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12/31: Added Indianapolis Baptist Temple to Outside Links

12/30: Added The Explanation of the Apocalypse to Bede
Types in Scripture | Hebraic Literature | Legends of the Jews
12/30: Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
Chilton left a rich legacy to Chilton
12/30: The Worst is Past - JVD
12/30: The Final Judgment - Schwertly
12/30: Spurgeon's Bibliography
12/29: Added Bede's Ecclesiastical History to Bede
12/29: Added Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia to Schaff
12/29: Added Anti-Semitism and Responses to JESUS=ISRAEL
12/29: Passed 1,000,000 front page hits since 6/98.  Thank you!
12/28: Seeking Bible Truth - A.D.70 to Outside Links
12/28: Preterist Verses: Soul Device
12/28: Jay Gary - Fuller Theological Seminary "Think Tank"
12/28: Whore of Babylon is Jerusalem - Catholic Preterism
12/28: Christian Zionism - Incredible Archive
12/28: Examining Protestantism: Defending Preteristic Catholicism
12/27: Added Ancient Jewish Marriage to JESUS=ISRAEL
12/27: Added to dEmEnTiA
12/27: The Christian Arsenal to Outside Links
12/23: Added Refuge Baptist Anti-Preterist Works ( to Critical Article Archive
12/23: Oy, McVey!  The Rich History of Jewish Terrorism - Village Voice
12/23: U.S. State Department on the Occupied Territories - "Israeli law provides for freedom of worship, and the Government generally respects this right in practice;  Religious publications are subject to the Publications Laws.  Israel's imposition of  closure on the West Bank and Gaza for 81 days during the "al-Aqsa Intifada" and total curfew on many Palestinian towns significantly impeded freedom of worship for Muslims and Christians.  During periods of closure, Palestinians from the occupied territories were prevented from traveling to pray on the Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) in Jerusalem, Islam's third holiest site.  On several occasions the Israeli Government prevented worshippers under the age of 45 from attending Friday prayers on the Temple Mount; the Israeli Government stated that it did so due to security concerns."
12/22: Mathetes - Preterist Commentaries
12/22: Added Truth in Heart to Outside Links
12/22: Added The Premillennial Advent Doctrine to Henry Cowles
12/22: Added Excursus on the Atonement to Henry Cowles
12/22: Added Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah | Sketches of Jewish Social Life | The Temple to Alfred Edersheim
12/22: RealAudio Sermons - David B. Curtis' Sermons Online!
12/17: Added Fresco from St. Clement, Rome to Clement of Rome Originally a contemporary portrait, probably of Theodora, but then converted in the 9th century into a seated Madonna.
12/17: A Postscript: Containing a Short Account of Protestant Views of the Apocalypse - "the learning of Grotius and Dr. Hammond had influenced many to follow another way of interpreting the Revelation, as the reputation of Mr. Baxter had swayed others to think well of the same."
12/17: Origen and the Final Restoration: A Question of Heresy - "Origen put forth theories on the end times which earned him a posthumous condemnation by the Church."
12/17: The Good News of Bible Prophecy to Outside Links
12/17: The End: A History of the Second Coming ( Christianity Today
12/17: Preterism - John J. Reilly
12/16: Paul's Gospel and Ceasar's Empire - N.T. Wright
12/16: Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress
12/16: The Genuine Works of Flavius Josephus, the Jewish Historian ; Whiston, 1737
12/16: Scientific Date of Destruction of Herod's Temple in AD70
12/16: Title-page of Ussher’s Annals of the World - 1658
12/16: William Blake - Jerusalem
12/16: Added Historical Maps: Jerusalem to Jewish Wars
PRESS COVERAGE Articles From Religious & Non-Religious Sources
12/15: Added Alexander Brown Index to Books
12/13: A Middle East Chronology - Thomas Friedman
12/13: The Jewish State - Theodor Herzl
12/13: Jewish Defense League Chairman Arrested on Terrorist Plot
12/11: Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians
12/10: The Challenge of Islam - Don Walker
12/10: Patriarchy Preterist Yahoo Group
12/8: Added Chamish, Barry, The Last Days of Israel to Books
12/7: As lightening comes from the East to Ken Gentry
12/6: Preterism and Fulfilled Theology Forum
12/6: Added
Crisis in Evangelical Scholarship to Books
12/6: Added Cassian, John, The Conferences of John Cassian  to Books

