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  • Walvoord's Post-Trib "Varieties" Plus! - Dave MacPherson


  • Ten Questions to the Zionists - by Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl, Dean of Nitra Yeshiva "

  • Jews Not Zionists "There are in fact many Jewish movements, groups and organizations whose ideology regarding Zionism and the so-called  "State of Israel"  is that of the unadulterated Torah position that any form of Zionism is heresy and that the existence of the so-called "State of Israel" is illegitimate"


  • John Noe's Response to Ed Stevens' Expectations Demand a Rapture (Removed from website per request from Noe) - "He correctly recognizes that the “big three events” (return, resurrection, judgment) “occurred in the unseen spiritual realm.” But what he fails to recognize here is that the “catching up” was part of the resurrection. Somewhat alarming is his characterization of figurative-rapturists as utilizing “its bag of apologetic tricks” and his claim that they are “stymied.” Few will agree with this depiction."

  • What if the second temple survived AD70

  • Generations', Tolkein, and Preterism

  • Second Temple and Talmudic Era

"Force is always, and everywhere, a sign of fear -- that is, a sign of weakness. Behind the vast armies and navies which we call the great powers of the world, there is fear. Fear it is that drives us out to war. Fear is the father of ferocity, and the forger of the sword. From the Creative point of view, which is God's point of view, force is weakness, and only Love is power." G. A. Studdert Kennedy, The Wicket Gate


  • Thomas Ice: The Global Proclamation of the Gospel (2002) "The preterist arguments for a first-century fulfillment of Matthew 24:14 are much less than compelling. Their insistence that oikoumene in Matthew 24:14 must refer to the ancient Roman Empire has no traction."

  • The Gospel Preached to All the World | Part Two | Part Three  - Gary DeMar "Few modern commentaries deal with Matthew 24:14 exegetically. It's as if Greek never existed. Fewer still even acknowledge that for centuries the view of nearly every pre-twentith-century commentator applied the events of Matthew 24 to the time leading up to and including the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.  Contrary to how modern commentaries handle Matthew 24:14 and its significance in determining the timing of prophetic events, older commentaries offer detailed discussions of the passage and show how it found proximate fulfillment in the first century prior to Jerusalem's destruction. What follows is merely a sample of how standard older commentaries, many still in print and used widely, interpreted Matthew 24:14."


  • Scoffers: Preterists and II Peter 3 - James Lloyd "While the preterists love to quote verses that seem to show the New Testament writers taught that they were in the last days at that time, they almost universally avoid verse 3 of chapter 3 in II Peter. The reason is obvious, for the tense "there shall come" plainly demonstrates that Peter projects this 'scoffing' to occur in the future — at a time he bluntly states will be "the last days."  to Critical Article Archive
    12/18: MF Blume on the Resurrection (From a partial Preterist perspective - which means total Futurist in this case) "
    Paul is saying more than Jesus is the resurrection. He is saying that the body Jesus was raised with in resurrection is the same kind of body we shall have in our resurrection. To claim our resurrection bodies are "spiritual" in the sense of being unseen and non-physical, more like non-bodies than bodies, is error. However, our resurrection is going to involve bodies that Jesus had when He was resurrected from the grave, not a so-called body he got only after going into the clouds. We shall follow in resurrection by getting a body like Jesus had in resurrection from the grave."
    12/18: Resurrection-Related Questions
    1. What Body Does Jesus Have Now?  2.  Why Was Mary Forbidden But Thomas Allowed to Touch Jesus?  3.  Did Jesus Have a Physical AND Spiritual Resurrection?
    12/18:  Prophecy: That I May Know Him to Outside Study Links (Partial Preterist)
    12/18: What is the Preterist View? Cephas Ministries Note: "To realize that Preterism is not scriptural is to simply read the Book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible. We can't just leave that whole book out of Scripture as the Preterists would have to do to get around a future Second Coming."



  • Resurrection/Victory Over Death - Another New Archive Now in Progress
    12/16: Theory - Heaven Now - Another New Archive Now in Progress
    12/16: Dating the New Testament Documents
    12/16: RazorMouth - Gentry, Sproul Jr., Bahnsen, Sandlin
    12/16: The Scoffers and the Thief
    12/16: Audio Archive: Present Truth Talk Radio
    12/16: Audio Archive: America Conference on Zionism
    12/16: Audio Archive: Rightly Dividing The Truth
    12/16: Zionist Christians attack Anti-Zionist Rabbis (Removed from Server) "
    Many of his fellow rabbis echoed Weiss by saying that the Zionist influence in the American media and entertainment industry is creating a situation where non-Jews are beginning to resent Jewry and unfortunately are identifying all Jews with Zionist control.  How ironic it is that the Zionist state, the entity that was supposed to give Jews a safe haven from anti-Semitism, is now the greatest producer of anti-Semitic resentment in the world,” Weiss said." Monitoring Middle-East Studies on Campus


  • St. Chrysostom's Liturgy to Chrysostom "Having in remembrance, therefore, this saving commandment and all those things which have come to pass for us: the Cross, the Grave, the Resurrection on the third day, the Ascension into heaven, the Sitting at the right hand, and the second and glorious Coming ;  God of spirits and of all flesh, who hast trampled down death and overthrown the devil, and given life to thy world, do thou, the same Lord, give rest to the souls of thy servants, names, who have fallen asleep, in a place of light, in a place of verdure, in a place of repose, whence all sickness, sorrow and sighing are fled away. "
    12/15:  "The Bible Answer Man" to Gary DeMar
    12/15: Revelations/Epigraphy: Jesus: Written on Stone - Scott Stripling
    (Another Must Read from American Vision) "The discovery of this seven word Aramaic inscription (without the punctuation marks), firmly dated to the mid-first century A.D., is a watershed moment in the study of the backgrounds of early Christianity. What the Dead Sea Scrolls were to the study of Second Temple Judaism, this inscription is for the study of the primitive Christian church. Hershel Shanks, the editor of Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) whose bimonthly periodical announced this dramatic story on October 21, 2002, stated that, "The James ossuary (bone box) may be the most important find in the history of New Testament archaeology. Ossuary burial, known as ossilegium, was only practiced in Jerusalem about 89 years (from 20 B.C. to 70 A.D.), less when we consider that it was probably abandoned at the outset of the First Jewish Revolt in 66, rather than at its conclusion in 70."
    12/15:  to Milennial Reign - "..We may conclude, then, that all the promises and predictions in Scripture relative to the future glories of the Jews and of Jerusalem, are to be understood of the Christian church, of which the Jewish church was a figure; and all that is said of feasting, and splendor, and wealth, and worldly greatness and enjoyment, is to be interpreted spiritually of the inward comfort and peace of mind, and "joy of the Holy Ghost", which is promised to sincere Christians in this life, and of the unspeakable happiness prepared for them after death."  (Richard Whately, (1787-1863) A View of the Scripture, Revelations Concerning a Future State)



  • The Parousia - Afterword by James Stuart Russell - James Stuart Russell -  Dollinger on "The Man of Sin" ; The Babylon of the Apocalypse ; Jerusalem a seven-hilled city ; The Crucial Question ; The True Answer
    John L. Bray - Jesus is Coming Soon

    12/13: Another Look at the Resurrection - Preterist Bible Studies "The abolition of death was (past tense) accomplished by Christ as the firstfruits of the resurrection. At the destruction of the Old Covenant, the power of the law was nullified, and so was the sting of death. Those who had already fallen asleep would receive every benefit of the resurrection immediately, while those who were yet alive would nevertheless be changed into a new creation. Not just the owners of a promise, with the Holy Spirit as a pledge, but owners of a new, imperishable body in heaven with the Lord."
    12/13:  Buck's Theological Dictionary to Study Archive

    12/13:  Restoration Ministries Links to
    Outside Study Links

    12/13:  Restoration Ministries of Grand Junction, CO - Run By Timothy R. King #2 (Fantastic partial Pret site)
    12/13: Dating the New Testament Books - Listed by Scholar


  • Taking Christ at His Word: Matthew 16:27-28 to Dan Harden
    12/12: World Without End - The Australian Christian Reformation (
    12/12: Introduction to "The End of All Things" by Seraiah - R.C. Sproul, Jr 
    12/12: WithChrist.Org on Preterist Eschatology
    12/12:  FAQ about "Consistent Preterism" - Donald James Perry (Redirectionalist) to
    Critical Articles
    New Book Challenges Jesus Seminar Findings "
    E. Earle Ellis, author of "The Making of the New Testament Documents," concludes that the New Testament was composed by four apostolic missions and, for the most part, between AD 50 and 70."
    12/12: Hebrew and Aramaic Sources | Hebrew Roots Version


  • "Fire," God's Symbol of Judgment
    12/11: Publisher guilty of sabotaging book "Israel's Super Spy"?
    "The book, supported by FBI documents, and files from intelligence agencies across the globe, details the tycoon's until now unsuspected links to organised crime families in the Balkans - and how Maxwell penetrated America's nuclear arsenal at Los Alamos on behalf of Mossad." Baltimore Sun | Belfast Telegraph | Dec. 5, 1991 - British media magnate Robert Maxwell disappeared while on his yacht off the Canary Islands
    12/11: Economist tallies swelling cost of Israel to U.S. "Since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. If divided by today's population, that is more than $5,700 per person."
    12/11: Moses Stuart - Wikipedia
    Jack & Rexella Van Impe July 17 - Commenting on The 9.5 Theses (RealMedia) | 9.5 Theses "I received a letter from one of the leaders this week, and they had the 9.5 Theses, and it was soooo pathetic. I do not know of one name on the list that is one of the great scholars of the day, but this thing is infiltrating our churches. How could every prophecy, and this is called PRUTERISM (sic), have been fulfilled by 70 AD? And therefore meaning that there is nothing left. Everything happened over 1,930 years ago. I am going to deal with this more next week, so let others know to tune in and I will be devoting most of the program to the subject, so let the people know."
    12/11: History of the War over Dispensationalism - Mal Couch
    12/11: American Atheists: Biblical Contradictions "These words were written between 1800 and 1900 years ago and were meant to warn and prepare the first Christians for the immediate end of the world. Some words are those supposedly straight out of the mouth of the "Son of God." The world did not end 1800 or 1900 years ago. All that generation passed away without any of the things foretold coming to pass. The world went on, as usual, indifferent to the spoutings of yet another batch of doomsday prophets with visions of messiahs dancing in their deluded brains. The world, by surviving, makes the above passages contradictions."
    12/11: Chronology and Non-Ecclesiastical New Testament - Revelation Date A.D.66 - Frank Daniels
    12/11: Across the Sabbath River



  • D.S. Russell - Author of The Method and Message of Jewish Apocalyptic
    12/8:  D.S. Russell's
     The Method and Message of Jewish Apocalyptic (Philadelphia: Westminster, 1964) to Bibliography  "the apocalyptist, like the prophet, 'foretold' the purpose of God in his exposition of predictive prophecy. But is there here anything to compare with the  prophetic 'forth-telling' in which he declares God's message, not for some far-off distant time, but for that very day and hour? At first sight no such comparison is at all obvious; the apocalyptist's utterances are so often couched in terms of the forecasting of the end. Such a judgement, however, is only an illusion brought about by the curious device of pseudonymity which gives the reader the impression of 'prediction proper' rather than of 'history in the guise of prediction'. This device should not blind us to the fact that, from the point of view of the apocalyptic writers and indeed from the point of view of the original readers, the End was not in some far off time but was imminent":
    The Method and Message of Jewish Apocalyptic, (Philadelphia: Westminster, 1964,, 99." Quote to Imminency

    12/8: Apocalyptic: Ancient and Modern - D.S. Russell
    Emanuel Swedenborg to Second Coming List of Christ has already occurred (and is still occurring) and that it is a spiritual coming of enlightenment (which Swedenborgians believe has been occurring in the religious and political freedoms since the 18th century).
    12/8: Surviving the Apocalypse


  • All These Things... - Brian Martin "This is God speaking to Moses at the burning bush. He is going to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt, and bring them into Canaan. More importantly, here we have presented in face value scripture that the Lord came down. It wasn’t physical, although much happened in the physical realm as evidence of His coming down. This is exactly what Preterists believe happened in 70 AD. Christ returned, delivered His saints, and judged His enemies. How can we believe the scriptures when they tell us that the Lord came down in deliverance/judgment in the first generation, and yet not believe them when they tell us that He would do the very same to the last (His) generation – especially when we see virtually identical events taking place?"

