to stop attacks on Israeli civilians ahead of the Israeli election on 28 January. "Attacks against Israeli civilians have severely harmed our cause in the international arena and in Israeli public opinion," the Palestinian cabinet said in a statement. "

1/10/3: Revelation 1:7 - Preterist Commentaries "Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, including those who pierced him. All the tribes of the eretz will mourn over him. Even so, Amein."
1/10/3: Sharon yanked from air during speech - "The prime minister was somewhat contradictory, at first saying he had told police that everything to do with his financial arrangements was legal, then professing ignorance about some of the details. "Have you gone crazy? Have you gone mad?" listeners heard Mr. Sharon growling in exasperated tones before the broadcast was cut off. "People tell tales, they tell lies, all kinds of gossip."
1/10/3: Cosmos in the Qur'an - "And the firmament We have verily built with might, and verily we are expanding it*" (51:47)   Early commentators on the Holy Qur'an saw the significance of this verse in the context of the amazing vastness of the universe, and in the fact that whoever could make it that vast, is definitely capable of making it even much more enormous, extending its limits outwardly much further, and this is very true. However, after centuries of keen observations, and numerous hypotheses, theorems and interpretations, the American astronomer Vesto M. Slipher noticed in 1912 that, except for a few nearby systems such as the Andromeda galaxy, the spectral lines from the rest of the galaxies were shifted toward longer (red) wavelengths. This shift in wavelength, caused by the Doppler effect, showed that most galaxies were receding from ours (the Milky Way) at several hundred kilometers per second. "
1/10/3: Hubble sees 13 billion years back - Why not expect 13 billion more years? "Another team at Arizona University in Tucson, US, led by Xiaohui Fan, has also found the most distant quasar yet discovered. The quasar has a redshift of 6.4, beating the previous record of 6.28. The researchers used the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, an international collaboration of telescopes with headquarters in New Mexico. "
1/10/3: Eastside Journal Letters to Editor on Iraq "As an independent conservative with eight decades of experience in observing politics and world affairs, I believe America is being coerced into attacking Iraq by the Zionist lobby. Tel Aviv is calling the shots, and it is receiving an inordinate amount of support from the Jewish caucus in the United States Congress. Sharon and his cronies even have conned Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and their sissy-pants, turn-the-other-cheek, evangelical born-agains into neo-Zionists. "

1/9/3: Scholar Weigh My Research - Dave MacPherson "The likelihood is that Edward Irving was the first to suggest the pretribulational rapture....the outpouring on Margaret Macdonald did not include revelation of a pretribulational rapture...." But careful scholarship has long known that after Gundry saw my Macdonald findings, he deleted his Irving statement and substituted favorable comments about the Scottish lassie----changes appearing in his classic work since the 1980's"

1/8/3: The Expanding Universe - The Hunt for Omega - "If Omega is less than one, the Universe will go on expanding forever. This is an "open", infinite Universe. Future observers would find themselves in an almost empty Universe, in the company of only the few nearby galaxies that happened to be gravitationally bound to their own. If you set off for a journey in this Universe, you could go on forever. " New York Times | Expanding Forever | Post-Gazette

1/7/3:  A Historical Critique of Dispensationalism, Zionism, and Daniel's Prophecy of 70 Weeks - Mark Dankof, Politician
1/7/3: "The Lie Revealed" On the Pretribulational Rapture - Bradley Nutt (Partial Preterist letter circulated to many teachers) "The thousand year reign is going on “NOW” in the spiritual realm."
1/7/3: Ultimatum for Israel "To keep it short and to get right to the point, I personally have received from God, the Omnipotent Creator of the Universe, on Sunday, August 11, 2002 at 20:00h the following/3: "Tell Israel NOT to build the temple".

1/6/3: Berean Bible Church Sermons - Updated
1/6/3: BBC/3: Arafat "Israel building Berlin Wall"


  • Discussion on Christ's role as High Priest -- and the necessity for His 1st Century Return - "Christ's high priestly ministry in the heavenly tabernacle without his return would have left the new covenant in an incompleted state and the salvation realities as well, because the old system would not have been removed. The church would then forever be in a transitional period which by definition/concept should not last too long. "

  • 23 dead, 100 wounded in Tel Aviv | Israel asks for $12b | Sharon and Mitzna exchange fire "Prime Minister Ariel Sharon launched his first major attack on Amram Mitzna yesterday, calling his diplomatic plan irresponsible, and the Labor leader was quick to return fire, labeling the Likud chairman `the godfather' and claiming the country is being run by `the family.' "

  • Reformation or Retrogression? An Examination of the International Preterist Association's Claims and Methodology - Dennis M. Swanson, The Master's Seminary "David Chilton, “converted” to the HP position shortly before his death. However, Vern Crisler, his publisher and long time associate, noted that before this conversion he had suffered his first heart attack and his friends noted that, “the resulting neurological trauma probably affected his judgment more than he realized.” Crisler also predicted the “spin” of the IPA as he stated, 'Chilton’s last minute conversion to heresy will be exploited by the remaining full-preterists, but they will only be exploiting a debilitated man’s eccentricities, not his healthy and mature judgments.'