11/27: FP: Karen Boydston : Passover and the Lord's Supper
11/27: Playing the Eschatological Guessing Game - Don Walker
11/27: FP: Jeff Quillin - The End of the World
11/26: A Preterist's Presuppositions Dean Tisch
11/22: Philip Mauro - God's Pilgrims - Added Chapter 12
11/22: 9.5 Theses for the Next Reformation
11/18: After a long time... - Chris Passarello
11/15:  Jerry Falwell - Liberty U. Course on Preterism
"So the metaphor of resurrection is to be spiritually taken, and cannot be cited to prove that this prophet or the Israelites of his time believed in the doctrine of a resurrection of the body" - "These dead ones who shall live are the deceased ones of Jehovah’s people and nation; they are conceived as one body, the collective Israel, of which the prophet considers himself a part and calls it “my body.”  BIBLICAL DOGMANTICS, 1907
11/14: Is Islam a Religion of Peace? - Don Walker
11/14: Philip Mauro - God's Pilgrims - Added Chapter 11
11/13: What is Preterism - Greg Kiser
11/13: R.C. Sproul on Hank Hanegraaff - RealAudio
11/13: Cephas Ministry - Preterism
11/13: Lighthouse Productions
11/12:  John Anderson, Radio Talk show host, of the Voice of Reason, will be hosting a one hour radio debate Don K. Preston and Thomas Ice  November 25, 7 PM central, -  live on the Internet, at Call John Anderson for further information and details. 1-336-372-8081
11/7: When Will These Things Take Place? - Full, Partial, Disp'ism?
11/7: The Destruction of Jerusalem - 1415 - This miniature complements the only other full-page miniature in the manuscript, “Adam and Eve,” implying a parallel between The Fall and the eventual destruction of Jerusalem. Just as Adam and Eve were punished for disobeying God, medieval Christians believed that the destruction of Jerusalem resulted from the Jews’ failure to accept Jesus as the Messiah
11/7: The Destruction of Jerusalem - Dom Prosper Guéranger, Abbot of Solesmes
11/7: Nicolas Poussin - The Destruction of Jerusalem

11/7: The Unmitigated Twaddle of Romanist-Jesuit Preterism - I try not to cloud my readers’ minds with the twaddle that seems to be everywhere today especially in the halls of academia. The subject of ‘Preterism’ seems to be enjoying a revival of some sort today.
11/7: Prophecy At A Glance! Rev. Ch.1 v 1-3 -  Ken Humphries
11/7: The Folly of Hyper-Preterism - John MacArthur (RealAudio) - "If you have abandoned Christ's return, you have abandoned Christianity"
11/7: Knowing the Love of Christ - "To deny the physical bodily resurrection of both Christ or the believer is a departure from the faith."
11/6: Philip Mauro - God's Pilgrims - Added Chapter 10
11/6: All Nations Stood Before the Throne - Joseph E. Gautier Jr.
11/5: Philip Mauro - God's Pilgrims - Added Chapter 9
11/5: SoulDevice's BEST OF Links List
11/2: Philip Mauro - God's Pilgrims - Added Chapter 8

