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2000 Additions

"Armageddon Now" Theology & Christian Zionist Politics
Pro-Dispensationalism |
Dispensationalist Dementia


STUDY ARCHIVES: Amillennialism | Apocalyptic | Christian Zionism | Dispensationalism | Eschatology | Hermeneutics | Historicism | Idealism | Millennial Reign of Christ | Preterism | New Covenant Theology | Postmillennialism | Premillennialism | Pre-Tribulational Rapture | Reconstructionism | "Seventy Weeks" | Parousia | Universalism | J.N. Darby | Jerry Falwell | Thomas Ice | Tim LaHaye | Hal Lindsey | C.I. Scofield | Jack and Rexella Van ImpeJohn F. Walvoord | Christian Zionism and Salvation for the Jews | Philip Mauro: The Gospel of the Kingdom & The Hope of Israel

"It is time to speak out because Christian Zionism has become a formidable and dangerous movement. By portraying the modern state of Israel as God's chosen people on earth, the role of the church has been reduced in the eyes of many to providing moral and biblical justification for Israel's colonization of Palestine. Those who oppose her are demonized. While not all Christian Zionists endorse the apocalyptic views of Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye, the movement as a whole is nevertheless leading the West, and the church with it, into a confrontation with Islam. Using biblical terminology to justify a pre-emptive global war against the `axis of evil' merely reinforces stereotypes, fuels extremism, incites fundamentalism and increases the likelihood of nuclear war." Zion's Christian Soldiers


  • Frontline: Rome and the Jews The spiraling tension between Jews and Rome erupted in two revolts that deepened the rift between Jews and Christians. "As we think of Jerusalem in those final hours of the war we have to [imagine] a stream of refugees fleeing the city, and as they look back seeing the temple in flames. The smoke rising on the horizon and they are wondering what it is that will be the center of their faith now that the house of God has been destroyed...."

  • Masada: The Myth Of Masada -  Did hundreds of Jews really commit suicide at Masada? Historian Shaye Cohen compares Josephus' account with recent archaeological evidence.

  • Recovering the Material World of the Early Christians -  explores the difficulties and challenges facing historians trying to piece together the world of ancient Christianity from fragmentary archaeological and literary evidence.

  • Josephus: Josephus, the Primary Source

  • Jewish Wars: Relevant Maps



  • WELS Q&A on Preterism - "Most forms of the Preterist view could be classified as a liberal form of interpreting scripture which denies the truthfulness of Scripture."

  • John Walvoord on Preterist View of Revelation "A more respected approach" (The Revelation of Jesus Christ, 18.)

  • Fallacies of Preterism "Preterism is an expedient designed to shield Rome. Preterism violates the principle of consistent symbolism. ;  Preterism glorifies the Papacy by ignoring the actualities.; Preterism denies the elemental principle of Bible prophecy.;Preterism, like futurism, leaves an explained gap.; Preterism offers no adequate fulfillments.; Preterism cannot be correct if Futurism is correct."

DEC 8: The Revelation -- Preterist Interpretation - Graham Pearce
DEC 8:
The Revelation : Which Interpretation? - Preterist-Historicist-Futurist
DEC 8: Added
Has Bible Prophecy Already Been Fulfilled?  to Tommy Ice
DEC 8:
Preterism!  I Can't Believe It - Nearing Midnight Ministries

DEC 7: Jack Van Impe's Refutation of the Preterist view  (December 2, 2000)
DEC 7: Latest Transmillennial™ Times

DEC 6: The Unannounced Reason Behind Fundamentalism's Support of Israel

NOV 29: Source for Biblical Hermeneutics, Apocalyptics - Milton Terry
NOV 29: The Ensign, Christ (Isa 11:10-12) - Ovid Need

NOV 27: Blaise Pascal Pensées - SECTION X - TYPOLOGY
NOV 27: Blaise Pascal Pensées - SECTION XI - THE PROPHECIES
NOV 27: Blaise Pascal Pensées - SECTION IX: PERPETUITY

NOV 24: Dispensationalism : Being Left Behind - Gary DeMar
NOV 24: Evangelical Bible Translations and the Jews