  • Evangelical Theological Society - Request papers from the 54th Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada, November 2002 | Noe's paper

  • How to Enjoy the Bible - E.W. Bullinger (1914) "The words are exactly the same in both passages (in the Greek): "He that endureth to the END the same shall be saved." The command is continued in the next verse (10/3:23): "But when they persecute you in this city flee ye into another: for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of Man be come." (Greek, elqh (elthe), shall have come.) If this coming be the same as the destruction of Jerusalem (as is generally supposed) then it is perfectly certain that the Twelve could not have gone on proclaiming the kingdom as being "at hand" for nearly forty years after it had been rejected, and the King crucified!"


  • Chalcedon's Letter to Ligonier Ministries Discussed ( | Two (
    Khazaria Information Center - Updated "Over a thousand years ago, the far east of Europe was ruled by Jewish kings who presided over numerous tribes, including their own tribe: the Turkic Khazars. After their conversion, the Khazar people used Jewish personal names, spoke and wrote in Hebrew, were circumcised, had synagogues and rabbis, studied the Torah and Talmud, and observed Hanukkah, Pesach, and the Sabbath. The Khazars were an advanced civilization with one of the most tolerant societies of the medieval period. It hosted merchants from all over Asia and Europe. On these pages it is hoped that you may learn more about this fascinating culture."


  • Southern Baptist seminary panel debates end-times - "Akin pointed out that the panel agreed on the essentials of the Christian faith laid forth in the Southern Baptist Convention's 2000 Baptist Faith and Message as well as in the seminary's statement of belief, the Abstract of Principles. Each seminary professor must agree to teach within the framework of both documents -- each of which upholds a future judgment of the world and a physical, bodily return of Christ."

  • Rambling round "The Rapture" - "Rapture stuff is serious business any way you look at it. For the religiously inclined, it's a ticket to ride and ride and ride. For the entrepreneurialy inclined amongst us, it is another glorious opportunity. The rest of us will be around to pick up the pieces." Christian Cinema and Video Flourish

  • Evangelicals send letter to George W. Bush - "Rather than attacking Iraq, we urge that your priority in the Middle East be an Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire and peace settlement.  As do many in the world, we look to the United States government to set an example for the international community.  As Christian religious leaders responsible for millions of U.S. citizens we expect our government to reflect the morals and values we hold dear – pursuing peace, not war; working with the community of nations, not overthrowing governments by force; respecting international law and treaties while holding in high regard all human life."

  • Conservative Christians' Trojan Horse - "Robertson has in the past called Jews "spiritually blind" and "spiritually deaf". This year, however, the Zionist Organization of America tossed him their State of Israel Friendship Award. Jerry Falwell, another stalwart of Christian conservatism, commented just four years ago that the Antichrist was alive in a male Jew. This year, the Israeli embassy hosted him for a prayer breakfast."

  • Christian Fundamentalism and American Hegemony


  • An Arab Israeli pushes Israel's free speech limit - "Uproar over the statements in Syria led to Bishara's being stripped of his parliamentary immunity and placed on trial for encouraging violence against the state. The proceedings are still under way.  For some, the banning of Bishara and another Arab Israeli lawmaker has intensified the question hovering over the country since 1948: Can Israel be both a democracy and a Jewish state?  Bishara, the only representative in the last Knesset of his Balad (Homeland) party, which was also banned, is certain the answer is no."

  • Martin Luther King on Anti-Zionism - ". . . You declare, my friend, that you do not hate the Jews, you are merely 'anti-Zionist.' And I say, let the truth ring forth from the high mountain tops, let it echo through the valleys of God's green earth: When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews--this is God's own truth."

  • Israel's Health Minister criticized for Anti-Zionist comments


  • Palestinians subjected to new Israeli technique called "the lottery" - "In the lottery, they said, border policemen order apprehended Palestinians to pick from folded pieces of paper that have different punishments written on them — such as "broken leg," "smashed hand" or "smashed head" — and then administer the chosen punishment."

  • 2002 Worst economic year in Israel since 1953


Matthew 13:39 The enemy who sowed them is the devil. The harvest is the end of the age, and the reapers are angels."  (Hebrew Names Version of World English Bible)

Syriac Vulgate Bible (AD583)  "The Revelation which was made by God to John the evangelist in the island of Patmos, into which he was thrown by Nero Caesar.”


 Revelation Subject Matter
Early Date of Revelation
Criticism of Early Date

Aion (World/Age) "The translators of our English version did a very poor job in translating the Greek word "aion." It occurs a little over 100 times in the Greek New Testament. In our King James Version it is translated 'world' 32 times, 'for ever' 27 times, 'for ever and ever' 20 times, and by a few other words some-times. Only two times out of a little over 100 is it properly translated 'age' (Eph. 2:7; Col 1:26). In my honest opinion, two out of a hundred is a very poor record." (Milburn Cockrell, Berea Baptist Banner August 5, 1998, page 1 - M.C. Editor)


The Parousia by James Stuart Russell || ISilo pdb File (Isilo PC) Single .doc File


"What was the cause of the destruction of the Second Temple, seeing that the age was distinguished for the study of the laws? ... It was groundless hatred" (Yoma, f. 9, b).