10/31: CHAPTER SEVEN - God's Pilgrims - Philip Mauro
10/31: Added JVI FAQ Q&A to Jack & Rexella Van Impe
10/30: CHAPTER SIX - God's Pilgrims - Philip Mauro
10/28: CHAPTER FIVE - God's Pilgrims - Philip Mauro
10/27: CHAPTER FOUR - God's Pilgrims - Philip Mauro
10/26: CHAPTER THREE - God's Pilgrims - Philip Mauro
10/25: CHAPTER TWO - God's Pilgrims - Philip Mauro
10/24: CHAPTER ONE - God's Pilgrims - Philip Mauro
10/23: God's Pilgrims: Their Dangers, Their Resources, Their Rewards - Philip Mauro
10/23: PREFACE - God's Pilgrims - Philip Mauro
Dualism's Doctrine of the Eternality of Evil: A Critique of Heretical Preterism - Gary North's Revision
10/22: FP: David Green - Scripture's Anti-Dualistic Doctrine of the Eternality of Evil "Abstaining from painstaking exegesis in favor of broad-brushing over large blocks of Scripture won't do it. Abstaining from painstaking exegesis in favor of expounding on tradition (the Creeds) won't do it. Abstaining from painstaking exegesis in favor of trying to force-fit preterists into the mold of certain ancient heresies won't do it.  If preterists are ever to be universally and authoritatively excommunicated, then sufficient evidence against the teaching must be presented. Where might this evidence be found? In Scripture? If so, the world awaits the painstaking exegesis from the preterist-haters."
10/22: Added Biography Site to John Broadus
10/22: The Architect's Plan - Joy to the World, the Lord is Come! 
10/20: Voice of Reason Archives
10/18: Hal Lindsey - "Israel's system works.  Kill them first, kill them fast."
10/12: President Bush's New Agenda : the creation of a Palestinian state
10/11: US (finally) puts squeeze on Israel for Palestinian state
10/5: Ken Gentry - The Matthew 24 Transition Text - An Answer to Full Preterism
10/5: Ken Gentry - A Brief Analysis of 'Hyper-Preterism' 
10/5: Jerry Falwell - Jerry Falwell's eschatological schizophrenia
10/5: "Third Temple" Ceremony Cancelled

10/2: Henry Alford - Added to Critical Commentaries
10/2: Albert Barnes - Added to Critical Commentaries
10/2: Conybeare and Howson - Added to Critical Commentaries
10/2: J.N. Darby - Added to Critical Commentaries
10/2: Isaak August Dorner - Added to Critical Commentaries
10/2: Thomas Ice - Added to Critical Commentaries
10/2: Irenaeus - Added to Critical Commentaries



  • Temple Mount News Update You are invited to participate in the Laying and Annointing Cornerstones for the Third Temple Feast of Tabernacles, Thursday, 4th October. We shall meet at the Western Wall plaza close to the western (Mugrabi) gate of the Temple Mount.




9/18: Israel won't join USA anti-terrorism coalition - "It is inconceivable to grant [Yasser Arafat] legitimacy because someone thinks that might facilitate the inclusion of Arab countries in this coalition," Sharon told the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth, referring to the Palestinian leader. "We will not pay the price for the establishment of this coalition."

9/17: The bloody Jordan now flows through America - "Until a just resolution of that conflict is realized -- one that provides a homeland for the Palestinian people and security for Israel -- it will be far more difficult for America to put together a truly committed coalition to fight terrorism, one that is not simply held together by coercion."
9/16: The ANTI-Preterist Club @ Yahoo
9/16: Full Preterist Studies Club
9/14: Forty Days at Jotapata - Military History
9/14: Illustrated History of the Roman Empire
9/13: Biblical Apocalyptics - Milton Terry
9/11: The Cult of Preterism - Bob Cope (Dispensationalist)
"Preterism is actually a very old, religious cult..  If one really knows Christian doctrine, and carefully analyzes the tenets of Preterism, one invariably arrives at the astonishing conclusion that Preterism necessarily eliminates (church history) and all Christian doctrine!..  Preterism is deadly to an individual's faith.. Preterism leads one back to bondage under Jewish law.."
9/5: A Brief History of the Apocalypse
9/5: The Apocalypse in Christian Art
9/3: Will the Real Anti-Prophets Please Stand Up? Gary DeMar 