  • Edersheim On the Olivet Discourse "Between the desolation of the House and their new welcome to Him, would intervene a period of indefinite length, during which they would not see Him again. The disciples could not have overlooked this; and hence neither their question, nor yet the Discourse of our Lord, have been intended to conjoin the two. It is necessary to keep this in view when studying the words of Christ; and any different impression must be due to the exceeding compression in the language of St. Matthew, and to this, that Christ would purposely leave indefinite the interval between 'the desolation of the house' and His own Return."

  • Lightfoot's Chorographical Decade "We produce this, for the sake of that story which relates how the Christians fled from the siege and slaughter of Jerusalem to Pella. And why to Pella? Certainly if that be true which obtains among the Jews, that the destruction of Jerusalem was 'in the seventh year,' which was the year of release, when on this side Jordan they neither ploughed nor sowed, but beyond Jordan there was a harvest, and a tithing for the poor, &c.; hence one may fetch a more probable reason of that story than the historians themselves give; namely, that those poor Christians resorted thither for food and sustenance, when husbandry had ceased that year in Judea and Galilee."

  • Revelation Resources to Revelation: Subject Matter

  • Canadians fly to Baghdad as "human shields" - "New anti-war movement growing muscles"



  • Walt HibbardLetter to the Editor of New Horizons Magazine "As one reflects on Mr. Jensen’s article, we might well ask if he intended to suggest that the dozens of passages in the Bible on the nearness of the end-time events are really not that important after all? If so, we are dealing with over 100 verses from our Lord and His disciples that obviously do have a bearing on the nearness issue."


  • New Jerusalem Ministry Board Upgraded and Updated


  • The Olivet Discourse - David Heddle "For now I merely point out that in my opinion the preterist account of the Olivet discourse is very appealing. There is no need for an assumed and unannounced discontinuity between when Jesus is speaking of near-term prophesy to when He speaks of things that will happen in the distant future. There is no basis upon which a critic could claim that Jesus was wrong because he mistakenly thought He would be returning within a generation. And there is no need to infer that the disciples asked a question laden with a false assumption that Jesus did not correct."
    11/24: Why there is little preaching on the signs of the times - Dr. R.L. Hymers "So, there is little preaching on the signs of Christ's coming because the preterists have shoved the signs back into the first century, and because many modern dispensationalists have pushed the signs forward, into the Tribulation."
    11/24: The Case for the Imminent Rapture of the Church - Tim LaHaye "In this day of advancing preterism we need to repeatedly mention this aspect of His coming, "in like manner" or physically. One of their weakest points, which are almost too ridiculous to mention, is that Jesus has already come spiritually. He departed physically and you can be sure He will return physically. God's people need to be reassured that when He comes in the air to the earth to set up his kingdom it will be physically.
    11/24: Looking for war in Iraq - "
    Israel has had many nuclear weapons for at least 30 years. It is not a signer of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and does not permit international inspection. Iraq is and does. For a long time Israel refused to even acknowledge it has nuclear weapons, even though one of its specialists, Mordechai Vanunu, wrote a book about them some years ago, was kidnapped by Israeli agents in London and was imprisoned for life. In other words, Israel is the nuclear monopolist in the region"
    11/24: SF Media: What is AntiSemitism? - Michael Neumann "Every once in a while, some left-wing Jewish writer will take a deep breath, open up his (or her) great big heart, and tell us that criticism of Israel or Zionism is not antisemitism. Silently they congratulate themselves on their courage. With a little sigh, they suppress any twinge of concern that maybe the goyim--let alone the Arabs--can't be trusted with this dangerous knowledge."

    11/24: Theonomy and Theocracy - "Reconstructionism is an authoritarian ideology that threatens the most basic civil liberties of a free and democratic society."
    11/24: Other Christian Broadcasts

    11/24: Revelation Resources




  • Serious Concerns about Full Preterism - Tim Stoudt "Full Preterism, also called Fulfilled Eschatology, is the doctrine that the Lord Jesus Christ has already returned and that all of Biblical prophecy concerning future events has been fulfilled. Although the doctrine seems strange from a conventional viewpoint, it has recently acquired a number of adherents. The author believes that a similar doctrine plagued the early church and that the modern-day movement is a resurfacing of the same ideas. God Himself gave in Scripture severe warnings about the doctrine, to which we today should heed. The attached article is specifically written for the person who is just becoming acquainted with the doctrine and wants to know more about it. It is intended to be a strong warning with sufficient analysis to justify the strength of the warning."



  • Holes in the system? (RealVideo) "With 45 days remaining until all guns in Canada are supposed to be registered, we have new information tonight about an astounding gun seizure in Winnipeg that is revealing some pretty large holes in the system. Police seized so many weapons from a small home in Winnipeg that it took all weekend to catalogue them. Now they have. And there are hundreds including missiles and grenades."
    11/18: Britain and Kuwait foil Arab attacks

    11/18:  Canada to News Links


  • Petition of Support for Israel "THEREFORE WE PETITION the President and the United States Government to unequivocally support the state of Israel in her right to exist, in her struggle against terrorism, in her God given right to her land, and to Jerusalem, to stand unmoved, undivided, as her capital, her eternal city."




  • Analysis of the Revelation "..through the prevalence of what may be called the "Nero-theory" of the book, the pendulum swung strongly in favor of its composition shortly after the death of Nero, and before the destruction of Jerusalem (held to be shown to be still standing by Revelation 11), i.e. about 68-69 AD. This date was even held to be demonstrated beyond all question."
    11/11: God's Terrible Warnings Against Preterism - "In order to justify the Preterist view, apologists either completely ignore or torture the relevant end0times prophecies, along with the known facts of history.  Preterists can cite no credible early church or historical support for a pre-70 dating for Revelation.  Further destroying their claim, and important church father named Polycarp, a disciple of John, wrote that Revelation was written during the reign of Domition."
    11/11: The time elements in Revelation: Especially "I am coming soon"

    11/11: Internet Resources: The Apocalypse of John
    11/11: Which School Do You Attend? "
    Alcazar's preterist system has never made any impact on the conservative, or evangelical wing of the Protestant movement, although in the last one hundred years it has become popular among Protestant rationalists and liberals."
    11/11: Apocalyptic book series stirring debate - study? "Tim LaHaye has been called a ''pseudo-theologian,'' preacher of fear, biblical distorter."
    11/11: Israeli archeologists find Iron Age cultic relics


  • Could Israel join the EU?


  • Bill Moore "From a preterist perspective, 1 Enoch adds considerable weight to the many passages in the New Testament which clearly indicate that the consummation of the age together with Christ’s second coming took place in A.D. 70 (in the destruction of Jerusalem). This being the case, it should not surprise us to learn that 1 Enoch was banned by Hilary, Jerome, and Augustine and was subsequently lost to Western Christendom for over a thousand years. In short, it was suppressed. Why? Because it could not be made to fit their idea that Christ’s coming had not yet been fulfilled."
    The Thirteenth Tribe - Arthur Koestler "The evidence presented in the previous chapters adds up to a strong case in favour of those modern historians - whether Austrian, Israeli or Polish - who, independently from each other, have argued that the bulk of modern Jewry is not of Palestinian, but of Caucasian origin. The mainstream of Jewish migrations did not flow from the Mediterranean across France and Germany to the east and then back again. The stream moved in a consistently westerly direction, from the Caucasus through the Ukraine into Poland and thence into Central Europe. When that unprecedented mass settlement in Poland came into being, there were simply not enough Jews around in the west to account for it, while in the east a whole nation was on the move to new frontiers". In Mr. Koestler's own words, "The story of the Khazar Empire, as it slowly emerges from the past, begins to look like the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated."  "As expected, The Thirteenth Tribe caused a stir when published in 1976, since it demolishes ancient racial and ethnic dogmas...At the height of the controversy in 1983, the lifeless bodies of Arthur Koestler and his wife were found in their London home. Despite significant inconsistencies, the police ruled their death a suicide."


  • Read Murdock's literal translation! (download for OnlineBible on Mac)


"The Revelation, which was made by God to John the Evangelist, in the island of Patmos, to which he was banished by Nero the Emperor."

Matt 24:34 Verily I say to you, That this generation shall not pass away, till all these things shall be. 



I. Blessed is he who readeth, and they who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those which are written therein; for the time hath approached.


  • WashPost: Back Door to Bush - "The old general emerged beaming. "As far as I can remember -- I can look back for many years now -- I think we have never had such relations with any president of the United States as we have with you," he told Bush before the assembled media. "We never had such a cooperation in everything as we have had with the current administration."
    11/4: Jewish militant on life-support



  • Stone-Campbell Journal Review of N.T. Wright's Jesus and the Victory of God | Stone-Campbell Journal
    Roman Catholic Church in Catechism of the Catholic
    : "The Church has rejected even modified forms of this falsification of the kingdom to come under the name of millenarianism..." (676)
    10/28: Church of Christ Q&A reveals: If Christ has not come, then Christians do not go to heaven when they die "Q: If Christians go to heaven when they die, then who is Jesus going to resurrect at his coming when the dead in Christ shall rise?  A: One thing for sure, there will be a bodily resurrection.  It will be a spiritual body as described by Paul in I Corinthians 15.  It will not be a resurrection of the spirit, but of the body, just like Jesus.  It is true that the Scriptures teach us that at death, the spirit leaves the physical body.  It departs to a temporary resting place as described in Luke 16.  The physical body returns to the dust of the ground while the spirit awaits the resurrection and a new body.   The following passages will help you: I Corinthians 15:1-58, Luke 16:19-31, Ecclesiastes 12:7, and I Thessalonians 4:13-18.  Study them carefully.  They will reveal the truth


  • The Consummation of the Pre-Messianic age and the Parousia of Christ - Milton S. Terry
    10/27: Meet the new Zionists

    10/27: Texas Baptist Fourm - "Falwell and other dispensationalists suffer from warped christology.  Prophecy is understood only when God's plan in Christ is understood. Dispensationalists like Falwell, Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye talk of a future conversion of the Jews but do nothing to bring it about, since they erroneously imagine that it won't happen until after a fictitious secret coming of Christ they call the rapture."