  Seutonius "As the Jews were indulging in constant riots at the instigation of Chrestus, he banished them from Rome" (Life of Claudius, 25.4).


"We do not debate (full Preterists), we refute them. We also excommunicate them. We say loudly and publicly and often, "These men are not of us. They have departed from us. They are not Christians."  Brian Abshire

  "This view may sound novel, but in reality there have been orthodox adherents to it throughout church history." - C. J. Seraiah

  "I can never read the New Testament again the same way I read it before reading The Parousia.  I hope better scholars than I will continue to analyze and evaluate the content of J. Stuart Russell's important work." R.C. Sproul

"The destruction of Jerusalem was more terrible than anything that the world has ever witnessed, either before or since. Even Titus seemed to see in his cruel work the hand of an avenging God." (C.H. Spurgeon, Commentary on Matthew, p. 412)

Christ's Coming as Past
4th to 19th Centuries

St. Chrysostom (4th Century) "Having in remembrance, therefore, this saving commandment and all those things which have come to pass for us: the Cross, the Grave, the Resurrection on the third day, the Ascension into heaven, the Sitting at the right hand, and the second and glorious Coming" (St. Chrysostom's Liturgy)

Philip Schaff (19th Century) "This being so, then the words relating to a personal return of Jesus are to be taken as pointing to the Destruction of Jerusalem (Mat. x.23; xvi.28)." (Second Advent)

Henry Hammond (1653) "A Premonition Concerning the Interpretation of the Apocalypse - Having gone through all the other parts of the New Testament, I came to this last of the Apocalypse with a full resolution not to venture on the expounding of one word in it, but onely to perform one office to it, common to the rest, the review of the Translation: But it pleased God otherwise to dispose of it ; for before I had read to the end of the first verse of the book, these words, which must come to pass presently, had such an impression on my mind, offering themselves as a key to the whole prophecie, (in like manner as, this generation shall not passe till all these things be fulfilled, Matt. 24.34. have demonstrated infallibly to what coming of Christ the whole Chapter did belong) that I could not resist the force of them.."(Preface, Revelation, A Paraphrase and Annotations upon all the books of the New Testament)

""It is also observable, that the Romans after having been thus made the executioners of divine vengeance on the Jewish nation, never prospered as they had done before; but the Lord evidently fought against them, and all the nations which composed their overgrown empire; till at last it was subverted, and their fairest cities and provinces were ravaged by barbarous invaders." [Thomas Scott, The Holy Bible, etc., 956.]


"May those in the preterist movement never crystallize around a narrow set of preterist principles and exclude other Christians over it." Ed Stevens


Preterist Prattle - "If Preterism is true, which it emphatically is not, the saints of God would have ceased waiting for God's Son from heaven after A.D. 70. Such a postulate, whether expressly stated or implied, is nothing more than a confused set of tattdemalions."(!)

"The preterist approach. A more respected approach is known as the preterist view which regards Revelation as a symbolic picture of early church conflicts which have been fulfilled. This view denies the future predictive quality of most of the Book of Revelation. In varying degrees this view combines the allegorical and symbolic interpretation with the concept that Revelation does not deal with specific future events. Still another variation of the preterist view regards Revelation as setting forth principles of divine dealings with man, without presenting specific events."

"the Preteristic method of interpretation has a long history" - Dennis M. Swanson


Fish speaks apocalyptic message

"One could say that the fish really delivered a message of the apocalypse. If we have a slight re-spelling that is, into: Apo-carp-lips

Apo = Greek prefix for *away from* Carp = the type of fish that prophesied Lips = the mouth organs, which the fish used to speak with

So: Apo-carp-lips = the message delivered away from the lips of the fish"  S.M. - New Zealand

"Moderate earthquakes also shook Indonesia and Pakistan earlier Sunday, but the activity is not related nor unusual, said Waverly Person, geophysicist at U.S. Geological Survey. “On any given day, we located about 50 earthquakes throughout the world,” Person said. “This to us is pretty normal.”   He said the death toll from an Italian quake last week may have made more people notice the quake activity. “They begin to think all of this adds up, but it doesn’t,”

"Chaotic world events have spurred an increased interest in prophecy, but critics say such teachings, when proved wrong, harm"

"It is significant that the decline of the Roman Empire dates from
the fall of Jerusalem." [G. N. M. Collins, "Zechariah," The New Bible Commentary, F. Davidson, ed., 2nd ed. (Grand Rapids, MI/3: Eerdmans, 1954), 761.]


Is I Enoch Scripture?
Compare 1 Enoch 1:9 with Jude 1:14-15.