8/30: Notes of a Fringe Watcher:  The Second Coming
8/30: Sovereign Grace Bible Church - Pastor Dan Norcini
8/29: Matthew Henry's Matthew 24
8/29: Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, CH 16
8/28: Congress may punish Israel for illegal use of American arms vs. Palestinians
8/28: Ancient coins from the first Jewish revolt
8/28: Biography of Alfred Edersheim  Added to Alfred Edersheim
8/27: Preterist Commentaries - James M. MacDonald
8/27: Added content to Revelation 17:10
8/26: Critical Commentaries - Preterism and the Date of Revelation
8/26: Critical Commentaries - Thomas Ice
8/26: Added content to
Sources on the Non-Occurrence of Prophecy and the Deity of Christ, Barnabus, Generation Means Race, Conybeare and Howson, Early Date of Revelation
Matthew Gwinn - Nero (1603)
8/25: The Great Tribulation of Matthew 24 is not an End Time Prophecy - Fred Miller
8/25: Added new content to Nero, The Beast,Hal Lindsey,J.B. Lightfoot
8/23: Added Answers to Questions to Outside Links
8/23: Added new content to C.H. Spurgeon, Matthew Henry, John Calvin, Gary DeMar, R.C. Sproul, J. Marcellus Kik, Wars 4-4-5 (Seneca quote!), Wars 6-5-3 (Asimov quote)
8/23: Hal Lindsey - Critical Commentaries
8/20:  Larry Spargimino - Preterism and the Eclipse of Pre-millennialism
8/19: Freebooks Message Board: Chilton - Partial and Hyper Preterism, Preterism, Israel and Preterism
8/18: H.L. Nigro -
Response to the Preterist Position as Outlined in The Last Days According to Jesus by R.C. Sproul
8/18: Timely Questions About Preterism - The Standard Bearer
8/18: Grant Jeffrey Book release - "Triumphant Return" - "4. Arguments and Evidence against Preterism - A powerful new attack upon this fundamental biblical doctrine is beginning to infiltrate the minds and spirits of many Christians in our day precisely as the New Testament warns us. The apostle Peter prophesied that in the last days an attack would arise within the Church against the Second Coming. Peter warned that many would say, "Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation" (2 Peter 3:4). Those who believe literally the prophecies of the Word of God are now engaged in an unprecedented battle for the truth of Christ's second coming."
8/17: Book Review "Future Hope: A Jewish look at the end of the world" - "The parousia, the “second coming” of Jesus, provided an explanation for the failure of an individual that some people professed to be the “messiah.”  Predictions and descriptions of doomsday abound, as do the revisions of timetables once the predicted date has passed."
Jewish view of failure of Christ's return - "Jesus did not come back "quickly," as promised, to judge mankind. The time has long past that one can claim Jesus will come back "quickly." Thus, what we have in Revelation 22:20 is a false prophecy." Jews for Judaism
8/17: Jewish view of what 'quickly' means - "These various statements reveal that the myth of the "second coming" was explained in different ways as the interval following Jesus' death lengthened." Jews for Judaism
8/17: Jewish view of non-occurrence -  "Apparently, the early Christian community was convinced of the imminent return of Jesus, as the Messiah, and the inauguration of the kingdom of God. It never happened." Jews for Judaism
8/17: Jewish view of Apostolic error re: Second Coming - "The expectation of Paul and the other New Testament authors was for the speedy arrival of the second coming in their generation. The use of "for yet a little while," "shortly," "the time is near," and "I am coming quickly" point to the utter failure of the predictions that Jesus was coming a second time to do what he did not accomplish the first time." Jews for Judaism
8/17: Jewish view of Apostolic error re: 2 Peter 3:9 - "There was to be fulfillment within the lifetimes of certain individuals alive at the time Jesus made the promise and following upon certain cataclysmic events which were to be witnessed by that generation. These events never occurred and the time for their occurrence has long since passed." Jews for Judaism
8/17: Jewish view of non-occurrence re: 2 Peter 3 - "The second epistle of Peter is a late attempt to explain away the obvious fact that the second coming did not arrive at its appointed time." Jews for Judaism
8/17: Jewish view of non-occurrence re: "this generation" - "According to Mark and Matthew, Jesus expected the tribulation period to occur before the last of his generation died out. Thus, a limit is given within which the prophecies are to be fulfilled. It should be noted that these "tribulations" were not fulfilled in the events of the years 66-73 C.E., the period of the First Jewish-Roman War. Jesus' own statement shows that the culmination of the "tribulation period" was to see the parousia, the second coming of Jesus (Mark 13:26; Matthew 24:3, 30), which certainly did not occur during the war nor subsequently." Jews for Judaism
8/14: Eduard Wilhelm Eugen Reuss - Preterist Statements
8/14: James M. Macdonald - Preterist Statements
8/14: Israeli tanks launch raid in West Bank town
8/13: A Courteous Response to  Dr. Gary North's Vitriolic Essay: "'Full Preterism': Manichean or Perfectionist-Pelagian?  By Walt Hibbard
8/12: Committee Paper on Full Preterism (PCA) - Taped Refutation Offer
8/11: Added Textual Criticism and Manuscript Interpretation to Outside Study Links
8/11: Notes on Eschatology - Samuel Waldron
8/11: The Time of the Destruction of the Temple
8/10: The Fall of Jerusalem and the Future of the Jews -
8/7: Added Reason By Faith to Outside Links
8/7: The Preterist View of the Resurrection - Soul Device
8/7: The Preterist View of the Heavens and Earth - Soul Device