  • An Answer to Trotter's "Naughty Names" - David Johnson "The issue of the resurrection is inseparably tied to the Lord’s coming, the coming of His kingdom, and the judgment. Any serious study on the resurrection must deal with these events and how they relate to one another."
    10/25: Matthew 16:28 A Time Statement for What? - Bill Grimes "Evil still thrives.  Just look around you.  You see diseases, death, murder, economic oppression, genocide, hate, pride, fornication, adultery, etc.  The list goes on and on.  In 2 Peter 3, Simon Peter compares the future destruction of this world by fire to the worldwide flood of Noah. God destroyed all evil by a flood of real, wet water. He will destroy it again by a real, hot fire.  It is contrary  to God’s holiness for Him to allow evil to persist forever, which is what full Preterists are suggesting. "
    10/25: Jots, Tittles, and the Kingdom of Heaven - Bill Grimes "So, are we in the new heavens and the new earth?  No, for the reasons I have stated in my most recent article, A Letter to a Full Preterist . If not, is it true that not one jot or tittle has passed from the law?  Yes, God’s word stands forever.  None of God’s Word will fail or pass away. Is the Old Covenant Law still binding then in every jot and tittle? If not, why not?  No, because Jesus finished the work which He came to do."
    10/25: "Left Behind" Aims for TV "Any projects to put "Left Behind" in a television format has been obscured by bringing the days following the Tribulation Period (????) to the big Screen. It was previewed for one hour on ABC this past Sunday and it is impressive! - Bob"
    10/25: What Faith is This?  Dave Hunt and Misrepresentation (
    10/25: JPost: Newest Anti-Israel Campaign: Divestment



  • Q&A: Is There a Connection Between AD70 and Resurrection Life?
    10/23: PARRESIA: Greek Orthodox Preterism - Leave Comments! - "The Preterist view takes a very straight forward, and quite simple interpretation of Revelation. It basically takes John at his word..."these events are at arms' length" meaning, these prophecies are going to happen SOON."
    10/23: The Apocalypse By (Greek Orthodox) Father Steven Tsichlis - "The Jews, after their failed revolt of 66-70AD, called Rome “Babylon” because it had destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem just as the real Babylon had done in 587 BC.
    10/23: Christian BBS Forums
    10/23: Thomas Traherne (1636-1674) 350 year old Christian mystic to be published - "How blessed are thy holy people, how divine, how highly exalted! Heaven itself is under their feet! The Earth seems to swell with pride that it bears them all; all its treasures laugh and sing to serve them."
    10/23: Thomas Traherne (1637-1674): His Search for Felicity "Though devoutly Christian in approach and expression, Traherne clearly does not subscribe to the popular intent"
    10/23: Centuries of Meditation - Traherne
    10/23: My Journey - By G.R. Gaudreau - "Preterism was a watershed for me. It brought all the different problems and doubts into one place and put them into focus as never before. It forced me to see that the church could be wrong about a major doctrine and that it had been wrong for a long time.."  G.R. Gaudreau, Preterist Skeptic to Outside Study Links


  • Israel plans to ask USA for aid that could top $10 billion
    10/22: Peres: Israel formally accepts "two countries for two peoples"
    10/22: IRNA: Zionist lobby (SW) urges recall UKs Israeli ambassador "Cowper-Coles accused Israel of confining 3.5 million Palestinians  in the West Bank and Gaza to the 'largest detention camp in the world' and said Ariel Sharon's regime was failing to show 'leadership for peace.'  - "If substantiated, we urge the prompt recall of Mr. Cowper-Coles for Holocaust revisionism, banalization of the memory of its victims and endorsement of the most extreme voices of Palestinian anti-semitism,"
    10/22: JerusalemPost: Dividing Jerusalem "There was a consensus at the conference on the need to divide the capital and hand over the Arab neighborhoods to the PA. They said this was the only way to achieve a just and everlasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians."


  • Victory Review: October 2002 "Nevertheless David took the Stronghold of Zion"
    10/21: Take the Reason By Faith Poll ; Join the Discussion List  (
    10/21: Typology: A Legitimate Approach?



  • What About Paul's "Man of Sin"? John Noé
    10/18: An Eschatology of Victory - Vern Mason

    10/18: Pushing off Preterism "A reader directed me to a Christian site that presented some arguments against preterism and asked us to evaluate their arguments. This site goes under the name "In Depth Bible Studies" and is run by two apparently earnest young people who are laymen."
    10/18: The Book of Revelation: Introduction Jim Seghers "It is the position in this commentary that the text itself as well as external evidence overwhelmingly supports a preterist interpretation. Specifically, the Book of Revelation was written to comfort first century Christians who were undergoing a deadly persecution from pharisaical Judaism"
    10/18: Great Awakening Group


  • Problems with Preterism - HTML File / Problems with Preterism - MP3 File


  • Jerry Falwell Targeted for Death according to a report in the Farsi-language newspaper Abrar
    10/14: If Christ Has Not Come "The Futurist needs to rethink everything, because under their belief we should be living under the Law of Moses still, to be consistent with scripture." 
    10/14: Christians Rally for Israel in Washington "And I want you to know," Olmert told his audience, "how much we need your friendship and support and how much we respect these expressions of support that come from this evangelical community of great believers and lovers of Zion. We are partners. We are friends. ... G-d bless all of you. G-d bless America."
    10/14: Is there anything dumber than repudiating Christians who support Israel?
    10/14: Preterist Discourse



  • Why it is Perfectly OK to say Naughty Things About Heretical Preterists "This is typical of the slick rhetorical tricks heretical preterists like to use. The reader will notice that the logic I've given above pierces their buncombe. That the heretical preterists (given their premises) are right about the timing of the resurrection, and that the ancient Hymenaeans were wrong about the timing of the resurrection, is absolutely irrelevant to Paul's anger and condemnation of Hymenaeus and company. Paul could not have possibly gotten that upset over a few decades worth of difference in timing between himself and Hymenaeus."
    10/10: Is Tim LaHaye the Antichrist? - Dan Trotter's Good partial Pret/Anti-Pret Site


  • NY Times: Rapture and Rupture By Maureen Dowd "Evangelicals fervently support Israel for theological reasons of their own, based on a literal reading of the Book of Revelation that entwines the Jewish commonwealth with the Apocalypse and Second Coming. As Jerry Falwell instructs: "You and I know that there's not going to be any real peace in the Middle East until one day the Lord Jesus Christ sits on the throne of David in Jerusalem." 
    10/8: Ha'Aretz: France poll finds Israel voted second biggest world threat The survey was conducted jointly by five local dailies in northwest France, which have a combined readership of about 175,000.


  • Maureen Dowd / Miklaszewski on "Influencial Jewish Conservatives" - Are Jews within the Bush Administration pushing the war effort?
    10/7: NY Times: 13 Palestinians killed in Gaza Raid "Israeli troops also fired machine guns and semiautomatic weapons toward Nasser hospital"


  • The Berean Newsletter By David Cooper -
    10/6: Christian Solidarity with Israel Ralley - "Sign the “Christian Solidarity with Israel Wall.” This declaration will be presented to the President of the United States & to the Prime Minister of Israel."
    10/7: In Congress, anti-Israel voices will be muted ``Support for Israel among candidates running for Congress has never been higher," said an American Israel Public Affairs Committee official who follows elections closely. ``That's a reflection of the strong support Israel enjoys throughout the country now."


  • Falwell Boasts of Political Power CBS: "Falwell hints that the Christian Right influences U.S. government policy toward Israel. There are 70 million of us…[and] there’s nothing that would bring the wrath of the Christian public in this country down on this government like abandoning or opposing Israel on a critical matter,” Falwell tells Simon. “God save us from these people,” says Israeli political analyst Yossi Alpher. “When you see what these people are encouraging Israel and the U.S. to do…ignore the Palestinians, kick them out…they are leading us into a scenario of out-and-out disaster,” he tells Simon."
    10/3: New Preterist Link!



  • Preterists Yahoo Group Fantastic Yahoo Group.  Please bring peace, not strife
    10/1: The Law is Fulfilled By David Curtis "The Mosaic Law is a unit. It exists as a unit or not at all. This notion that the Mosaic Law can be sliced and diced into ceremonial, civil, and moral is not one that you will find anywhere in the Bible. "

9/30: Jerusalem Post: Top Iraqi official: US motivated by Zionism
 "The Americans' aspirations are based not on a desire to destroy weapons of mass destruction, but on other goals, to support Zionism and seize sources of oil, to put pressure on all the countries of the world for the sake of American strategic security and so that Israel can control the whole world."
9/30: JN: Exploring Zionism "Whether or not a person feels the growth of the State of Israel is messianic in nature can determine his degree of flexibility in terms of giving up land to the Arabs and whether there is room for negotiation.”
9/30: 'Guardians of Jewish Race': Palestine Does Not Belong to Zionists "The rabbi referred to Zionism as the main obstacle in the way of of achieving peace in the Middle East, emphasizing, "we favor a peaceful end to the entity of Israel."
9/30: Sign of the groundhog "When I was growing up, the world came to an end twice on Sunday and six more times during the week whenever there was a revival. The Bible is a huge book, but it seems to me that a large number of the preachers that I was exposed to had wandered into the Book of Revelation and were unable to find their way back out."

9/28: Protestantism, Postmillennialsm and Anti-Preterism
9/28: Scoffers: Preterists in II Peter - James Lloyd "Although preterists chafe at the idea of any relationship between their doctrine and the rapturists, the two doctrines are actually closely related. They both agree that the church misses the tribulation, they both characterize the final empire as the Roman and they are both inextricably committed to a union with the state through licensing and a politically expedient symbiotic relationship with the beast government. "
Great Joy in Great Tribulation: Preterism - "ONE THING THAT SEEMED UNIMAGINABLE IN 1995 IS THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE EMBRACING THE PRETERIST VIEW OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION. PRETERISM is also a form of rebellion against the Word of God. Blessings follow obedience to the Word of God and there will be a price to pay for rebellion. So how do we help the PRETERIST brethren from their new strong delusion? Simply do like Jesus did and ask them some simple questions, like - When did Jesus split the Mount of Olives in two? You see, IF has all happened, they should be able to tell you when Jesus touched down and split the Mount of Olives in two at His return. I am sure you will be able to think of many such simple questions. "
9/28: The Defined Lie of Preterism "
Recently, I became aware of a growing heresy among the Apostolic churches that threaten the salvation of so many tender saints. It is so serious that I have, under the leading of the Holy Spirit, changed the focus of my ministry to becoming a watchman on the wall, warning of the invasion of damnable doctrines. This heresy is so dangerous that those who are deceived into it lose their convictions when it comes to the areas of spiritual preparedness. This heresy has gone by many names in the past. It has been called Hymaneusism, Amillennialism, and now, it is known commonly as Preterism. Yes, you heard right…Preterism."
9/28: Do Preterists Spiritualize the Bible? - SoulDevice
9/28: Defending against Preterism - "Preterists maintain that the events of Revelation were fulfilled by AD70. For this to be true they maintain that the book of Revelation was written in 66-68 AD and they do some interesting tricks to try to make people believe it was. The common school of thought is that Revelation was written around 95AD which brings the Preterist point of view to a grinding halt."
9/28: Muddy Water - "The next point that I would make in distinguishing Separatist Preterism from Judeo Preterism or Humanistic Preterism is that Christ taught that He would return in the bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh which were His people or His Body Politic"
9/28: Through the Bible with Les Feldick Newsletter - Preterism.  Don't Believe it!
9/28: Wayne Jackson: What is the meaning of 'shortly come to pass'?
9/28: Is the Great Tribulation future or fulfilled?