NOV 23: The Book of Revelation: Interpretive Suggestion - Joseph P. Braswell

NOV 20: Dating the Book of Revelation - Arthur M. Ogden
NOV 20:
Chrysostom - Against the Jews
NOV 20:
Chrysostom - Homily LXXV - Matt. 24:1-2
NOV 20: Chrysostom - LXXVI - Matt. 24:16-18
NOV 20: Chrysostom - LXXVII - Matt. 24:32,33

NOV 19: Bede - Preterist Commentaries
NOV 19: Maurus Rabanus - Preterist Commentaries
NOV 19:
St. Remigius - Preterist Commentaries
NOV 19:
Theophylact - Preterist Commentaries
NOV 19: St. Jerome - Preterist Commentaries
NOV 19: Updated Origenes - Preterist Commentaries
NOV 19: Updated Aquinas, Thomas - Preterist Commentaries
NOV 19: Updated Augustine - Preterist Commentaries
NOV 19: Updated Chrysostom - Preterist Commentaries
NOV 19: Updated Generation Means Race Theory - Preterist Commentaries
NOV 19: Updated Matthew 24:34 - Preterist Commentaries
NOV 19: Updated Transition Text Theories - Preterist Commentaries
NOV 18: Added Full Preterist Studies to Other Study Links

NOV 11: Introduction of Sproul, Sandlin and Hibbard - Are Preterists Really Damned Heretics??

OCT 30: Apocryphal Legend of Veronica - Avenging the Saviour (VII Cent.)
OCT 30: Added
Cassian's Conference # 14 (V Cent.) to Books
OCT 30: Israel's new German subs to be equipped for for firing nukes

OCT 29: Added Augustine - On the Proceeding of Pelagius to Books
OCT 29: Added Irenaeus - Against Heresies, Book IV to Books
OCT 29: Added Augustine - Excerpts From Harmony of the Gospels to Books
OCT 29: Added Excerpts from The Demonstrations  to Books
OCT 29: Added
Augustine - Excerpts from The City of God to Books
OCT 29:
American interests "go up in smoke" if the United States sides with Israel
OCT 29:
Catholic Encyclopedia: JERUSALEM (BEFORE A.D. 71)
OCT 29: Catholic Encyclopedia: JERUSALEM (A.D. 71-1099)

OCT 28: Alfred Edersheim - Study Archive 
OCT 28: Added Schaff Encyclopedia to Alfred Edersheim
OCT 28: Added The Temple Its Ministry and Services at the Time of Jesus Christ to Alfred Edersheim
OCT 28: Added Jewish Social Life in the Days of Christ to Alfred Edersheim
OCT 28: Added Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah to Alfred Edersheim

OCT 25: The Middle East and the Presidential Election

OCT 22: Added Clarke's Commentary on the Bible to Books
OCT 22: Added
Blaise Pascal's Pensees to Books

OCT 21: U.N. Assembly passes another resolution condemning Israel
OCT 21: Israel refuses to cooperate with U.N. rights investigators
OCT 21:
Egyptian protesters demand 'jihad' against Israel

OCT 20: Irenaeus Against Heresies : Book IV, Chapter IV - On Jerusalem's Destruction
OCT 20:
Clement of Alexandria : Excerpt from Stromata
OCT 20:
Lightfoot on Matthew 24
OCT 20:
Lightfoot on Mark 13
OCT 20: Lightfoot's Commentary on NT
OCT 20: Added Allegory and Mysticism in Shakespeare to
Against Antisemitism
OCT 20:
Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9 - When Do They Begin And End? - Mauro
OCT 20:
The Law of Christ - Mauro 1920

OCT 19: The Destruction of Jerusalem 18th Century France copperplate
OCT 19:
John Gill's Exposition on The Everlasting Covenant
OCT 19: Study Links: Yahoo Clubs! (dead links) Parousia, End Times, Reformed Christianity, Christian Bible Scholars, Gospel Symbolism in Scripture, Types And Shadows

OCT 18: The Birth of a Preterist Church - The Story of Berean Bible Church
OCT 18: Added
Who or what is the Antichrist to Gary DeMar