"And when their sons have slain one another, and they have seen the destruction of their beloved ones, bind them fast for seventy generations in the valleys of the earth, Till the day of their judgement and of their consummation" (1 Enoch 10:11-12)

Using Luke (Luke 1:1-4; 3:23-37)

01 Enoch
02 Methuselah
03 Lamech
04 Noah
05 Shem
06 Arphaxad
07 Cainan
08 Shelah
09 Eber
10 Peleg
11 Rue
12 Serug
13 Nahor
14 Terah
15 Abrahahm
16 Isaac
17 Jacob
18 Judah
19 Perez
20 Hezron
21 Ram
22 Amminadab
23 Nahshon
24 Salmon
25 Boaz
26 Obed
27 Jesse
28 David
29 Nathan
30 Mattatha
31 Menna
32 Melea
33 Eliakim
34 Jonam
35 Joseph
36 Judah
37 Simeon
38 Levi
39 Matthat
40 Jorim
41 Eliezer
42 Joshua
43 Er
44 Elmadam
45 Cosam
46 Addi
47 Melki
48 Neri
49 Shealtiel
50 Zerubbabel
51 Rhesa
52 Joanan
53 Joda
54 Josech
55 Semein
56 Mattathias
57 Maath
58 Naggai
59 Esli
60 Nahum
61 Amos
62 Mattathias
63 Joseph
64 Jannai
65 Melki
66 Levi
67 Matthat
68 Heli
69 Joseph
70 Jesus

"There was no such thing as Palestinians, they never existed." Golda Meir, Israeli Prime Minister, June 15, 1969

"How can we return the occupied territories? There is nobody to return them to." -- Golda Meir, March 8, 1969.

Palestinians stand around the remains of a destroyed bridge in Beit Hanoun in the Northern Gaza strip
1/25/03 Gaza

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'Left Behind' Co-Author's Movie Suit Dismissed

(Charisma News) A lawsuit by the co-author of the best-selling Left Behind end-times thriller series against the filmmakers of the apocalyptic adventure has been dismissed. A U.S. District Judge earlier this month dismissed all of Tim LaHaye's claims against Cloud Ten Pictures (CTP), which released the film version of "Left Behind" in theaters in 2001. LaHaye sued Namesake Entertainment -- with whom the movie deal was originally made -- and CTP in the summer of 2000. The Canadian production company run by brothers Peter and Paul Lalonde was hired by Namesake to make "Left Behind/3: The Movie." The lawsuit claimed that LaHaye was fraudulently induced to sign the contract, and that the original agreement was not honored. Jerry B. Jenkins, co-writer of the series that has sold more than 34 million copies and dominated the top-seller lists, has not been part of the suit, citing religious reasons. Neither he nor LaHaye could be reached for comment today. CTP lawyer Keri Borders said a counter suit against LaHaye filed in September 2001 is expected to go to trial this fall. The suit -- which seeks damages of more than $10 million -- accuses LaHaye of violating several agreements with CTP, including breach of contract.


Martin Bachicha for Armageddon Books

My book, "The Kingdom of the Bride," comes from a futuristic paradigm, a feature that makes it quite unique amongst books that are not from a premillennial viewpoint.  The reason for this is that most amillennial and postmillennial books come from what is known as the preterist view.

The preterist view is the belief that Jesus' Olivet Discourse--described in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21--was fulfilled in 70 A.D. when the Roman General Titus Vespasianus with his Roman Legions destroyed Jerusalem and the Second Temple.

This was a significant event in the history of the Jews and Christendom and was the fulfillment of Jesus' own prophecy that the holy city would be destroyed and the Jews scattered throughout the world because of their failure to recognize the coming of the Messiah (Luke 19:41-44).



"Yet, although Noyes failed to justify Male Continence on biblical grounds, he developed a doctrinal framework which would allow him to adopt Male Continence and other stunning moral and religious practices of the Oneida Community (in upstate New York). To accomplish this, Noyes re-examined the doctrine of Parousia, or the Second Coming of Christ. According to Noyes, many people either mistakenly assume that the Second Coming of Christ is an event of the future, or that the Bible is not clear on this point, or that the credibility of Christianity on this score has been weakened. But, as George Willingford Noyes argues, Noyes was one of those who took Christ fully at his word and who reestablish[ed] the credit of Christianity by reestablishing the credit of Christ and his apostles on a crucial point of their teaching (82-83). Noyes reinterpretation of the Second Coming is his original contribution to Christian theology (or mythology). According to him, the Second Advent of Christ did take place during the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. as predicted in the Bible. However, that event, as he argued, was a primary resurrection and judgment in the spiritual world, which initiated the final kingdom of God ... in the heavens. Noyes believed that the the manifestation of that kingdom in the visible world [was] now approaching and that the Oneida Community became a church on earth ... rising to meet the approaching kingdom in the heavens and to become its duplicate and representative (Bible Communism 7). This re-interpretation of the crucial Christian doctrine of Parousia was the key to Noyes theology and the most important theoretical foundation for his utopian experiment. The logic of Noyes argument was that the social experiment at Oneida was the first attempt to implement the heavenly state on earth and that this attempt to adopt what Noyes thought was a heavenly ethic justified his sweeping and unprecedented social and moral reform. More specifically, Noyes doctrine of the Second Coming means that a new era of morality began in the year 70, the time of Christs apparent Second Coming, albeit not to Earth, but to Heaven. Until that time, mankind had lived under what he called the Jewish dispensation, with laws and institutions characteristic of that period. After the destruction of Jerusalem, a new, Christian, dispensation began, with its own laws and institutions. The Oneida Community, however, would usher the final, heavenly dispensation, with laws and institutions described in the Bible as those of the kingdom of heaven."  - Part of PreteristArchive.CD V3.0

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (right), makes an appearance with Malcolm Hedding (center) and Michael Utterback at the celebration of the Feast of the Tabernacles hosted by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. The event, attended by 3,000 Christian pilgrims to Israel, highlighted the growing support for Israel among evangelical Christians.