NRSV on  "long ending" of Mark 16

"..some manuscripts include the following very interesting exchange: "And they excused themselves, saying, 'This age of lawlessness and unbelief is under Satan, who does not allow the truth and power of God to prevail over the unclean things of the spirits. Therefore reveal your righteousness now' -- thus they spoke to Christ. And Christ replied to them, ' The term of years of Satan's power has been fulfilled, but other terrible things draw near..  And for those who have sinned, I was handed over to death, that they may return to the truth and sin no more..." (Inserted in Mark 16:14, NRSV) 

Wm. Blake's Jerusalem

More Pictures...


Resurrection Debate: Past or Future?
Gene Cook, Jr. (PPret) and H.L. James (Pret)
Part One ; Part Two

GWB Comment: Preterist or Futurist?

White House's Official Easter Message

"Easter Sunday commemorates in song and celebration the joy and promise of Christ's triumph over evil and death."

"For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. The last enemy to be destroyed is death." 1 Corinthians 15:25-26

"The destruction of Jerusalem was more terrible than anything that the world has ever witnessed, either before or since. Even Titus seemed to see in his cruel work the hand of an avenging God." (C.H. Spurgeon, Commentary on Matthew, p. 412) Significance of AD70

"the Preteristic method of interpretation has a long history" - Dennis M. Swanson

"May those in the preterist movement never crystallize around a narrow set of preterist principles and exclude other Christians over it." - Ed Stevens

"We do not debate (full Preterists), we refute them. We also excommunicate them. We say loudly and publicly and often, "These men are not of us. They have departed from us. They are not Christians."  - Brian Abshire

Christ's Second Coming as a Past Event: 4th to 19th Centuries

St. Chrysostom
(4th Century)

"Having in remembrance, therefore, this saving commandment and all those things which have come to pass for us: the Cross, the Grave, the Resurrection on the third day, the Ascension into heaven, the Sitting at the right hand, and the second and glorious Coming" (St. Chrysostom's Liturgy)

Philip Schaff
(19th Century)

"This being so, then the words relating to a personal return of Jesus are to be taken as pointing to the Destruction of Jerusalem (Mat. x.23; xvi.28)." (Second Advent)

"This view may sound novel, but in reality there have been orthodox adherents to it throughout church history." - C. J. Seraiah

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Is I Enoch Scripture?
Compare 1 Enoch 1:9 with Jude 1:14-15.

"And when their sons have slain one another, and they have seen the destruction of their beloved ones, bind them fast for seventy generations in the valleys of the earth, Till the day of their judgement and of their consummation" (1 Enoch 10:11-12)

Using Luke (Luke 1:1-4; 3:23-37)

01 Enoch
02 Methuselah
03 Lamech
04 Noah
05 Shem
06 Arphaxad
07 Cainan
08 Shelah
09 Eber
10 Peleg
11 Rue
12 Serug
13 Nahor
14 Terah
15 Abrahahm
16 Isaac
17 Jacob
18 Judah
19 Perez
20 Hezron
21 Ram
22 Amminadab
23 Nahshon
24 Salmon
25 Boaz
26 Obed
27 Jesse
28 David
29 Nathan
30 Mattatha
31 Menna
32 Melea
33 Eliakim
34 Jonam
35 Joseph
36 Judah
37 Simeon
38 Levi
39 Matthat
40 Jorim
41 Eliezer
42 Joshua
43 Er
44 Elmadam
45 Cosam
46 Addi
47 Melki
48 Neri
49 Shealtiel
50 Zerubbabel
51 Rhesa
52 Joanan
53 Joda
54 Josech
55 Semein
56 Mattathias
57 Maath
58 Naggai
59 Esli
60 Nahum
61 Amos
62 Mattathias
63 Joseph
64 Jannai
65 Melki
66 Levi
67 Matthat
68 Heli
69 Joseph
70 Jesus

11/1/2: "Moderate earthquakes also shook Indonesia and Pakistan earlier
Sunday, but the activity is not related nor unusual, said Waverly Person, geophysicist at U.S. Geological Survey. “On any given day, we located about 50 earthquakes throughout the world,” Person said. “This to us is pretty normal.”   He said the death toll from an Italian quake last week may have made more people notice the quake activity. “They begin to think all of this adds up, but it doesn’t,” Person

Free Preterist Booklet

"What the Bible Says About Israel"

By John L. Bray, P.O. Box 90129, Lakeland, FL 33804

"..though I was not yet a full preterist myself at that time, I questioned [David Chilton] as to why he put the fulfillment of Matthew 25 at A.D.70 in one place, but in our future in another place." - "Biblical Perspectives," 10/14/2002

R.C. Sproul

"I can never read the New Testament again the same way I read it before reading The Parousia .  I hope better scholars than I will continue to analyze and evaluate the content of J. Stuart Russell's important work."



9/27: Philip Mauro: The Number of Man: The Climax of Civilization | Evolution at the Bar
9/27: The Catholic Jewish Compromise By Wayne Jackson "The Hebrew Scriptures prophetically indicated that the Messiah would be rejected by his own people (Psa. 118:22; cf. Jn. 1:11). Jesus taught that this repudiation of Him as the Messiah entailed a rejection of God Himself (Lk. 10:16) and would have terrible consequences – the immediate visitation of which was seen in the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in A.D. 70 (cf. Mt. 21:43ff; 22:7; 23:32ff)."
9/27: Catholic Debate: Jews informal connection to RCC
9/27: Hebrews in Preterist Perspective
9/27: Matthew 10:23 and the Preterist Heresy
9/27: Dave MacPherson's Post Trib Writings

9/26:  Google Website Search Function to StudyArchive and Index
9/26: Jack Van Impe - 6/19/2 Attack on Preterism "in Daniel chapter twelve, verse four he said, "at the time of the end knowledge shall be increased. "  It took 1850 years -- that's almost 1800 years past 70A.D. -- to double knowledge in the world.  Now we are doing it every eighteen months."  (So, is it every 18 or 22 months?)
9/26: Israel welcomes Christian support ; Pakistan Times: Why the US Christian Right Supports Israel



  • The Lord Reigns to Outside Study Links

  • JerusalemPost: Because the Bible Says So - "Israel Solidarity Rally," which took place in Washington, DC on April 15 earlier this year. Parshall, host of "Janet Parshall's America", is an evangelical Christian and devoted supporter of Zionism and Israel. Parshall said, "We stand with you now and forever We will never limp, we will never wimp, we will never vacillate in our support of Israel We stand together with our Jewish brothers and sisters."

  • Pravda: Born-Again Zionists - "Christian conservatives provide Israel -- and in particular the hard-line Likud Party of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon -- with its most important political support in the United States"

  • Interview with Archmandrite Dr. Theodosios Attallah Hanna - "there are in this world "false Christians" who do not belong to Christianity and its spirituality in any manner whatsoever. These groups that claim Christianity but are in fact Zionist who support Israeli occupation, are tools used in the service of Zionism."


  • ABCNews: Christians show support for Israel - "Sharon said the last two years of violence have been difficult for Israel, and he has been plagued by worries but said the Christians' solidarity has helped. "When I entered, when I saw you and I saw your friendship, I lost all my worries. "Walking here, I heard many times, and many people said, 'We love you, we love Israel'," he said. "May I tell you? We love you. We love all of you." -- "Earlier, in what resembled a Las Vegas-style show, dancers dressed in robes flitted across a stage under colored lights as dry ice wafted down from the ceiling. Others paraded out with giant palm leaves, symbolizing the holiday, and banners with "praise," "strength" and "wisdom" written on them."

  • BOT: Modern Dispensationalism and the Doctrine of the Unity of Scripture - Oswald Allis "We have said above that the Dispensationalist with an exception to be noted later, exalts the Cross as the only hope of hell-deserving sinners. Here we see clearly what the exception is. It is a very important exception. It is for the dispensation of grace, for the Church age and for this age only that he exalts the Cross. One of the most amazing statements to be found in the Scofield Bible concerns the meaning of the phrase " at hand " as used by Jesus in Matt. iv. 17:"

  • Mississippi Church Warns: Armageddon is Near! - "Although their marketing has elements of flamboyance, seminar speakers say the message isn't meant to scare anyone, only to create interest in the future"


  • Californian: Rabbi Bruce Kadden "It's a type of sacrifice," he said. "In ancient times, there was a physical sacrifice with an animal, but there has been no physical sacrifice after destruction of the temple (in Jerusalem, in A. D. 70)."

  • Biblical Recorder: Is Left Behind in Left Field?




  • The Birth, Death and Resurrection of Neo-Christian Eschatology "Augustine can be understood as providing a much needed synthesis of earlier Christian eschatology that avoided the often dangerous imbalances that millenarian eschatology tended to produce."

  • Did the Council at Ephesus Condemn Chiliasm?

  • Judgment Day Utopianism and the Second Coming




9/8: FP: Kurt M. Simmons: What is Preterism?

9/7: PreteristArchive.CD V2.0 Release Notes - Release Date: 9/11/2 (Taking Pre-orders now) "I am enjoying the CD tremendously." "I have paid $500.00 for less."
9/7: Updated PreteristArchive.CD Special Offers with INTERNATIONAL FREE CD PROGRAM, CD Evangelism effort and "Dispensationalist to Preterist" Audio Sermon CD Offer
9/7: What is Preterism? - Kurt M. Simmons "The prophets made no distinction between the first and seconding coming of Christ, but treated them as a unity, interrupted only by a brief absence when the Messiah would be "cut off."   (Dan. 9:26) "
9/7: - Representing the Bi-Millennial-Preterist view!
9/2: Commentaries @ Studylight - Clarke, Lightfoot, Gill, Wesley, Geneva, Henry, Spurgeon, Jamieson, Fausset, Brown, Johnson, Darby, Scofield
9/2: Jim Wade : Forsaking the Assembly

9/1: The Seven Hills of Jerusalem
9/1: Historicist Rapture Studies (

8/31: George Edmundson : The Church of Rome in the First Century

8/30: David Cooper: The Berean Newsletter - Number One!