OCT 17: Jerry Moon: Coming of the Lord, Last Days, and the End of the World

OCT 16: Christian Millennial Expectations through the centuries - L. Michael White
"the 1,000 is not to be taken literally, but figuratively, and the millennial kingdom is already alive in the Christian Church. This means that all the events described in Revelation had already taken place"







  • Ed Hara: Problems with Stevens' Response to Gentry (2000)

  • The riddle of Jerusalem - Primer of Israeli/Palestinian issues "The old city of Jerusalem contains sites holy to Jews, Muslims and Christians. At the heart of the bitter Palestinian-Israeli dispute is the Temple Mount or Haram al-Sharif. What is the historical and religious significance of these sites, and what are the options on Jerusalem being considered by negotiators?"

SEPT 21: Preaching Fulfilled Apocalyptic to a skeptical generation Ron Clark

SEPT 20: Does I Corinthians 15 teach a physical or spiritual resurrection? David Friedman
SEPT 20:
The Abomination of Desolation FRANCIS E. GIGOT

SEPT 19: The Abomination that Causes Desolation - Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology

SEPT 11: Prophecies of the Destruction of Jerusalem : Daniel 9

SEPT 8: Preterism and Biblical Prophecy - Was all prophecy fulfilled? - Fred Zaspel
Preterism Defined, Defended
A Response to "Full Preterism" -
Some Thoughts on Hyper-Preterism
A short introduction to Preterism.  - introduction and critique

SEPT 6: What is New Covenant Theology? - In Depth Studies

SEPT 5: Revelation : Covenant Curses - Duncan McKenzie, Ph.D.

SEPT 4: Problems with Preterism - Chad Rudolph

SEPT 3: Top Israeli politician goes to jail Orthodox vs. Secular ; Sephardim vs. Ashkenazi  - BBC
SEPT 3: Israelis debate the definition of a 'true' Jewish state - Christian Science Monitor

SEPT 1: Peter was referring to Jerusalem as Babylon in 1 Peter 5:13 -
SEPT 1: Revelation was written before 70 AD
SEPT 1: The "Babylon" of Revelation is referring to Jerusalem

AUG 30: Jim Landers' Homepage - New Partial Preterist Site !

AUG 28: Mara BarSerapion - (SA)

AUG 27: Some Fundamentalists Ache for Armageddon (DD)
AUG 27:
An Eschatology of Victory (PP)

AUG 26: Stone Piles that Memorialize Jerusalem's Destruction - Jer. Post
AUG 26: Samuel Dawson -
II Peter 3: Destruction of the Universe or Jerusalem?
AUG 26: Samuel Dawson - Jesus' Teaching on Hell: Place or First Century Event?
AUG 26:
Did Jerusalem Christians Flee to Pella? - J. Julius Scott
AUG 26:
Scientific Date for the Destruction of Herod's Temple in AD70

AUG 24: The effects of the Fall of Jerusalem on Christianity - J. Julius Scott

AUG 21: REPORT: Israel 'may have 200 nuclear weapons'

AUG 15: The Secret Rapture of the Church (DD)

AUG 14: The Potency of a Proper Placing of the Parousia - Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks

AUG 13: Added Roger of Hoveden: Fall of Jerusalem, 1187 to Partial Preterist Archive
AUG 13: Added
A Study of Dispensationalism by Arthur W. Pink to PPA, DD
AUG 13: Added
The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge to Books
AUG 13: Added
Edersheim, Alfred , The Temple, Sketches of Jewish Social Life to Books
AUG 13:
The Ninth of Ab - The Fall of Jerusalem. The Ninth of Ab. And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.