Stephen Sizer/ Naim Ateek's Challenging Christian Zionism Congress 4/14-18/04 in Jerusalem | Kiwis/3: Don Preston going to Australia for 2 weeks in 10/04 | Version 3.0 12,117, 9,889 More Than

When was the book of Revelation written?
About A.D. 95.
51%   |  Before A.D.70 38%  |   Other 2%  |  Don't Know 10%

"I realize the Covenant Theology Preterist group will select before A.D. 70, but the Book of Revelation was written by John on the isle of Patmos in A.D. 95. I have read the preterist view point and find the scholarship very lacking. The Dispensational, futurist view of Bible prophecy is correct. There is plenty of scholarship to prove it."

"Revelation had to have been written prior to 70 AD for John describes the temple as still standing and the sacrifices in it still occurring. This wouldn't be true after 70 AD when the temple was destroyed. Other internal evidence is the 7 headed dragon that the woman rides upon. "Here is the mind which has wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits, and they are seven kings; five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; and when he comes, he must remain a little while..  John times the writing of this book by saying that, "five have fallen" ((1)Caesar Julius, (2)Caesar Octavian /Augustus, (3)Caesar Tiberius, (4)Caesar Caligula, (5)Caesar Claudius) these five had fallen. John then said, "one is" (6)Caesar Nero. Then he said, "the other has not yet come; and when he comes, he must remain a little while." (7)Caesar Galba who had a very short reign of less than a year. John dates his book as being written during the time of the "one is" which was Caesar Nero who reigned from 54-68 AD." (Armageddonbooks Prophecy Poll)

"The argument implies that to be sown is to be born, not to be buried; Paul did not consider that physical death was the necessary prelude to the resurrection." James Moffatt (1st one man translation in 400 years)

On the Jews and Their Lies "I had made up my mind to write no more either about the Jews or against them. But since I learned that those miserable and accursed people do not cease to lure to themselves even us, that is, the Christians, I have published this little book, so that I might be found among those who opposed such poisonous activities of the Jews and who warned the Christians to be on their guard against them."

“...skeptical criticism of the Bible has become almost universal in the world. And people have attacked the credibility of Jesus. Maybe some church fathers made a mistake. Maybe our favorite theologians have made mistakes. I can abide with that. I can’t abide with Jesus being a false prophet, because if I am to understand that Jesus is a false prophet, my faith is in vain.” [R. C. Sproul, Sr., Covenant Eschatology Symposium in Florida 1993]

Jonathan Seraiah (Partial Preterist)"If a text says something is 'near,' then we must accept it as true."

Kenneth Gentry (Partial Preterist): "Evangelical (and reformed) preterists (e.g., R. C. Sproul) take seriously the time texts of Scripture and apply those prophecies to A.D. 70, a redemptive-historical event of enormous consequence."

Gary Demar (Partial Preterist): The Bible says that Jesus would come in judgment within a generation (Matt. 24:34), before the last apostle died (16:27-28). James, in writing "to the twelve tribes who are dispersed abroad" (James 1:1), told them, "the coming of the Lord is at hand . . . [T]he judge is standing right at the door" (5:7, 9). John writes, "Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have arise; from this we know that it is the last hour" (1 John 2:18). John would later write that the events depicted in Revelation "must shortly take place" (1:1), "for the time is near" (1:3). Spargimino dismisses these clear statements of biblical fact and maintains that the Bible does not mean what it says.


THE END TIMES CONTROVERSY (c) 2003  Page 17 - It's not until you hold preterism up to careful scriptural scrutiny and historical facts that its shortcoming becomes obvious.   Page 24 - ...we believe that when one ventures into extreme or full preterism, then he has moved away from orthodoxy into false teaching.  Page 37 - If preterism is true, then there is no doubt that the Olivet Discourse and the book of Revelation would have played a vital role in the life of the first-century church.  Page 39 - A preterist has to prove that the early church writings interpreted passages such as Matthew 24:27, 30; 25:31, Acts 1:9-11, Revelation 1:7, and 19:11-21 as fulfilled in AD 70. A person isn't a real preterist unless he takes passages that futurists relate to the second coming as first-century events. (Thanks, John Crandell!)

20temple.jpg (118103 bytes)
Destruction of Jerusalem by Nicolis Poussin

"In A.D. 70, the Romans, finally exasperated by the rebellious intransigence of the Jews, gave up all attempt at pacification and turned to destruction, and Jerusalem and the Temple were laid waste so that Jesus' prophecy literally came true." -- The Daily Study Bible Series, by Barclay, Matthew, vol. 2, page 305.

