Hal Lindsey: Preterists = Last Days Scoffers (2003)

These people [preterists] have caused a resurgence of the old anti-Jewish attitude that reigned in the Church for a good part of the centuries from the early 5th century Theologian Augustine until the beginning of the 19th century. Basically this was a period in which Bible prophecy was interpreted allegorically. Augustine initiated this practice in his monumental work called The City Of God. Continue reading “Hal Lindsey: Preterists = Last Days Scoffers (2003)”

Doyal Gudgel: Millennialism (1965)

Millennialism teaches the Jews rejected Jesus in the middle of his earthly ministry. This rejection made it impossible to fulfill the prophecy and the purposes of God at that time. Therefore God stopped the prophetic clock, and postponed the fulfillment of his promise, until the second coming of Christ. The Church was created instead, as a sort of an interim measure. Continue reading “Doyal Gudgel: Millennialism (1965)”