AUG 12: Added The Prophetic Scope of Matthew 24 to Partial Preterist Archive
AUG 12: Added
The Prophetic Parables of Matthew 13 to Partial Preterist Archive
AUG 12: Added
Roman Lawyer in Jerusalem, First Century to Books
AUG 12: Added
Seek Out the Welfare of Jerusalem to Books
AUG 12: Added
The Siege of Jerusalem to Books
AUG 12: Added
The Life of David by Arthur W. Pink to Grace
AUG 12: Added
The Attributes of God by Arthur W. Pink to Grace
AUG 12: Added
The Doctrine of Election by Arthur W. Pink to Grace
AUG 12: Added
For the Land and the Lord: Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel to History
AUG 12: Added Israel's Forgotten Hostages: Lebanese Detainees in Israel Detention Centre by Amnesty International to
AUG 12: Added
Israel: A Country Study  to History

AUG 8: Preterist ABCs - New Pret Site
AUG 8: Todd Dennis: Problems with Typological Interpretation

JULY 21: Jerusalem's Destruction and the Seventy Weeks


JUNE 27: Rusty Entrekin - Examining the Logical Foundations of Preterism
JUNE 27: A Proposed Harmony of Matthew 24 and Luke 21 - Andy Doerkson

May 25: Anti-Semitic Legends - Collection of stories portrayed as legends to reflect an anti-Jewish sentiment by European Christians.
May 25:
Medieval Sourcebook: A Blood Libel Cult: Anderl von Rinn

May 23: Bush says he'll stand by Israel - USA Today (May 23, 2000)
May 23:
Bush Alleges U.S. Wasn't Neutral on Israeli Vote - Washington Post (May 23, 2000)

May 21: Edersheim on Matthew 24 - The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation

May 20: PAPER: Israeli spies tapped Clinton e-mail

May 18: Amnesty: Israel failing to deal with white-slave trade - Jerusalem Post

May 17: Upcoming Conferences, Recent Book Releases, Audio Tapes, and more...
May 17:
Walt Hibbard: Ice's Misunderstandings about the Preterist View

May 16: Preposterous Preterism - Eld. Laurence Justice

May 5: PLANETS LINING UP! "5/5/2000: Ice, The Ultimate Disaster,'' predicts the alignment will trigger a chain of events that will cause the Earth's crust to slide and poles to shift. ``It would be a geological Armageddon,'' author Richard Noone.


May 2: US worried by proposed Israeli military sale to China.

April 28: Report: universe is flat, expanding forever

April 25: Bishop John Lightfoot: Westminster Confession Contributor - 17th Century Preteristic Work
April 25:
This Weekend : John Noe Preterist Conference in Missouri!
April 25:
Has Jesus' Olivet Prophecy Been Fulfilled? - United Church of God

April 23: W.A. Young - An Examination of the Coming of Christ

April 22: Destruction of Jerusalem Foretold - Fourfold Gospel
April 22:
St. Thomas Aquinas - Commentary on Matthew 24
April 22: Martin Anstey - The Romance of Bible Chronology (1913) - Added Chapters

April 17: Martin Anstey - The Romance of Bible Chronology (1913) - Added Chapters

April 15: Bill Lee Warner - Did Jesus Already Return in AD70? - "The phrase "this generation", as used by Jesus in Matthew 24:34, clearly is not the generation of people living when He first gave the Olivet teaching." 

April 13: US fury at Israeli arms deal with China. (removed from the website)

April 9: Joseph Gautier - That Ye May Keep Your Own Tradition - A Refutation of the Partial Preterist’ "we" Excuse
April 9: John Noe - The Shame of Seraiah: An Overview - Book Review and Defending Response

April 7: P. Andrew Sandlin - The Braying of Heretics, or, The Heresies of Bray (Or, Yet Still, Another One Bites the Dust)

April 4: The Romance of Bible Chronology  (1913) - Added Chapters

April 3: 'Democratic' Israel - speaking your mind can land you in jail --- especially if you are religious - JWR

March 27: David B. Curtis: The Transition Period

March 26: Young Preterist Group List ( under 30?
March 26: Reverend Randall Otto -
Preterism and the Question of Heresy
March 26:
Quodlibet Journal

March 24: reviews of Keith Mathison

March 19: The Resurrection from the Dead by David Curtis

March 17: The Birth of a Preterist Church
March 17: Ken Gentry - "Revelation: Four Views" - Book Review
March 17: 
Trinity Reformed Church - Partial Preterist Site
March 17: 
Prophecy - Tribulation Forces: Defending a Pre Trib, Pre Mil, Futurist Perspective