7/13: FP: David Green - Gary North : Postmillennial or Neo-Manichean?
7/7: Dave McPherson - Deceiving and being deceived
7/1: Falwell Launches School of Prophecy - Newsmax
7/1: Falwell's School of Prophecy grows in stature
7/1: Battle rages over Israel's birth

6/19: Church on the Edge - on the
6/19: Lee Hodges, Reigning With HIM -

5/27: Religious Movements : Christian Identity / British-Israelism
5/25: Odyssey Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 1
5/23: FP: Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks - An Open Letter to Dr. Larry Spargimino
5/13: Added "Last Days" - A New Preterist Video (
5/8: Added On the Edge of Eternity, JVI Ministries - to Dementia
5/8: Added Bible Toolbox - Commentary Search to Study Archive
5/7: An Answer to the Article By Dr. Larry Spargimino
- Ken Davies
5/7: "In Like Manner" Not Always Interpreted the Same (By Preterists) -
5/7: The Jewish Origins of Preterism by Bob Ross
5/6: "Full Preterism" : Manichean or Perfectionist-Pelagian? by Gary North, a Reconstructionist parital Preterist
"I recommend the immediate public recantation and personal repentance of Russell's theology (Preterism). Barring this, I recommend the heretic's excommunication by his church's judicial body.  The elders should allow the accused member to identify the heresy for which he is then excommunicated."

"There are only three lawful ways out of a local congregation: by death, by letter of transfer, and by excommunication. Presbyterian laymen who have been brought before the church's session because they are suspected of holding heretical preterism, and who persist in their commitment to heretical preterism by refusing to sign a statement that is consistent with the Westminster standards, must be removed from membership in the local congregation by excommunication."5/5: The Hiding Place Message Boards
4/29: Worship and the Threshing Floor - Don Walker
4/27: Discussion on Preterism - "Full" Preterism

4/27: A Letter to a Full Preterist - "Although our eschatological viewpoint on less essential issues differs from some of the brothers below, we share with them the recognition that full preterism represents an attack on Christian orthodoxy."
4/27: Hyper-Preterism, an Eschatology of Infidelity - A series of e-mail exchanges between Dean Flanders ( and Tim King (, a Hyper-Preterist.
4/17: Israel invades Gaza
4/12: Don Walker  - The Mountain Cast into the Sea
4/12: The Relationship of the Ekklesia to the Basileia of God - Don Walker
4/10: Scott Wagner - The Crowd May Be Wrong
4/10: Was All Bible Prophecy Fulfilled By A.D.70? - Dr. Larry Spargimino - "Even the Mark of the Beast is explained as a low - tech brand, used on slaves and animals. No microchip technology here! Christians need to be aware of those teachings that would turn "the blessed hope" into "the blasted hope."
4/10: BBC RealAudio Sermons (
4/1: Servant of the Reigning Christ - Added to Other Destinations