"Though Titus, when he took the city, did all he could to preserve the temple, yet he could not restrain the enraged soldiers from destroying it utterly; and it was done to that degree, that Turnus Rufus ploughed up the ground on which it (the temple) had stood." -- The Matthew Henry Commentary, Matthew 24:2, page 1325.

"Caesar gave orders that they should now demolish the entire city and temple, but should leave as many of the towers standing as were of the greatest eminency; that is Phasnaelus, and Hippicus, and Mariamme, and so much of the wall as enclosed the city on the west side. This wall was spared, in order to afford a camp for such as were to lie in garrison; as were the towers also spared, in order to demonstrate to posterity what kind of city it was, and how well fortified, which the Roman valour had subdued; but for all the rest of the wall, it was so thoroughly laid even with the ground by those that dug it up to the foundation, that there was left nothing to make those that came thither believe it had ever been inhabited." -- Josephus, Wars of the Jews, book vii, chapter 1.1, page 589

"Fulfilled literally in A.D. 70, when the Romans under Titus completely destroyed Jerusalem and the temple buildings. Stones were even pried apart to collect the gold leaf that melted from the roof when the temple was set on fire. ... Excavations in 1968 uncovered large numbers of these stones, toppled from the walls by the invaders." -- The NIV Study Bible, note on Matthew 24:2.

"Jesus ... spoke fully of that terrible contrast between the present and the near future, when, as fulfilled with almost incredible literality, not one stone would be left upon another that was not upturned. ... According to Josephus (War vii. 1.1) the city was so upheaved and dug up, that it was difficult to believe it had ever been inhabited. At a later period Turnus Rufus had the ploughshare drawn over it. And in regard to the Temple walls, notwithstanding the massiveness of the stones, ... 'there is, certainly, nothing now in situ (in the original position)' (Capt. Wilson in the 'Ordnance Survey')." -- The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, by Edersheim, Book V, p. 432, (1883).

"Jesus' prophecy of 'not one stone left on another' was to be literally fulfilled; all that survived the Roman assault was part of the platform on which they were built (a small portion of the retaining wall now called the 'Wailing Wall')." -- The New Bible Commentary, 21st Century Edition, edited by Wenham, Motyer, Carson, and France, (1994), page 935.
"The birth pains of the Messiah, i.e. the sufferings that would preceded the setting up of the Messianic kingdom. It was a technical term at the time." -- The International Bible Commentary, F. F. Bruce, editor, Matthew 24:8, page 1146.

"'Birth pains' is a frequent figure of speech to depict the time of Israel's tribulation, which is the initial phase of 'the day of the Lord' in Scripture (see Isaiah 13:8; 26:17-19; 66:7-9; Jeremiah 30:7-8; Micah 4:9-10; 1 Thessalonians 5:3). (Some believe) this period of growing human agony will be climaxed by Messiah's second coming to earth." -- The NIV Harmony of the Gospels, by R. L. Thomas and S. N. Gundry, page 188.

"As a pregnant woman's birth pains indicate that her child will soon be born, so these ... conflicts and catastrophes will mean the end of this ... age is near." -- The Bible Knowledge Commentary, by Walvoord & Zook, Matthew 24:8.

"In the period before A.D. 70 the Gospel was in fact preached around much of the Mediterranean area (which is what most Greek-speakers would have understood by "the whole world" at that time). (See Romans 15:19, written in A.D. 57.) Before the temple was destroyed the Christian church had already become a truly international community." -- New Bible Commentary, 21st Century Edition, edited by Wenham, Motyer, Carson, France, (1994), page 936.
"The entire religion of the Roman camp almost consisted in worshiping the ensigns, in swearing by the ensigns, and in preferring the ensigns before all the (other) gods." -- Havercamp, quoted in Josephus, page 583.

"And now the Romans, upon the flight of the seditious into the city, and upon the burning of the holy house itself, and of all the buildings lying round about it, brought their ensigns to the temple, and set them over against the eastern gate; and there did they offer sacrifices to them ..." - Josephus, Wars of the Jews, book vi., chapter vi.1, page 583.

Modern Christians who believe this verse should be applied to Christ's second coming have overlooked its primary significance/3:

"Some may allow themselves a double reference here both to A.D. 70 and the Antichrist. It is often forgotten that this (supposed reference to the Antichrist) is bound up with a questionable interpretation of a number of Old Testament prophecies. Furthermore, if this double interpretation was intended, it is hard to see why Jesus did not give some hint of the fact." -- The International Bible Commentary, F. F. Bruce, editor, (Zondervan, 1986), Matthew 24:15, page 1146.
"Christ's use of the words 'immediately after' does not leave room for a long delay (2,000 years or more before his literal second coming occurs, neither) does the explicit time-scale given in Matthew 24:34. The word 'parousia' does not occur in this section but is prominently reintroduced in the new paragraph which begins at Matthew 24:36, where its unknown time is contrasted with the clear statement that the events of this paragraph will take place within 'this generation" (Matthew 24:36). This section is therefore in direct continuity with what has gone before, the account of the siege of Jerusalem. Here we reach its climax." --New Bible Commentary, 21st Edition, edited by Wenham, Motyer, Carson, France, (c) 1994, page 936.