March 14: Todd Dennis: A Short Introduction to Preterism
March 14: Martin Anstey - The Romance of Bible Chronology (1913) - Added Chapters

March 9: Martin Anstey - The Romance of Bible Chronology (1913) - Added Chapters

March 4: CA: Charles Cooper - That Other Gospel

March 3: The Four Major Schools of Prophetic Interpretation

February 29: Conservative Christians Resist Last Days Scenarios
February 29:  Lambert Dolphin - Preterism and the Confused Sea of Modern Eschatology

February 28: new guestbook

February 26: "Preterist Perspectives"  from "the Wars of the Jews" - Expanded
February 26:
Introduction to the Works of Josephus

February 25: Dr. John Owen on the New Heavens and Earth
February 25:
Dr. John Owen - Newest Study Archive

February 24: Dispensationalism in Transition
February 24:
Adam Clarke's Commentary on Matthew 24
February 24: Knowing the Love of Christ - David Roth  - "There is a heretical movement today that has gained some popularity which denies the future physical bodily resurrection of the believer. This movement is known by terms such as "full-preterism" or "consistent preterism" i.e. "heretical preterism" or "hyper-preterism."
February 24: - Matthew 24 Page (no longer available)

February 23: Kenneth J. Davies - A Response to the False Witness of Keith Mathison

February 22:  Martin Anstey: The Romance of Bible Chronology (1913) - Added Chapters
February 22:  A&E : The Last Revolt

February 21: Martin Anstey: The Romance of Bible Chronology (1913) - Added Chapters

February 20: TOC -The Romance of Bible Chronology

February 14: Tom Valentine - "Dispensationalism" Impacting U.S. Policy

February 13: C. Jonathan Seraiah - The End of All Things
"They (Preterists) argue that Jesus did say His final return was in the first century (as per liberalism), and that He was right in what He said (as per dispensationalism). "  - Typical anti-Preterist name-calling (creating, even - pantelism).   Misrepresentative of the position, as seems to always be the case from anti-Preterists.  Endorsed by Sandlin, Gentry.
February 13:
Gene Fadeley - Who is the Antichrist?

February 11: The Book of Hebrews and the End of the Age

February 10: Jim B Hartline - Why I Became a Preterist
February 10:
Israel Admits Torture

February 9: "Shattering the 'Left Behind' Delusion" @ John Noe's Site

February 1: The Menace of Radical Preterism    Wayne Jackson "Radical preterism... is so “off the wall”— biblically speaking— that one wonders how anyone ever falls for it. But they do. ...dealing with preterism is like cleaning the kitty litter box; one hates to fool with it, but it has to be done. He can just be thankful that cats aren’t larger than they are."

January 31:
Philip Mauro - The Law of Christ

January 30: Philip Mauro - The Seventy Weeks of Daniel IX - When Do They Begin and End?

January 25: New Guestbook

January 25: The last month has been record breaking for site traffic.  Look at the following graph of our all-time top fifteen days (numbered by accesses).  THANK YOU for spreading the message.   =)

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January 20: John Noe's Preterism Refuted - Joey Faust

January 18: Just for fun: 60,000 unique visitors since July '98 ; 10,000 Since November 26th (53 Days - aprox. 188 front page hits per)...   In reality, there is a lot more traffic coming through, with well over 14,000 accesses yesterday alone.  The 60,000 figure is based upon the front page counter solely...   =) 

January 11: Preterist Radio Program : Southern California "Beyond the End Times" KBRT AM,740 SATURDAYS 5:PM

January 4: Ed Stevens Interview on Salem Radio Network - Wednesday (Jan. 5th) 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m Eastern Time.

January 3: The Parousia - Added Chapter

January 2: The Parousia - Added Chapter

January 1: The Parousia - Added Chapter

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Fulfilled Prophecy Bibliography | A Dictionary of the Writers on the Prophecies (PDF) | Works Relating to Jews in the New York Library (PDF) | All PDF Book Files Now in One Directory

Charles Schultz Says: "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia."