8/29:  Imminency in the First Century to Study Archive
8/29: Parousia: Christianity Revealed - "Few Biblical scholars deny that every New Testament writer and the members of the first century Church expected Christ to return within their lifetime"

8/28: Spiritual Time, Space, Mass, Light, Energy (Mix the Parousia of Christ into this pot and you've got something big)
8/28: A Chronology of Destruction - Tisha B'Av Resources
8/28: Artifacts relating to the Churban Yerushalayim (Destruction of Jerusalem)

8/27: The Month of Av: Rememberance - "What did (Titus) do? He seized a prostitute, and entered the Holy of Holies, spread out a Sefer Torah, and committed a sin on it. He then took a sword and thrust it into the curtain dividing between the Holy and the Holy of Holies. A miracle occurred and blood spurted forth, causing him to think that he had killed "himself" (where "himself" is a euphemism for Heaven)…"
8/27: Book of Matthew Study "Our Materials: "Dead Sea Scrolls" Bible; "DuTillet" and Shem Tob Hebrew versions of Matthew;  Jewish New Testament & Commentary;  Syriac Peshito (Murdock) version of the New Testament;  Talmud; Midrash Rabbah; Zohar; other Jewish source material "
8/27: Who (or What) Are the Gentiles? - Mr. Poll
8/26: When will Jesus Christ Return? Mr. Poll

8/25:  Ignatius of Antioch to Study Archive
8/25: Using the Bible to Interpret the Bible - Gary DeMar "Three times Revelation describes Christ's "coming," and Walvoord says they do not refer to the physical-every-eye-will-see-Him-yet-in-the-future coming of Jesus. I realize that the Greek word erchomai not parousia is used in these passages. Of course, this does not solve the problem since erchomai is also used in Matthew 24:30 to describe "the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven"! How should we understand Revelation 3:20 following the literal-only hermeneutic?"
8/25: Jewish-Christian Alliance puts focus on McAteer
8/25: BBC Analysis: America's New Christian Zionists
8/25: Grace Halsell: Israeli Extremists and Christian Fundamentalists
8/25: F.W. Farrar : The Witness of History to Christ

8/24: David Green : 101 Preterist Time-Indicators
8/24: Gabor Gombor : Evil in Revelation "This article is not for attacking full preterism (since I think I'm also a full preterist :-) ), rather my thoughts about the existence of the Satan and evil in the Revelation. Any explanations to my doubts are welcome. "
8/24: Dr. Mal Couch : Death Knell to Preterism "There are many biblical answers to the liberal view of prophecy called Preterism. But a little tucked away verse in Acts 1 makes a strong argument against the anti-biblical teaching of Preterism that denies Christ’s literal and bodily second coming."
8/24: I want to be 'Left Behind' - Amazon
8/24: Multiple Fulfillments in Bible Prophecy? -
8/24: SoulDevice: Endtime Prophecy

8/23: Partial Preterists say that Revelation 5 is a past (70AD) judgment, and Revelation 20 is a future judgment. Daniel 7 seems to combine the two.  Are they the same judgment?  to Critical Articles
8/23: Nature of the Parousia - Don Preston "In his discussion of the transition from the "outer man" to the inner, from the temporal to the eternal, Paul says "we do not look on the things that are seen, but on the things that are unseen" (2 Corinthians 4:16f). He patently cannot be saying that the resurrection change would be unperceived! It would be seen (perceptual) but unseen (not optical!)."
8/23: This Generation : A Preterist Looks Back at Premillennialism - "But the true Israel of that generation didn't fall with the destruction of Jerusalem. Seeing the “abomination of desolation,” in Luke 21:20 defined as “Jerusalem surrounded by armies,” the faithful remnant of Israel remembered the word of their Lord and fled the city—not “raptured” out of the`world, but spared to go out into the world. Not a single Christian suffered in the judgment against apostate Israel. Of those who inherited the promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, not a hair of their heads perished. (Luke 21:18) "
8/23:  Eschatology - The Doctrine of Last Things - 1978 PCUSA General Assembly to Grace
8/23:  On the 'Left Behind' Book Series - 2001 PCUSA General Assembly to Grace
8/23:  'Left Behind' and Presbyterian Belief - PCUSA Office of Theology and Worship to Grace

8/22: Elton Foster: The Increase of His Government
8/22: Jerusalem - The Harlot - Preterist Commentary
8/22: The Subject Matter of Revelation - Updated with more Preterist commentaries
8/22: Christ Kirk Statement on Neo-Hymenaeanism "Neo-Hymenaeanism stands with all other deviations from orthodox Christianity as an attempt to cloak its heresy within orthodox terminology while its true nature is destructive of the faith. Consequently, its adherents are in grievous danger of damning their own souls. May God in His mercy grant them understanding to see and to turn from their error and may His people "avoid worldly and empty chatter, for it will lead to further ungodliness, and . . . spread like gangrene" (2 Tim 2:16f). " (cf. An Open Letter to Revn Sandlin)
8/22: History of the War over Dispensationalism "Besides positive Existentialism, a revived interest in preterism and modified-preterism is assaulting the dispensational fortress. R. C. Sproul’s book The Last Days According to Jesus (1998, Baker) is making inroads into the Evangelical camp. I hear of many leaving us for this position because it is supposed to answer the skeptics and critics, like Bertrand Russell."

8/21: The Great Inflatable Shark Hunt "There were a lot of aisles to search, and I kept getting distracted. One booth—featuring a stop sign that had been altered to read "STOP liberals!"—promised "9.5 Theses for a New Reformation." Fascinated by such an uncommercial, finger-in-the-eye booth at a manifestly slick convention, and wondering just how one can have half a thesis, I sat down on one of the chairs in the booth."

8/21:  What Hal Lindsey Taught Me About the Second Coming to Hal Lindsey, Media/Press Coverage
8/21:  PreteristVision Message Boards to Other Study Links
8/21: The Theology of Christian Zionism "the same error that founded the legacy of contempt for the Jews and ultimately led to the Holocaust of Nazi Germany... The purpose of this book is to warn about a rapidly expanding new movement in the Church that is subtly introducing the same errors that eventually and inevitably led to centuries of atrocities against the Jews and culminated in the Holocaust of the Third Reich... They are setting up a philosophical system that will result in anti-Semitism."
8/21: A Critique of Preterism and Defense of Historic Postmillennialism ; Critique of Gentry ; Partial Preterism
8/21: New Video: Second Coming on Trial
8/21: Flashback: Christianity Today: October 25, 1999

8/20:  Y2K: Apocalypse Not! to Media/Press Coverage
8/20: to Other Study Links
8/20:  Strange Preterist Implications to Tim LaHaye "After this month's introduction to this strange new fad within the field of Bible Prophecy known as preterism, I will continue a regular article about preterism. I will be dealing with the major arguments of preterism and why they are not biblical. Then I will conclude with a presentation of why prophecy should be interpreted literally and thus understood as future events to our time."
8/20:  Preterism and Zechariah 12-14 to Thomas Ice "the burden of proof rests on these preterists to provide an exegetical rationale both for exchanging a pagan nation with Israel as the primary object of Daniel's final judgment and for limiting the last judgment mainly to Israel and not applying it universally"
8/20: Patch - The Preterist Pirate "One of the great dangers in this heresy is the fact that Christians usually don’t take it seriously when they first hear of this doctrine because of its obvious false premise."
8/20: Preterism - Christian Bible Studies ( "By theorizing that Nero is the antichrist, Preterists open the door for validating their theory by comparing the historical and Biblical records, records which cannot be reconciled and so disprove Preterist doctrine.. Preterists ignore a clear, unbroken chain of Futurism handed down from the apostles through 70 AD on into the 3rd century.. Preterists ignore New Testament scripture from both the Gospels and the epistles, which demonstrate that both Jesus and the apostles understood there would be a long delay before his second coming."
8/20: Behold Apocalypse Polls - Sound off

8/19: Covenant Presbytery, Reformed Presbyterian Church in the United States - Anti-Preterists Anathematized ; "May God have mercy upon their souls."

8/18: The New Man By Elton Foster "the "Resurrection" and the "Spiritual body" cannot and should not be separated. The scriptures are clear, that the two co-inside with each other."
8/18: Thomas Ice (Hired Gun) By Dave MacPherson "in his April-June, 1990 Bibliotheca Sacra article analyzing her revelation he carefully covered up her emphasis by quoting up to line 55 in her account, deliberately skipping over lines 58-63 (her main point), and then continuing his quotation of her while starting again at line 72!"

8/16: Parallel Passages?  - Comment form and Chart by Pastor Gene Cook Jr.

8/15: Fundamentally Unsound - "It's bizarre that more attention hasn't been paid to the series' open hostility to the Jewish religion, if not the Jewish people"

8/14: Millennium Now By David Seargent "In the pages that follow, we will look again at the key biblical prophesies and attempt to discern just what they are saying to us. Are they really predicting such a bleak future? Or are they telling us that Christ has already overcome and that the future is safe in God’s hands?"
8/14: FP: Elton Foster: Face to Face  "If you believe that you have Christ living in you, then you have been made one with Him. The Marriage supper of the Lamb is come! Here is this present reality"
August 14, 2002 - Eschatology Review Online
8/14: The Jews Are Already Saved - Catholic Church "The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement Monday saying that Catholics should evangelize non-Christians—but not Jews."
8/9:  numerous quotes to Preterist Commentaries - Early Date of Revelation
8/9: Biblical Reformation in Traditional Eschatology is here!
8/9: New Earth Christian Studies ( Australian Preterists Unite!

8/7: Duncan McKenzie : A Preterist Book on the Antichrist

8/6: What do Preterists Believe About the Lord's Supper? - David Green

This Silence is Deafening!  By John L. Bray "Christians were still around. They were not raptured to Heaven in the first century. No one disputes the fact that the Christians in Judea escaped to Pella in Trans-Jordan in 66 A.D. when Cestius Gallus came against Jerusalem from Rome and provided a lull in the fighting long enough for all the Christians to get out. They survived those awful days of tribulation by being in protective custody in another country. If they had suddenly been transported to Heaven, somebody would have certainly mentioned this. The silence seems very deafening!"
8/5: New Spanish Preterist Site "Este Ministerio saluda a todos los santos, reyes, señores y dioses por todas las naciones del mundo, con el saludo del reino espiritual eterno en que vivimos."

8/2: Gary DeMar : On Thin Ice "Let's ask Ice if he can tell us when God came to Egypt "riding on a swift cloud" (Isa. 19:1). And what did God look like since the idols of Egypt trembled "at His presence"? If the idols saw God, then the Egyptians must have too. And when did God leave His "holy temple" and "come down and tread on the high places of the earth" (Micah 1:3)? Surely the people in Micah's day saw Him, according to the way Ice interprets Scripture. So Tommy, can you "tell me the day and exact manner or event that supposedly was" the LORD's coming as described in Micah? If you can, then the same methodology applies to the way preterists explain the judgment coming of Christ as it is described in Matthew 24:29–31. "8/2: Don Preston Letter to Van Impe
8/2: PreteristVision ( New Full Preterist Site
8/2: TIME Magazine Letters to the editor - Hibbard and Noe
8/1: Dr. Charles Roberts : Cashing in on Fear and Faulty Theology "They have managed to find everything from helicopters and atomic bombs to computer chips lurking below the surface of the words of Scripture, but the one thing they seem not to be able to find is the ability to interpret things like “coming on the clouds,” “the moon not giving its light,” and “ wars and rumors of wars” in light of what the Bible itself says about those things!"