"The language ... is drawn from Daniel 7:13-14, which points to the vindication and enthronement of Jesus (rather than his second coming ['parousia']). ... In this context, therefore, this poetic language appropriately refers to the great changes which were about to take place in the world, when Jerusalem and its temple were destroyed. It speaks of the 'Son of Man' entering into his kingship, and 'his angels' gathering in his new people from all the earth. The fall of the temple is thus presented, in highly allusive language, as the end of the old order, to be replaced by the new regime of Jesus, the Son of Man, and the international growth of his church, the new people of God." -- New Bible Commentary, 21st Edition, edited by Wenham, Motyer, Carson, France, (c) 1994, page 937.
"The NIV margin offers 'race' as an alternative to 'generation.' This suggestion is prompted more by embarrassment on the part of those who think Matthew 24:30 refers to the 'parousia' (second coming) rather than by any natural sense of the word 'genea'!" -- New Bible Commentary, 21st Edition, edited by Wenham, Motyer, Carson, France, (c) 1994, page 937.

"Titus destroys Jerusalem, Saturday, Sept. 8. ... The general was desirous to preserve the temple, a most magnificent structure; but as this building was well fortified, and served as a citadel, the soldiers set it on fire, nor was it found possible to stop the conflagration, and the temple was burned to the ground, and the prediction of the Saviour, that not 'one stone should be left upon another,' was literally fulfilled/3: a most improbable event when it was uttered." -- A Chronological View of the World, by Daniel Haskel, published by J. H. Colton, 1846, page 65. | Chatroom | La Parusia

"Whether Jesus was talking about Titus the Roman general and his troops sacking the temple in Jerusalem in A.D. 70, or the actual end of the world, it is hard to say." (Pat Robertson, Bring it On, p. 295)

"The ceremonial and legal precepts have been abolished. The sack of Jerusalem by Titus marked the end. The old cult was a pattern that ... usefulness when the new cult was instituted. Jerusalem and its temple, the pattern, were destroyed so that nothing should detract from what they prefigured, the Church. 39- Pasch.3.27-30. 40. Prin. 1.6.4" (Henri Crouzel, Origen, p. 107)

After the A.D.70 destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, all Jews in the Empire were required to pay Rome and extra poll tax of two denarii each year, equivalent to the half-shekel temple tax.  This was used to maintain the temple of Jupiter built on the former site of Herod's temple."  (James S. Jeffers, The Greco-Roman World of the New Testament/3: Exploring the Background of Early Christianity, p. 144)

"I would consider myself a moderate preterist, believing that much of what is recorded in Revelation has taken place, not including the final judgment or final resurrection of believers." (What's In The Bible The Story Of God Through Time And Eternityby R. C. Sproul, p. 386)

"Enraged by the events at Daphne, Julian authorised pagans to enter Christian churches and do what they wanted, which led to a number of desecrations.  He also commanded Alypius to begin rebuilding Herod's Temple in Jerusalem to disprove the Christian prophecy of its permanent ruin."  (From Constantine to Julian: Pagan and Byzantine Views: A Source Historyby Samuel N. C. Lieu p. 220)

"They will not leave in you one stone upon another, because you did not recognize the time of your visitation (Luke 20:43,44). This prophecy was fulfilled literally in A.D. 70 when the Romans decimated Jerusalem. Nothing was left of the Temple except its foundation." (Josh McDowell, A Ready Defense, p. 85)

"Rome ruled Palestine with an iron fist during the time of Christ and afterward. In A.D. 70, the Roman general Vespasian ordered his son, Titus, to destroy Jerusalem. The temple was demolished, just as Jesus had predicted it would be." (John Hagee, From Daniel to Doomsday., p. 26)

"If I favor one perspective over the others, it is the preterist." (Scott Hahn, The Lamb's Supper, p. 73)

"Jan. 01 -  Israel's population at the start of 2004 stands at some 6,750,000 people. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, 81 percent of the population - 5,450,000 people - are Jews. This includes 290,000 new immigrants who are not recognized by the Interior Ministry as Jews. The remaining 19 percent of the population are Arabs.  The year 2003 saw the smallest growth in population in 13 years - 116,000 people, or 1.7 percent. This is attributed for the most part to the slowdown in immigration, which in the past year constituted only 9 percent of the population increase, as opposed to 38 percent in 2000. Only 23,000 new immigrants came to Israel in 2003 as opposed to 34,000 in 2002."

Principles of Biblical Interpretation for the 21st Century

1. Scripture is full of paradoxes and apparent contradictions that cannot be explained, reconciled, harmonized, or systematized by the finite, human mind.

2. Apparently contradictory statements in Scripture must each be given equal weight and authority in interpretation.

3. Each passage of Scripture stands alone and must be interpreted by itself.
One passage of Scripture cannot be used to interpret another.

4. There are no passages of Scripture that speak more clearly than other passages. Each passage is equally clear. Each passage is equally unclear.

5. The true and full sense of Scripture is manifold, limited only by the number of apparently contradictory passages a reader can find.

6. The supreme judge in all controversies of religion is a seminary professor.

7. Should seminary professors differ from each other, the supreme judge in all controversies of religion is a church council.