Split Decision, Olivet Stands United from The Preterist ABCs - Dan Harden wrote to refute Gentry's "nine points" for splitting the Olivet Discourse. (see On the "transitional verses" in Matthew 24 - Ken Gentry)
3/30: FP: Sushil George - Resolving Eschatological Polemics
3/30: Added Preterist Audio Web Man to Other Study Links
3/29: FP: T. VanWyngaarden - Some Problems With Premillennial Preterism
3/29: USA 'understands' Israeli frustration that prompted air strikes: official
3/20: The New Exodus - MF Blume  - "This study shows the uncanny parallel between the book of Exodus with the Book of Revelation."
3/20: Added The Mountain Retreat Files to Grace
3/20: Added Commentary and Observations on the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse to Isaac Newton
3/20: Non-Preteristic Biblical Historicism - F. Nigel Lee (PDF File)
3/16: Premillennial Preterism - Duncan McKenzie
3/16: Dom Touttee's St. Cyril (1790) "These ruins the Jews first demolished with their own hands, thus concurring to the accomplishment of our Saviour's prediction. Then they began to dig the new foundation, in which work many thousands were employed. But what they had thrown up in the day was, by repeated earthquakes, the night following cast back again into the trench. "And when Alypius the next day earnestly pressed on the work, with the assistance of the governor of the province, there issued," says Ammianus, "'such horrible balls of fire out of the earth near the foundations,'[23] which rendered the place, from time to time, inaccessible to the scorched and blasted workmen. And the victorious element continuing in this manner obstinately and resolutely bent as it were to drive them to a distance, Alypius thought proper to give over the enterprise."
3/16: The Ninth of Ab - Carl Hagensick "Much was lost. Over 500,000 Jewish civilians were slaughtered. The temple was destroyed, never to be rebuilt, even to the present time. Animal sacrifices were never reinstituted on a large scale. Since the genealogical records were burned with the temple, the priesthood could no longer function. The annual temple tax was diverted to Rome. "The Romans now ordered the Jews to send the same annual sum, not to Jerusalem, but to the Temple of Jupiter on the Capitoline Hill of Rome. The insult was deliberate. The sum involved was petty. The real point was, that despite the pride of the Jews in the God of heaven, they had to pay tribute to the Olympian god who presumably had conquered him and was entitled to be his heir" (A History of the Jews, page 171)."
3/16: Ken Gentry -  On the "transitional verses" in Matthew 24 (2000)
3/16: A Letter to a Full Preterist - Bill Grimes "In reading the above passages that I have quoted to you and others the “particulars of the words” lead me to believe that they are to be taken literally.  History teaches us that Jesus’ words in Matthew 24:1-35 were fulfilled quite literally in the cloud judgment that fell upon Jerusalem and Israel in AD70 at the hands of the Romans.  This fact encourages me, because I know that when the Second Parousia does come, it will come in the same fashion as Jesus and the Apostles described it."
3/16: Jesse Whitlock : The Book of Romans vs. Preterism "This is a small sample of how the book of Romans rocks realized eschatology to its knees!"
3/16: Examining the Logical Foundations of Preterism - Rusty Entrekin "
I believe that the evangelism of the cities of Israel was interrupted by the war associated with 70 AD, and is still not complete. To prove otherwise, you would have to provide historical evidence that the gospel has been thoroughly proclaimed in each city by born again, evangelical church planters."
3/16: Phillip Brown - This Generation Shall Not Pass
3/16: The Non-Preterist Historicalism of Calvin and Westminster
3/16: Tommy Ice - Preterist Implications for the New Testament
3/16: Christianity and the Cults - Jay Rogers "Although not a large group, Hymanaeism is a grave threat to biblical orthodoxy. Hymenaeism is a primary heresy, far more serious than Chiliasm or dispensationalism, as it completely denies one of the essential tenets of the Apostles and Nicene Creeds, that Christ will come again, physically to the earth, to judge the living and the dead"
3/15: Controverting the Incontrovertible - Phil Johnson (JMAC's book editor) responds to Gary Demar's Defending the Indefensible
3/8: - Preterist Eschatology Conference March 31 in La Mirada, CA
3/7: Added The Wright Stuff on Jesus to N.T. Wright