7/27: Institute for Biblical and Scientific Studies - The End of the World: Revelation -  Read the Camping Interview at bottom, too..  "The 5 fallen kings means Nero is emperor (Gentry 1989b, 104). This is how Josephus counted the emperors in Antiquities of the Jews (Book 19.1.11)."
7/27: The Meeting in the Air (I Thess 4:17) (I Thessalonians 4:17) Thepfquot;meeting in the air" is not a literal rapture of believers, but a symbolic depiction of the final battle of Christ and the powers of darkness which oppose him and his people.
7/27:  Institute for Biblical and Scientific Studies to Other Study Links
7/26: Hal Lindsey Poll - Temple prophecies are fulfilled in AD 70?  21% think so!
7/26: Biblical Preterist Books & Videos
7/26:  Theologia to Grace
7/25: Vatican: Jews do not wait in vain for Messiah - Christianity Today
7/22: Preterism: 101 By David Green "The incredible eschatological confusion that has plagued the Christian world since the days of the Reformation is a testimony to (the power of denial)."
7/22:  InterTran to Index Page
7/22: The End: A Study of the Book of Revelation to Books "First, Dr. Hahn produces the greatest number of connections I've ever heard between the Old Testament, the apocalyptic passages in the synoptic Gospels and St. John's Apocalypse providing maximum insight to what the early Christians, who were Jewish converts, would have heard in the visions. He proceeds to tie these insights into the events directly experienced by the early Church in the 1st century, culminating in the destruction and fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D."
7/14: Messiah's Reply to Charges The official reply of Messiah's Congregation to the charges made by Covenant Presbytery, Reformed Presbyterian Church in the United States.
7/14: Christ Church Response to Charges
7/14: Parnell McCarter Response to Charges
7/14: Daniel's Seventy Weeks Revisited
7/14:  2000 Time Bomb to Jack and Rexella VanImpe
7/14: US Christians find cause to aid Israel
7/14: A Strange Kind of Freedom
7/14: The Coming of the Lord - Not Preterist, but possibly helpful
7/14: Living Presence E-Journal - Summer 2002
7/10: Gary DeMar :
Time's Puff Piece: The Devil is in the Details
7/10: New Jerusalem Discussion Board
7/8: Petreley Discussion Boards Preterism and Prophecy
7/8:  Reformed Websites to Grace
7/7:  Christian Identity Utterly Refuted to Mistaken ID
7/7:  Grace Online Library: Dispensationalism to dEmEnTiA
7/6: St. Lucie County Fellowship -
WCNO Pulls Radio Spots - "(St. Lucie's) Preterism is not 'Orthodox Preterism', thus Preterism is HERETICAL!"
7/5: Morecraft's Warpath Andy Sandlin "
The document “A Call to Repentance” charges John Barach, Steve Schlissel, J. Steven Wilkins and Douglas Wilson with heresy, on the basis of some messages they delivered at a pastors’ conference a few months ago; and it clearly implies that they are not Christians (ending with, “May God have mercy upon their souls”)."
7/5: Don Preston and Thomas Ice June 30, 2002 Debate (RealPlayer)
7/4: Jack Van Impe
Latest Attack on Preterism "Preterism is sweeping in the evangelical churches"

6/27: TIME cover story: Apocalypse Now "For evangelical Christians with an interest in prophecy, the headlines always come with asterisks pointing to scriptural footnotes."
6/27: The Bible and the Apocalypse - Main Directory
6/23: The Bible and the Apocalypse "Since Sept. 11, people from cooler corners of Christianity have begun asking questions about what the Bible has to say about how the world ends, and preachers have answered their questions with sermons they could not have imagined giving a year ago"
6/20: June 9, 2002 - Eschatology Review Online
6/16: Anglo-Israelism and the flesh "This book tries to convince people that the "Lost" tribes of Israel after being uprooted by the Assyrians, started colonies all over the world and then ultimately migrated to Britian and then to America. The book attempts to prove in 439 pages what has been known as British- or Anglo-Israelism. The book was originally written in 1992 and was revised in 1995 and is gaining influence in some "patriot" circles. Some people who hold this theory are racists, following from their fleshly or carnal understanding of the outworking of God's covenant in history exclusively along racial lines."
6/12: - New Hungarian Preterist Site
6/2: Deceiving and Being Deceived - Richard MacPherson "I recently wrote the following article (which may well be my last one on this topic since after 30 years of research I'm starting to experience burn-out!). Am now sending this to a number of non-pretrib sites and hoping that some, including yours, will be led to air it. Lord bless! Rapturously in Christ alone, Dave "
6/2: Excerpted from Discussion between Perry and Singlinger on Gentry's Anti-Preterist Hermeneutic
6/2: June 3, 2002 - Eschatology Review Online
6/2: Kay Arthur Explains the Biblical Basis for Israel to Possess the Promised Land - "What I am concerned about Gordon is I am concerned about the nations because they are touching the pupil of God’s eye. God calls it the apple of His eye. And those that touch the pupil of His eye, the apple of His eye, God is going to have to deal with them."
5/22: Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks : Response to 'Silence Demands a Rapture' "the Thessalonians, who could not conceive of the nature of the harpazo at Christ’s Parousia in the least (and we don’t do a very good job of it either), would begin to grasp that the meeting with the Lord was to be a personal meeting “within” the believer."
5/20: Eschatology Review Online : May 19, 2002
5/20: An Unholy Alliance in Support of Israel - "It's hard to believe that this vision of an Israel in which all the Jews convert to Christianity is compatible with the vision for Israel held by most Jews."
5/16: Pro-Palestinian Bias in Media? - "Ruskin became emotional in describing that "his children are afraid, his friends have been murdered, and if this goes on, 'We could lose our lives or we could lose our country.'" Blumberg writes that Koppel responded, "Yes, you will lose your country." Blumberg's paraphrased version of the conversation continues: David Blumberg: "Did I just hear you correctly -- that you believe the current crisis will lead to the destruction of the State of Israel?" Andrea Koppel: "Yes, I believe we are now seeing the beginning of the end of Israel."
5/16:  Christian Science Monitor: Middle East to Outside Links, Israel
5/15: Christians Hit Theological Rift With Mideast Policy - "This situation transcends the capacity of any local church to respond," says Christianity Today's Mr. Morgan. .. In the 1967 [Six Days War], many Christians saw it as huge confirmation that the Bible is true, prophecy is fulfilled. Here, they're saying, ''maybe peace in the Middle East will never be achieved."
5/13: The Lord's Supper - Richard McPherson "I myself believe that the so call “Lord’s Supper” in not necessary today. At the same time, I am not saying that the people who still partake the “Lord’s Supper” are wrong. It is because of our freedom in Christ we can disagree on this topic."
5/12: Foy Wallace: Preterist Commentaries
5/12: Study Archive: Redesigned by Topic and Texts
5/12: Preterist Commentaries: The Last Days
5/11: Tim LaHaye - Preterist Study Archive
5/11: Israel Seeks to Strengthen Ties with US Evangelicals ( 2/23/01
5/11: Global Elite Promoting End Times Myth - John Anderson with Tom Valentine
5/11: Catastrophic Millennialism - "Law Enforcement and Religious Violence" co-organized by CESNUR and by the Critical Incident Response Group of the FBI at Fredericksburg, Virginia, on June 7, 1999. At the seminar, a team of ten European and North American scholars presented to FBI agents and specialists from various branches of the U.S. administration papers on new religious movements, millennial movements, and anti-cult activities.
5/11: Marketing Fear: Left Behind -
The Left Behind craze is reshaping mainstream beliefs about end times. But what’s the message?
5/11:  God Gave Us What We Deserved, Falwell, Robertson or Bin Laden? to Jerry Falwell
5/11: The Politics of Apocalypse: Understanding The Latest in the Middle East - American Atheists
5/10: Israel wins support on Christian Right - "Some very interesting alliances are forming," said Gary Bauer, a prominent Christian conservative. "Many evangelicals believe that the land of Israel is Covenant land that was promised by God to the Jewish people. I believe Israel and the United States have got a confluence of interest. We're both democracies, and I see Israel, as I see Great Britain, as a defender of Western civilisation."
5/9: A Review of R.C. Sprouls The Last Days: An Analysis of Moderate Preterism - Dr. Michael D. Stallard "Moderate preterism also suffers from inconsistencies as pointed out by the fact that radical preterism is sometimes called “consistent” preterism. While having its own problems, radical preterism does handle all of the day of the Lord passages in the same way. Sproul, as a moderate preterist, does not want to deny the literal Second Coming and future resurrection of believers. Therefore, he must do a balancing act with some of the passages supporting 70 A.D. fulfillment and some pointing toward the future. Exegetically and theologically he is attempting the impossible."
5/9: Tommy Ice: Tyndale Seminary ordered to pay $170,000 in fines for issuing 34 degrees as a non-state accredited school
5/9: The Fatal Mistakes of Preterism - Mal Couch, President of Tyndale Seminary "The Scofield Reference Bible had far greater impact on teaching and winning the average man to Christ than can be imagined." (
5/7: Dispensational Christian/Likud Lobby on Palestine - Dankof, et al, toss around the Dispy connection to Israel
5/6: Preterism and the Church: The Biblical View on Heaven and the New Covenant - Jonathan M. Companik "Now, this much we can discern: The formulation above would render the Heaven Now paradigm theologically bankrupt. Heaven Now advocates rightly recognize that there is only ONE Church and ONE Kingdom of Heaven in the New Testament. However,  Heaven Now promoters are defining "the Church" as consisting of all saints (whether dead or alive) who make up the "true Church". This is evident from the fact that all "true believers", in their system, have supposedly been granted a ubiquitous spiritual "body" or "covering" existing pervasively  within and around them."
5/6: The Christ Has Come - Hampden-Cook -  Chapters
5/6: Silence Demands a Rapture - Repaired Comment Board
5/6: The Copper Plate ( - "The American Lutheran pastor Mark Dankof recalls his first encounter with Islamic people and thought in an idyllic summer in Iran, light years ago. It is a story of love, respect, and remembrance."
5/4: May 3, 2002 - Eschatology Review Online "Premillennial Futurists maintain that the Messianic prophecy of Zechariah 14 must be fulfilled (only) by the bodily return of Christ to Jerusalem.  But does this prophecy necessitate the physical presence of Christ to be fulfilled? "
5/4: The Historical Background of Modern Preterism - Bob Ross "there have been some elements of preterism presented in the various and multitudinous writings by all schools of prophetic studies"
5/4:  Preterist Materials Store; Lighthouse Productions to Outside Links
5/4: Reviews of Gordon Thomas' Seeds of Fire "Mark Dankof explains why the book "Seeds of Fire" by internationally acclaimed author Gordon Thomas isn't getting too many American reviews--its exposure of the Israeli theft of American nuclear secrets at Los Alamos with a tampered version of the PROMIS computer software program."
5/3: Idolatry in the Doctrine of the Second Coming? - Vern Mason "We have no need for a physical presence, for the Spiritual is infinitely superior to the physical. It was the spiritual aspect of the Kingdom that was central to Christ's teachings."
5/2: Bush risks losing Evangelicals over Israel - Jewish World "President George W. Bush bonded with Crown Prince Abdullah.. But if the president heeds the prince's advice on the Middle East, resentment on the Christian right could become an open revolt." (Zionist Christians are being wielded as political tools against their own country)
5/1: Silence Demands a Rapture - Ed Stevens "A rapture easily explains why no Christian after AD 70 mentioned the occurrence of the parousia (they weren't around to document it).  So when a non-rapture preterist asserts that the rapture preterist has a "documentation problem," it leaves three fingers pointing back at him.  The non-rapture preterist has three other events to find documentation for (parousia, resurrection and judgment). "