8. Church councils do not differ from each other.

John Robbins
The Trinity Foundation
December 17, 2003

Copper engraving of the robbery, by Antiochus Epiphanes, of Jerusalem.  1690

Copper engraving of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple. 1729


Tim Lahaye "When Jesus comes, He is going to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Could anyone even suggest that for these last 1,900 years Jesus has been Lord and King over the kings of this earth – kings who have persecuted Christians by the millions (an estimated 50 million martyrs have been slaughtered for their faith)? To say that Christ is ruler now is a statement that reaches almost blasphemous proportions.”  (End Times Controversy: 2nd Coming Under Attack, pg. 11)

"Legend of Wandering Jew"

Is December 25th the correct date? - "Most scholars agree that Jesus was 33.5 years old when he died at Passover (Abib). He therefore had a birthday six months earlier in the month of Tishri (Sept./Oct.), the month of The Feast of Tabernacles. Thus, Tabernacles is Jesus' Birthday Celebration!"

"It is now generally conceded that the apostles and the Church of the first century expected the parousia, or coming and kingdom of Christ, in that generation. ...Unless Jesus were himself in error there was no mistake about the TIME of his coming again." (p. 478;Milton Terry)

David Roberts' "Siege of Jerusalem"

Jesus Laments Jerusalem

"Remember that all these things will happen before the people now living have all died. Matthew 24:34" - Good News Bible

Debate between a Dispensationalist Pre Trib Apostolic Pentecostal, and a Full Preterist Apostolic Pentecostal in July 2004 at the Mitchell High School in Mitchell Indiana. This will be the first Full Preterist Apostolic Pentecostal, and a Apostolic Pre-trib Pentecostal debate to my knowledge. Pastor M. Palevo from Davie Florida (Full Preterist) and Pastor S. Epley from Mitchell Indiana (Pre-trib)

Daniel 9:24-27
J.P. Green Interlinear

"The destruction of Jerusalem in A.D.70, only five years after our epistle, was the greatest single event of a thousand years, and religiously significant beyond anything else that ever occurred in human history." (James Burton Coffman, Commentary on James, 1 & 2 Peter, p. 231)

HIP! HIP! HURRAH! – “The old story here can be taken for what it’s worth, which isn’t much. Hip, we’re told, derives from the initials of the Latin words ‘Hiersolyms est perdita,’ ‘Jerusalem is destroyed.’ German knights, not a very bright bunch, were supposed to have known this and shouted ‘hip, hip!’ When they hunted Jews in the persecutions of the Middle Ages. ‘Hurrah!’ by the same strained imagining, is said to be a corruption of the Slavonic word for Paradise (hu-raj). Therefore, if you ever shout ‘hip! hip! hurrah!’ You are supposedly shouting/3: ‘Jerusalem is destroyed (the infidels are destroyed) and we are on the road to Paradise!’ There is not the slightest proof of any this, and the phrase, which doesn’t date back earlier than the late 18th century, almost certainly comes to us from the exclamation ‘hip, hip, hip!’ earlier used in toasts and cheers, and ‘huzza,’ an imitative sound expressing joy and enthusiasm. From “The Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins” by Robert Hendrickson (Facts on File, New York, 1997).

"The book of Hebrews emphatically establishes that the new covenant has a better mediator (1:4), a better hope (7:19), better sacrifice (9:23), better blessings (substances, 10:34), a better land (11:16), a better resurrection, (11:35) - all by virtue of the better sacrifice/blood, Christ (12:24)." Daniel Thompson (A Look at Israel in Romans 11)

Debate On Israel's Identity - Landmark Israel Discussion I attended at my sending church in 1996 | 1. Ovid Need, Pastor of Linden Baptist Church - Linden, Indiana - PARTIAL PRETERIST - Israel is Jesus Christ, and all "joint-heirs" in Christ through faith, with no merit in one's nature. 2. Greg Dixon, Pastor of Indianapolis Baptist Temple - Indianapolis, Indiana - DISPENSATIONALIST - Israel is comprised of those "Jews" spread throughout the world, who are currently on "God's prophetic shelf," and are eternally distinct from the church. 3. Ted Wieland, Evangelist - Scottsbluff, Nebraska - CHRISTIAN IDENTITY - Israel is the literal (natural) 'seed' of Abraham, which is comprised solely of the Anglo-Saxon, Germannic Tribes and remnant of Judah. 4. Tom Brush, from Carmel, Indiana - SEEDLINE IDENTITY - Israel is the literal (natural) 'seed' of Adam, as opposed to the "Cainites," which are the literal 'seed' of Satan's intercourse with Eve.

CHAPTER SEVEN - God's Pilgrims - Philip Mauro
"We thus learn that the things prepared by God for the coming age, which are “for our glory,” are “spiritual things.”  And not only are they spiritual things, but they are communicated by means of “spiritual words”; and they must be “spiritually discerned” (verse 14)."
"I do not think that he refers to the resurrection of the body, but to the resurrection of the soul in this life; to the regaining of the image which Adam lost." (Adam Clarke, Quoted by Terry )

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