FEB 27: Jerusalem Missed the Blessing - "The words of Matthew 25 concern the siege of Jerusalem as do the words of Matthew 24 -- both chapters deal with the same discussion on the Mount of Olives.  What about the separation of the cursed goats from the blessed sheep?  How does this picture fit into the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD?  This study explains the connection."
FEB 21: Tommy Ice -
Has Bible Prophecy Already Been Fulfilled?
FEB 15: - Folks, It's Not That Bad!
FEB 15: Preterism Refuted - The Historicism Research Foundation
FEB 14: Preterist Revelation Studies - Milton Smotherman
FEB 13: The Unannounced Reason Behind American Fundamentalism's Suppost of Israel - Gary North
FEB 13: A Defense of Catholic Preterism
FEB 13: Added The Second Coming of Christ: Did it Already Occur?  to Critical Articles
FEB 12: Added Christians Must Continue Their Undying Support for Israel to Jerry Falwell
FEB 12: Dispensationalism' Eschatological Dilemma

FEB 11: Theology 250 : Fundamental Theological Issues
FEB 9: - "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing"
FEB 6: Ariel Sharon: Israel's 'Bulldozer'
FEB 6: Ariel Sharon's career
FEB 5: Politician Who Saw God's Hand in Gujarat Quake Forced to Resign - Civil aviation minister had told Christians that quake was God's judgment against persecution of Christians. Anto Akkara in New Delhi  posted 2/5/2001
FEB 5: Militant Hindus Assault Christians  Relevant story.  Manpreet Singh in New Delhi

JAN 26: Free Revelation CD from Donald James Perry
JAN 26: The Spirit Filled Life Bible
JAN 26: Added Paradise Restored By Chapter - David Chilton - to Partial Preterism
JAN 24: Judgment upon all Nations Fulfilled by the Gospel
JAN 24: The Failure of the Non-Covenantal Seed AnalogyJAN 24: Looking for New Heavens and a New Earth - David Chilton
JAN 24: The Mountain Retreat : Eschatology Page
JAN 22: Futurism vs Preterism Club

JAN 4: The fraud of American "peacemaking" - "Clinton is just the latest U.S. leader whose one-sided support for Israel has doomed the region to bloodshed"
JAN 4: Daily war of words - "A reading of Israeli and Palestinian newspapers shows a case of battling histories"

End Times Fiction
Gary DeMar

Earliest Known
PP / Preterist Debate

Primary / Secondary Fulfillment

N.A. NISBETT (1787)
Not So!  A.D.70 is Total Fulfillment.

Clement of Rome
Early Preterist

Philippians 4:3 And I intreat thee also, true yokefellow, help those women which laboured with me in the gospel, with Clement also, and with other my fellow labourers, whose names are in the book of life.

I Clement
Preterist Epistle?

"Not in every place, brethren, are the daily sacrifices offered, or the peace-offerings, or the sin-offerings and the trespass-offerings, but in Jerusalem only. (41:2)

"Of a truth, soon and suddenly shall His will be accomplished" (23:5)

Dating Controversy
Guide to ECD | ECF




 Preterism has been making strides over the last two years. Preterists believe that biblical prophecies were fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and a spiritual coming of Christ at that time. 

As we approached the year 2000, the preterism was taking a back seat to premillennialism. In the driver's seat were premillennial views that the end times could be near. However, after the hype of Y2K died down, preterism began to make gains. Enough so that Grant Jeffrey devoted a significant portion of his book, "Triumphant Return," to defending premillennialim; Dr. Larry Spargimino wrote "The Anti-Prophets: The Challenge of Preterism"; and popular author Thomas Ice produced a series of articles for "The Midnight Call" magazine on the preterist/premillennilist debate. more...