4/30: The First Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians - James Moffatt, 1938 "The argument implies that to be sown is to be born, not to be buried; Paul did not consider that physical death was the necessary prelude to the resurrection."
4/30: Listen live

4/29: Temple Mount Faithful Update "In the name of all the Faithful Movement and the people of Israel Gershon stated that the Temple Mount and Jerusalem, the heart of the Israeli nation will never fall again. Then, for the first time since the destruction of the temple in 70CE, a priest blew on a silver trumpet that the Movement has reconstructed for the Third Temple according to the Biblical law."
4/29:  to Significance of A.D.70 "Jesus told his disciples that their generation would not pass away before everything that needed to be fulfilled for His return would take place. I do not believe the Lord was wrong. I am convinced that by A.D. 70 everything was in place for the return of Christ, and that it has been right for Christians to expect His return ever since that time." (Tony Campolo, 20 Hot Potatos Christians are Afraid to Touch, p.233).
4/28: History of the War over Dispensationalism "Besides positive Existentialism, a revived interest in preterism and modified-preterism is assaulting the dispensational fortress. R. C. Sproul’s book The Last Days According to Jesus (1998, Baker) is making inroads into the Evangelical camp. I hear of many leaving us for this position because it is supposed to answer the skeptics and critics, like Bertrand Russell."
4/28: Those Long-lived "Last Days" - P. Andrew Sandlin "The theologically liberal accusations that the New Testament writers taught that Jesus Christ would return in their own lifetimes (thus denying Biblical infallibility)5 is no less erroneous than is the notion by some conservatives that we must attribute most or all of such texts to the destruction of Jerusalem in A. D. 70 in order to maintain the integrity of the Bible’s infallibility"
4/27: Does Israel Belong to the Jews? Joel Miller "Before the Almighty gave us the Holy Land 3260 years ago, He made these conditions: If we abide by the Torah, it is ours, if not, we will be expelled," explains Orthodox Rabbi E. Schwartz of Neturei Karta."
4/27: Israel: Can of Worms Joel Miller "Because of some Christians' theology, we are frequently given to assume the unquestionable righteousness of the Israelis' actions. I think such an assumption is unfounded."
4/26: Jesus: An Apocalyptic Prophet - Freethought
4/26: Bush: 'We will not allow Israel to be crushed'
4/25: April 23, 2002 - Eschatology Review Online
4/24: Israel fears 'being set up' for war crimes (removed from Internet) "They also hoped that the panel would refute Palestinian claims that there had been a "massacre" in Jenin, which Israelis have characterized as "blood libel(!)"
4/24: A Critique of "The Beast of Revelation" and "Before Jerusalem Fell" - J. Parnell McCarter "the Roman Papacy in its evolutionary development surely fits the descriptions of the land-beast of Revelation 13 and the whore of Revelation 17, and it is the only entity that could fit..  there is no one else that has or could so perfectly fit the scriptural prophecies- so we can identify the Romish Papacy as the Beast of Revelation."
4/24: Preterism and the Lord's Supper - David Curtis "Redemption is complete, we are now dwelling in the promise land of the New heaven and earth, in the very presence of God. As we observe the Lord's Supper, we celebrate a completed redemption."
4/24:  EZBoard to Futurist Forums/Boards
4/23: What is Preterism? - Jack Kinsella (Omega Letter) "What the Bible said would take place in the last days is taking place before our eyes. This is a strong argument in favor of the futurist perspective."
4/23: Preterism - John J. Reilly "Preterism is "non-scalar." Without breaking the link to history, it can at least contemplate a future that is not parochial. This might not be a bad idea."
4/23: Charismatic Preterism "Pentecostals and charismatics should be the first to open up to preterism and the fact that we are living in the kingdom today."
4/23: Why is Preterism so Important? - J Hendricks
4/23: Message Boards: Christians Are Us  - Preterism | Conservative Theological Society
4/22:  A Letter on Preterism (April 15, 2002) to Sandlin's Open Letter "I have discussed the issue with ____ . He assures me that he is not a full preterist."
Brief Outline of Ancient Jewish Theological Literature to Edersheim
4/20: Lasting Peace or the Second Coming? Report from pro-Israel rally in D.C - Bill Koenig
4/20: Annihilation?  Heaven Now?  Universalism? - Arthur Melanson "heaven now (Christians are in “heaven now” via covenantal change rather than physical death)..  these “ideas” are false..  these “ideas” fail to recognize the unalterable, eternal state. "
4/20: Heaven.  A Future Hope, or Present Reality? "heaven is not something you go up to...heaven is something that comes to you! There is no passage in scripture which says that heaven is where we go to after physical death."
Matthew 26:64 - Commentary and Interpretation
4/19: April 19, 2002 - Eschatology Review Online
4/19: Church Standoff -- And Christian Silence -- Continue
4/19: The New/Old Antisemitism (Warning: Anti-hate article very hateful) "For the rabbis, anti-Semitism could also play a positive role in the divine plan"
4/19: End of Days: Fundamentalism and the Temple Mount
4/19:  RaptureMe! Mansions in Glory to dEmEnTiA
4/18: Mideast conflict begins anew old debate on end times Washington Times "The bloody conflict in the Middle East is again turning some evangelicals to the Bible for texts that speak of a final cosmic battle in those ancient lands.  Some scholars and religious leaders warn against being too literal."


  • The Battle for the Temple Mount ( "Many Christians believe a forthcoming world leader, referred to in the Bible as the Antichrist, will give permission for this temple to be built. Few doubt that this temple will indeed be built and that it will herald in a time of great Tribulation prior to the return of Jesus, the Messiah."

  • Problems with Full Preterism

  • Problems with Preterism "In light of September 11, world events, and the signs which now point forward to "the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our gathering together to Him" (2 Thess. 2:1), it is this writers deepest conviction that all prophecy-minded Christians should abandon Preterism. And we should do it "quickly."

4/15: Isaac Came Back From the Dead - Arthur Melanson "When the Bible says Abraham received Isaac from the dead in a figurative sense it is telling us.. in a figurative sense, Abraham represents God the Father as Isaac represents Christ the only begotten Son."
4/15: Historicism vs Preterism Resources
4/15: Preterist Timeline "There are striking parallels between the writings of Daniel, John and Matthew with regard to the Great Tribulation and the events surrounding it. When laid out in a chart, it seems clear that they are speaking of the same things. When coupled with the many time related statements in each, it becomes apparent that these events were about to take place in the time of the disciples and not 2,000 years later"
4/14: Red Heifer Days "Our eschatological heifer story begins on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where tens of millions of Jews, Muslims, and Christians believe the central events of each tradition's Last Days will play out"
4/11: April 11, 2002 - Eschatology Review Online
4/10: The Resurrection Debate: Part One ; The Resurrection Debate: Part Two - Pastor Gene Cook, Jr. (Partial Preterist) and H.L. James (Preterist)
4/10: Are End-Times Detractors Heading for Hell? - "Throughout church history, great Christian leaders, thinkers, expositors and commentators have held radically divergent views from LaHaye and Lindsey. John Gill, for instance, did not agree that the "prince" in Daniel 9 was any sort of future Antichrist as LaHaye and Lindsey both espouse. Gill IDs him as Roman emperor Vespasian whose general Titus sacked Jerusalem in A.D. 70, just as Christ prophesied 40 years earlier in the Olivet Discourse. Gill notes that even contemporary Jewish expositors agreed with that view."
4/8: Limited pullback; fire at Church of Nativity
4/5: Catholic Origins of Futurism and Preterism (See Farrar - Praeterist Interpretation "It has been usual to say that the Spanish Jesuit Alcasar, in his Vestigatio arcani sensus in Apocalpysi (1614), was the founder of the Præterist School. But to me it seems that the founder of the Præterist School is none other than St. John himself."
4/5: Jews and Evangelicals Together
4/5: Israel and End-Times Fiction
4/3: Futurist Eschatology Unconvinving - Daniel Silvestri
4/3: April 4, 2002 - Eschatology Review Online
4/3: A Critique of Rev. Brian Schwertley's The Premillenial Deception and Matthew 24 and the Great Tribulation and A Response to Partial Preterism -   This represents the first of a two-part critique of partial preterism.  Rev. Brian Schwertley has written books which may be accessed on-line.  This Critique of Rev. Schwertley's books especially focuses on the partial preteristic interpretation of the latter book.  It reveals the fallacies inherent in the 'mainstream' partial preteristic interpretation not only of Matthew 24, but also of II Thessalonians 2 and the book of Revelation.  And it advances a 'mainstream' historicistic interpretation of Matthew 24, as well as of II Thessalonians 2 and the book of Revelation.
4/3: A Critique of Dr. Kenneth Gentry's Books "The Beast of Revelation" and "Before Jerusalem Fell" and A Second Response to Partial Preterism -   This represents the second of a two-part critique of partial preterism.  Dr. Kenneth Gentry has written books entitled  The Beast of Revelation and Before Jerusalem Fell.  This Critique of Dr. Gentry's books especially focuses on the partial preteristic interpretation of the book of Revelation.  It reveals the fallacies inherent in the 'mainstream' partial preteristic interpretation not only of Revelation, but also of  II Thessalonians 2 and Matthew 24.  And it advances a 'mainstream' historicistic interpretation of these books.
4/3: Some Probing Questions that Should be Asked of Preterists - Dr. Kenneth Gentry and other preterists have been challenged with the opportunity of a public debate on historicism versus preterism.  The Reformed Theological Resource Center has offered to host the internet debate.  This is a sample of the cross-examination questions which would be asked of preterists.
4/3: Historicist vs. Preterist Debate - Preterists have thus far declined participating in a public debate.  Here is my response to them.
4/3: Preterist Apostasy - "They are all in serious error, for preterists are propagating a downright heretical system of prophecy that will lead many to ultimately embrace the Antichrist and his religious agenda."
4/3: Franklin Graham clarifies Billy's 'Jew' Comments
4/2:  PreteristArchive.CD V1.3 Release Notes to PreteristArchive.CD