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Former Full Preterists

Kurt Simmons - Mea Culpa, On Ephesians 1's 'Redemption of the Purchased Possession' (2011) "Dozens and dozens and dozens of verses affirm that redemption and justification were complete and possessed by the church from and after the cross. Not one verse can be produced showing that justification came in AD 70, or that the church remained under the debt of sin after the cross." (Read the entire Sword & Plow there too)

Sam Frost's "Why I Left Full Preterism" Book

AD70 Resurrection Fundamentally Different / The Best Eschatology is a Proper Christology

"Preterism's focus on the glory of Christ as He was revealed in that day is capable of bringing about another worldwide reformation, as it did during the Roman Millennium."

Recanting Full Preterism: Abauzit  Townley  Desprez - "(Full) Preterism has a long history of adherents who recanted. Here are examined the works of three prominent men who embraced preterist or hyperpreterist views, but later recanted." (Abauzit, Townley, Desprez)

Preterism in A.D. 611 : Andrew of Caesarea - On Revelation 6:14b-17: "Our Lord foretold the future events to the apostles who were asking about the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and about the end of time, as much as they were able to receive. These things already happened, in the siege of Vespasian and Titus, to the Judeans who killed Christ, just as Josephus the Hebrew narrates."

Scholars differ on what the Bible says about the End Times (2009) "The only views that qualify as unorthodox are those that deny a future coming of Christ" - Russell D. Moore, senior vice president for academic administration and dean of the theology school at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. ['s classification for "Hyper Preterism" includes (quite reasonably) this doctrine of "The Second and Only Coming of Jesus in AD70"]

The (New) History of Full Preterism (.WMV) citation in Holman's Student Bible: The HCSB Bible

The Philip Mauro Library - 60 titles on one CD // The 27 Sieges of Jerusalem // Theology Explained

King James I (1588) "Of all the Scriptures, the buik of the Reuelatioun is maist meit for this our last age..  Iudge yif this be not ye tyme quhairof this place that I have maide chois of doeth meane, and sa ye dew tyme for the reueiling of this prophecie." (Ane fuitfull Meditatioun contening ane plane and facill exposition of ye 7,8,9 and 10 versis of the 20 Chap. of the Reuelatioun - Edinburgh)

Google Books | Bibliography of Judaism and Christianity | Rare Books at DTS | Book Search : Apocalypse | Turpin Library (DTS) Rare Online Books Collection

Administrative: Simple Classification and Color Schemes Given to Distinguish Between Forms of Fulfillment Eschatology: 

Futurism (F) - (No Fulfillment of Matt. 24/25 & Revelation in 1st C. - Types of Future Events Only)
Historical Preterism (HP) - (Minor Fulfillment of Matt. 24/25 or Revelation in Past)
Modern Preterism (MP) - (Major Fulfillment of Matt. 24/25 or Revelation in Past)

Hyper Preterism (HyP) - (Absolute Fulfillment of all Bible prophecy - Full Preterism and "Resurrection Past" Teachings; Full Preterism is systematized Hyper Preterism - All Full Preterism is Hyper Preterism, but not all Hyper Preterism is Full Preterism.) 

AD70 is awesome!  ..when used as a template of how Jesus has worked, is working, and will work.  When seen as a single working 2,000 years ago... not so much.

(AND DON'T FORGET AD 312 or 135 or 79)

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones "Christ is fulfilling the law on the cross, and unless you interpret the cross, and Christ's death upon it, in strict terms of the fulfilling of the law you have not the scriptural view of the death upon the cross."  (Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, p. 168)

ARTchive Churban

James Edson White - The Coming King (1911)

Vespasian Hearing from One of His Generals of the Taking of Jerusalem by Titus
By Lawrence Alma-Tadema



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James Stuart Russell

  • The Parousia (1878)

    Full Preterist Millennium "violent and unnatural" "Some interpreters indeed attempt to get over the difficulty by supposing that the thousand years, being a symbolic number, may represent a period of very short duration, and so bring the whole within the prescribed apocalyptic limits; but this method of interpretation appears to us so violent and unnatural that we cannot hesitate to reject it. " (p. 514)

    Revelation 20:5-10 Still Unfulfilled "We must consequently regard this prediction of the loosing of Satan, and the events that follow, as still future, and therefore unfulfilled." (p. 523)


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