William Blake - Jerusalem
18th Century

ireland_jerusalem.jpg (86366 bytes)
Title-page of Ussher’s Annals of the World: The Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans

josephus1.jpg (42818 bytes)

joseph1a.jpg (70595 bytes)

Flavius Josephus was a leader of the rebellion against Rome (68 CE) who capitulated and became a penisoner of the Roman Emperor Vespasian. He wrote a history of the Jews and of the War of Rebellion in Greek, the scholar's language in the Roman empire. Edward Bernard (1638-1696), professor of astronomy at Oxford, prepared this scholarly Greek-Latin edition, of which only a part was published. Printed in 1686-87, it appeared with a new title page in 1700 (Flavii Josephi Antiquitatum Judaicarum, Oxford, 1700, Rare book and Special Collections Division, Jefferson Library, Library of Congress Photo)


 "we must expect a progress of evil... Truly Christendom has become completely corrupted, the dispensation of the Gentiles has been found unfaithful: can it be restored?  No! Impossible."
- J.N. Darby

"Israel could have accepted (Jesus) as Messiah and He would have ushered in the millennial Kingdom. Somehow, Jesus would have been crucified at some later point to fulfill the prophecy and provide salvation of all those who repent of their sins."
- Grant Jeffrey


"As laymen without any institutional base, (Preterists) can be dealt with easily enough."
Dr. Gary North

Paradise Restored
David Chilton

Has Bible Prophecy
Already Been Fulfilled?

Jack and Rexella
on the Preterist view


Christianity Today:

How Evangelicals Became Israel's Best Friend


Fraud of "peacemaking"
one-sided support for Israel has doomed the region to bloodshed

Some Fundamentalists Ache for Armageddon

Impacting U.S. Policy

Millennial Expectations through the centuries

Conservative Christians Resist Last Days Scenarios

Apocalypse Not!


Apocalypticism in American Culture

General Studies

Four Major Schools of Prophetic Interpretation | What is New Covenant Theology?

The 9th of Av: Tisha B'Av
(I Sam 15:28; Matt 21:43)

  • The First Temple, built by King Solomon, was destroyed by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BCE.
  • The Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. more...
  • The issue of the decree forbidding the generation of Israelites who left Egypt to enter the Land of Israel.
  • The capture of Betar, the last stronghold of the leaders of the The Bar Kochba Revolt, in 135 BCE.
  • The establishment of a heathen temple on the site of the Temple, one year later, by the Roman emperor Hadrian. He rebuilt Jerusalem as a pagan city - renamed Aelia Capitolina - which was forbidden to Jews.
  • The expulsion of Jews from Spain, after centuries of Jewish cultural and spiritual growth.
  • The outbreak of World War I
  • The initiation of the deportation of the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto.

'Attack on America' NOT Linked to End-Times | Christians Must Continue Their 
Undying Support for Israel
- Falwell | Reason American Christians Support Israel | How Evangelicals Became Israel's Best Friend

Henry Siegman of the Council on Foreign Relations: 

“(the Oslo accords failed) primarily and most importantly because Israel never committed itself to the only goal that could have made possible such an agreement—a viable, sovereign Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza. Without such a clearly defined goal, so-called confidence-building measures have no chance whatever of achieving their purpose.” more...


John MacArthur and Preterism

Examples could be multiplied, in every field. The whole rise of Western Civilization—science and technology, medicine, the arts, constitutionalism, the jury system, free enterprise, literacy, increasing productivity, a rising standard of living, the high status of women—is attributable to one major fact: the West has been transformed by Christianity. True, the transformation is not yet complete. There are many battles ahead. But the point is that, even in what is still largely an early Christian civilization, God has showered us with blessings.  - David Chilton, Paradise Restored

When the sun has come, darkness prevails no longer; any of it that may be left anywhere is driven away. So also, now that the Divine epiphany of the Word of God has taken place, the darkness of idols prevails no more, and all parts of the world in every direction are enlightened by His teaching. St. Athanasius, On the Incarnation [55]

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