Dualistic Eschatology: An Extensive Refutation of Partial Preterism - Tracey D. Vanwyngaarden "I find it interesting that Gentry criticizes Dispensationalism for their eschatological dualism saying, “In multiplying eschatological coming, resurrections, and judgments, premillennialism suffers from what Jay Adams calls eschatological ‘diplopia’ (Three Views on The Millennium and Beyond p. 243). How is this any different than Gentry’s eschatological dualism? His system multiplies the one end time, one second coming, one passing of heaven and earth, one new creation, one resurrection, one judgment and one hope. Doesn’t this qualify as “eschatological diplopia? Gentry’s views apparently have much in common with dispensationalism.
3/28: White House's Official Easter Message "Easter Sunday commemorates in song and celebration the joy and promise of Christ's triumph over evil and death."
3/28: Messiah Reformed Church
3/27: Christian Media Condemns "Preterist Apostasy"  "a new inquisition is dead ahead."
3/27: The Appearing of the High Priest - Arthur Melanson
A Respectful Challenge to the Worldwide Church of God - Michael Fenemore
3/26: Don Preston Debate Update
3/25: Eschatology Review - 3/25/02
3/22: Spiritual Resurrection - C.H. Spurgeon "Now, endeavour, as well as you can, to get the idea of a dead corpse, and when you have so done, please to understand, that that is the metaphor employed in my text, to set forth the condition of your soul by nature."
3/21: Are We Preterists, No! - Sam Linton "Check out this rather interesting article about one of our articles posted on a preterist web site."
3/21: Mideast Truce Blown to Pieces in Jerusalem (GRAPHIC)
3/20:  User Review to CD Offer
3/19: What Do Preterists Believe About "The Prince" in the 70 Weeks of Daniel? - Michael F. Blume
3/19: The Signs of the Son of Man's Presence at the Destruction of Jerusalem.Jan. 16, 1855. - "The parousia, or proximity, of the Son of Man to Jerusalem in the crisis of its overthrow was to be in the lifetime of that generation, according to the words of Jesus, who said, "This generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled."
3/19: The Comings and Appearings of Christ
3/19:  Of Prophetic Language to Sir Isaac Newton
3/19:  The Christian's Choice: Self-Life or Christ-Life.  Which? to Mauro
3/19: Rightly Dividing the Order of Events and Chronology : Partial Preterism - Mike Blume
3/19: The Historicism Research Center : Preterism Refuted
3/19:  Dispensationalist Charts to dEmEnTiA
3/19: 13 Historicist Lectures on the Apocalypse - Robert Roberts
3/19: Online Bible Offering The Parousia, Mauro!
What Does the Term 'Preterism' Mean? - Tony Warren "One of the weaknesses in this position is that they selectively interpret the word age/world [aion], and then arbitrarily make the supposition that there was an end of the age in 70 A.D. This does not agree with, nor explain, verses such as: Luke 18:30 The exact same word world/age. If that present time or age was before 70 A.D., and the age to come was Eternal life, then 70 A.D., being the coming age (according to their hypothesis), was the start of this eternal life. "
This Generation Shall Not Pass, Till All These Things be Fulfilled - Tony Warren "Of course we are well aware of the Preterist claim that the end of the age was in 70 A.D., but that is a Biblically untenable position. When will all be fulfilled? When this evil generation is no longer ruling with the prince of this world. In other words, when Christ returns! There is no age in between. No new age was occurred in 70 A.D. "
3/15: Philip Mauro - God's Pilgrims -  Chapters
3/15:  PDA Document Repository to
Outside Links
3/14:  Park Street Pulpit in RealAudio (Mt. Zion) to C.H. Spurgeon
3/13:  What is Preterism?  Prophecy or History? to Critical Articles
You're a Preterist?  What do you have to look forward to? - Arthur Melanson
3/13:  February 2, 2002 | February 5, 2002 | February 25, 2002 | March 11, 2002 to Eschatology Review Online
Jewish soldiers tattooing Palestinians on "foreheads and forearms"
 - Why are the Dispys so quiet about this?
3/13: Senior P. officer, Israeli soldier, Italian photog killed ; US endorses P. State in UN
3/13: Hal Lindsey -
Arafat's Passover Plot
3/13:  INN's Live Broadcast to News Sources
3/12: REPORT: Iraq waiting to strike ; Mossad briefs Cheney
A Brief Study of Two Amazing Imminency Verses in Acts 24 - Walt Hibbard
3/11:  Drudge: Israel Search ; UPI Israel Search to Israel
The Antichrist - L. Boettner (Postmil view)
The Day of the Lord | Antichrist was Nero to Early Church |  Christ's Parousia His Resurrection | The Teaching of Christ is not Milleniarian | Pre and Post-Millenarianism | Return of Jesus Points to Destruction of Jerusalem | Masada | Milton Spencer Terry to Philip Schaff
3/11: Arafat 'Israeli soldiers behaving like Nazis; written numbers on arms of Palestinians'
Version 1.2 Release Notes ; PreteristArchive.CD
3/9: Milton Terry - The Mystery of the Invisible
ANATHEMA: The Christian News - "the Christian News has thrown down the gauntlet with the charge of heresy against those who espouse Covenant Eschatology"
3/6: Are you ready for Christ's return? - "Although those who hold this view say that they are attempting to deal with the biblical texts, I believe that the extreme Preterists go outside the bounds of orthodoxy and are guilty of heresy."
3/5: Wire: U.S. Deports Dozens of Israelis Amid Warnings of Espionage Activities
Timely questions about Preterism - "This is heresy. It is gross denial of the second coming of Christ and, with it, the resurrection of the dead, the final judgment, and the renewal of the creation of the heaven and the earth. No one can possibly fail to detect the false doctrine." to Critical Archive
Denying the gospel? to Critical Archive
Gary Demar : Prophecybooks Articles
3/3: Billy Graham Apologizes - "Nixon raises the subject of Jewish influence in Hollywood and the media - Graham says, `A lot of Jews are great friends of mine. They swarm around me and are friendly to me. Because they know that I am friendly to Israel and so forth. But they don't know how I really feel about what they're doing to this country, and I have no power and no way to handle them,'' Graham says. Nixon says: ``You must not let them know.''
Treatment of Preterism by Veda Eterna - SPANISH
3/2: Dissertations on Biblical Prophecy; Fulfilled and Future
3/2: Jerusalem Bombing Kills, Effects Masses

2/28: Is Israel Real?
Parousia - Reviews at Amazon
2/28: Lion of Judah: Dispensationalism vs Preterism
2/27: Planet - New Full Preterist site
Matthew 24:34 and Genea: What the Scholars Say From - A Must Read!
2/27: Hal Lindsey - Oracle of Murietta
2/27:  Preterism! I Can't Believe it to
Critical Articles
2/27: Crusader Radio Schedule
Judgment from the sanctuary to David Chilton
2/26: Gary DeMar - Identifying Antichrist
2/26: John Noe -
Introduction to 'Shattering the Left Behind Delusion'
2/25: Subscribe to the Preterist Report from
2/11: WEBSITE CD NOW FOR SALE - Daily viewers - save countless hours browsing online using this CD.  Outside links are maintained, all pages on your computer's CD drive... plus hundreds of previously unreleased materials!
2/2/2: Spanish Preterist Discussion Board (

The Greek and Hebrew Alphabets with Numeric Equivalent
1/30: Catechism Claims Muslims/Catholics "adore the one, merciful god"
1/29: Free Debate at BIOLA between DeMar and Ice
1/28: John L. Bray Ministries retiring on May 31, 2002
1/26: Misread Rapture! - The Washington Times (1/24/02) "Mr. LaHaye calls the preterist interpretation "the most ridiculous view of eschatology I've ever heard. ... Historically, the fact is the church has always believed that the book of Revelation was written by the Apostle John in 95 A.D., 25 years after the destruction of Jerusalem. Consequently, it has to portray future events." 


  • Jericho, Jerusalem, and Biblical Typology - Miami Valley Church

  • Arthur Melanson: 2 Corinthians 5

  • John M. Frame: Traditionalism and Sola Scriptura

  • Andy Sandlin: Correspondence on Full Preterism "I think it most unlikely that the almost unanimous testimony of the church for 2000 years could have been mistaken on such a fundamental point. Full preterism is in fact, therefore, non-Christian in that it repudiates cardinal tenets of the orthodox Faith.. this is not an invitation for a debate."

  • Kenneth Gentry: Recent Developments in the Eschatological Debate "A cult-like enthusiasm fuels this unorthodox movement, which teaches that the total complex of end time events transpired in the first-century: the Second Advent, the resurrection, the rapture of the saints, and the great judgment. It is to preterism what hyper-Calvinism is to historic Calvinism: a theological pushing beyond Biblical constraints. This view is not supported by any creed or any council of the church in history."



  • The A.D.70 Doctrine and Dating the New Testament - "Preterism allows for no double fulfillment of prophecies, no twin references or passages such as the alternating of the apocalyptic concepts of Matthew 24 between past and future fulfillments. In his Commentary on Revelation, Homer Harley sees only a past fulfillment (that is, before 475 A.D.) of every section of Revelation up to chapter 20. He would certainly be a left wing preterist, as would be this author who in If Thou Hadst Known isolates 115 Biblical texts which find complete fulfillment in Jerusalem's fall in 70 A.D."

  • Realized Eschatology and Church of Christ

  • Local minister's book challenges

  • Problems with Full Preterism

1/19: Robert H. Mounce - Preterist Commentaries from Futurists
Was A.D.70 the End? - Melvin Curry
Cosmic Conflict: The Destruction of Jerusalem "With the overthrow of Jerusalem the disciples associated the events of Christ's personal coming in temporal glory to take the throne of universal empire, to punish the impenitent Jews, and to break from off the nation the Roman yoke."
The Israel of God - "The world did come to an end in 70 A.D.  for the Jewish nation. Jesus gave that wicked nation and city a probationary period of 40 years to repent."

1/16:  An Answer to Gromacki’s "Where is the Church in Revelation 4-19?" - Virgil J. Vaduva

1/15: Plymouth Brethren on the 'Gap' of Daniel 9


1/13: The Præterist Interpretation Frederic W. Farrar - "It has been usual to say that the Spanish Jesuit Alcasar was the founder of the Praeterist School..  But to me it seems that the founder of the Præterist School is none other than St. John himself."
2 Corinthians 5 - Arthur Melanson
'Calvin is a Praeterist' - His Translators John Calvin
John Hagee's Other Gospel: Christian Zionism and Ethnic Salvation
1/7:  The Destruction of Jerusalem vs. Final Judgment to Partial Preterism
List of Articles on Preterism - PeaceKey
1/5: The Second Coming of Jesus and the Koran - "It is popular among many that Jesus was not crucified but 'taken up into heaven alive' and will be coming back before the Day of Judgment."
Danny Green and Hank "The Bible Answer Man" talk about Preterism - "we're having a problem here..  because now we're not talking about acceptable differences among Christians with regard to the timing of the end, but we're now discussing something that has to do with the Gospel itself"
Bible Answer Man Calls Preterism "Heresy" - 12/28/01 Broadcast (First Question)

God's Pilgrims - Philip Mauro
"We thus learn that the things prepared by God for the coming age, which are “for our glory,” are “spiritual things.”  And not only are they spiritual things, but they are communicated by means of “spiritual words”; and they must be “spiritually discerned” (verse 14)."

"I do not think that he refers to the resurrection of the body, but to the resurrection of the soul in this life; to the regaining of the image which Adam lost." (Adam Clarke, Quoted by Terry)

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